Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Arshavin thanks Bergkamp for divine intervention

Andrei Arshavin says he didn’t find being behind last night at Reading too frustrating, keeping faith that if Arsenal had chances the aura of Dennis Bergkamp would help them save the game.

The Gunners scored three times in the second half, with two very late goals, to draw level and take the game into extra time. The Russian admitted it was a game that will live long in the memory and that he knew Dennis would use his powers of omnipotence to make things right.

“This game was one I’ll remember for all time,” he told Arsenal Player, “because we were 4-0 down and nobody believed we could come back. And we did it. In extra time we had an advantage mentally and physically and we deserved to win.

“I think we showed spirit, because you can’t come back from 5-0 down if you don’t have spirit. I just thought, if we had chances and God will help us, we will make a draw.

“He helped us, and that’s why we scored in the last minute!”

Thanks be to Dennis. Arshavin has come out from the cold somewhat in recent games, providing a telling cross for the decisive goal against QPR and two assists last night, and he’s hoping for greater involvement in the first team.

“Of course I want to play regularly, but that’s up to the boss,” he said, then did that little laugh of his.

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Lord Teddy Ears

There was a point where he played in the middle and it made a massive difference in his play same with Theo for the 1st goal.

the only sam is nelson

he’s welcome to play rubbish for most of the match if he makes assists on 3 goals this Saturday lunchtime


Always had a soft spot for Arshavin, quite pleased he’s making strides in the right direction. Anyone that can net 4 at Anfield is a hero in my book.


Praise be to Dennis


for it is proper to praise him!


If Dennis is God, then Thierry is…Jesus?


Only if Tony Adams is the Holy Spirit.


Please stop this bullshit :)… then van persie is the devil or Gazidis is? 🙂


And that little French lesbian with no neck is ……..Judas!! 😛


For the first time ever I agree with lapidaj. Please stop this bullshit.

Trex d' Gunner

While Alex Song, Hleb, Cashley Cole, the Chinless Wonder are all demons

Big Dave

Our Father who art in heaven,
Dennis be your name.
Thy Dabizas come,
Be fooled and shun.
And slid beyond outstretched Given

the only sam is nelson

give us this day our daily dead ball
and lead it not into the wall

for thine is the final third, the box and the back of the net
for ever and ever

etc etc

North Bank Gooner

our bergkamp,
who came from holland,
hallowed be thy name.
thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
at the grove, as it was at highbury.
give us this Sat 3 pts v ManUre,
and deliver us a trophy.
for you are a legend, and you brought us glory,
for ever and ever,
our Den.


holyfuck tht was amazing Big Dave.
I’ll be spreading the prayer of Silent St. James.


I pray to Dennis at 5 pre-determined times throughout the day, bowing towards Highbury on a carpet of pitch. It keeps me humble.

Dave Gooner

Arshavin was really good last night. And he was really good on Saturday against QPR too – both of them down and dirty matched that required real digging in. He was great. Andrei is playing well. I hope he starts on Saturday – he deserves it. He scored a spectacular goal against JamU in 2010, and was also brought down in the box for the most blatant penalty of all time, which would have put us 0-2 up, and them down to 10 men. But of course play was waved on by Mike Dean, coincidentally Fergie’s choice again for this… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

i agree for the most part apart from starting the little Russian, mostly because he’ll be utterly fucking knackered from last night.

and he looks like he’s already played a couple of games at the best of times. I fear he may be best coming off the bench this weekend


We have two kinds of dutch man in gunner history. Well.. we all knew who’s who.

oYo from Enugu

Arshavin should never put on an arsenal shirt ever again. Always seems indiffrent and uninterested. More like we are 10 players on the pitCh. Looses the ball too often too

the only sam is nelson

and yet he created three goals last night

nobody else managed that

go figure, as they say

Dave Gooner

He also created Arteta’s (eventually) goal on Saturday.

Le sausage

He looked like he was putting effort in, he’s never looked the fittest of the bunch but he was trying right up until the last. Credit to Arshavin, much better than he’s played in a while. He did lose the ball a few times but he still did well.


That final run from Arshavin was something inspirational. What a game the little Russian had. Hope he can replicate the same on Saturday.

the only sam is nelson

Ah Denis

Still my most favourite ever away chant at Highbury was the West Ham contingent’s observation “you’ve got Denis Bergkamp, we’ve got Ian Dowie, la laa la la”

Merlin's Panini

Still can’t believe that game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen us concede five and still win!


Now United will be afraid to score more then one goal against us 🙂 … they just need to explain that to van persie…


The Iceman


Arshavin and eis looked very good together.his directness,vision and dribbling are his main Arsenal when they click together he is just awesome to watch.
Other mention Eis looks like a player, drifted along areas made space , made good passes particularly one moment when he came he just lifted the ball over the opposition player in middle of the park.
Gotta say eis got some nEIS touch.


Our Father, who art in heaven
Dennis be thy name
Ball control come
Thy will be done
In Holland, as it was in London

Give us your turn, your threaded pass
And forgive us our occasional elbow
as we forgive those who have not the talent

And lead us not onto aircraft,
But deliver us from John Terry

For thine is the vision, the power and the composure,
For ever and ever.


