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Arteta to miss three weeks with calf injury

Arsenal have been dealt a significant blow with the news that Mikel Arteta is likely to miss the next three weeks through injury.

The Spaniard picked up a calf strain in training yesterday and was absent from today’s 0-2 defeat to Manchester City. In his post-game press conference, Wenger confirmed the injury and that his vice-captain will miss games against Swansea (FA Cup), Chelsea, West Ham and Liverpool in the league.

When pressed if Arteta’s injury would spur him into the transfer market, Wenger said, “To find a player of his calibre in January? I wish you good luck.”

Which kind of obscures the point, regardless of Arteta’s injury the squad needs to be strengthened and thus far the manager has shown no inclination to do that.

So far this month Arsenal have drawn two games they should have won and lost a home game against a team who hadn’t beaten us in London since 1845.

There’s no guarantee new players would change those results, but they sure as hell wouldn’t have hurt. Unless they were clones of Koscielny who do rugby tackles in the box and that.

Arseblog News sighs.

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Runcorn Gooner

Just what we need with the crucial upcoming games

Andre's chauffeur
flying dutchmen

What does Arseblog think about Diame? (or someone else who is knowledgeable about this player)


It’s all fairly moot, my dear fellow, given that we’re not going to buy him, or indeed anyone else from the looks of it.


Arsene will buy, there is no doubt about that now but the only question is how many and of what quality. I really can’t see him spending on the quality this club needs. The board and arsene just don’t have the appetite.
We will get one maybe two average players and will continue on as mediocre side.


I wish I had your faith. I honestly don’t believe that anyone will be bought. I’m reminded of 2011 when it took an 8-2 tonking from the scum before they indulged in that mad supermarket sweep. The thing is, had they not been beaten like that would the additions of Mertesacker and Arteta, excellent and essential players for us now, have actually happened? I wonder…


No way we would’ve spent without the 8-2. That’s why I almost hope we have a disastrous end to the season to force us to break this cycle of mediocrity.


On the bright side, as hard as it may be to see, at least Arteta is finally getting a rest. He’s been overplayed and pushing the limits of his stamina since Wenger refuses to rotate him out.

On the not so bright side, when the made-of-glass Diaby breaks again in the near future we won’t have anyone good to fill that holding mid role (read: we’ll be fucked)


I’m normally a glass is half full kinda guy I like to think but saying he can now rest because he’s injured is like saying at least now that I’ve spent all my money on cocaine I can’t afford any heroin lol
If we didn’t replace song last year because we were saving coquelin then he should be playing as opposed to coming on to shore things up. Arteta is 30 and playing 90+ every couple of days can’t be good for his longevity.
What’s the plan arsene..

Dancing Cannon

Last year Henry came back for a month and it provided a boost. Now The Greatest Striker Who Ever Lived is back forever. Consider our problems over folks!


And it also means that Wilshere will continue to play every single minute of every singe game. Lessons learned from 10/11 like you said, Arsene? This is a fast track to catastrophe, he didn’t even have adaptation period and wasn’t “slowly eased in” like it was supposed to be. No, he was thrown in the deep end and played every minute he could. And if he gets injured again, it’ll only be Arsene’s fault and no one else’s and if I was in his shoes at that time, I’d be seriously considering leaving, because it’s not worth risking your career… Read more »

Haba haba

Truth be told Wenger doesn’t want to buy any more because he has lost the ability to spot a good player. All our recent signings have been average at best, but some truly dreadful. It doesn’t help that some of our recent purchases have been demoralised by his management and have become useless. Unforgivable that we are paying Asharvin £80k a week and he can’t even get on the bench! Mr Wenger you are ruining your legacy. I guess he’ll have to take the gamble and sign any players he dims worthy coz we sure as fuck need them. Pay… Read more »

A N Other

I am not sure about it.. Giroud, podolski and cazrola have all done well for their first season.. So he can spot a talent but we need more of it.


At least the powers at be at the helm of arsenal won’t be able to use 3 meaningless points against man city as back up of their misconception that this arsenal team is good enough to compete. Every cloud…


Luckily we have a complete squad full of reliable backup players, which are all hard to improve on without signing Messi. Haha.

jack jack jack

I genuinely don’t know what to think about this transfer window, another Park would clearly not solve any of our problems. It’s clear to everyone that this squad needs strengthening and we can assume for the sake of argument that the board are telling the truth in saying that we have money to spend. That gives us three possibilities: 1) Wenger is being presented with available, affordable, quality players in the right positions who would strengthen our squad and is refusing to buy; 2) those players are out there and the scouts aren’t doing a good enough job of finding… Read more »


I had hoped Wenger was still using hist outdated last minute brinkmanship tacktics to make a last minute steal but even so we have still caused more problems with poor results, dropped points & replays.

