Podolski’s central preference


Lukas Podolski says he’d rather play more centrally for Arsenal than out wide. Depending on where you read his quotes he’s ‘demanded’, ‘thrown down the gauntlet’ or followed the path trodden by Theo Walcott.

Of course he hasn’t demanded, hasn’t thrown anything, and we know that Walcott’s public demand to play as a central striker in a system in which he knows he can’t play as a central striker is a ruse to deflect from his own part in the contract issue that’s ongoing.

Still, the German says, “I’d rather play centrally up front,” he said. “On the left I have to do a lot of defensive work, constantly running up and down. I am not a classical winger.”

This fact may explain why some games he’s very much switched on defensively, others not so much. And saying you’d rather play in a certain position is hardly an open show of dissent as some make it out to be.

He’d rather play centrally. Chances are he’s not going to do that very often, unless we change our formation or Olivier Giroud is injured or loses his form.

Teacup, please meet storm. It also seems his desire to play in the middle comes from wanting to improve.

“I am getting along well, for sure, but I demand more of myself – I want to play even better,” he said. And there’s no reason he can’t play better out wide.

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Mach III

Strike partnership with Giroud. Yes please.


Any Strike partnership, yes please!


I too want him (more) in the center he is waisted on the wing. The guy has one of the most precise and powerful shots in football today we should see to putting him into a position wherehe gets a handfull of shots on goal every game. We need to learn how to get the best out of the squad.

Titsan Arse

I play him centrally in Fifa and works. Wenger should listen to me cause I have just won the league. Only joking. But seriously, I have.


ffs. we have no strikers capable of scoring goals. What ‘strike partnership’?


ok, play

Sir Writealot



I want, I want…us just to win a game

Adam, Watford


Giroud as the second striker for Poldi.

Is that a realistic option ? I’d like Wenger to at least try it within a game for a period of 10-15 mins maybe just to change the tactics up a bit, when necessary !


We sometimes adopt a 4-4-1-1 in defense with Cazorla as the SS, Giroud as the CF and Podolski as the LM, perhaps we can change that to Cazorla on the left and Podolski as the SS.

Red and White Stripey Socks

………Love AW but if 4-4-1-1 was the only option avaliable to him he still wouldn’t use it!!!!!

Oi Arsene…….sort it out!


What about Santi as a false 9? Cazorla drops deep dragging CBs out of position, helping link play and outnumbering the opposition in the middle. Poldi and Walcott allowed free reign to cut in when/where they want, so both will be central threats as that’s how they want to play with Gibbs and Sagna providing width. On defense Ramsey/Diaby covers Sagna against the overlap and Wilshere does the same for Kieran, Cazorla can pressure their deeper playmaker (Carrick, Gerrard etc). So a 4-3-1-2 on defense and 442 going forward






Honestly, a guy who bothered to think it through and write it down does not warrant just a thumbs down. It’s not like it’s stuffed with Messi et al. Definitely deserves more than just an anonymous dismissal.

kriss olsson

Santi can play left n wilshere can play right. Eisfeld can play in the middle.


Personally, I would love to see us revert back to a 4-4-2 formation but I doubt that will happen at this stage of the season.

Sagna – Mert/Kos – Vermaelen – Gibbs
Walcott – Cazorla – Jack – Chamberlain
Giroud – Podolski

I know it’s very attacking and you guys will pick it to pieces but I’d love to see something similar trialled out. Just wish Arteta could be squeezed in there somewhere.


You selling Arteta?


When Theo goes, Cazorla could play wide right (I think it is one of his positions) and Arteta can be included. It is interesting because this is quite a strong team, certainly one that is capable of competing. It is really bizarre what goes on with them mentally because that is all that is wrong. They are competitive, extremely talented and on their day able to beat any other team. Arsenal teams and their mental fragility has always been an enigma and, as much as I would change him at present because I cannot think of a better replacement, this… Read more »


Sorry, that should say ‘I would NOT change him at present’.


Really Mert/Kos – Verm?
im sure u meant Mert – Kos/Verm


No. He meant Kos – Mert/Verm.


