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Wenger: I love Rosicky’s game

After confirming that Tomas Rosicky was finally back in full first team training, Arsene Wenger talked in detail about the surgery the Czech underwent in the summer before identifying where he envisages the 32-year-old fitting into his midfield.

The ‘Little Mozart’ was an integral part of Arsenal’s improvement in the second half of last season with his energetic performances in the centre of midfield helping the Gunners spring from defence into attack.

Handed a new contract in March (thought to be a short-term deal) at the height of his form, the Czech promptly went to Euro 2012 and banjaxed his ankle.

“He had surgery on his plantaris tendon which is situated down at the Achilles and it took him some time to recover,” the boss informed press ahead of tomorrow’s match with Everton.

“It’s a similar injury to that of Scott Parker; they had surgery at a similar time and he’s now back.”

With a return on the cards, it leaves Wenger with a headache about where to slot the experienced midfielder back into proceeding. Highlighting Rosicky’s versatility, Wenger continued:

“He can play in the position of Santi Cazorla, he can play with Santi Cazorla as well. I love Tomas Rosicky’s game because he’s a guy who speeds up the game.

“When the ball gets to him, he has good acceleration power. He has quick short passes, quick combinations with other players. Personally I am an admirer of his game and I want to keep him with us.”

The boss made clear that Rosicky won’t be making the trip to Everton, before hinting that the first chance we’ll likely see him back in action will be the under-21 fixture against Reading on 2 December.

“He is back in the squad [training] but not match fit. He will not be in the squad for Wednesday night as he needs a game or two in the reserve team. He’s not played for six months.”

It’s interesting to hear Wenger talking about Rosicky playing alongside Cazorla, fingers crossed we get to see them together sooner rather than later

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Hoping he comes back with the same form from last season. love to see him back. Hopefully eisfeld can play with his idol sometime this season, the kid is very good and similar to little mozart.

Fairly recent Gooner

I may not be the most experienced or knowledgable football brain on here, but am I the only one who think Rosicky’s overrated? From what I’ve seen he’s got talent but has only shown it for limited period (couple of months last season), very conveniently right before contract negotiations (red flag), plus he’s awful in front of goal. I’m just not convinced, happy to be proven wrong however.


When this guy comes back, I think it really will be revealed how much of a difference it makes to the Arsenal game when a midfielder has the confidence to simply TURN with the ball.

Biggest problem with our midfield (barring Cazorla) in the Aston Villa game, in my opinion.


who doesn‘t love rosicky?????……i mean d guy‘s an absolute genius on d ball……….


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Wenger's Waterbottle



Sign da ting. ‘Nuff said.


Dis guy iz amazin.! o m G!

Dial Square

tard, you forgot to put the re in front of your name


I thought his first name was Leo


Or Bas


When he’s fit – and focused – he is a good player. We’ve seen that about …..once in the last three years, for the back end of last season – Yes ?! ……..So it’s no wonder we’ve struggled in recent years, if you’re relying on people who aren’t there. Arsenal’s truly great players – and anyone else’s for that matter – are ‘great’ because they played. Not because they didn’t – but would have been if they did. See Diaby for further reference. We need players who are :- 1/ Fit – Or at least more there, than not. 2/… Read more »


The guy has a left foot attached to the outside of his right foot. Ofcourse he’ll be welcome to the team. Much needed rest for Cazorla, maybe… Good to see him back in the fray.

ramseys back pass

And how much this team could use his speed in passing and counter attacks.


Bar injury, Rosicky is a guy I’ll love to see playing week in week out. Has a very good understanding of d game, on his day he can make a whole lot of difference in the team. Welcome back Tomas.


Little Mozart will give us some fine tunes this season aswell!


I reckon all arsenal players should have their plantaris tendons removed!!!- I believe that was the cause of Vermaelen’s longstanding problems also.
Im surprised Diaby’s has nt played up yet!


I think he has been missed this season, as good as Cazorla has been Rosicky does offer the ability to travel with the ball, he’s got a great burst of speed over 10-15 yards something which is key in midfield areas.

Rosicky coming back also means we can rotate one of the midfield three and bring in a great replacement. I look forward to seeing him in the starting 11 again!

Red and White Stripey Socks

Made of glass…..but love him…….glad to see you back.



Looking forward to having Little Mozart back to help conduct the symphony that is Arsenal football. I hope he recovers and we can keep him active through the rest of the season. It will be vital in being able to give Santi a rest here and there to keep him fresh. Rosicky was massive last season in his effort and his performances. Having him back will only bring good things.


