Wengers calls on Brits to ‘do it together’


Arsene Wenger believes that an emerging core of British talent can help end Arsenal’s trophy drought if they opt in to his latest project as a collective.

The boss is thought to have sanctioned new deals for ‘home grown’ quintet Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs after admitting that his attempts to garner commitment (and results) from an international clique of young talents has floundered.

“I believe we have a good core of young English players,” the boss remarked after Monday’s 5-2 win over Reading.

“We couldn’t keep the good core of young foreign players but I hope we will be capable to build a team around all these young England players who can achieve something together.

“Somewhere the players must say ‘let’s do it together’. If you educate players, the faith is in their hands. They must want to do it together at some stage.”

Having watched the likes of Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Mathieu Flamini, Emmanuel Adebyor and Alex Song variously slip and get squeezed through his fingers and players such as Jose Antonio Reyes, Nicklas Bendtner, Denilson, John Djourou, Philippe Senderos, Emmanuel Eboue not make the grade, its obvious that Wenger has had his fingers burned in the last seven years.

Whether he is able to forge another side capable of living up to the club motto ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’ remains to be seen but he’s correct when he says the players have to want to be involved.

One member of the current squad over whom a question mark perpetually resides is Theo Walcott. When asked if the England international might join his compatriots in signing a new deal, the boss again stressed it was what he wanted, before again kicking the ball into his protégé’s court.

“It is not my decision – it is Theo’s decision as well. If it is my decision it is quickly done.

“I believe he has been educated at Southampton and Arsenal and he has become a top player. I hope that when he considers his future he will consider Arsenal is the best place for him and sign for us.

“I do not want to come out on details of Walcott’s contract but simply say our desire and will is clear and he knows that. Hopefully we can get to a happy ending.”

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It would mean even more to see the Arsenal win the league with the core of England’s future at the heart of it all.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Arsenal will win the league when this group matures.
Provided they have quality around them as well. Something the Van Persie-Nasri-Fabregas core didn’t really have

It may take 3-4 years before they win. Brace yourself, but we will undoubtedly challenge when we stop selling

errr, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but Walcott will be gone next month. He is fed up of winning so many 4th place trophies, he actually wants to win a real trophy before he retires.

fuck Walcott. I really like the boy but am sick of his attitude and its quite disrespectful to the club and fans really.. he’s lucky he’s getting games due to our lack of depth. if he started to produce a couple years ago then we may have won something and if he’s waiting to see how well we do before he decides his future, then he has to realise that he’s a part of the reason where we end up. makes me sick how he had the nerve to stand next to jack and lie.. you could tell from Jack’s… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

3/4 years and they wil wait because they are British???? Give me a break, I didn’t see Ass Hole Britishness prevent him meeting Chelsea rep in a hotel while our player!!!!!. At least non of those non British players went behind our back to meet with any of their future team while an Arsenal player. All this is another Arsene trick to buy himself 4/5 years contract playing with some with no football knowledgs Arsenal/Arsene fan sense of Britishness. Now he has another 5 years of wait for my “BRITISH youth project”. Any manager with budget over 100 milion a… Read more »

is it a coincidence that the last time Arsenal won silverware and the move to Emirates stadium happened around the same time? i think the answer you will find is an undoubted no. we’ve seen what wenger can do when he has money to spend, considering our new emirates deal (boosting annual income by £25m) and next years shirt supplier deal (probably boosting income by another £15-20m+ a year), surely its worth letting wenger see out his contract which has a year and a half left? i have no doubt that if wenger wasnt manager when we moved stadium, we’d… Read more »

“…Provided they have quality around them as well. Something the Van Persie-Nasri-Fabregas core didn’t really have.”

That group had more than enough quality around them; what they lacked was the ‘maturity’ of great pitch leaders and they had no quality older heads available to provide that when needed.

St A Gooner

What Wenger said there represents everything he stands for in his commitment, vision, lotalty and love for Arsenal. This reiterates he is still undoubtedly the right man for the job.


Yeah, especially lotalty!


if we keep walcott make him a striker and along with the ox’s continuing development i can see that happening in a year or so


Slowly getting fed up waiting around for Theo to come to his senses. Rate him as a player, seemed like a nice, decent person too. But surely you must know young Theodore James, that you will not find this level of trust, patience and sense of home anywhere else. Arsenal is the place for you. If you disagree, then at least have the decency to ask for a transfer and be gone. Even Robin, that god awful, socially inept idiot of a person, came out with his true feelings and opinions eventually.


