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Wenger: United deserved to win

Given his side’s toothless display at Old Trafford Arsene Wenger was unsurprisingly magnanimous in defeat when speaking to the press after the game.

Despite fielding a near full strength side against Manchester United, Arsenal never really threatened although the final 2-1 scoreline suggests a closer game than was actually the case.

“I’m disappointed of course, because we had a lot of the ball but we were not very efficient in our final third or in their final third,” Wenger reflected.

“You feel it was a bit [of] an illusionary domination. We had a lot of the ball but they created more chances and deserved to win the game.

“Part of that is down to the fact that we gave an early goal away. In a game like that, that’s a massive advantage [for Manchester United]. Then they defended well, were sharper than us in the duels and the consequence is you lose the game.”

As is customary on visits to Manchester United, Arsenal had a player sent off and conceded a penalty. While Wenger didn’t quite go so far as to suggest they were game-changing decisions, he still hinted that referee Mike Dean had acted harshly.

“We always have a penalty against us when we play Manchester United so we get used to it,” he said of the handball given against Santi Cazorla, before turning his attention to the red card for Jack Wilshere.

“It looked harsh from the stand, the second yellow. I considered taking him off but we had to go forward and attack. We were not in a position where we could defend and we didn’t have a lot of midfield offensive options on the bench.

“I think we were a bit unlucky, especially with the penalty decision. We had the better chances but overall in a game like this you ought to not put yourself on the back foot when you are one down.”

With a vital game on Tuesday night away at Schalke he’s going to have to re-motivate the players very quickly to prevent a rotten few weeks turning into a terminal decline.

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and yeahh.we deserve to lose too


Arsenal lacked width, Podolski and Ramsey can’t play wide. No fighting spirit shown by the squad. No creativity. Why does Wenger continue to ignore the fact that Santos can’t defend? Vermaelen can play LB with Kos in the centre, or Sagna can play LB with Jenkinson at RB.
Podolski and Ramsey are not the most creative players and they don’t have pace or skill to beat their man, so playing them wide results in less creativity.


we arent playing well the last few game, it just seems naive to think that we could go there and just ‘do our thing’ the most important thing was not to get beaten by our direct rival, why couldnt we go there and park the fucking bus, try and hit them on the break? how is it so easy for manu to have 1 pass out from the defense, a mediocre cross, and score? within minutes. we just seem to accept sloppiness time and time again. is defending a dirty word? the last thing we won, in the mists of… Read more »

Cygan's Middle Foot

fuck arsene, are you telling me every opponent we lost to deserve to win? they don’t. it’s that we deserve to lose.


I agree with you with playing Verm at LB for a bit, over Santos, but not quite for the same reasons. Let’s not forget that one of our worst periods last season came when we were without natural full backs. In fact Verm played then too, and it didn’t work out so well. He provided little width and always passed back inside, breaking down moves. I also don’t think Santos is as bad as some are making out. Sure his form is in the toilet, but that will only improve with a regular run in the team (although Gibbs links… Read more »

Cygan's Middle Foot

i think it’s good if we are at the bottom half of the table by january, so arsene and ivan will have their ass burnt and buy left back, better center back, and attackers, oh god, basically all positions except right back and center midfielder.

Runcorn Gooner

No disrespect but AW you were the only person who could not see that Jack was going to get sent off the way Dean was flourishing the cards like confetti

Best in the World

Excellent weekend!! only 2 points away from 4th play .. COYG


I admire your optamism but we were very very average today, and we looked little better in the win over QPR.

I suppose it’s what happens when a team is low on confidence but really top teams don’t have these lulls and don’t serve up the kind of sterile performance we gave yesterday.

At least as you said, other results went our way yesterday.

Runcorn Gooner

Like the Udinese game the match against Schalke (who also lost yesterday) could start the revival


it feels like the end of any hope of winning this season, so its amazing that we are only 10 points off the lead.
so in theory we can turn things around, by magic, and go on a winning run

but with the way we’ve played for the last number of years its impossible for me to believe thats possible, to believe that we have the resolution and belief and tactical flexibility and squad to win anything


You really entertained ideas about the title?

This is a club that’s clearly set out to do one thing only: 3rd or 4th. Just get into the top four. 3rd would be incredible, but 4th is a must.

If you support our business model, then you support that goal, because the kind of squad investment it would take to make us competitive with the nailed-on top three (United, Chelsea, City, probably in that order) is just not going to happen. Not now, not in five years, and only maybe in ten, if ever.