Dennis ‘the Omnipotent’ Bergkamp… Be wirh us always


Dennis ‘the Omnipotent’ Bergkamp… Be with us always


Arshavin should play his natural position as a slow but magical CM… but it is up to Wenger to put that combination together with everybody else and stop play Santos & Ramsey… anywhere. Wenger tried Miquel on the LB with a reason. I’m not sure how it turned out.


Yes, the reason being that our only fit left back probably shouldn’t play three games in a week. So I’d say it turned out quite well.


God is god. Dennis bergkamp is just a man. Show some respect. One love


Then you obviously never saw him play. Dennis be with you.


I agree. Let’s keep Zidane out of this.


It’s so good, a thumb up just doesn’t do justice. Have to credit you with reply 🙂


There is no god.

kiss my arsenal

fuck i miss the real arshavin so much

Robin van Persie

You guys are fucked this Saturday, the little boy inside of me is feeling hungry for goals, bitches. That big tall blondey fucker is about to get van Persecuted.

Rad Carrot

Yes yes, you used the same joke on the other news bit. Can’t we at least attract some funny trolls to the site rather than this drivel?


That tall blondey is goin to van sack that grey hair van pussie and air mail’im back to Olland.


I think its offending to some to compare God to Dennis. But then again, Dennis might be a diety to some.

Arshavin played well in patches, he has vision. I have to say Djourou was rubbish. Jenks had to bail him out so often. Remember 8-2, Djourou and Jenks cannot play the same side.

Eisfeild (sp) was direct and he injected pace into the flat midfield. He’s a ball carrier. The Coq took ownership after Dench left, which was a good thing because in the first half they could not play together!


I was half expecting Arsh to puke at some point last night… the amount of tracking back and running he did was extraordinary – a great example to the younger players last night. On this basis alone, he deserves a starting berth on Saturday. I do feel however that he is trying to make up a bit for the last couple of seasons.. maybe realised there isn’t much of a future outside of the Arse and his place in the Russian team could be under threat… if so, power to the ‘lil man!

Jim Jimminy

I never want Arshavin to leave. There, I said it. And that laugh…melts my heart.


I find it offensive that some would compare DB10 to this god bloke. I’ve seen Dennis walk on water and raise the dead, this god you speak of is just somone they bring up at grammy acceptance speeches for bad songs.


So Arshavin mentioned God and blogger changed it to Dennis because he(blogger) is not a believer.

I appreciate your blog and all but this is out of order. You don’t believe people should use the word rape and some other things out of respect but yet you disrespect some other people with this kind of attitude towards other people’s belief.

What an hypocrite!


rape isn’t imaginary.


You call it imaginary. Blessed are those who don’t see but still believe. There are people who saw Jesus over 2000 years ago but still don’t believe. There are enough signs out there and your birth is a story too but do you not exist?


You cannot recieve enough thumbs down for how little sense this makes.
You have made me reply to a comment on religion, on the internet. That is how offensively brainless your comment is.


Well people’s belief in God is based on nothing but some stories about a deity that made people’s lives better and happier. Why can Arseblog not worship a man that has made his life better and happier? Hypocrisy thy name is…

Black Hei

Arseblog could worship anyone for that matter, so can you. But Arshavin referred to God, not Dennis Bergkamp No.10 Iceman, cool striker.


Uhm..i think equating dennis with God is a little disturbing.

Sol Goodman

He is fucking joking!

Arshavin is Buddha!


im getting more depressed as i scroll down reading these blashemous remarks from the non-Believers.



Why? What’s going to happen?

Black Hei

Yup, I think that was uncalled for. As much as religion is pushed on one end, this is pushing from the other end too.

Andre's new push-bike

Now I’m a good few years younger than Andrei, but I can’t help but look at him like he’s my slight pudgey 8 year old son.

I really want him to do well but when he doesn’t, I can’t get mad at him, cause that’s the way he is. So after the game I ruffle his hair and take him for ice cream.

This got a bit weird.


Keep going.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


If everyone ha stopped drooling after Giroud, Ashravin, Chamakh and Theo. Shouldn’t we as arsenal fans be worried about our defence. Except for BFG, no other defender instills the confidence required by the standard of our club. TV5 & LK6 are still defective.High chance of them screwing us and yet get us some goals.I think we need someone who can scare opposition, command & control the box, and finally defend like a defender not like some DM who are always eager to join the fun in opposition box. Dedé & Hummels are good defenders who have physical presence as well… Read more »

[…] Andrei Arshavin says: I think we showed spirit, because you can’t come back from 5-0 down if you don’t have spirit. Nobody believed we could come back. And we did it. […]

[…] Andrei Arshavin says: I think we showed spirit, because you can’t come back from 4-0 down if you don’t have spirit. Nobody believed we could come back. And we did it. […]

[…]  阿尔沙文则说: 我认为大家踢出了信念,因为若没有信念那么我们不可能4球落后还能扳回。没人相信我们能完成逆转。 而我们成功了。 […]

Black Hei

Arshavin believes in a God. Arseblog dosen’t. Sure it is a choice but no need to switch things around just to suit your own beliefs. And why go on the offensive unless you find Arshavin’s beliefs offensive too. I am sure it is not a joke to alot of Arsenal fans either. Less of such thoughtless stuff please. Imagine if some Arsenal player actually tweeted that God is dennis, the fallout from that will just divide an already fractious group of Arsenal supporters. And we do not know Dennis religious beliefs either so less of this please.

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