I now believe this Theo bollocks is just a show … hell trot out Theo’s new contract as some sort of achievement.

At this point I no longer wanna pay £1449 for a season ticket … Fuck this bollocks, I’m taking the money with me, just like the Board!

They can have my support over a free stream.


Park?? We never know how good he is at Arsenal, he didn’t get any chances, Arsene just didn’t give him any chances. How could he prove anything? It seems like Arshavin, Rosicky, and other back ups will end up like him too.


Wenger is so hostile to the concept of rotation – ideologically hostile, like communism/capitalism hostile – that if Diaby gets injured, perhaps we will see for the first time in Premier League history a squad of 10 starting players and 7 substitutes named against Chelsea? And Koscielny got himself sent off today to help us prepare for that possibility?


But in all seriousness I think this is a blessing in disguise. It is likely that Wenger would have made Arteta play every single minute of every game in this hectic run between now and the start of February, and perhaps at the end of that he might have ended up with a 3-month injury instead. Didn’t Arsenal introduce some technology a couple years ago to monitor each player’s running pace and style in training, to determine if anyone was fatigued and likely to get injured? I remember that was the news that gave birth to the Arsene quote “the… Read more »


We do have a decent squad, but none of them play any games so they lack confidence and experience. No surprise Arteta got injured, Wilshere comes back from 16 months out and starts playing nearly every game, Cazorla looks shattered and “lacks sharpness”.

At least with Diaby back we have another midfielder Wenger trusts. The overall lack of confidence in the squad from Wenger is striking, yet he thinks we are covered. I think he’s lost it.


What a Cunt…..

Mark Flatts' Flat

Wenger is a delusional mess.


The problem is that he is too stubborn to admit his mistakes. He keeps his pride above Arsenal’s progress. He wanted to prove his philosophy was right


Going to be a testing few weeks for us I think.

Although I’m sure Diaby will be paraded as LANS, it was good to see him back in the team at last!! Just hope he doesn’t break again!!


You’re kidding, right? I’m an overweight 42 year old with a back, knees and ankles that are all fucked from doing martial arts, and ligaments that are prone to hyperextension strains.

Diaby’s chances of lasting a full season playing for the Arsenal are only **slightly** worse than mine.


You make a good point!! I’m being very optimistic

the only sam is nelson

ah but how old are you once we apply the rosicky coefficient?

i’m guessing you’ll be about 28 and LANS


3 weeks or “3 weeks”…


No worries, With the rosicky coefficient. Arteta being out for three weeks means he just added a couple of months to his footballing age….

£oyalty for $ale

Squillaci mathematics at its best.


Don’t worry, we can rely on Diab… Nope, I can’t even make the joke, it’s too fucking painful.


That’s what he said…


There goes our season?
Now watch wenger proceed to NOT buy anyone, ffs buy egyptians, papua new guiennieans. I mean fucking anyone

Mark Flatts' Flat

What is the purpose of our scouting network? Wenger you are a joke.


How is Loic Remy not an improvement on LITERALLY FUCKING NOBODY? When you have nobody at all as a back-up striker, you don’t need to buy an exceptional player, you just need someone who has occasionally kicked a ball into the net in the past year.


yes! we need anybody! Where is Park! wait, what?

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Just sign Sum Huan


How can he be injured? Our team is so complete we keep everybody fresh.

petits handbag

Not anyone!!! Silvestre


Gibbs went right down the tunnel. Walcott though was content with shaking citys players’ hands. What a self involved road runner this man is


News just in……Arsenal resign Cesc Fabregas, just like Wenger predicted!!
I can dream cant i ?


Testing times for arsenal. Hope we come out this by showing character of resilience.


Definately don’t need any signings.


im confused. we have the squad but he plays players out of position but refuses to play them where they ought to go thus questioning their ability and resulting in very little rotation. up front changes constantly as their all shit but hes deluding himself their as well. podoski is average and carzorla is gone into floating mode


YOU are making about as much sense as Wenger playing players out of position.
EVERYONE thought the signing of Giroud and Podolski meant a return to the 4-4-2 with Ox and Walcott the speedy outer mids, a rotation of Cazorla/Arteta/Wilshire/Diaby playing the center mids and a back 4 (re-trained under Bould with little to no interjection of the offensive minded manager over the defensive coaches expertise).
Well – that went to shit, didn’t it?