It’s time to adjust our expectations.


People, why you no know sarcasm when you see it?


Better chances? I must have watched a different game.

Adam, Watford

well, we did have two good crosses in the game, Santos across the six-yard line which arguably he could have pulled back for Ramsey or Giroud orwas it Wilshere ? I can’t remember. Anyway, no-one gambled on what would have been a fantastic chance, likely a goal. There was another similar chance also in the first half again no-one gambled, again it was a clear cut opportunity. We let the game drift away too quickly, I’d say the chances were equal, it’s just how we went about them as opposed to United. For example, Theo could have cut back inside… Read more »


I was thinking the same thing. And this ‘illusionary domination’ must be something Mr Wenger alone suffers from


And yes there was a few half chances and poor decisions in the final third but to say we had the better chances and dominated any part of this game is delusion

Dick Swiveller

I quite like that phrase, I think it sums things up nicely, in fact sums up a lot of things about this team.

jack jack jack

If you actually watch the BBC post-match interview you’ll find that he says “Overall, they had better chances than we did, but in a big game like that you have to not put yourself on the back foot with 1 nil down.” Not sure where blogger’s transcript came from.


We need Samuel L. Jackson to do his speech from Pulp Fiction to the Arsenal board and players, replace Marcellus Wallace with Arsenal, because that’s what it feels like is going on.


we had the better chances?

Just when chamakh stopped smoking the hookah, wenger seems to have taken over, if not for mannone, we would have lost by a larger margin, as far as i can tell, bar cazorla’s late goal, the ramsey cross/shot in the first half which de gea cleared and giroud’s missed chance, we created nothing else the entire game.

Adam, Watford

Agreed, in yesterday’s outpourings Mannone was very much overlooked and could do little to stop either goal. Arguably Chesney might have got more of a hand on the second goal but I would really offer that as a hope and the first was too well placed for any keeper to react to such a dumb mistake by a defender.

Mannone may not be the answer, but he is certainly not the problem right now.


I thought Mannones save one on one with CUNT was world class, he couldnt have expected him to hit it that early with 5 yards of space around him. Credit due to Mannone and a handful of other players who at least fought. Credit to Fergie who set Rooney up to stop Arteta and Carrick up on Santi when we had the ball. It killed us

left foot right foot pass

Good point Tom J – thing is, why cant Wenger see this and try do the reverse by get our players to mark the other teams key guys out of the game? Right now our work rate off the ball is so poor.


because Wenger is deluded enough about us to believe that if we play our own game against the top teams and not worry about what the opposition do that we can win. Really. its the reason there is no Plan B

CT Gooner

@Arsene4pm.. I think he is talking about better chances today than in previous games i.e. QPR and Nowrich.. Not better chances than Manure..


It is a bit worrying that he talks about the referee. Absolutely no need for it.


I disagree, but only because it’s United. Referee bias at Old Trafford–and for United generally–is a serious problem in English football, and it’s been this way for a long time. Not that we deserved to win the game, but there’s a principle here, and Wenger is certainly not the first nor will he be the last to point it out. You will never get a penalty against United at Old Trafford. Instead, you’ll see your own player penalized for an infringement that is overlooked when committed by a United player.


Same old rehashed BS by Wenger.


Arsene so far has been considered infallible but increasingly I think it’s time we questioned some of his decisions.
This is the time, the last season i’d say after which we should consider getting another manager!
Pep is available now and his football vision fits perfectly into the free flowing entertainment type that we love as gooners.
We should get pep to replace Wenger.
While we will always love Arsene, it’s time I think we moved on!
No matter what though, i’d die smiling and shooting….G4L


i’ll be honest. i absolutely love what Arsene has done for the club, if not for him, i probably wouldn’t be a supporter of the Club.

but still, every era has an end. i’m not saying the new one would be better, or that it would be definitely worse. but it would be different. and i don’t know if i’m not longing for something different about how the Club is run.

still, the usual trouble is – who would be a worthy successor? i’m not sure anyone good enough is in our reach at the moment..


Well, I think Wenger is amongst the highest earning managers in the world. So I think we can afford most top class managers. I still prefer pep, because of the style he introduced at Barcelona. Again, old red nose seems bent on luring him to clowns united and if we can get one at those cheating skunks, I wouldn’t mind.


concerning the top top managers, i think it’s less about money than it is in case of the footballers. or at least it’s about a different kind of money – that which a manager can spend. saying that, i don’t really thing we would be a prospect interesting enought to lure pep. or any other manager from the highest shelf. i guess we would need to find a new Wenger. i hope i’m wrong.

personally, i’d love to see de Boer at the Emirates. especially after what he has done to citeh recently.