Verm is the captain. It means no matter how any of us feel about his form,will play unless he physically cant. Ergo, it will always be a choice between Kos and Mert, no matter whatter we feel.

Unless Verm plays as the LB of course.


how about:
sagna Verm Mert Gibbs
Cazorla Arteta Jack Chamberlain
Theo/Podolski – Giroud/ Podolski

Arteta's Hair Gel

drop walcott, move cazorla to the right, insert arteta and you got it mate

Le Prof

442 is dead in modern football


Mike Basset disagrees.


Sorry i just cant have that. Not without arteta


Arteta plays a position no one else on Arsenal can play, AND has very technical style of play that the Ox can’t replace.


sagna – mert – kos – gibbs
Walcott – arteta – wilshere – carzola
Giroud – podolski

Ace McGoldrick

Playing without a keeper? I like it.

Dog Eat Arse

Yeah why bother 🙂


That does look better actually, didn’t think of Cazorla on the wing. That way Arteta can be included.

Reason I included Verm is because it gives balance to the centre of defence. When he’s on form he is a top player and can score goals from set pieces.

kriss olsson

Wilshere played on the right w hehen first got into the first team. N he did great. It’s still his best ever performance

Glory Hunter

To Blogs:
Would you prefer it, if Theo said he wants more money?!? Or worse still trophies?

Bottom line is he’s not going to get what he wants, whether that might be to play as a striker or the wages he wants!

I’m still hopeful he’ll sign an extension but then again I thought RVP wouldn’t be sold 🙁


Theo probably won’t play up front for his. Wenger said ‘a winger is a striker’ some time back, which says it all for me. Which is fine, not sure how well he would do there anyway. In theory there are some arguments for it. In practice who knows. Do we have the leeway to find out right now, with our worst start to a season and our CL campaign in a spot of bother?


For us*


Next week: Santos – “I want to play as a central striker you gays.”


yes please!! he HAS to play as a striker. He will be one of the best CF in the premier league. He is just as good as huntlaar. His finishing is perfect. Just need to adapt a little for the team. He is a proven CF. Im sure he will be a world class if we give him time i am not saying that lightly at all.


Is it wrong of me to think he has more potential than Giroud? His link up play and dribbling would.be much better, he just would have to work on his movement…


at least he is not asking for more money


Hey. Until wolcott is given the nod to play centrally and he refuses to sign, arseblog should stop throwing stones at the young man.

You cant go into his mind and know that he doesn’t care about playing centrally rather about squeezing more money from us.

Lets face it, the young man came out to say its not the money, its about the position. So until he is given the position and he acts otherwise, arseblog should stop claiming to be his mind reader.

Glory Hunter

I think it’s just Blogs way of dealing with the inevitable disappointment of Theo leaving!
But he won’t admit that!!!


To be fair, Wenger has always said the Walcott will end up as a striker, and for now he can fulfill his attacking duties from the inside right position (since he does not yet seem to have the ability to keep the ball when there is more than one guy near him and acres of space, and there is going to be no space and 2 fuck off big central defenders on his toes in the middle). The ball is firmly in Walcott’s court, and the fact that he has not only refused to sign a massively improved deal, but… Read more »


He is a goal machine!! Shame that he is never really allowed to show that at arsenal or even at germany. Ironic how wenger claims hes 30 goals if he plays centrally and yet plays him wide, doesnt make sense at all.


I really wonder why we didn’t sign benayoun on a permanent basis. Wouldn’t have cost much in terms of wage otherwise West Ham wouldn’t have snapped him up. He is top professional and was a fan favourite last season. Great work rate and was our third highest goalscorer last season(Not saying much but still). Also Wenger preferred to him in the big games which shows that he clearly trusted him. Would have happily played in the wings and if he was here we could have rested cazorla once in a while.


Perhaps Chelsea didn’t want to sell to a rival – especially after we finished third (above them) with him making a large contribution to that.


He made it clear that he wanted to start regularly. He only had a few more seasons left in him, and didn’t want to ride the bench. Benayoun was a model professional and a quality squad player for us, but he’s better off starting at West Ham. Good luck to him, except when they play Arsenal.


