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Wilshere: I’m living the dream at Arsenal

Jack Wilshere says he is living the dream at Arsenal and revealed he wants to emulate the career of legendary club captain Tony Adams.

The England international also distanced himself from comparisons to former teammate Cesc Fabregas making clear that while the Spaniard was dedicated to the Gunners cause for eight years he lacked a family connection to make him stay longer.

Highlighting his own strong bond with his childhood club, Wilshere told the Daily Mail: “I’ve been at this club 10 years and to come through the academy at Hale End and break into the first team is a great story. It’s a dream.

“To have my family 20 minutes from the training ground and an hour from the stadium is perfect for me. Cesc wanted to go home. Home for me is Arsenal. Cesc wanted to go back to his family and friends. My family and friends are 20 minutes away. It’s perfect.

“I’ve played 39 games in the Premier League, which is nothing when you look at players like Tony Adams and how many appearances they made. That’s something I want to do.”

Aware that Arsenal face a tough uphill battle if they are to end the silverware drought which dates back to when he was just 13-years-old, Wilshere clarified that Arsene Wenger and his fellow squad members were as ambitious as ever in chasing the Premier League title.

“Our ambition every year is to challenge for the Premier League title. If we didn’t think we could do that, we would be under-achieving.

“People might say we’re a long way off — and the table doesn’t lie, we are a few points behind — but we know what we have to do.

“We know we can’t afford to drop points. We know we need to be in the top four. We know we need to win a trophy and get in the Champions League again.

“We do it every year and there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.”

It’s tough not to love this kid and while we Arsenal fans have had our fingers burned enough in recent years by players kissing badges and professing their love to the club, it’s pretty obvious in this case that Wilshere speaks from the heart.

Let’s hope that with all the temptations that come with personal success he’s able to maintain these sentiments through thick and thin. Do that and he may just have a shot at following in Adams’ vaunted footsteps.


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Hudson Hornet

So when is he going back to Luton?


He’s from Stevenage i believe.


why would an England international go to a non league club?

Remember the invincibles. Because we aren't good anymore

lets go

Goon Goon Goon

By far one of the best midfielders in the premiership and also has the potential to be one of the best in the world :o) feels good that he wants to stay with arsenal


Read this over my Coco Pops this morning and it warmed my cockles (the story, not the Coco Pops).

Having fallen for the horseshit RVP gave out, and vowing never to trust a player on such things again….well, how could you not with Jack?

Top boy.


Wilshere is living my dream.

David O'Leary's Dad

10 years time – Jack as captain and legend for both Arsenal and England


not yet are in a mid table team.wait you be sold to a ‘bigger club’


Couldn’t find a better name for you. F off, you frog !


you really are pathetic

steve boulds hairdresser

fuck right off. have a little faith in wilshere’s loyalty.


I have no doubt he means it ,now. However I have no doubt Clichy and CUNT meant it when they said it too. Circumstances change

Dial Square

You gotta love him….seems a nice genuine guy, but let’s not forget so did Theo and none of us really know what’s going there, but you get the feeling that if Jack was ever sold a vigilante mob of thousands of Gooners would march to the Emerates with nooses in hand !!!!!

Adam, Watford

I think more likely that thousands of Gooners would say ‘ Meh. WEe’ve been here before. ‘ Many of them might just stop bothering with the game altogether. Many things have made me question how much the game I love, not so much the club sold players aside, has been high-jacked by mercenaries that include players, media companies and press, owners and sponsors and whether my enthusiasm is still well placed. Well, I’m still here and I can suspend my disbelief for 90 odd minutes still and enjoy the to and fro of the sport for good or bad. if… Read more »

Dial Square

Like we do every time a top player leaves the club, or we put in a shit performance and the players don’t really look up for it…but slowly the anger and frustration subsides and our love for the club wins through, that’s why we’re gooners….

North Bank Gooner

‘Many of them might just stop bothering with the game altogether.’

never mate.

Arsenal til i die!!


Good lad! I know you will stay at arsenal for your life!

