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Bould and Vermaelen left stumped by slump

Steve Bould admits he’s stumped as to why Arsenal have been piss poor since returning from the international break after the Gunners slumped to a second successive defeat in five days.

Leading the team for the third consecutive Champions League match, the assistant manager also confessed that he missed Arsene Wenger despite his substitute decisions being pre-planned by the boss.

“We looked jaded, I don’t know why that is,” he told press after this evening’s 2-0 humbling by Schalke.

“Coming off the international break we haven’t performed really. I don’t know if that’s the reason but we definitely look jaded.

“With the ball we lack a bit of confidence. [Not creating chances] is not what we want, it’s not what we’re accustomed to. We normally create chances and at the moment we’re not, so we have to correct that.

“We haven’t played anything like we can, I think that’s the big disappointment. We haven’t performed today.

“We lack a bit of confidence, for whatever reason, but it’s a tough competition and they [Schalke] are a good side in all fairness. They beat Dortmund at the weekend and played really well. A 0-0 would have delighted us I think.”

Thomas Vermaelen, who looked mightily fucked off at the final whistle, dejectedly reported the disappointment in the dressing room.

“We are really disappointed,” the Belgian told Sky Sports 3.

“We lost on Saturday and wanted to be better today but it was the same story. We didn’t create enough chances to score goals. They got one and then got more.

“It’s difficult to explain, we wanted to put it right [the Norwich result].

“We gave 100% but it’s difficult at the moment because we’re not creating enough chances to score goals.”


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‘A 0-0 would’ve delighted us’ – makes me sick. no real wonder we didn’t play well with attitudes like that. Bould should know better.


Thats how he won the cup winners cup, a knockout competition, in 93/94


The balance Sheet got better and better and the TEAM sheet got worse and worse. I feel sorry for all the fans like me. I don’t know what to say more


Huh Duhhh… He obviously didn’t mean they went into that game with a 0-0 attitude… To be honest, at some point in the second half, I also though 0-0 would be a decent result even at home. I can’t be the only one that thought that because we were quite rubbish attacking and defensively, let’s just say a slightly better team would have done us for 5.


bullshit!!!! play for 0-0 at home when you have a chance to lock down your group and be OK with that? unacceptable. the attitude needs to be, “thanks for the visit, but you come away with nothing.”


oops, that should have read “attitude to the opposition”


I think what he might have meant by that statement was that considering the way we were playing (which was poorly), and the way that Schalke were playing (better than Arsenal) that he would have taken a 0-0 result. This seems logical to me – and I don’t know about you but 0-0 sounds a lot better than 0-2. I don’t want to put words into Steve Bould’s mouth, but I very much doubt anyone would have been going into the game aiming for a goalless draw – I mean come on guys, I think some of us just search… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

“They gave 100 percent”. Name Names Steve.
Per was the only one who stood out.
Can’t wait for the “By the Numbers” blog.
First entry .Number of shots in last 2 games. 2. Very poor


I know right – I’d have no problem with that attitude if we were playing away but Arsenal should be looking to beat ANYONE at home. We beat Barcelona didn’t we?!


If that’s us giving 100%, we’re well and truly fucked.

Arsene's Nose

Pathetic Awful Show…Wenger Should Make it right,.we shouldn’t be giving 100%,500% maybe ..we are well and truly capable

Martin Keown is my hero

By definition, 100% is the maximum anyone can give. Sorry.


What do we expect to win with gervinho up front? Give giroud another run out – gerv is average at best.


And giroud is certainly no impact sub, he needs to start matches for us. “We’ve got a robin replacement” somebody said. Let him start then, Gervinho on bench till further notice.


… Sorry, but who started upfront against Norwich, I forget?

gnarly charlie

they’re all pretty average to be honest, it doesn’t really matter which one we play. They’ll only score 1 goal in 3 games between the two of them.