We’ve really missed his goals. Errrrrr….


Not every measure of performance and importance is based on goals. What we have lacked in games where we underachieved is decent supply to the forwards rather than the forwards missing loads of guilt edged chances (OG12’s first 4 games aside). This is where players like Rosicky is important to us, the space he creates by beating the first man opens up play ahead of him and commits DM’s and CB’s to the second tackle. With Giroud’s movement off the ball, this can be a quite lethal but subtle partnership that leads to more chances created, as this is where… Read more »


gilt* for future reference


Perfect time for a boost in the midfield ranks. Rotating him, Jack and Cazorla is in the best interests of them all and will only make us stronger. Now we just need someone who can give Arteta a breather. I think Le Coq will be good enough but still need some time before that much is expected of him.


I think he should play in cazorla’s role, and switch cazorla down left, poldi can play up front or left in rotation with giroud or rotate cazorla with walcott or even rotate rosicky with young jack and play arshavin from time to time, so many options there. or heck play le coq and push arteta into young jacks position, just do something to energise that damm stagnant midfield we have going on now.


i m the best


the man above me is the greatest streaker that ever lived


The Greatest Slut That Ever Lived?


The greatest “sufferer” that ever lived.


Usual thoughtless rubbish spouted here. Rosicky is a lovely guy and a model pro, but he’s well past it and is nothing like the player Arsenal bought. In fact, we’ve never seen the best of him on a regular basis, or anything like it.

Yet again, overpaid mediocrity passed off as title challenging quality. You fans are totally clueless, just like your beloved Lord Wenger.


er, 2nd half of last season? Surely he was looking in his prime then? Remember him saying that his football age is one year less as he was out before for so long. Gotta love him just for that. I reckon with him back and Arsene (hopefully!) rotating the squad a little we should be able to get a bit of a run going. Santi and Arteta definitely look a little knackered, Jack and the little mozart should be able to take up the slack. Jack has played deeper before so it should be an interesting period with these midfield… Read more »


Plus he likes Heavy Metal, giving him motivation and adrenaline than any other player

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

No Ramsey mentioned???? Arsene thinks he is the best thing since errrrr Denlison/Eboue, he even play him as a right winger. I understand Arsene loving Rosa, he is a good player WHEN fit, and I said it before Rosa and Daiby SHOULD retire from international football. Not because they don’t love their countries, but because they are not fit enough to play that many games. We pay the wages not their national teams. Both got injured at internationals. Yes, even Diaby did and the Chelsea game was just an aggravation. Arsene, Earn your bloody 7 million a year and tell… Read more »


Yes he will give us a massive boost and is a great player but like Diaby we just can’t depend on them staying fit. Best thing to do in the summer is to finnaly replace them but again like that is going to hapen right? :/


Rosicky is quality not Mediocre that’s a stupid comment. He is Injury prone but one thing u can’t accuse I’s him being ordinary he doesn’t do ordinary I think if he was fit a bit more in the fabregas nasri years we may of won the title. When he is fit For a period Of time he is first class that is the problem difficult To keep him fit. In diabys case I rink he is a lost cause rosicky has at least played a decent run of games on a few occasions diaby two/three games then out for three… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

did you use google translate to post that?


No he write, and think, with google help 🙂


we so very nearly did win the title….. remeber the season after henry left???? 8 points clear through christmas………FECKING INJURIES!


Arsene said his contract was agreed in January, made public in March.


I think Rosicky is a fantastic footballer.If he c0uld hve managed 2 keep fit 4 the better parts of his career,he would b a world class footballer

Mr Wenger

yes I like paying him money to sit on the treatment table


I don’t think he played full season with us. He is like Diaby who we really likes in a short times but rest of the times we feel sorry for them. I think we need other players a chance to come to us and take their places. Anyone?


I also love his game. Was a revelation at the back of last season.

I just wish he could benefit from him for more than a dozen games a season. Probably inaccurate but thats what it feels like.

the only sam is nelson

It doesn’t take too long to check the official site and see that he’s started 114 games in 5 seasons and come on in 52. So he averages 23 games a season as a starter and 10 coming off the bench

But I suppose it’s the internets so it’s OK to just pluck a figure from your arse and post that because it backs up an opinion

sorry to get all Rafa about it. FACT


That’s even more impressive when you remember that his unwarranted reputation for fragility stems from his unique knee problems.
Which kept him out of action for the very thick end of two of those seasons…..