Not sure we can get him though as City seem to be waiting on the sidelines to snatch him up… But yeah he’s a better manager that most and better than most think he is. There were a lot of people saying that anyone could win with Barcelona’s squad but look at them now under Villanova. They’re struggling to win every game (although may I note that unlike us, they seem to be winning anyway). Not sure though that anyone can really replace Arsene and we’ll have to wait until 2015 at least to see what Arsene can do with… Read more »


Whenever people say it’s time for Wenger to go, I ask what manager in the world could do a better job with the resources on offer. The truth is, we’ve been punching above our weight for a long time, and that’s because of Wenger. I’d love to know what Guardiola or similar could do when they walk in the job and are told they have £30m for transfers and wages, while United, City, and Chelsea have unlimited funds. Yeah, close the gap, would you? Because Wenger for some unknown completely mysterious reason doesn’t have a squad chalk full of £30m… Read more »


Hleb rates wenger as a better coach than guardiola, citing the fact that he learned more under him, also going on to say that guardiola was only successful because he had the best players in the world


Hleb is a disgruntled wanker who can’t find any purpose in life since quitting on us. . . I wouldn’t take him seriously unless he is in the same room with John Terry and Shrek!
That said, the problem is not who is better but rather it’s about changing the philosophy of sell your best and train new ones. Pep will be good for Arsenal!


As I said above look at what Villanova’s doing with the very same squad.


Pep will be at City sooner than later. They are now picking off Barcelona employees the way they used to pick off ours.

True grace

The Arsenal board won’t fork out on players so it is hardly likely that they will pay for Pep Guardiola. Arsene is doing the best he can with ever weakening focus by the board.

Dial Square

What the fuck is happening? No passion, no pride (apart from JW) this team is in danger of complete meltdown, JW could not even look RVP in the eye when shaking hands bofore the start. You could see throughout the whole game that Jack was hurting and upset at what was going on around him, and who can blame him?? I have always backed Wenger through thick and thin, but i’m thinking now it is time to go, not just because of yesterdays result, but more because of our last few performances, look at how far we have fallen since… Read more »


Mannone played with passion. Can’t fault our keeper one bit for our defense’s ludicrous display and our absent other 6 players.


Arsenal will be worse off without wenger. I might get some stick for this but it’s the truth. The problem now with our team is that we need someone creative, someone who can create chances. Podolski, carzola, giroud all look miserable after the international break. Maybe podolski is not performing because he have to fucking baby sit santos. Vermaelen being leftback and kos being a cb is not possible because vermaelen is not good going forward. And he will be better off being a cb.


Interesting you bring up Podolski and Santos I think that has been a massive problem since the West Ham game, do they like each other? Because they seem to avoid each other on the pitch!


Yea, i do think they have some sort of problem. Doesn’t click well with one another. Gibbs is being bad missed. We win against fulham next week at HOME or it’s over. The problem is that players don’t have the motivation the drive or anything like that because they know that their places will not get taken away. That has been the problem. Look at how man united players close down so quick when we had posession. Because they know that their places will get taken away if they dun perform.Fking disappointed really. You can’t play like that and expect… Read more »


I don’t think the problem wth Vermaelen is with his ability going forward, even from left back. He showed yesterday that he is much more of a worry defensively than he is going forward and I don’t think he’d really offer any more than Santos in that position.
Basically our best option appears to be Coquelin. He’s a good 1-on-1 defender and does attack well from fullback. Could also try Yennaris but I’ve only seen him on the right.


Worse off without Wenger? Wenger buys the players, trains them, coaches them, motivates them.

It’s his team and it’s under performing because of him. Add Podolski’s and Arshavin’s salaries together and we could have bought a first class striker. Put Clichy, RVP, Cesc, Nasri and Song back into the team and we would be competing for titles.

They left because we have no ambition, instead, we compete for fictitious 4th place trophies.

Dr Baptiste

At one point we had ‘Clichy, RVP, Cesc, Nasri and Song’ in the team and they won a massive total of zero trophies, that’s zero as in less than one. That same group of players couldn’t beat Birmingham in the CC but guess who got the blame… That’s right Wenger. It’s time to start blaming the players for their inept performances, just as much as the manager.