Maybe, but the fucker wouldn’t hand in a transfer request and let go of his supposed ‘loyalty bonus’. I don’t think he deserves much credit for handling his own situation.

It’s better Theo says nothing at goes about his business rather than the acrimonious bullshit seen from Robin.


What Theo is doing is just as disrespectful in my view, he’s basically just leading us on to something that’s not gonna happen.. Only, what I don’t think he realises is, we’ve been run around like this before.


Theo the fool! He will soon end up like Flamini, I’m sure.


Not that I hate him, but I have the same feeling! Exactly like Flamini, Hleb.


he’s gonna end up just like dear old bentley.


sky’s inane questioning and walcott’s blatant lying last night almost spoiled a good night.He’s such a company man-straightfacetotalbullshit.

big black clock

I was certain that they would interview the Cazorla after his magic show last night. Guess the camera was too high for him. And of course the media needs something else to write other than praising a good Arsenal win.


aallenspot !
do you mean lack of English reporters speaking Spanish??
or perhaps lack of English people speaking any other language??!

Henry's beard

Emmanuel Eboue failed to make the grade did he?

He’s the greatest footballer of all time!

Mikel Artekkers

I know, but lets not forget who we have out on loan – The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived.

Con Fucius

Theo got a taste of what he was wishing for last night, having played down the centre. I think he did well and is an option there, but there are games where he wouldn’t be suited for that position and must be willing to be “demoted” to the right wing. I’m not sure whether Wenger let him play as a striker to persuade him to sign or whether he had no other players capable of playing that position successfully right now (Giroud coming back from injury and Gervinho being flakey); anyway, I think the reshuffle worked well and not just… Read more »

Fergie the Gooner

I think Wenger has handled it quite well. He has consistently stated that Walcott is in his plans and that he intends to play him through the middle, which has been Walcott’s public basis for not signing a new deal. Now that he has been given that starting role up front, if he still fails to sign the extension his true colours will shine though for everyone to see.

Naija Gunner

Exactly, you just took the word right out of my mouth.

That’s why I wonder what the heck is he still waiting for?


A second chance?

Glory Hunter

It appears that blogs might have been right on Theo’s situation all along!
I think he’s been promised a monster deal at another club and our offer is not even close to what he’s been offered!
Wherever he ends up going, I just hope it’s abroad!!


It’s obvious Theo is going to Chelsea (they’re looking for a better striker than Sturridge, and Lampard is going, so they have a home-grown slot to fill).

Unyoke The Ox

This would piss me off. He’d be the 2nd coming of Cashley, but at least we got fucking paid for that (talented) piece of shit.

I enjoyed watching us play with genuine pace up front for the first time in 6 years. Every time we broke you could see the panic in the home team. we just need Pod to grow a go faster stripe/ beaard. Santi to start elbowing people in the face and Theo to score shit loads!!


Walcott about to sign a new contract and liverpool put 20 million bid. What will you do?


Send Rodgers a poo sandwich, Walcott a pen, and put in a good offer for Zaha. End of.

Naija Gunner

I’ll say Amen to that sir @Wenger last statement.


I’m expecting a VP style ‘statement’ from Theo over Christmas rendering his stay with us untenable.

Why players can just man up and put in a transfer request i don’t know, actually I do because handing in a transfer request foregoes ones ‘loyalty’ payment.

norways arse

If walcott stays, he will be setting a new trend at the club. sadly, I think he has the similar attitude and mentality as others who have left.


Did anybody else catch that comment from Wenger about how it has always been his idea that theo play centrally and that it seemed that slowly it became theo’s too. For me that says it all, he will be gone soon. To be honest the only thing that will bother me is the fact that the papers will run stories like “ohhhhhh there goes arsenal losing another top player blah blah”. As much of a cunt that v.persie is, he is stil one of a handful of players. think of it this way, who would you handpick to replace what… Read more »


Starting to get tired of Walcotts “Contract talks takes a long time” , if you really want to stay then its done and dusted fairly qucikly. You only have to look at Whilshere, Ramsey or even Koscielny to get that confirmed

Fergie the Gooner

And Vermaelen last season, he signed up straight after that debacle at Old Trafford!

Rad Carrot

Mmm, I’ve always rated Theo and been a big fan of his, but he’s off. Won’t be until the Summer, but he’ll go to the scousers if anywhere. It’s a real shame, because the prospect of us having 5 decent Brits in the team (Yes, even Aaron) was always exciting. Imagine a future with Theo, Cap’n Jack, Aaron, Alex and Keiran, all playing regularly for both club and country… it’d certainly have been awesome. Ah well. I’ll take four out of five, I guess. I can understand why Theo hasn’t made an official statement, to be honest – he’d still… Read more »

The Dude

Hey dude it will be 5! Don’t forget the Jenk-Master-General!