….and you are a knob . Your mama told me that. FACT


guy looked the real deal when he played in Germany WC 2006. Banging in spectacular goals from distance. Been decent for us but way too injury prone like Diaby.


it’s funny. Rosicky and Diaby both are brilliant players, but while knowing their fitness, we mistakenly relied on them for ‘depth’. Just another bone to pick with the manager and why he goes into every season on such risks. It’s like he doesn’t want to have selection problems or something. Good to have Rosa back, but maybe this should be his last season. Same goes for Diaby.


As long as he can play in either position currently occupied by Ramsey or gervinho, I’m good with him playing whenever.


I think we should try using Eisfield too


Rosicky! This is a player for Arsenal we need! Welcome back!


Sagna Per Kos Gibbs
Rosicky Arteta Wilshere Cazorla
… and then we need 3 more new players of same level on the bench:
Goalkeeper, Ox, Verm, Striker, Midfielder, Jenks, Podli, and Diaby asap…
…we are ready to fight for the top!


4-4-2 is not happening guys. Let it go. Plus Cazorla needs to be in the middle of the pitch.


Play to your strengths and Cazorla is a winger have you watched him run he is super quick. That team can be super compact especially for away games. 4-4-1-1 by the way


Cazorla is not a winger. He can play there but his best position is central. 4-4-1-1 is basically a variation of 4-4-2. There was no need for that.


He’s quick and good on the ball and sure he would whip in great crosses. I think he would be really effective there. Also moving him around will make it harder for a team to counter him cos they will have a seed of doubt and he may disrupt there setup. I think its good to freshen things up so we are less predictable. Promise to be more polite in future.


4 4 1 1
Rosicky, Cazorla and even Walcott can swap places, from left to right and they can change on behind striker position too.

Arteta's Hair Gel

the quicker he’s back the better. the thought of a 4-4-2 with rosicky, arteta,wilshire and cazorla (with podolski and giroud up front) may be the answer we’ve been looking for to end this lack of firepower. just a thought.


Amy chance of us signing joey Barton now he speaks fluent French ?

the only sam is nelson

ahahaha tres sharp monsieur, tres sharp

Sol Goodman

e is ow you say street poet gypsy zat look’s like a coal miner!


if we had full fit squad of midfield consisting…..diaby,cazorla,arteta,wilshere,rosicky,ox,podolski,theo…………..we could do much better.we just need huntelaar,a LB,isco and a good goal keeper


Brilliant. Podolski-Diaby-Rosicky-Arteta-Cazorla and Wilshere and Walcott on the rotation, this is my first choice midfield. Crazy if everyone stays fit…but that ain’t gonna happen yeh.


When is was fit he was a decent player for us, but Rosicky is now yesterday’s man. If we were managed by Sir Alex Ferguson Rosicky would be one of those players who would have been gently eased out by now. But Wenger will keep persisting with him until he becomes an embarrassment.


What like Giggs and Scholes?

Brian Mendoza

Is that the guy who they had to bring out of retirement because their midfield was sucking balls?

Come on fatgooner, try harder.


If Wenger kept at least 2 Invincibles like Ferguson did with Gigs and Scholes we will be in a much better position for last 7 years!
We wouldnt have space for egos of some averege players in our dressing room!


“he’s a guy who speeds up the game”…that is EXACTLY what we have been missing in recent games. Our “fast” break has been anything but lately and hopefully his forward bursts will lead to opportunities in front of goal for the team.

Near the topic

He gallops like a horse yet with the softness of a hare. The mozart ressurected indeed.


And he trundles like a spoon yet with the spring of a catflap


With Rosicky back…hope to see much less of Ramsey!!! Just too sick of the welshman’s play….no penetration, too slow, main culprit in lost of ball possession, no vision. All these will change with Rosicky around. And yes for a 32 yr old…he is still faster on the burst than the Ramsey!!!




Er… Ramsey MOTM against Villa. No turnovers, great workrate, great penetration.

Once he’s found his form, he will be like Hleb with balls.


Glad to have him back. I can’t see us having qualified for CL without him last season.


Imagine this

Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs
Arteta Wilshere Rosicky
Cazorla Giroud Podolski.

Have fun out passing that midfield.

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I have to say he was one of the reasons that I fell in love Arsenal.

Die Hard Gunner

Hurray!! Mr. Scooby Doo is back, Long live Little Mozart

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