AND WE NEED THE FUCKING DRIVE. THE DETERMINATION LIKE JACK AND CARL HAS SHOWN FOR FUCKS SAKE. it’s disheartening really, to see arsenal being in this position. Look at all the things we have achieved. The invicibles and so on. We really need to spend during the jan transfer window. It’s all up to the board now. And i gurantee they dun give a fuck because arsenal is just a money making machine to them.


They played like a bunch of pussies yesterday. The joke is, Yennaris, Eisfeld, Gnabry and Frimpong would all have played with much less fear than most of those on display yesterday and would likely have contributed more to the game. Would probably still have lost with these players in the side (maybe more heavily) but at least they’d have made more of a game of it.

Adam, Watford

Ah yes, I forgot Frimpong. That I would like to to have seen. RvP would have hobbled out of the game instead of smiling.

When I mentioned about us not being amoney-making machine, these are the kind of players other teams will be all to willing to spend tha kind of money on , that we ourselves are cautious about spending on ready-made players from other teams . . . we make the players other teams covet.

Adam, Watford

Up until that last point I agree. However we can still run efficiently and still spend without breaking the bank. The messages from Gazidis and the board are mixed and Wenger seems determined not to bow to the stupid prices on players and the wages they demand. Old arguments of course but they won’t go away. I don’t think this club is driven just by profits, but something needs to change on the policy, perhaps. Still, Poldi was a good buy, Carzorla was a good buy and giroud with proper service will be a good buy so it’s not reasonable… Read more »


carl has shown fuck all


The problem was more the players than Wenger imo. The passing was slow and easy to pick off, and the team just looked low on confidence. We knew how United were likely to play, and it is the most effective way to play against us, but had we been really up for it, we could have won or at least made the game close. I don’t think United’s defence were tested that much, but even then, we were able to get close to their goal and most of their chances came from basic defensive mistakes: scuffed clearances and poor passing… Read more »

Dial Square

You say you don’t blame Wenger and that if the players were up for it we could have won, well pardon me but Wenger gets paid SIX MILLION QUID a year and it’s his job to get the players up for it !!!!!!


And they don’t get paid enough? And playing Old Trafford isn’t enough motivation??? My point was that the tactics weren’t the problem and the selection shouldn’t have been, the players let themselves down.
It was pathetic because practically any side could have lifted themselves after the first goal aside from the “lay-down-and-die” clubs who often visit OT – I never thought we’d be one of them!

Dial Square

Are you nuts?? “The tactics weren’t the problem”…..A left back who cant defend, Arteta completely marked out the game, Ramsey playing as a winger, Podolski completely wasted playing out wide, no plan B, yeah the tactics were spot on…..


And it all could have worked if the players were on their game! Ramsey was probably our biggest attacking threat ffs – it wasn’t his fault things didn’t work. And Santos can defend, or at least he could at times last season. That’s hardly a tactical issue anyway, more a personel problem. Would swapping him for another left back be a tactical decision? Podolski wasted outside!? Are we really going there again (ie as we did with Arshavin)? Where do you want Podolski to play? Left wing has ALWAYS been one of his positions and it’s where he made his… Read more »


Once again we woke up in the 90th minute – THAT was our problem

Clichy's Bizarre New Hair

And don’t forget using a 6’3″ target man alone up front with nobody to give him decent service from width.


Yeah! That was a crucial – Ramsey playing as a winger…??? No it was not crucial. Although I think that it should be “Ramsey playing for the reserves”, I think that we are not strong as we think we are and players are aware of it, and Wenger too… Why? Ask the fuckn Board!


I’ve never been on this band wagon before, but maybe it is time for wenger to go. I love him, but I think football moved on and he didn’t keep up. His success came when pretty much everyone played 4-4-2. Today’s football is totally different and he doesn’t know how to win in this environment. I also think his belief in tiny little technical players is flawed. Barca have messi who scores 80 goals a year, and still lost the league to and organised unit of stronger men. The premier league gets one by big physical teams every year. Spain… Read more »


Arsene Wenger invented ‘modern football’.