Sorry to say this, but money just runs football
these days, until we go out and buy world class
players in my opinion we won’t win or might not
even challenge for the top honours It’s about time now that a massive club like Arsenal start to buy proven world class players, all this talk about FFP is just rubbish, I guarantee that clubs like Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid who lose money every year will still be about in 100 years time, and do you really think that Uefa will kick them out of Europe, no chance


you’re 100% right.

i mean, why can’t we spend like Citeh and sit at the bottom of the table, where it’s nice and warm. screw wenger, we should get mancini – surely he’ll have better luck with our squad, given that it’s not as full of awesome as Citeh’s.


ive read some stupid comments here but Alex thats right up there with them. Your surname, does it begin with F?


Apologies Alex, I missed the sarcasm because the comment before gave me a headache


I mean a bigger headache!


” screw wenger, we should get mancini – surely he’ll have better luck with our squad, given that it’s not as full of awesome as Citeh’s.”

Yes, yes this is the sort of sarcasm we everytime employ to shoo away those who think otherwise and keep deviating away from the situation at the present. That was not at all my point, i’m a pro-wenger and yes we do need to spend, it has been very clear throughout the previous years and it’s much more evident now!.


Wale – I agree with your thesis to a point. Looking at our balance/profits, we have about 30-40m quid, perhaps enough to buy a half-decent striker (definitely not a falcao), when you consider the signing fees + wages that would probably break our current structure and require a rebalancing of everyone else’s. I just don’t see how we can ever compete with the citehs and chavs, and even if we do any failures will be somewhat catastrophic. I am not in favor of this whole doom and gloom after three losses, esp when folks were singing Wenger and Bould’s praise… Read more »


Yep…dont want to hype it up or expect too much maybe jack will start this weekend and give us the boost at home to the R’s we need. And if he’s off the pace understood


And what exactly was the half time team talk today?

Who gets the bus window seat on the next away trip?. Fucking hell, no motivation whatsoever!

Runcorn Gooner

Half team talk was about the possibility of flying to the Reading game next week
and who will go in business class and by the way we aren’t playing very well tonight but its ok cos Steve Bould will say we gave 100 percent.
Gerv you having a nightmare but don’t worry the ACN is coming up soon,you can hide away in Africa and return to play the way you did earlier this year.Oops forgot you were as bad as you are now.


To be fair there’s not much Bould can say, he can’t lay into the team because that might cause friction with Wenger. Fact is, it’s just more proof that Wenger is past it – can’t motivate, can’t sort the defence out, his buys are getting progressively worse, the squad weaker. I don’t think the players believe in him – they’re all at a club that’s won sod all for 8 years, so why would they? They’re overpaid, which breeds complacency, and Wenger is too meek to give them a real kick up the backside. It’s over for Wenger, quite clearly.… Read more »


and where were you earlier in the season?


“I don’t think the players believe in him – they’re all at a club that’s won sod all for 8 years, so why would they? They’re overpaid, which breeds complacency, and Wenger is too meek to give them a real kick up the backside.” The above nails it. Good post. This team is utterly devoid of motivation and has little or no fear of the consequences of failure. That is entirely down to Wenger. He’s under no pressure from the Board and the players are under no pressure from him. The problem goes deeper than just Wenger. But ultimately the… Read more »


Youre entited to your opinion about Wenger and a change of management, but to say he hasn’t moved on, just stood still is just bullshit. He has tried everything, different formations, moved from a big powerful team to a more technical model, not that the previous were not technical players. True he can be accused of mismanagement, last summer was an embarrassing fucking fiasco, but Wenger has been let down by his own nativity and humanity. He built his plans around Fabregas fully believing he would be there for a long time. And he watched a lot of disloyal pricks… Read more »


You know what, “Wengerout”? I think one of the biggest problems Arsenal has is the great number of fickle fans who turn on the club and its manager as soon as something goes wrong. Completely silent when things are going well, then they slither out of the woodwork and call for Wenger to be sacked as soon as a bad result or two comes to pass.

