Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Jack and the Beanstalk aiming high

The last time Jack Wilshere witnessed the Arsenal first team winning a trophy he was 13. He made his debut for the club three years later, but since stepping out in the red and white for the first time in September 2008 (where does the time go?) the silverware drought has continued.

Having turned 21 last week and committed his long-term future for the club it’s fair to say the England international has had enough with being second/third/fourth best (delete as appropriate) and wants to win actual trophies made of precious metals.

Speaking after the draw with Swansea in the FA Cup, recognised as our best chance of securing tangible success this term, the midfielder laid out his aims for the squad in stark terms.

“When you finish a career, you look back and see how many trophies you have won so we all want them and we know how much the fans do too,” he told Arsenal.com.

“We’re all hungry for it and maybe if we get a trophy this year it can open the way for a few more. We’ve got a good crop of young players and experienced players as well, such as Arteta and others.

“If we get a trophy this year or in the next couple of years we can really build something and be strong in the next few years.

“It’s easy to sit here and say that when we get that first trophy it’ll happen but we know how tough the FA Cup. We’re still in the Champions League, so we’re in a good position and we just need to make sure we get the results now.”

Per Mertesacker, having cunningly talked a teammate into leaving (we see what you’ve done BFG…sneaky), is also eager to do the winning thing because he recognises that winning is more fun than losing.

That being said, the BFG (who for the purposes of the article title we’re comparing to a beanstalk because he’s tall and stuff) is loathe to talk too much about winning because if you then don’t win you look like a bit of a bell.

“We are always looking to win something and we can achieve something with this group,” he said.

“We have a lively group so our thoughts are now on the next match. That’s the most important thing for us, not what’s going to happen in May.

“We have a few targets in our team that are possible this year. We won’t talk about it, we’ll just see what happens in the next few important weeks on the pitch.”

Arseblog News looks forward to reading Per’s end of season thesis about the importance of his scissor kick goal off John Terry’s rectum and how it proved to be the moment which spurred the Gunners to mount a stellar unbeaten run which resulted in three trophies.

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Gunnersauras Rex

One of the best news headlines ever!!


It is simply Brilliant


It’s fucking excellent.


I spat out my tea when i saw it, very funny.


Jack wants trophies. Could be a good thing and also a bad thing. Good thing, is that he shows he’s playing for something every time he steps onto the pitch. Bad thing. I just hope trophies don’t come in the way of his love for the club. We are building a team and looks like Arsene wants to keep doing that (i would have preffered buy established quality for instant success). Hopefully we can win something in the next few years. Only one question, is Jack patient enough? Coyg!


Let’s put it this way. I’m VERY happy that Jack just signed a long term contract…
The players that left the next summer all said the same things.

We should be rollicking his ass every time he enters the pit for stopping the exodus of great players.


Whenever an Arsenal player says he wants trophies, I become nervous.


Guys it was my 20th birthday yesterday. I’ve never seen arsenal play unfortunately as i live in ireland but my parents told me that it’s going to happen soon! Best birthday present ever..

Arty's Art

Now that is what being an Arsenal fan is all about. Excitement to see the team in action. I feel that every week and I can’t wait for an action packed January.

Winning would be nice, but nothing beats us playing.

Los Polandos

Exactly. For me any Arsenal game is a couple of hours when i don’t have to live my life. There is no future looming ahead, no past to dwell on. It is now. Come to think about it, only while coming can I be so focused and devoid of any sort of interference with reality. Love the feeling.

wengers furrowed brows

I still remember when I had just arrived in London from Nepal. My cousin took me to highbury to watch arsenal vs chelsea in 2000. and a certain TH14 scored 2 goals. After the game i was a changed man, i was in love… I was a gooner! 🙂
The good old days 🙂


Buy yourself a pack of heineken and watch paint dry instead.


I would rather drink my own urine than that god-awful crap.


Hay John it’s your dad here,get of that fucking Internet and clean your room ps I’m going to see arsenal with your mother not you.

Great Arse

John, I’m also an Irish Gooner (although I’m a few years older than you). I remember my first game. My Dad and myself got a horrible overnight bus (via the boat) to Birmingham to watch the Arsenal play away at Derby County. Think we lost 2-0 and Wrighty (or Vieira?) missed a pen. Shit result but great day out.

I’m sure you’ll get to plenty of games, you’re only a gossun. 🙂

lame ass

20 years old and still depends on parents for tickets.. uncool

Los Polandos

You know, some chose to have some education. Can’t blame them really.


Where is the transfer news?:[


“Has had enough with being second/third/fourth best” Well sad to say this but that is what arsenal currently consider as an achievement..

Fergie the Gooner

And that’s just out of the teams in London, let alone the rest of England…

Come on Arsene, give us a late Christmas present to get us through the bleak start to the year!


Whats wrong with what he said? Its true! What has happened to my Arsenal, and the fans are just completely in their own fantasy land..everyone is so optimistic here its unbelievable..cant you see how much we are declining yet there has been no serious move to bring in proven, experienced, consistent talent? We were the mighty Arsenal who used to get standing ovations when we played and now, we are worried about teams like Swansea. No investment in world class players = no silverware= less reputation= no stars want to come= decline. Why should we be declining when we are… Read more »


sorry I meant Usmanov and Kroenke

Rad Carrot

I’m not too concerned about winning anything this season or next, I’d just like us to be challengers, not also-rans. At the moment, we’ve only got a squad capable of going for any one trophy out of four – our bench and reserves are highly questionable or too young to make an impact. We need investment in the squad, get us into the top four this season, then have a better Summer than we’ve had the last two (or eight, I suppose) transfer windows. Giroud, Podolski and Santi were all welcome additions, but losing our top goal scorer and our… Read more »


@lameass you’re such a tool. Give the young lad a break, a flourishing arsenal fan should be made to feel welcomed, not scorned by your petulant remarks.
Jonire- Well done to your folks for getting you to a game- enjoy your trip to the most hallowed turf on earth


We don’t care about yout ticket situation. We only want signings and trophies….hehe.