“football moved on and he didnt keep up”, youre joking right? This man brought the club into the 21st century. But it is impossible for a business that has to break even to keep up with Trusts that can make unlimited losses and survive. Those calling for a new manager, what do you think is going to happen? Is Stan all of a sudden going to allow the club to make a loss? I think the option of a new manager should be discussed, debated and considered, but to sack a manager that has qualified us for the Champions League… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

“Barca have messi who scores 80 goals a year, and still lost the league to and organised unit of stronger men”. Didn’t Real Madrid also have a player in their team that year that outscored Messi……

Limpar's Quiff

Our lack of motivation from the outset was worrying, especially as we didn’t learn our lesson from the Norwich and QPR games. There is one ray of hope as I see it – at the start of the season I thought that if we were 6-7 points off the top after 10 games then we would have a chance. The thinking behind this was that we had obviously lost our captain and best player (again) so we would begin a bit slowly, and also in our first 10 games we would have played 4 of our 6 most difficult away… Read more »

Dial Square

The branch just snapped mate………


Arsenal v Spurs could be Wengers last game.

H. P. Arsecraft

If we play like we did against Man u on the 17/11 against sp**s. Without any passion, desire, direction, game plan, tactics, attitude then Wenger needs to leave asap. If he cant get the team sorted and motivated until then he`s not the right man for the job.

Dog Eat Arse

Ha ha ha thumbs down for people telling the truth!!! How deluded are the readers around here? If we act against the spuds as we did against manure and loose what will you be thinking then?

By the way we have Fulham who play better football then us next. What will you be thinking if we loose that game, at home, in the same manner we lost against manure?

Will Wenger still be the hero?

I very much doubt that.

Arsenal needs a chenge of direction.


What does loose mean?

Dog Eat Arse

Oh sorry froggy I misspelled and got a o too much in lose, loser.

Dog Eat Arse

Hey Froggy I misspelled change too. Can’t you read?

Dr Baptiste

You also misspelled Frog twice

Dial Square

What we need is passion and pride when the players pull on the shirt and have the cannon on their chest, someone shouls sit the players down and show them the history of the club, from Herbert Chapman right through to the invincibles, to show them what it means to play for Arsenal, the tradition of the club and the Arsenal way. The whole club seems to have lost direction and seems far to comfortable to sit and wait for FFP to kick in and suddenly we will rule the football world but make no mistake thats not going happen,… Read more »


Yes someone should sit the players down and show them what it means to play for the Arsenal………. and that person is THE MANAGER FFS!!


The problem is not money. The problem is not ‘we need better/creative players’. The problem is not 433 or 442 or 4213. The problem is Wenger. He continues to play players out of their natural position. He continues to allow his teams to defend like cretins and commit schoolboy errors. He continues to put teams out with no visible tactics or gameplans apart from ‘Pass, pass, pass, and you will eventually score.’ He continues to fail motivate his team to fight to the death and battle. He is now an embarresment to the club and is actually destroying us with… Read more »

Dial Square

Well said fella….my sentiments exactly, but i’m so fucking angry that everytime i try and comment i have to stop myself throwing the fucking laptop out the window.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Don’t agree with conclusion though. Frustrating as it is, Wenger gone is not easy option. Who to replace with? And the board, will they give another manager the same (albeit little) room? That wiggle room, held on by the board won’t disappear. And if anyone can do wonders in that wiggle room, it’s Wenger.

I’ve got faith that he will turn it around. Just hope that he he won’t be stubborn. That hope was slightly fulfilled when Walcott was warming up 50th minute. I was getting agitated as fuck the last few games with the subs around the 75th minute.

Big Chief from Antarctica

At this point, isn’t someone from the reserves up for a chance in the first team instead of Santos? I hope so, because Santos needs to either step his game up or face the consequences. Complacency is not the Arsenal way.

Sick and tired of players taking a conceded goal for granted.


Heck, I’d field Steve Bould before I throw Santos on the pitch.

Sagna's Braids

I really dont think spending more in Jan is going to help if this attitude in the players still lingers.. I mean look, we bought in players with outstanding records like carzorla, podolski, and hfb, and we already have class players like mert sagna arteta JW. On paper we look and are strong. The real problem imo is how we are unable to grind out wins when it isnt for us, how the players seem to go into complete friendly mode tens mins after we fail to string anything together, throwing away .possession senselessly. Someone..or ANYONE (wenger, bould, arteta, stadium… Read more »


We did grind out that result against WHU – that was a tough game and the reason everyone was so pleased was that it was tough but the players collectively stepped up to beat them. Since the international break we’ve regressed massively. I can understand the Norwich game to a degree. The players looked tired after returning from a couple of international matches and Norwich were extremely determined to stop their bad form. It’s not good enough at all, and certainly isn’t something a championship-winning side would allow to happen, but at least you can see why the players would… Read more »


Has it occured to you that earlier in the season our new players were still influenced by the way they used to play at their previous clubs, now they have settled in they have adopted the Arsenal way. And as we have seen the Arsenal way of the last few seasons doesn’t work.


