Thursday, June 8, 2023

Wenger pained by inevitable RVP success

Warning – Even though you know better, what you’re about to read will probably result in you screaming, “Well, why the fuck did we sell him then?”


Arsene Wenger admits that it pains him to see Robin van Persie doing so well at Manchester United but that he’s not surprised the Dutchman has fired Sir Alex Ferguson’s side to the top of the table.

Speaking with a reverential tone, which really our former captain doesn’t deserve, the boss also lamented the huge points gap between Arsenal and United.

“I don’t need anyone to tell me how good he is,” the boss said yesterday ahead of Sunday’s clash with Manchester City.

“We knew when we sold him to United that that would be the case. He is one of the best strikers in the world, so you know he will score goals for them. He scored 30 for us last year.

“At almost 30 he is at the peak of his game. Now he uses all his qualities in a calm and intelligent. He has a high level of confidence in his qualities.

“He is more patient than he was five or six years ago. He stays up front, and you won’t see him for maybe 20 minutes. Before he used to come back into midfield, but he uses his killer instinct much better now.

“What is painful is to see Manchester United so far in front of us.”

There’s no doubting the fact that Van Persie is the best striker in the division right now and that the daggers currently nestled between our collective shoulder blades consequently feel that much more painful. Perhaps sadder is that even had Van Persie stayed we’d probably still be off the pace in the race for the title this year.

Anyway, happy Saturday morning.

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Why the fuck did we sell him???…And more importantly why the fuck did we not buy a replacement?

Renan Romeo

We bought a replacement. Giroud.


we bought giroud over demba ba who was already proven in the epl it doesnt make sense.


only acknowledged as a replacement when skunk skunkerson left. I was surprised it was acknowledged, given the implication of lying to your own fans


Giroud is a good player but Van Persie is among the best in the world. Wenger and the board should have kept him and let him for free at the end of season. He would have probably won us the league.


But giroud is a shit replacement. Not yet proven.


Podolski was actually generally accepted as RvP’s successor. It’s not his fault that he has to play on the fucking side.


Okay Giroud is ace then. Firing from all cylinders is what that man is doing!


Dont blame it on the sunshine,
Dont blame it on the moonlight,
Dont blame it on the good times,
Blame it on Eboue


it’s hilarious that when someone criticises Giroud, even if only to say he’s not as good as one of the best strikers IN THE WORLD (which, let’s be honest, he fucking isn’t, and at his age never will be), everyone throws their toys out of the pram.


I feel sorry for the players, as they try their hardest, but fans need to boo the fuck out of the board and Wenger until they get it.

Parisian Weetabix

Man, fuck this shit. I always assumed Wenger made honest mistakes, because he genuinely thought they would benefit the club. That I can handle. But here he is telling us he fucking knew that van Persie would benefit United, and sold the fucker anyway. DO YOU THINK THIS MAKES THE FANS ANY LESS FRUSTRATED, WENGER? We don’t think you’re some kind of psychic fucking fortune telling God. We think you’re a deluded fucker who can’t see the way forward for this club anymore. I used to believe in him, that he would get his mojo back, but now it seems… Read more »


Double fuck..


I’ve been one of the biggest defenders of Wenger, but I agree with the Blog: I am running out of patience and I am sad about our current situation, everything about it. Wenger, who once was a great mastermind that audaciously transformed this club to another level as one of the world’s elites, now increasingly looks more like an old, risk-averse man who only looks for stability and financial profit for the owners rather than winning on the pitch and win silverwares. I would like to believe he has a long term plan for the club on his mind: laying… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Thank you to all of you that start seeing the light, I have been telling you for three years, got called names, banned and was called the wosrt thing that a Gun can be called a SPUD. I never mind taking the thumbs down or insulted for The Arsenal but to be called Spud for the love of this washed money grapper mad man it hurted the most. Now you can start see his madness which I saw when he insist on Almunia being world class for three years, please lets give it to him and the useless board that… Read more »

wengers furrowed brow

“What is painful is to see Manchester United so far in front of us.” hahhahahahahahahahah…our Mr wenger has gone loco. Look at his deluded statement and guess his level of denial. Mr wenger, you didnt buy rooney from them but you sold them our goal scoring machine. I am beginning to worry wenger has become crazy old man with zero sense of reality. I just hope the managerial pressure of appeasing the board hasn’t taken its toll. I think wenger has made more stupid stupid statements then homer simpson in january alone. What has become of this once great man.… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

And to them cunts


What makes this even worse is that we dont adress our own situation in the transfermarket, i dont expect 30-40 mil signings but additions to the squad so we actually can compete.

Haba haba

Let me break it down for ya.
Rvp £24million.
Giroud £12 million.

£12million – £7miilion (wengers big arse salary) 5 miilions remains for food for gazidis’ cat and shaving cream.


Imagine how the players must feel being constantly told they are great while the manager and board do everything to make them as uncompetitive as possible year after year by constantly weakening the team.
The last few years have shown us that a team is only as ambitious as its manager or owners, rich or not.


It’s saddening to see united spending £24m on an ageing luxury player knowing he will make them much better in the short term while we seem more than content to tread water.