Good read. Wish Jack could get the pleasure of winning a trophy this season but it all looks highly unlikely without any transfer business. We need 2-3 class players to push this team on to the next level. A trophyless season will definetly continue to strain the relationship btwn the fans and club management to breaking point.


We need to start challenging badly, our situation is quite dire at the moment. I really do try always see the best in my team, but at the moment it is tough. Jack clearly states it in that article regarding looking back on your career and seeing what you have achieved, and trophies are a massive part of that. If we are not winning or competing for top honor’s our best players will continue to leave, we need an injection of winning mentality into the team and that means buying high quality players to compliment the ones we have. We… Read more »

Billy Mac

I don’t think “challenging badly” is the answer

Wenger Burger

Arsenal transfer dealing news please…


Arsenal transfer dealings = fuck all.

Rad Carrot

Yeah, nothing going on. Rumours and hearsay. Some options available, but we haven’t gone for anyone yet.

Big Dave

“I believe there are no players of top, top, tippedy tip top, toppedy be bop, top quality available. Mental strength.”

Rad Carrot

Do you think we’re managed by Bill Cosby?


I love Jack but it was so weird getting his autograph (just after the Sheffield Utd game) when he had just turned 17 and I was (and still am) 9 yrs older. Glad I did though, have a feeling that he will be a part of some trophy winning teams in the years to come.. Keep the faith gooners, it will happen oh yes it will happen!

Ps Johnire, hope the boys put in a great performance for you mate, you wait it will be an incredible experience.


Jack wants trophies. Wrong club for that at the moment. Keep playing though, hopefully in 2-3 years time we will have a built strong team to win us trophies and one by one they will br sold so that we can start rebuilding again, all with a view of maintaning a good financial model.

This should be fun….chuuuu chuuu, all aboard.

Dick Swiveller

It’s sadly true, except for the part where you say it’s done willingly. We’ve been faced with the awful choice of cash in or lose a player in a year and take the risk of them being disinterested, for a few years running now, with the latest to do so leaving us with no real choice via his open letter. I hope it stops but whilst teams have more money than us and the ability to use it, and we still have players they want, it’s going to continue. The hope is that we manage to curtail it through our… Read more »


Wenger spent a lot of money on new players, before we built the emirates. Arsenals board is full of greedy cunts with no interests in football, or passion for arsenal. That thing Gazidis is a city supporter..

Arsenals new motto is to buy cheap rubbish, sell our best players to highest bidder.


Barca – super club
Manu – super manager.
City – super squad.
Chelsea – super owner.
Arsenal – super-market.

Rad Carrot

Barca and Salford – over £400m in debt
$hitteh and the chavs – owner leaves, the club will literally implode
Arsenal – Keep ALL the monies!


THE Arsenal-Gunners

No1 goon

Please please please sign someone I’m going crazy spurs have a better squad than us now and that really hurts to say. If we don’t make 2-3 quality signings then they will finish above us and we won’t qualify for champions league

Rad Carrot

Don’t panic mate, Kieran Dyer has just become available. Season saved.


Dick Swiveller


It’s a thought I’ve had on more than one occasion though. In previous years it was certain that we were better and I knew we’d come good but now it’s not so clear, even with the most over-rated chimp in the world in their squad they might do it. I think one GOOD signing would make sure.


It’s amazing just how quiet it is, isn’t it?

Remember when Wenger said that he would be ‘very busy’ in the Transfer Window? Not much happening so far. Apparently, we are looking at some Belgian guy that nobody has ever heard of – what a surprise.

Meanwhile, none of our home games this month – including Man City on Sunday – have sold out. Looks like fans have had enough of the bullshit and are no longer interested in this charade.


Rad Carrot

You referring to Biglia? He’d be a class signing, a better, more adaptive Alex Song.

Unfortunately, it’s very quiet. Had a feeling we’d leave it late or even not do anything at all. We’ll see how the results go this month, but I’m not optimistic.


He meant busy offloading players on loan, or maybe busy answering questions about transfers and Walcotts contract. Possibly he was referring to the number of games Arsenal will play in January, it’s going to be a busy month!


I have a bit off day so sorry for not buying this crap. These are few things we have heard previous year and most probably will hear this year as well.
“We have to focus on another game”
“There is a good spirit in the team”
“We can win the league” (being said 12 points behind the leader)
“XXX will stay”
“We can still win a trophy”
Stop talking and do something for a change. Because there are matches when I wonder if you even fucking care.


Too fucking right! Arsenal fans wake up ffs!


Wagner out. Anyone with a brain to purchase new sigings in.

North Bank Gooner

if wagner goes im NEVER watching X factor again, EVER!!!!!


Would he do a better job than arteta? I mean they are both tremendous sideways passers. Denilson can atleast shoot when given the chance, Arteta couldn’t do that to save his own life.

I replayed that graham goal for Swansea and I’m thinking we need an african beast who can take it in the balls, face just for the club.


What did Arteta do last season against Man City? Looked like a shot to me


Biglia? A DM shoulf be the least of your problems sunshine. we should be looking at a striker, and not just any striker, a good that we’ve heard of. Wait……..what am I saying? This is not possible.


John Terry’s a cunt

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Jack: “when you finish a career you look back and see how many trophies you have won”

How does he know that?

Actually, footballers go on to many other careers… Dancing on ice, annoying punditry, club management…

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