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

It’s true we have a top finisher in Walcott who’s ability in the air is fuck all. We have a decent striker striker in Giroud who seems incapable of scoring at the moment. We truly have bite up top


@ Des – So Walcott is getting stick now for shaking hands after a match? Go fuck yourself you idiot.


But I want to fuck kim kardashian first….


Starting to get tired of wenger’s repeating that they cant find any players to buy. The players are there if you wish to pay for them.


Wondering how anyone can say the crop of players available this January (more than I’ve seen in quite some time) are shiite – because that is exactly what Wenger is saying. Or, is he saying that what Arsenal currently have are far and beyond higher quality than those available?


Ok can you please share with me which lw and rw are availible? Thanks.

Mark Flatts' Flat

‘Starting to get tired?’

We have heard this nonsense for the past 7 years!

flying dutchmen



We’ll face 3 hard weeks. Okay, but I started to think about this injury. Arteta has a muscular problem. And he played every minute of PL football this season (as far as I know), until this game against City. Arteta is not one of the young boys in this squad, and we need rotation in this team. Wenger could had chosen Coquelin and Rosicky in that game against Southampton, but he didn’t. We need a full squad with full trust from the manager, not just 11 players, or which player will suffer an injury next? Cazorla or Wilshere? Wish all… Read more »


Your English is better than 70% of actual English speakers buddy.
(I am a “foreigner” too by the way)


Well isn’t this just the icing on the vomit cake? Anyone got a cherry? Oh yeh I forgot….TGSTEL is back 🙁


Relax guys Diaby is back.


Maybe its a cunning plan by the board to save money?
Frustrate the fans so much that we beg for any kind of signing, then buy someone like Park and say we told you so. You find an exceptional player in January.
*Stifles tears*


Thats a case of playing too many games. People will realise his importance in the next seven games.Coq needs to fill that gap he has been good when called upon and if he doesnt get the chance then i dont know when he will. Or it can be we can just go and spend the money on a real DM.


Wenger….joke figure.


I’ve always backed Wenger to the hilt as he has been an incredible manager for the club, but if he does not make the effort to strengthen the squad then his position must be seriously questioned.

If it is a case that he is being hamstrung by the board then he should resign with dignity..his legacy should not be tarnished because of the board’s mismanagement.. However I feel it is Wenger who us refusing to spend!


Apparently koscienly has signed for the “SHARKS”. A new zealand rugby team. In his speech he said.

“it’s been a while now, I just felt like football was the wrong sport, suarez mostly brought the rugby in me. I felt like jumping on him and strangling him……i’m finally home with my kind”


Hate to be pedantic, but the sharks are a South African team. 😉


Admit it–you didn’t hate that one bit.


Wenger must be miffed that we are 20+ points behind ManUre considering he can’t find a single player better than the 11 he picks each week.

matt senior

Niether red was a red and honestly kompany challenge not a foul. He got the ball and wilshere sort of crossbody splashed him ala wwe wrestling. Good performance from shezza. Why cant poldi last a full game?


Lost on the tactic of constantly taking poldi off aswell. He scores goals yet so many times we have been needing a goal he gets whipped off. plus he was putting a good shift in today.


I just don’t get it!! Wenger’s an intelligent man, he must know that however much he says our squad is complete being 6th in the table, 21pts behind the leaders, losing and drawing games we should be winning comfortably and showing no kind of consistency is not good enough. Something needs to change whether it be a new signing or changing tactics or something… aarrgh!


do you think Silent Stan is bothered?

A Twat With a Keyboad

I asked him but he didn’t reply.


You seriously think he even watched?


Nobody knows. Apparently, he’s got lost on his ranch.


Yeah Arteta finally gets a rest 🙂
Yeah Abou is back…for now .
Yeah Scez is back in form.
Yeah Jack is awesome.
Yeah Giroud is back.
Our guts and determination will
see us qualify for CL.
FA cup and CL games to come too.
Let us supporters show guts too
keep the faith.


It s nice to have a faith now. You remind me on Wenger. I would like our reality to be much better. But it is not! So I m done with faith, let’s face the truth and hold on to the end of the season and then hope (have faith) for some significant improvement.

Rad Carrot

Sorry mate, got none.

It’s nice to have a little faith in the team, but that’s not done shit for them so far.

A Twat With a Keyboad

If we fail to reach the top four it will be very hard to see it being for any other reason but the fact we didn’t spend in this window. Arsene Wenger is so fucking maddening these days, I can barely listen to him without feeling both uncomfortable and slightly angry.