Yes, the Norwich and Schalke performances were poor. Nobody would suggest otherwise. But from some of the remarks here, you’d think that the club was on the brink of collapse. Some perspective, please?


What he said is the product of years not two matches as you should see clearly if you read that piece. The problem is that some people become hysterical confronted with a reality they can’t take. The Club has problems at several levels. But the Managerial one is one of them. Wenger has done great things for us and that cannot and should not be ignored or denied. But you get no where in 2013 by waxing lyrical about 2004. When it comes to Wenger so many on here – and you’re clearly one of them – are besotted by… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more mate when the 1st goal went in nearly 25% of the stadium got up and left with ten minutes left who needs support like that


100% of what exactly. Dross. Lame. Weak. Absolute Fucking Crap. We got taken apart today by a very good team because we are Shit. No skill no luck no class no noise. We got beat by 3000 germans. You should all be ashamed of yourselves


@Mooro- that WAS 100% mate….
100% shite!We need to wake up before Saturday or Hughes’ mighty QPR will embarrass us further FFS.


If we lose to an extremely shit QPR… Christ I don’t even want to think about it

Dick Law

2009- 12 season: Defence awful, Forwards (relatively) better.
2012-13 season: Defence (relatively better), Forwards woeful.

‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’.


Not sure if our defense is all that much better, sorry to say (judging by these last two games)… Would have rather sent out Kos for Vermaelen, and Miquel for Santos.


Absolutely sickened by the fans who left straight after the second goal. You don’t deserve a seat in the stadium leaving in droves like that. I’d prefer the stadium to be closed doors that have that image projected around the world.

Gooners & Roses

To be fair to them, they paid the most money out of all English clubs fans, and boy what they got to watch!


Not to mention that they have jobs to attend the next day, kids to put to bed, and traffic to avoid. The atmosphere in the game was awful, we were getting drubbed by a better team and our performance was one of the worst in the past 15 years.

I’d have left too.

Dick Law

Also, why can’t we have a strong voiced support ala Schalke fans?


(well i m going to 1 or 2 match every year outside england and mainly germany) and this happen everywhere in england where most of the stadium are very dull in atmostsphere simple fan in europe are more organize forming powerfull fan group normally (like ultra) and they “own “part of the stadium where they can set up flag ,player song . as group they can accept anyone they want.they organize meeting to talk about the next event after that you can understand why in england match atmosphere look dull as the main fan go from home ,meet friend 1-2… Read more »


I think this can all be traced back to Diaby getting injured. He was the key to our early season promise and we were dominating the Chelsea game up until he went off. Without him there is no impetus. Wilshere and Diaby are a similar sort of player tactically – they skip past people in typical box-to-box style and always try to go forwards. Since Diaby got injured our midfield has not been dynamic enough – too much safe and square passing. I hope Wilshere doesn’t take long to find his form.


This game didn’t make sense at all. Where were all our players? None attacking, poor defending. What was the work division between Coq and Arteta? Why did each player receice their passes facing our own goal, and why did nobody move? I barely saw any player in our team today participating in a football game. Who made a good move with ball? Took a shot? Podolski, Ramsey, Cazorla, Coq, Gervinho, none of them did anything at all and should be ashamed.


I get you’re frustrated, but to name Coq as a payer who should be ashamaed of his performance is a bit much. He was probably out best player yesterday and was regularly trying to get stuck in, track back, and start moves from deep. The problem we had was with the total absence of movement from our front three, the fact that Santos was left horribly exposed by Podolski (Santos should also be held accountable as he drifted inside far too often), the fact that Schalke closed down our central midfield constantly. the fact that we missed a dynamic CM… Read more »


Agreed. My frustration was mostly directed at the midfield as a whole, and the attacking three. The reason I mentioned Coq is because I’d always thought of him as more of a DM, and his entrence to the squad would free up Arteta to take on a more bo-to-box/pivot/offensive/whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it-role. However, they didn’t seem to have a plan with that at all.