In my opinion, anyone that defends Wenger is completely delusional. He is more to blame than the board who have consistently said he has money to spend, but he refuses to spend it. There’s £70m sitting in the bank and the stubborn old goat won’t even shell out a few million for an experienced keeper. How can that be anyone else’s fault than his? And how can money therefore be the problem? Wenger’s tactics are just laughable. He has none. The Santos pantomime proves it. No matter how many times he got ripped apart Wenger just sat there and did… Read more »


We bring in a new manager, and he doesn’t get the money to spend. Then what ? This is by no means a defence of Wenger, but the problem is not just one man. The board , players , and the manager are all responsible for the shit pool that we are in now. However, the fact that we don’t have a plan B tactically is shocking and that job is down to the manager. Man mark Arteta and cazorla, and the game’s over.


To be perfectly honest, we’re not going to win the CL this year so might as well put our efforts into top 4 and the League cup.

Dial Square

That says it all,,,,since when did Arsenal have that attitude..

Dog Eat Arse

Since we became a 4th spot contender.


I remember a few years ago arsene hinted that he wanted his successor to be dragan stojkovic. He won the title with the Japanese team that arsene managed and arsene talks to him regularly. He says they have the same footballing philosophy.. Tbh it’s like being in a really long relationship that isn’t working out anymore, you know you should end it but you’re worried what might happen if you do. That’s what I think the majority of arsenal fans feel with wenger. He has been amazing for the club and maybe we should get someone new in like dragan… Read more »

Dog Eat Arse

We can’t keep blaming the board for the problems on the pitch. Sure I would cry of joy if silent Stan and slimy Gazidis left along with that old fart PHW but the tactics, the motivation, the formation, the playing players out of position without any reason, the lack of heart, the lack of a plan… It`s all down to Wenger. This is his team. He has bought the players, put them on big wages so we can’t sell them and to ignore that is downright deranged. Wenger has money to spend. I dont think the board are lying about… Read more »


Who was out of position yesterday? Right wing has always been on of Ramsey’s positions, even before we signed him (the first time I saw him he played RW), Podolski has always been a left winger or support striker and Arteta has moved back to the “Guardiola”-type role he started with at Barca and is arguably our best player.
I don’t think anybody was really out of position yesterday, and it’s not like any of the attackers are locked in position – they are supposed to move around.

Dog Eat Arse

Davi: What? Ramsey has always been a central midfielder and maybe he played one of his 20-30 games with CCFC on the right but not on the wing. CCFC was a true 4.4.2 team under Dave Jones. Ramsey is out of position and I would argue that Cazorla, Wilshere and Podolski are also out of position. Cazorla is a great winger with pace and skill, Wilshere is better through the middle in a attacking midfield position and Podolski is better as a second striker. This is my opinion and you have yours but the Ramsey on the wing is just… Read more »


I’ve heard that it worked because Dein was very close with Wenger but not just one of his yes-men, unlike those who surround him now (apparently). Dein would push him to spend the money on players he wanted because Wenger’s approach is always cautious in that respect.

typical tantrums!

well said mate!


We had the better chances. ? If he really thinks that then what chance do we have. If he’s telling the players this same bolox then it’s no wonder we play with no heart or effort.
The players probably thnk they are playing well and it’s the required performance levels.


Strange that we struggled against Man U when we have sold players such as Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Adebayor, Toure, Flamini….. ok some of those players are cunts but UTD, Chelski and Shitty win trophies with cunts. Being selfish and greedy can actually be an asset in a football team it means you want to win. When you win cups that means $$$$$$ in sponsorship deals and thats why big players want to play for winning teams. Next out the exit for success will be Sagna & Walcott and does anyone really think the likes of Szczeny, Wilshire… Read more »


We are 2 months away from the transfer window and any minimal chance of new faces. so we have what we have. in 89 we needed 2 clear goals win and GG set us up with 3 cb. thought he was mad but it worked. Maybe we should bring in kosc to help out verm. let bac push on and pray that gibbs gets fit (or try le coq) anything is worth a go at this stage. although wenger will be too stubburn to try something different.

Asian Guunneer

there’s this one time where JW kinda pissed at Giroud for not pressing/putting pressure on the defence. we need that kinda spirit!