So we, have Giroud, a striker who plays up front, Walcott, a striker-winger (swinger?) who wants to play up front, and Podolski, a striker who wants to play up front. Three players, none of whom wants to play on the wing. Two of whom (Giroud and Poldi) who are quite established playing up front. Why Gervinho, then? That aside, it seems clear to me that we need to get ourselves an out-and-out winger (who don’t want to play up front). Someone who can cross, preferably. Two of Giroud’s goals this season came from crosses from the left. It seems like… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Are you suggesting we buy a player that will actually improve the team?!?
That’s absurd & unheard of!
We’ll just promote from within, it’s the self sustaining way!!!

Glenn Helder

I’m free.

On a serious note, looking forward to seeing Ryo out left at some point.


Just another example of Wenger not getting the best out of his players. Did he sign Podolski to be a winger or a striker? Personally I think Wenger has a fear of real wing play and crossing the ball into the box. He likes his teams to stand around the box and pass it round at least 25 times before actually making the keeper do some work.


This current team is not capable of putting together 5 passes let alone 25


Back four- sagna, mert, kos/verm, gibbs.
RM santi, LM ox/gerv CM wilshere and arteta. CF poldi/walcott and giroud


That would be a great plan B, it is needed to try a few things to mix it up a little


I have said ds in an earlier post,we should try Poldi as a CF,he’s bn tested in this and did quite weLl. I see him as a far better striker than Giroud (Poldi,my replacement for RVP). Although if they can play together centrally,better!. He’s most def not a winger,we can see he isn’t so comfortable running up and down d flanks,some player aren’t built for that. If Wenger can allow Carzola play in d middle despite his abilities and experience on the flanks,y not allow Poldi express himself centrally? And its obvious we’re struggling creating and scoring goals. I just… Read more »


How about we just play a fluid three behind the striker with Walcott, Poldi, and Caz all interchanging? It would take them to communicate between each other not the Gunners strong point at the moment.


this only happens to a mid-table team.every player wants to dictate his position on the field. its high time Wenger be shown the door.players are holding us for ransom like fuck what we have become..! 8years drought is only acceptable at ‘big club’ Arsenal. such a joke!peace.

Bendtner's Ego

The problem is that we are trying to fit square pegs into round holes. You go 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 if you have a dominant striker in the middle or someone with a very good work rate who can chase things down and create for themselves (like on a quick counter). The partnership tends to be with the attacking midfielder. RVP wasn’t a typical 4-3-3 striker, because he would often drop deep to get the ball and get it out to the wingers. But his movement inside the penalty box is superb and he can eliminate a defender and create a… Read more »


Slightly off topic…would this be a title winning team / squad??
1st 11
Sczecsney, A.Cole, Mert, Kos, Sagna, Arteta, Cesc, Wilshere, Nasri, Cazorla, RVP
Squad: Verm, Gibbs, Song, Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski, Rosicky, Diaby, Toure


Ignoring the fact that a lot of the squad are cunts, yes.


Don’t think so, as you’d probably want another goalkeeper in there for backup, at the very least.


I guess you could try throwing Arteta in the goal… he seems to be able to play whatever position he’s asked to play… hope he can jump…


The moment you criticize Wenger the people commenting on this blog grab their mouse and stab a thumb down,so I won’t say anything anymore.


Please spare Wenger he is our God.Bow down to the GOD who fails!


Gave you a thumbs down because didn’t stick with your first comment, poor form … Very poor form 😉


we have a shit strike force IMO and it’s painful to see Van Persie banging in goals for Man Utd!


why don’t we actually sign classical wingers?


No offence to any of our players that would like to play centrally or be our main striker but maybe what we need is a proven goal scorer, someone that drives forward with hunger & instinctively shoots at goal every time he gets the ball anywhere near the box. Maybe we need a striker who is a little rebellious to our tiki-taka style of play in the final third, I want to see our main striker driving at goal and finishing emphatically instilling fear into opposition defences. I’d love to see us bring in Roberto Soldado & Victor Wanyama in… Read more »


I’m from Kenya.mentioning Wanyama makes me proud.thank you.n Obama too.