And yeah the attacking three… maybe they should, I don’t know, attack? Sometimes I think our players don’t know if they’re attackers or midfielders.


I didn’t think we could be worse than against Norwich but we almost topped it tonight. A single shot on target the whole match and lucky not to have conceded more than two. If Farfan had put in more crosses like he did for the second goal, it could have been humiliating. Some of the kamikazi passing across the goal belonged on the school pitch and, given some of thqe hospital back passes he was given, Mannone didn’t do too badly. Substitutions should have been made much earlier; but the one that was really needed, Koscelny for Santos never happened,… Read more »


I wanted to give you a giant thumbs up but for your kosc for santos comment. I don’t believe in putting Verm at LB in the middle of a game, and in a position he hasn’t played all year. Plus Santos looked bad because there was no cover from Podolskil, and he was always double or triple-teamed. yes his stabby foot couldn’t prevent the second goal, but by then it was already too late + he was covering the entire left side the whole game. regarding sideways passing, over the last few games, I can’t tell you how frustrated I’ve… Read more »


I can tell you exactly the reason we look jaded. We have half the fucking team sitting around at london colney happy to not fight for the spot in the team and pick up their 50k wages every week, knowing full well that they aren’t even in the the managers thoughts. If all the younger players are surrounded by these fuckwits, what sort of mentality is going to rub off on them? “oh just look at all the senior players, it does not matter if we win or lose, as long as we are getting paid”. Fuck me, we should… Read more »


I miss Yossi Benayoun massively, he really got us out of some scrapes last year.


Time for the 1st team on Saturday. No fuckin about. It ain’t ideal but there’s no choice in my mind. So Jack comes straight back in. He’s either fit or he’s not. Ditto Sagna. You’ve done we’ll Jenks, and your time will come, but the first choice is fit again so he starts. TV5 – take a break, you’re playing shit son. Kos, in you come and fight to keep your place. Arteta, you take this armband. Walcott – at this moment I don’t give a flying fuck about his contract, he’s still an Arsenal player so play him. And… Read more »


You do realize Walcott is injured, correct?


Yes, I had noticed.. If fit he should play. Gibbs also.

Dr Baptiste

Anyone else feel that a change of formation is needed or should just be tried? This 4-3-3 moving to a 4-5-1 isn’t working.
Either bring back the loose 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 (with Podolski as the #10 and Cazorla out wide or vice versa) or try something new;
3-5-2 with Gibbs/Santos and Sagna/Jenksinon as wingbacks rather than full backs…. thoughts?


Well said Mooro. No more bullshit. If your fit you play. If you play like shit, you sit. You play like shit again, your off. I’m sick of this pussy shit. Our captain has been one of our worst performers and our new expensive striker hasn’t even gotten a run of starts? What the fuck is going on?


Base on result, we’re no better then Chelsea and Man City with opponents like Shaktar and Ajax. Both of the team have more depth and on most anti Wenger or anti Arsenal fans they are the stronger team but arguably have a worse opponent, quality wise, compare to Schalke. But sadly, if quality of our play be compared, we’re just not good enough. Some players need to be slap, throw some boots, or any other thing to make them wake up from their slumber. Wenger need to scold them or punish them. Do extra training, although it didn’t help much… Read more »


You know you touch on a good point. With the financial crisis globally businesses are having to live within their means. We dont have a sugar daddy, so to see the likes of Citeh and Chelski beaten puts things in perspective a little. Still frustrating though to think theres money in the bank from player sales for a world class keeper and striker


there is hope in the treatment room or is that where the despair lives

Arsenal Rising

Thats what happens when you sell all our best players every year and not replace them. It’s finally catching up to us… Jenkinson! I’m sick of watching him pass backwards to Mertesacker every goddamn pass. Can’t wait for Sagina to get back.