Rad Carrot

Apologies, I did actually forget about Leroy. Yes, five British players – exciting stuff, but I’d still like Theo to stay as well.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. As always!


Does anyone else here think we need an English center back? No team has ever won the league without at least one English center back.

johan djourou

But who would it be? Jagielka? Lescott? Or someone younger like Craig Dawson?


That no team has ever won the league without an english cb is just coincidence, based on the fact that it is the english league after all and it is a pretty new phenomenon that so many foreign players are being employed by english clubs. If your center backs, and the players around them, are better than those of all the other teams you will win the league, regardless of their nationality


Speaking of brits.

Did Jack Wilshere get an erection after Jobi McAnuff kicked him in the balls?

johan djourou

John Djourou obviously never made the grade, I don’t even know who he is!


Eboue a failure? No way! My source close to the Arsenal board says that they are already working on the design of his statue that will be unveiled outside the emirates soon, showing him in the Gunnersaurus costume 🙂


Best case scenario: Walcott – “I want to stay at Arsenal but i would love a much larger salary”

Agent – “Well hold ’em to ransom until the last minute, hope they crack, if not assess your options if so good times! (heh heh more commission har har hee)”

Theo – “OK :)”

Worst case: Agent – “You’re too good for shitty Arsenal you deserve half a million a year!!!!!!”

Theo – “Yeah you’re right!!!! I deserve more than Messi fuck Arsenal, hmmm now what excuse can I use for not signing da ting?”

The Dude

Cool story bro.

Arsenal Rising

But jiggalo he’s a juggalo so it only made him laugh- heehee


Wenger has went from Project Modernize to Project Youth to Project Britain, heh.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Dog Eat Arse

Eboue made the grade.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Shame this core will lose part of it when Wally Wally Walcott fucks off. The smug little cunt. I think it’s his way of getting revenge on us for dissing him so much when he was floundering for years. Players play well when the pressure is off, like in years past where we start winning when we can’t realistically win anything anymore. You can tell he doesn’t give a shit.

jimmy belfast

Eboue , tgtel , senderos and flamini didn’t make the grade ? Well they helped us reach a cl final ! Better tan our cutrent crop of players have achived !
I thought eboue and flamini were brillit in that compotition sadly they didn’t live up to expections il always remember how close we got tho

James Gold

Who better to mould them than Wenger?, Hopefully Wenger stays and make them fulfill their potential


It’s a bit harsh for you to say that Reyes didn’t make the grade. He was pretty key in his time there and eventually kept Bobby out of the team (much to my dismay). He eventually left ‘coz he was homesick (and he got kicked around a lot) but we would’ve held on to him otherwise.

And I’m sure Theo will sign an extension – if he has any brains.


I don’t see this as a radical change in Mr Wenger’s philosophy. He’s still rebuilding through the youth. I simply think he’s adjusting his master thesis to the new landscape. With an increasing mercenary culture- partially due to skyrocketing deals, contracts, and transfer fees- you need to either guarantee a title, or find heavily loyal players. Mr Wenger has been allowing not only Dein clients but the foreign element go. Not in a Zenit way, because certainly the Vermaelens and Artetas are perfectly willing to stay and are accepted. This core is now no longer the Cesc and Song type,… Read more »


I could care less if we fielded 11 guys from mars. So long as they give full commitment every time they put on that beautiful red and white shirt.

I’d say over the past 5 years or so, our most commited player every game has been the French guy with strange hair. Enough said.


The ‘British’ project will make it more difficult for situations like the one with fabregas to arrive which out of all the players mentioned who left I have the most respect for. I’d be surprised if Wilshere doesn’t retire an Arsenal player and with players likeJenkinson being an Arsenal fan its a good foundation to build a squad on. I know it’s cliche to say look to the future with Arsenal but its hard not to be optimistic and I truly believe we have the best contingent of young English talent at the moment. 3 or 4 of those names… Read more »


An American here so forgive me if I’m over thinking this, but did anyone else notice how Blogs changed Arsene’s “English” into “British?”

Was Wenger intentionally excluding Ramsey or just being a confused Frenchman?


yeah! at trouble english’ always turn into ‘british’!


who doesn’t like a happy ending?