Clichy's Bizarre New Hair

I’m from America, try living in Obama’s economy mate (sorry, had to though). Oh, and fuck RvP. Thank you and good day.

North Bank Gooner

@clichys hair

we live in England mate. we dont have an economy, the joker before Obama helped see to that!!


Playing 4 4 2 with Wanyama, Wilshere, Cazorla and Arteta, would be something.

I think Eis deserves a first team call for the Fulham game.


Podolski IS a striker. He just happens to do well on the left too, particularly for Germany.


dear London Gooners.boycott Arsenal vs fulham game.its all about revenue at a ‘big club’ like Arsenal.make us proud.


If you’re a gooner, why would boycotting Arsenal make you “proud” ?


I’m from Kenya.mentioning Wanyama makes me proud.thank you and Obama too.


I still wonder why we didn’t go for Afellay

Glory Hunter

Afellay was too obvious for Arsene, he prefers it if they are unknown, suffering from a crisis of confidence or under valued!
Heaven knows why!?!
The strange thing is Wenger gambles on things he shouldn’t(like having a fit squad all season) but doesn’t gamble on things he should like buying proven quality players.

It’s mind boggling.


But he was on the cheap and getting no look in at Barca. Would have been a good pick up.


I wonder too.

[…] turmoil over Lukas Podolski who is, depending on where you read it, DEMANDING to play as a striker. He says: I’d rather play centrally up front. On the left I have to do a lot of defensive work, constantly […]

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]



Sagna Mert Adams Gibbs

Cazorla Vieira Fabregas

Bergkamp Henry Pires

………Hey i can dream CANT I ?!!?


No. Cease dreaming immediately.


One of Wenger’s gigantic flows is that he doesn’t sign for position and strategy, but based on bargain and certain qualities.

It’s why we haven’t had a proper winger who WANTS TO BE A WINGER for ages, with the exception of Gervinho! Nasri was a midfielder-wannabe, so was Arshavin, Eduardo used to play on the left, Eboue, the right back….

Having 11 good players means nothing if half of them wants to be a striker, while the other half an attacking midfielder, while nobody wants to play winger or defend.


No way should Podolski be allowed to play as a striker! After all, we’ve got a great centre-forward called Gervinho who is a crack-shot goal machine. Why should somebody who has scored only 44 goals for Germany be permitted to play as a central striker for a side which is struggling to hit the back of the net?

Poldolski should shut up and just be grateful that he is being managed by the Coach of the Century.


I agree, the tone of the article is dismissive, but it hints at a deeper problem with Wenger and his tactics with this set of players. Podolski is a proven international goalscorer, brilliant finisher, strong and direct – perfect for a central striking role, but clearly talented enough to play on the left channel too. And yet Gervinho (before he was injured) is played in the centre while Podolski is largely wasted out wide. Despite Gervinho hitting a mini, laregly lucky, goalscoring ‘streak’, his finsihing is weyward and infuriatingly wasteful on the whole. And this is just one example of… Read more »

Glory Hunter

I wish I could give you 2 thumbs up!! 🙂

gooner odst

Allow me to use a musical analogy. Arsenal are a band and Podolski is one hell of a good drummer but he’s an even better, experienced guitarist. Right now the band doesn’t have any good drummers so they’ve stuck Podolski in there and we’ve asked him to sing as well. Giroud only knows the guitar and uses a rugged, age old, earth shattering technique with Gallic proficiency (suited to a certain type of band). Walcott is a good drummer but when on guitar, knows how to play one song and all its variations/remixes…like that Guns and Roses sweet child o’… Read more »


“Walcott’s public demand to play as a central striker in a system in which he knows he can’t play as a central striker”

If gervinho can play as a striker so can walcott.