Looks like we WERE a one man team after all! Gervnho , Podolski, Giroud all mid late twenties….this is as good as it gets baby!
I need to say this…Ramsey is so poor I actually feel playing him so much is stunting his development. He needs a month out of the team. He cant pass, cant tackle and is so slow.

Arsenal Rising

I hope Gnabry starts next game against qpr.17 years old and 1st touch was genius and he gets off our only shot on target which was a great effort.I’ve been waiting for this kid for ages cuz hes gunner b a big talent!


Not to sound like a Dick….. But unless you followed him in Germany which I doubt…. I doubt you’ve waited ages for him… Kid looks bright though

Martin Keown is my hero

If he’s good enough, he’s old enough. That Sterling fella seems to be saving Liverpool’s season…..maybe Gnabry can inspire our boys.


No worries .. At least we are a well run club and we are building a team for the future .. especially that we can’t compete with big spending clubs like Norwich, Schalke, West Brom, and Tottenham, etc .. It’s that bloody handbrake again, it must be .. or is it the stadium .. or the commercial deals .. or the pitch .. or the ref .. or the board .. it could be the board and their love to hide money away from the transfer budget .. but them they don’t really influence tactics or the team selection or… Read more »


True, serge looked great. this will be a good learning experience for him.

However, he gives the ball away too easily, and his careless pass in a dangerous area led to the second goal…


Poor again, no passion.
A lot of money to watch average football,
Don’t fancy being arsene tomo at shareholders meeting, tin hat for mr wenger?


No words of blame here except perhaps internatonal football but the tactics are clearly flawed and its time arsen bould and pitch leaders like arteta sat down and thought right lets fix this shit. That happens then no complaints.. Llorente in jan may help. Simularily walcott on all cylinders and a gk we
can c


1st fuck rumsey..2nd experimenst shld stop.giroud iz awa cf y nt play hm?play day in n out till he gets tha confidnce n tha other players get 2 knw hw 2 use hm.n if its hard convert poldi nt gervindho.n plz pick n start tha ryt players 2 win a match..n in arsene we trust.if u dnt thn liv..


Put a rhythm to that and a few “ah ahs” and its going to be a hit


I’m not a grammar Nazi and I hope that I don’t come across as arrogant or rude, but it really isn’t too hard to type out actual words and sentences so that they are comprehensible to everyone.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to express it, so when you do it seems a shame to waste it with horrible text speak – even by text speak standards. I’d like to know what you think about Arsenal my friend, but it’s so hard to tell/care when I’m faced with such jumbled mess.


Or you could just say : you type like a retarded gorilla, now fuck off and thanks for the headache.


This post gave me cancer.


Maybe we had fuckin jet lag after our flight to Norwich. Cunts.

Gavin Parker

Been some good post here but honestly half theses players who play week in week out for us would never have got in the squad 5-10 years ago we buy cheap and get what we deserve for paying small sums I saw gervinho miss two volleys in last weeks game and Giourd miss on volley totally miss the ball this is top flight football vermaelen should not be captain he has no voice on the pitch and has been no leader and this time if the season we can’t buy so have to get on with it but hope we… Read more »


@Desh….1st fuck Rumsey? Haha! Classic…..who else would you like to have? Ha…


No false 9 shit. We need to make sure Podolski is fully fit. We need to start Giroud upfront. And play Ramsey in midfield not on the wing. He was excellent against City but the wheels have come off since the international break. The sooner Szcz Gibbs and Jack come back the better. Fuck England and Norwich. We really missed AOC and Walcott. Arshavin can’t cut it anymore (sadly) and Gnabry is only 17. And Chamakh sucks. Really hope Giroud and Podolski start firing and the midfield chips in too. We had no pace or drive in midfield. … We… Read more »


Only times I’ve seen Ramsey play well are when he comes off the bench. But seeing as we have no third midfielder/are lacking in other areas, he’s a starter. (Honestly, I don’t think even mid-level clubs would use him as a starter.)


