Wenger adds happy Frimpong to Reserves


Emmanuel Frimpong has spoken of his delight at his return from injury after playing the last 20 minutes of Arsenal COC win over Coventry.

The Ghanaian midfielder received a rousing reception from the Emirates crowd when he came on in place of Francis Coquelin, but had little to do as Arsene Wenger’s side strolled to a comfortable 6-1 victory.

“It feels good to be back after so much hard work in the gym, and I’m just pleased to be playing football again,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I’m a footballer, all I want to do is get out there and help my team, whether I am fit enough to play or fit enough to be in the squad. I just want to be out there with the lads and helping Arsenal progress.

“[The crowd’s reaction] makes me feel good obviously and shows that the fans appreciate me here. That is always a nice gesture and I am just happy that I went on to help the team win the game.”

Arsene Wenger confirmed this morning that Frimpong would continue his recovery alongside Jack Wilshere on Monday, with both players due to feature for the Reserves at West Bromwich Albion.

“Frimpong had two knee injuries, Jack had two setbacks. It is massive for them to come back and for us as well.

“When you are at that age and are out for such a long time, it is absolutely massive to take for him [Wilshere] and Frimpong.”

Frimpong certainly has his work cut out if he’s to force his way into the starting line-up. With the likes of Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin ahead of him in the defensive midfield pecking order it may not be surprising to see the 20-year-old loaned out for a second time in the New Year.

Obviously that will depend on the state of the squad at the time, but he’s still a little raw and playing time is a necessity.

All the same, it’s good to have him back where he can let his football, rather than his tweeting fingers do the talking.

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Robin's horse placenta

This means I am out of business at the grove. I better get going north to OneManUtd.


Yeah..And never come back




I can’t wait to see him smash Van Persie!



This is what I hope Frimpong does to the little Dutch boy. Just, uhm, less lego-y.


Can we all just let it go about that ungrateful greedy dutch bastard? At such a positive time in our clubs history, when we’re flying, best squad I’ve seen for years, why bring the Judas up. Especially under a feelgood story about two homegrown players making their comebacks. These guys are Arsenal through and through, just like us and every player who never asked to leave the club.

Sol Goodman

Considering the number of our players that have been smashed over the years i don’t condone all the break rvp’s legs talk. He’s more than capable of injuring himself…..and he’s a twat.
Who give’s a fuck about him anymore anyway, this Arsenal is lethal!


I don’t condone breaking legs, but I can’t deny that I would love to see him get injured. All I want Frimpong to do is what the Mancs have done to us over the years. With the likes of Scholes etc. who would always comit those small niggly fouls. Just enough for the ref to turn a blind eye and not brandish a card, but still enough to hurt the player and sometimes injure them (see Reyes). At least the Dutch c*nt would deserve it.


He’s gotta come on at OT in November, just has to


Hopefully van persie looses his horse placenta and he starts rehabilitation with a game against arsenal reserves. Frimmers will be waiting in earnest.

yusuff bello

it gud we hav dem bak


It’s* good* we have* them* back*.

It took me less than 5 seconds to write that. Surely your time can’t be that precious?


Yennaris, Frimpong, Jenkinson, JW, Ramsey, Szcz, Miquel, Gnabry, Ox, Martinez, Ryo, Afobe, Aneke, Coq, Eis. All 22 years or under, all homegrown. Most from our academy. No wonder Arsenal’s youth system is renowned.


Eis might not be HG. The rest are


chuks aneke! what a player. we the new Arteta-Santi Partnership.


Isn’t Aneke more the diaby type of player? And yes, what a player:-)


Off topic but our Cuddly Maverick(Santos) got banned for speeding and not jailed as John Terry would have expected. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/arsenal-defender-andre-santos-banned-for-speeding-8181791.html


Also off topic, but related, the FA have officially ruled that the opinions of Arseblog are correct.

John Terry is a racist cunt.


did frimpong have the same knee injury twice? or was it the other knee the 2nd time?

Freddies lost hair

Second knee, second time.

Which is very lucky conserding the fact that most player who has that kind of injury to the same knee twice is likely to never play football again. That happened to a central defender in Helsingborg (Sweden) a few years ago. A very promising fotballer who had the exact same injury to the same knee twice, the doctors said that if he hurt that knee again he would spend the rest of his life in a weelchair.



One knee then the other. Hopefully he won’t have the problem occur on his third leg.. Ooops, I think I may have said too much..


Fingers crossed, we might actually have no first teamers on the injury table in 2 months time! Fuck knows when we last did

Hope frimmy picks up where he left off, he didnt look too bad on loan

Just Another Gooner

I’ve taken a lot of time over the years studying our injury problems and other team’s ones. There seems little doubt that over the years we’ve had it tough in that respect and many different theories about why have been muted, from the medical staff being ‘a bit poor’ to the player’s being big woosies.

Well I can exclusively reveal that the truth is now out. Judas was a feckin’ jinx on our fitness but fortunately he took the jinx up the M6 with him.