Don’t worry he’ll be like a new signing when he comes back.

Arsenal have definitely been active this transfer window- first Walcott, now diaby and soon arteta. We fans are certainly being spoiled.


Now wenger had said that we “in the market and looking to strengthen”???? ARGGGGHHHH!! WTF is going on, hes more slippery than Suarez Boot Soles!!

£oyalty for $ale

This game today+ Arteta’s injury+ Bendtner’s return= Football gods are fucking with us…


…rvp sale, song sale,… walcott situation,… not enough signings last summer (or not good enoughs?)


Just think of the February LANS when Arteta comes back fully fit. 😉

LANS calendar

a LANS for every season


Due to playing (I think) all but two games this season, I’m not surprised to hear aboutthis injury. A more ideal level of squad rotation would be great, Wenger.

On the other side of things, it was great to see Diaby back.

All the best in recovery, Arteta.


This is definitely a consequence of being seriously overplayed, would not be surprised if it happened to Cazorla or even Wilshere in the near future. Happy Diaby is back, but not too confident he will last though. Without a signing, all we can do is hope for the best.


A half decent starting 11, that has run out of steam because of no rotation, no options on the bench, no real investment.
They will all start picking up injuries from here on in.

Forget 4th this season is over. Happy now Kroenke and Gazidis and the rest of you money grabbing cunts?

Arsene why don’t you just walk away? why put yourself through this? You’ll never be able to polish this turd.


My opinion on poldi is consistent in patches. I like the guy and he does score but rarely gets past his marker. He likes turning back and playing it safe. He only troubled zaableta, well all game. A few times he kept calling him names, got behind him once and most importantly slapped him in the face.
That aside we need our wide men to take on the full backs and beat them then create something more often but it’s the one thing he can’t do so i get it when he gets subbed most games

Arsenal Rising

Seen all this coming as soon as Song was sold albeit a little later than I thought. Arsenal are just so’s always against us! I was hoping this Arteta injury would force Wengers hand eventually but I read this! Hes really fuckin testing me! Can’t


Hey but just think, in a month or two Arteta will be like brand spanking new signing!

This whole situation is turning into a sh!t sandwich fast.

I honestly cannot believe we have not yet spent a dime in the window. I mean I believe it, but I cannot believe it. Wenger reach in that big puffy coat of yours and start using some of the $$$$$$ that thing is stuffed with!!!!

For fuck sake.


Arsene’s stubbornness…what a gift but what a fucking curse.

Just a membership number

He wasnt that stubborn when Fergy got on the phone was he?


And it just gets from bad to worse. I mean seriously?!

“To find a player of his calibre in January? I wish you good luck.”

What the F**K is going on at Arsenal? Don’t the board care, or even know what is going on with this football team?


Im going to bed now. When i wake, and read SS News, i wanna see dramatic transfer rumours and reports, god damn it!! And i mean NEW SIGNINGS!!


For that to happen you need to be sleeping for a bloody long time. More of a coma, really. Want me to water your pot plants?


Dark scenario but it was so predictable cos we had lot’s of luck last seasons. We dnt have subs good enough to go into 1st 11. Even our 1st 11 are not good enough.
I dnt know what happened to Rosicky today? Diaby is not ready yet and it was a stupid gamble to play him from the start.
I am really sad but I think we will fall this season… selling rvp to united was bad for our Karma… it will hunt Wenger and the Club. It won t hunt the Board cos they dnt care at all.


dont worry everyone a future LANS

Just a membership number

What really winds me up is thr bollocks being reported about cesc coming back. Unless its in the next two weeks i could not guve a witches tit.


Fellaini. Now.


Do you know how hard it is to find a player of artetas quality? well how hard did we look? we fucking panicked the last 3 hours of the transfer window, and by some absolute stroke of fortune we managed to get a world class midfielder, who was willing to take a pay cut to join us, without doing a medical, based on his assurances he was fit. Yes it was fucking hard to find him and get him, but it wouldnt have been so if you cunts did your job properly and didnt wait until we were in an… Read more »


Do you get the feeling he is packing his bag at the moment? Moving on a lot of players and not replacing them. Is he leaving a clean palet for the next manager to begin work on? A lot of the current arsenal actions just don’t make any sense to me. This is the only conclusion I could come to that even remotely makes any sense to me. I know there is time left in the widow but surely signings should have already been made. This squad is burnt out and they need a friendly new signing to lift them… Read more »

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