The commentators were trying too hard to make Santos look incapable at defending, everytime he had the ball at the front they kept pointing out to his attacking prowess and quite frankly dismiss him as a worth for money when it comes to defending and rightly so. But I didn’t like their tone…. They can ofcourse go fuck themselves!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Stumped? Really? I mean seriously?!

We’ve been stumped for 7 seasons!

Here’s some decisions that don’t make you feel stumped.

Gervinho is not good enough, in ANY position. He would not make it into any top 4 team. Everton


Haha, I don’t think Everton would take him…

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Stumped? Really? I mean seriously?! We’ve been stumped for 7 seasons! Gervinho sums up everything that is wrong with us. He’s just not good enough, in ANY position. He would not make it into any top 4 team. Everton, mugsmashers or scum maybe but not anyone above and he was leading our line for fuck sake! We’ve gone from the twat of a player of the year and his c*ntish 30 plus goals to a chicken with no head. A chicken that made Perry Groves look like Pele! Even a moron could see that if he has to play, stick… Read more »

Pride of London

That performance really was so disappointing. We lacked sharpness speed and creativity . in my opinion the substitutions came way to late and jenkinson coming off was a mistake for me. he was very solid again tonight. anyway please God we get a good result against a struggling QPR. come on you Gunners


If Arsenal lose to QPR Wenger should be sacked. 100%. At any normal club the stature of Arsenal he would be, but I reckon he’ll swerve another bullet because the board is full of chicken shit wankers. Mind you, looking at the games up to the end of November, if Arsenal keep playing like this they’ll surely have zero option.


I kind of like the fact that we don’t go around sacking our manager after every poor result. But I do agree, Wenger would have been gone a long time ago if he were at Chelsea or Liverpool, that’s for sure.

(Haven’t totally given up on Wenger myself, but this season has been disappointing.)


“Bould and Vermaelen left stumped by slump.” Er, why? Let’s see: we’re a club where finishing fourth is seen as an achievement. We have a manager who has says that he would be happy to finish second for the next twenty years. In the last two years we have sold our four best players. We have 50 million quid sitting in the bank which the manager/ board won’t spend even though the squad has glaring deficiencies. We have a League Two goalkeeper as our only fit Number One. Our first choice striker usually starts from the bench. Our owner turns… Read more »


Absolutely agree. AW is a great personality but is now stinking the place out. Every word that comes out of the club by anyone in connection to the club is a PR invention. Blah blah blah Only and always. The fantasy is gone.. Watching Arsenal is like fucking a pissed up old hag with saggy tits. Whatever happened to all those hotties.


Mannone is playing because the other two are injured. Just how many world class goalkeepers do you realistically want in a club? You are living even beyond the FM universe.

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


While it is nice to emulate Cazorla, someone should let Gerv and Santos know that when you have 2-3 defenders around you, just pass the ball. A number of attacks broke down from that side, not to mention, it looks like Podolski is a bit lost. The two (i think) times Gerv tried to cross, there was no one in the box, not sure why we were not attacking more aggressively. Whatever it is, hope it is fixed ASAP, before we fall too far behind in the league. If this is the same set of players that we saw earlier… Read more »

Ronaldo's Neck

Everyone, just calm the fuck down. We are in the slump, true- but it doesn’t mean that we can’t turn this around. Pretty sure the only way you score in football is if you fucking shoot, how about we just start doing that. Now if we lose to QPR, then we can start jumping off of bridges


Usually Arsenal implosion doesn’t happen early in the season. I think we might have a chance this season as early implosion means easly season recovery.