Santos should be fined and frozen out the team and shuttled off to Turkey in January for taking Van Persie’s shirt at half time. Unless there is evidence to prove he went for a shit and wipped his arse with it.


Arsene (top 4 club) Wenger is the problem. No tactics and no imagination = no football brain. He will definitely be horsed out when at the end of the season we are no longer a top 4 club. Don’t let the door hit you on the arse as you leave you stubborn old goat!


We don´t need a new manager, and if we would try to get a new one this board would probably give us accringtons assistant manager or something, to make some profits.. It´s so sad that our club doesn´t have any chance to win anything anymore. And the worst thing is that this board doesn´t care, as long as they makes some “profits”. Arsenal is an football club and the boards first priority should be football and not to care about making money.


This is the first time in my life I feel like this is the end of the road (being the eternal optimist that I am). With my optimist hat on – well, had Cleverley been sent off things might have been different and we could be 3 points behind Manure and things aren’t so bad are they? Well…. With my realist hat on – I don’t see hope anymore. Maybe Jack will do something special this season, maybe Santi – OR MAYBE NOT??? Its so crap that you feel your season is over in November. We cannot have a lucky… Read more »


“We cannot have a lucky run in the
Champions League – we simply don’t have
enough quality to make use of any luck”



Next season this site will be sponsored by the Samaritans


The problem with arsenal is simple:

we dont seem to be able to keep a group of players that has been at the club for more that 3 years playing together regularly. too many new players coming in trying to form new partnerships every sodding season.

I have to say this game really exposed Wenger like never before. Its just so easy to predict. almost every arsenal fan knows what formation that will be used and players are going to play!

The sky is falling

This is pretty much the same sentiment as last year at this time and we still got our trophy. I don’t think our team is good enough to challenge for the title, but I don’t think there are too many teams better than us either. Will Everton, Spurs, or West Brom really put together a top four seasons? I don’t think so. I think we need to panic less about the loss to Man U. What would be more worrying is if we lost to Fulham next week because the trophy (well our trophy) is won by getting three points… Read more »


Pep Guardiola is not coming to arsenal,cos our board won’t be parting with our economist cum part time manager Arsene Banger.Pep hasn’t prooved himself with an average squad–the one we have,Barcelona have Messi,Iniesta,Puyol,Fabregas,Villa and they make even Tito Villanova look like a top class coach,so no point in getting too exited about Pep.We can do with David Moyes with a short contract,and then move forward from there,I really can’t see this Shameless French Scum(SFS) doing us any good.We could have drawn all four games that we’ve lost recently,if it wasn’t for this blockhead who has tactically fucked us this whole… Read more »

Dial Square

Thumbs up for the Moyes comment, at least his players give 100% commiment every minute they’re on the pitch…


Oh please. As you can see from yesterday’s game, we are completely lost when Arteta gets marked out of a game. He’s easily one of our best players, even when out of position as DM.


I saw on BBC Wenger said he didn’t have the offensive options to take Wilshere off. And it reminded me that (perhaps) he doesn’t tend to do the slightly more inventive substitutions that, say, Mancini does; with Wenger preferring a straight swap. Walking to the pub for the 2nd half, I felt sure Wilshere was heading for read (in the same way lots of enthusiastic young players have done on their debuts) and hoped that he might swap him with Walcott with Wilshere. When that was too late he could’ve swapped him with Coquelin and pushed Arteta up. I’m now… Read more »


“We were not in a position where we could defend and we didn’t have a lot of midfield offensive options on the bench.”

I could swear i read an article here on Arseblog where Wenger himself was boasting about the midfield options available to him shortly after the sale of Song.

Quite a turn around if you ask me.


Because he’s nuts enough to rely on injury-plagued players like Diaby and Rosicky as regular backups. Not gonna work. Love both of those players, but it’s foolish. (Cheapskate!)


Is playing Sagna at LB like we did last season (was very good against Udinese) and allowing Jenkinson to continue at RB a viable option? I really liked Santos, but any reserve I had for him is now gone, he is just frustrating and doesn’t seem to care what happens on the pitch as long as his life is hunky dory (hence the casual catch up with RVP at HT). They both may be RBs but you can guarentee they’ll put in 110% in whatever position they’re in, which I’d rather see than that grinning buffoon that is Santos.


We had no midfield option, yet song and cesc warm the barca bench. That makes a lot of sense. Man we really invested that 50 mil properly. Fucking joke we are.