That’s what I’ve been trying to tell the boss!!!
And fret not gooners, i will sign da ting!


everyone now want to play centrally


I’d like to see the man down the centre as he has been rat shit in the last few weeks out wide! He has one hell of a strike and deserves the run centrally. We are not short on wingers afterall. Bare in mind that we will sign another winger in January …. always guarunteed! Seriously though, he has been better centrally but when he has, Cazorla and he tend to trip each other up. They would make it work though. We need to start observing what is going on and create some width, we are so narrow these days… Read more »

Rad Carrot

I really don’t see why we can’t at least try to be a more structured 4-4-2, like we used to be. I know Arsene loves his flowing, creative midfield and his wingers that turn into strikers, but – playing devil’s advocate here – the last time we were truly successful, we played a 4-4-2. Let’s face it, the salford scum have had this formation for years, and even with their shitty, ugly, troll-faced retards, they’ve been more successful than us. Keep it simple, put Poldi and Giroud up front, and rotate with Theo and Gerv (not at the same time)… Read more »


the game has moved . 442 dosent really work against teams who players that go between lines. Hence why in the modern game we have anchor men, more ss and false no. 9s a flat 4 midfield would get overrun. Also there has to be a sense of, Wenger had played hundreds of different systems over a 1000 or so games. Surely hes in a better position to judge which system to play wih the players at his disposal. That said if it aint working dispose asap and rebuild……again…..Arsenal MK XVllll : )

Bendtner's ego

I don’t necessarily buy that bullshit anymore about the “modern game.” If that’s true, then why do we still end up failing to teams like Norwich that use two bruisers up front? If it’s true, then Arshavin deserves to rotate with Carzola more often, but we know he gets muscled out in the middle and I think we are starting to see the same thing with Santi. Teams are coming in to press us hard in the middle to get turnovers. Nowhere was this more evident than vs Man U, where Rooney did a number on Arteta. So, if the… Read more »


I understand what you’re saying, but 4-4-2 DOES work. No-one proves that better than salford utd, who quite happily beat us at the weekend playing a standard 442. There were no overlapping wingers, no midfielders swapping into defence, no strikers changing sides or what have you. They kept it simple. Each player had a role to play, and despite most of them being cunts, they played well and got the result. Man for man, we’re stronger than they are, but because we complicate things and try to play Football Manager each weekend, the players get confused and we end up… Read more »

James L

Let’s play:

4 – 1 – 1 – 4

Scz in goal
Sagna, Metersacker, Kos, Gibbs in defence
Arteta (as holding midfield)
Cazorla (just behind the strikers)
Podolski, Walcott, Gervinho, Giroud up front

[…] 先按下沃尔科特暂且不表,我们再来看看波尔蒂的一番言论吧,他上言逼宫要求踢中锋,当然了,他的这番话是不是逼宫,取决于你是从哪家媒体的标题看到这些话的。 他说:  “我更喜欢出现在前场中路。在左路的话,我必须承担大量的防守任务,不断的上下奔波。我没有边路球员的DNA。” […]


I want to play in the central striker role, too!

Clichy's Bizarre New Hair

I don’t understand why we sign players and then play them out of position. It ruined Arshavin. Now ruin Pod? If Wenger wants a winger, buy one. Play Pod in the 9 1/2 slot (to paraphrase some Dutch fuck) just off Ollie, i think it’d go gangbusters. But what do I know I’m not paid 7 mil to think about such things.

Bacary's right leg

lets be honest I have never seen the pod play centrally for germany so its not crazy to think he can do the same job at arsenal…. the same goes with arshavin they have both played those positions a lot on the big stage. Also when the pod was playing in the middle we created less then we are atm. His movement isn’t as good as HFB





I’ve been playing a 4-1-2-1-2 in FIFA 13, it’s excellent!


Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs


Cazorla Ox


Walcott Podolski


I would prefer a 4-2-2-2: sagna – merte – kos – gibbs wilshere – arteta santi – the ox poldi/giroud – walcott/(gervinho) I know it sounds a bit wierd, but santi and chamberlain could play on the wing when needed, but generally through the middle, because i think they are far more effective there. But what i liked most while thinking about an interesting starting line-up is that i had really big problems, because we have so many excellent options in midfield (but as you see in my opinion our best players play in c(a)m). I would also like to… Read more »