Arsenal 0-1 QPR… Schalke won that game fair and square.. Resting the key players isn’t an option and it will be no long before we will be moaning about santi or poldi being injured due to lack of their rest.. Again when your not 100% physically your mentallity will drop as well.. Don’t care if a more ‘poor’ arsenal would’ve lost, if wenger had rested some players.. Just don’t see the logic playing players like santi week in week out almost every fixture.. Take this in to uour consideration and ask your self why we have struggled in the last… Read more »


You know, there are a million things I could say rite now. The thing that gets me the most though is simple. Why did we buy Giroud if we were going to play that fucknut gervinho upfront in champions league games? I mean, gervinho is the worst player I’ve ever seen in an arsenal kit. Yes Giroud has had a bit of a rough start, but the only way to get a striker firing is to FUCKING PLAY HiM!!! Seriously, if we wanted a striker to do fuck all and just sit on the bench, we could just stick with… Read more »


I agree, I’d start Giroud for sure. One issue — none of our wingers knows how to cross the ball… The guy’s barely gotten any service all season.


Well then, maybe we ot not of sold clichy just to make a few quid eh? He could cross and was almost always fit. Or maybe someone could have told Arsene that if you play a midfielder, ala Ramsey as a winger or a striker ala Bendtner as a winger that you don’t get very good crosses. Maybe buying a proper winger would have been a decent idea, no?


Didn’t get a chance to see the game but from the comments I feel blessed to have dodged that bullet. A nil-nil would have been delightful???? WTF Bouldie????


Is there anyone attending the AGM that actually has a voice that can be heard??? the cunts at the top need to know what they are not right.

Most Loyal Fans in the world, Constantly back the team in times like these, pay the highest ticket prices in the land. WHAT WE GET IN RETURN IS CONSTANT LIES AND A NEW TEAM EVERY SEASON, MINUS THE BEST PLAYERS OF THE PREVIOUS SEASON.


Whats even more unacceptable is 2 fucking shots on target, in 2 fucking games.


I believe this stems from the goalkeeper. I know there are issues in the outfield, but if you have a solid goalkeeper then it spreads confidence throughout the team. Mannone is OK, but he is not a top quality GK.. AW needs to find an older, more experienced player who will be happy to play second fiddle to Ches. Even he needs time before he matures. If you think back our trophy-less days have developed since we lost Seaman – yes, I know we had Jens and he was great, but he was also erratic. For me, all of this… Read more »


3000 German fans had more voice than the home crowd. Sometimes I feel we fans are a selfish bunch. A few claps here for a good pass, some applause there for a good tackle. We do little to motivate the team when they are looking beat. And how long before Diaby comes back? A few games and he is back at the hospital. Ramsey ha potential but his broken leg has changed things around. Eduardo moved to a lower league to regain his confidence perhaps Ramsey should do the same. Santos is hardly cuddly anymore and we are just killing… Read more »

Fredrik Ljungberg

I believe the way we played we did not deserve to win. Gervinho through the middle didn’t work. During my time at the club – Gervinho , Santos , Ramsey wouldn’t be in the squad. They are just not good enough for Arsenal . Arsenal is a top top club and only top top players must play for it.

Fredrik Ljungberg

And Gervinho dived as well. Terrible !


When Diaby or Wilshere isn’t playing I don’t understand the logic in playing Arteta as the deepest midfielder and Coq as the box to box. It doesn’t work. It limits Artetas forward options and makes him look quite average. Wenger should have faith in Coq to play him in his natural defensive midfield position. Either way our captain and vice captain haven’t done well recently, I hope they’re not undroppable.


To everyone saying we must spend to win, look at QPR are they not rock bottom having just spent 50 odd?


To be really honest, the source of the problems – lack of motivation, handbrake performances – points to Wenger and Wenger alone. We struggled with picking up matches from the scruff of their neck even with Cesc and van Persie in the side. I’ll still give Steve Bould some time to sort out the defense, it’s not fair on him that he comes in for criticism with just three months into a repair job for a damage that is easily ten years old. A lot of blogs point out to the lengthy wage bill and the recent flight to Norwich… Read more »

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