Adam, Watford

Listening to Kicking Off on 5Live last night, I can’t remember if it was Pat Nevin who said it but the gist was that he would be surprised if Jack was with us at the end of next season. The suggestion being that we have a seson and a half to get the squad right, with new signings maybe or by making sure the talent is developed to the point where we are back in proper contention for top honours regularly. That because of his talent, he will want to win things domestically so he may have to weigh up… Read more »

Hard Ogura

Players of such calibre should be motivated more and more so that they can attract the confused ones. Even Walcott seem to be in love with the club but needs to be given once in a while that middle position to try out his luck. Its all about reading the minds of the opponents and drop him there and he terrorises them throughout 90 minutes. He can do it and he should be encouraged that even fron from that right position he can drift whenever necessary like Messi and the way he has been doing of recent and score goals.


Is it only me or how about shut up Wilshere!

Dial Square

Only you !!!!!


You dumb ass !

donal doherty

Just you Jim spelt wrong


watched one of those individual highlights packages of Wilshere against Man U and you can see he’s off the pace still, his first touch needs a bit more time and his awareness aswell, but he’s definately getting better every game and a week or so off, will benefit him.

Just a thought aswell, what about playing Wilshere in the ‘false 9’ position. I saw Ajax play Eriksen (similar type of player) there against Man City in the week and was pretty effective. Could be an option to play Wilshere there.


I know wilshere has Arsenal DNA, but let’s not talk about his future. Arsene wenger loves to make money for Arsenal, and the only way he does it is by selling players. I trust wilshere on this but wenger no.



I don´t think Wenger has anything to say in that question, it´s the board that makes does kinds of decisions. It isnt an coincident that all are best players has been sold since those greedy cunts like Kroenke and Gazidi took over the clubs board.. Our best players doesn´t share the same ambitions as our board, the players wants to win things and the board wants to make profits. This is destroying the clubs future..


My friends, when will you realise, today it is not the manager or board that has true power over player contracts, but the players themselves. Sure we can offer them more money, but that’s nothing compared to the triple City/Cheski/Manu can quite easily offer if they wanted to. You get the feeling that this is why Wenger has been a bit more “well fine fuck off and leave then” more recently (vp/song), what we can hope for however is that good replacements are lined up, and we keep producing players like Jack, who are more likely to feel a deeper… Read more »


What you say is absolutely true. The question is why cant wenger say no to the board? Ever since we moved to Emirates, I think there has been a mutual understanding between Wenger and Board, to focus on making profits or paying debt or whatever. So what do we see now is that policy. The project is not just about finding a talent, its also a way of making profit by selling them. Whether this whole thing of paying debt every year, has had some influence on how Wenger runs his team,?Has it had an influence on who he buys,… Read more »



So you mean that it wasn´t the boards decision to let van persie go? We could have keept him this year and then arsenal would have got a chance to win the title. But it was more important to get money from transfer than to actually win something..

North Bank Gooner


RVP wanted out. the board just got as much for him as they could.



yes, he wanted to leave. But if any club can afford to keep a world class player one year more it is arsenal.. Then the team would have got an chance to win the premiership. And if they would have won i think RvP would have changed his mind, for lets be honest, he didn´t leave for money. He wanted to win titles..


I hope he see’s out his entire career here, if his atitude stays like this.


Wenger out out out.had enough,don’t enjoy watching afc anymore


Mr. Arsenal!!


Let’s see what happens when City/Chelsea/Man United offer Gazidis 30 million quid for him. And when a 200k a week contract is waved under his nose.


you say the same thing 10 times a day and it gets more boring every single time


Lol mannone…..out!


Mid-table teams surrender leads.Arsenal have just surrendered 2-0 lead! WENGER OUT!

North Bank Gooner

pop into your loo, get some tissue, and wipe your mouth.

theres shit coming out of it!






It’s a fucking waking nightmare Jack, do yourself a favour and go sign for a club with some fucking ambition, just like Cole, Cesc, Nasri & RVP did.

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