David O'Leary's Dad

We need a clear out. Get rid of Santos, Squillaci, Djourou, Ramsey and our other shite. Give them away if needed or buy out their contracts, just get them off the wage bill.

Buy Zaha, Baines, Fellaini, Ba.

When Diaby and Gibbs are back we’d have a squad that might actually win something, without breaking the bank.


You mean when diaby and Gibbs are back for three matches before they’re hurt again?

Plus, we can’t afford Baines or fellaini. They would cost more the the tree fiddy Arsene would be willing to stump

Naija Gunner

Is this man serious? When are we gonna stop all these bull shit and win something?

He said after 10 games he’ll know whether this Arsenal team can change things, but from the look of things they feel happy not winning shit and keep promising next time, that will never come in their era.

We want our darling confident and super-fighting, good old Arsenal back please!

David O'Leary's Dad

Will we pay anyone £200k a week? No

Will we spunk £30m on any player? No

That’s why we’re not going to win anything big soon

Give it a couple of years – if FFP turns out be bollocks, expect Usmanov to take over and the cash floodgates will open. Until then we’ll just have to cope.

Dr Baptiste

Did Ajax have £30 million players being paid £200k on the field when they taught Man City a footballing lesson?
Did Montpelier have £30 million players being paid £200k on the field when they won Ligue 1 last season?
Did Dortmund have £30 million players being paid £200k on the field when they won the Bundesliga?
I could go on with more examples that disprove this deluded “money will win everything” bollocks but I can’t be arsed

Clichy's Bizarre New Hair

This match really bummed me out beyond just this (awful) performance…it’s the reality that this is no longer a big match in the Prem season, the sense of occasion is gone, and I can’t see how it will come back for a long long time. I think that’s what the Wine Guzzler was referring to in his interview. It’s ManU v just another squad they should beat on cruise control. That’s a massive loss for us Gooners obviously, but a huge loss for the league as well. Oh, and I despise rv£ more than ever, such a fucking phony, Mr… Read more »


Why is Wenger and co doing this to us, making us a laughing stock in the football world. This is not the best of times but we will support them until something good comes out of this mess.


I think we should play 4 4 2

Dr Baptiste

I personally don’t think we have the players to implement that tactic. Last time we played 4-4-2 to a good effect, just think who was in the middle of the field – Vieira and Gilberto and out wide – Ljungberg and Pires. Technically we played a 4-4-1-1, with Bergkamp behind Henry but they could move to 4-4-2.

We gunner do em!

Everything has been said last year, start of the season, yesterday, today some of you here are again saying it. Let’s just sit back gooners, not expect too much and enjoy the ride. No matter how bumpy it is bound to be…..oh but that’s the life of a gooner.


This team does look a bit clueless to be honest and there is not a lot returning from injury to reignite our season. We need to change the shape of the team its way to narrow at the moment. The worst case scenario has happened and we are relying on an unfit Jack to drag us back into it. Diaby and Tomas are injured so we have no depth in midfield. Two of our CB’s confidence is completely shot. the Don is doing ok but he shouldn’t be playing we missed out on a couple of top top goalkeepers this… Read more »


Hit return twice to amperage paragraphs. It makes reading your posts easier.

I agree with most of what you say, bar the sagna part. He’s fit and he’s a fighter. I wouldn’t trade him
For any rb in the world, let alone Carl jenkinson.


*seperate paragraphs. Fuck I suck.


Not saying trade him just give him the chance to get fully fit on the bench we didn’t need to rush him back.
Will try harder.


Mate, he’s back. Now if your argument is to play sagna at lb and jenkinson at rb, you may have a case.


Yes you do, yes you do suck frogillee…



Can’t believe I once hailed poldi as a “fantastic rvpesque” signing. He’s afraid of having the ball and seems to have a degree in “back passology”. Ineffective on the wing, and cant take on a player when the opportunity presents itself unlike arshavin.


He’s a good player, but Wenger’s tactics aren’t gonna work. We need a change-up.


Ya it’s time for podolski to to start doing something. So fat his arsenal stint has been mediocre at best.


Everyone is frustrated naturally, but what the fuck are we going to do? Support another team like those Glory Hunters is not an option. We are in a bad moment in the history of the club. Who would have thought that this season’s start would have been worse than last season’s? Out of the title race and it’s only turned November. That is the sad but realistic fact. The optimism of the beginning of the season is gone. We are fighting with Spurs/ Everton and maybe a couple other surprises for 4th place and in that respect, we’re very much… Read more »

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