If this is treading water I’d hate to see what drowning looks like lol
We’ve managed to make top 4 the last few seasons due to the ineptitude of our competitors more than our own ability in my opinion.
I think we’re fucked if any of our top 4 rivals string a run together because I can’t see us going on one ourselves.
Too inconsistent

Gervinhos headband

Everytime that dutch skunk scores a small piece of my soul dies *sigh*

Big Chief from Antarctica

Exactly. I hardly think of him, these last few months but following the EPL, it’s difficult not to know what he’s up to in that Manc shit. I’m angry as fuck whenever he scores but at the same time I know why, I know exactly why. It’s because he was bordering on becoming a legend. What I still don’t get is, if the board is willing to a gigantic risk by selling RVP (strengthening a rival, is in my opinion, the biggest risk a club take. FUCK, change the word “club” with “company”, maybe the board will get it then.)… Read more »


Suicidal economics. Strengthen rival, weaken self. Drop the fuck out of top 4, lose a fuckload of revenue and long-term global fanbase. Sell Arsenal for a pittance of the price per share that you paid to buy it. Suicidal economics.

Merlin's Panini

nail on head.

jack jack jack

Well put but I think the point is that United aren’t a rival anymore, as sad as that is. The two manchester clubs have 1st and 2nd sewn up, and as a club challenging for 4th place it essentially makes little difference selling him to them than to Juventus. It was a purely financial move, sell a disillusioned player in the last year of his contract for £24m and use the money to sign 2/3 new players rather than let him leave on a free after a season where his heart isn’t in it. Sad state of affairs I know,… Read more »


I would agree with you about the Leeds comment if it wasn’t for the fact that we have money, and that’s according to wenger and gazidis who have both said funds are available.


There’s only one thing that can be done to fix this shitty mess.

Quit fucking about and put all of our chips on the table. Sign falcao and try to finish fourth. Start fresh next year. if Arsene stays, fine, but it’s a short leash. For me, he’s been done for years. Move him I.

Eric Irish gunner

He’ll be kissing the fucking badge next the cunt


The fact he muted his celebration when he scored against us really boiled my piss. He is past the point of saving face. I could hate him no less but at least I would respect that he’s made his bed and he’s laying in it. As opposed to trying to respect us after jamming his knife into our hearts.

He disgusts me


He should just admit the mistake.


And there’s a story from our favourite City shitter about Wenger making him the player he is (or thinks he is) and helping him to win the league with them!!!! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a quick question then, would Wenger pay £24 million for RVP now? U know, at the age of almost 30?


Different situations. He was running down his contract with us and didn’t want to be here. At least we took £24m of united’s money rather than losing him for free.


Very soon we will be without that money and without him or anybody like him.

A Chinese Football Expert

Arsene seems to follow the same economic model as Gordon Brown, cash in all your chips (gold reserves/pension fund) so you can show a surplus however there comes a day when you run out of stuff to sell and you end up down that well known creek….paddleless.


He didn’t say he wants to go in summer. He said that he won’t sign a new contract


I still believe he would have stayed with us, but he found out for sure what we all suspect….that the board are unwilling to take a gamble to take us back up to the level of the top clubs, and are happy to turn a small profit year on year. RVP was not happy to end his career like that, and he even told us that, but we interpreted it as him forcing his way out. Yes we’re bitter but it isn’t actually RvP’s fault. Walcott is now doing the same. Cesc did too but we forgave him because it… Read more »


What’s the point of taking their money and putting it in the bank?


@A Chinese Football Expert

Wenger is the complete opposite of Gordon Brown.

Brown sold long term assets (gold reserves) for immediate gains; Wenger sells the chance of immediate gains (players) for long term assets (cash reserves).

Brown spent heavily and left nothing in the bank…that is hardly a comment that you can make about Wenger is it?


Yes, 24m was quite a good price under the circumstances, better anyway than the zero million we’ll be getting for Walcott in May. But both departures represent suicidal economics, as someone points out. This is especially true if you believe the AST report that ample money to strengthen the weaknesses in the squad was in fact there and, had we used it productively and promptly, preferably in the summer we sold Cesc, Nasri and Clichy, Van Persie would have seen our resolve, our efficiency and our ambition and would therefore have himself been more than happy to stay. Can’t help… Read more »


Wenger pays 10m for Gervinhos and Girouds, and pays socialist wages to Squilacci and co. Maybe I’m not alone when I say I’m tired thinking about what Wenger would do and what he wouldn’t with money.

Dog Eat Arse

No he would never ever pay £24 million for a 30 year old striker. Not even if he knew it would get us the title. Never.


lets pay walcott 25 million and all will be right with the world. hes is one of the best players in the world and hes does us all proud sqeezing everypenny he can. walcott is better than vp so lets not worry. wenger knows

Dog Eat Arse

Walcott better than RVP and one of the best players in the world?! What are you smoking? Give me some and let me see the light!!


I think the sarcasm has gone over a few heads there…

Dog Eat Arse

The thing about sarcasm is that you shouldn’t really mean what you are saying. The problem is that a lot of the “arsene knows” supporters mean it. So you never know.

Goon Goon Goon

Are you feeling ok?


how’s that sarcasm font coming blogs?

One Arsenal

Wenger and the club need a rude awakening!!!


Rick Rude is sadly unavailable. Would you accept Diamond Dallas Page?


Yes. DON’T GO TO THE GAMES. See how long they like reduced attendances. Man city have started the ball rolling this weekend, lets do the same.


Unfortunately, that would just leave space for the rich Japanese tourists. These are Arsenals preferred supporter anyway. In any case, its not like non-attendance at games would make any difference to the atmosphere at the emirates would it? Just a few less boos…


The days when the boss was known as Le Professeur are long gone.

Why not pay one of the best strikers in
the world, who at the time happened to be the captain of Arsenal, the going rate?

It’s sad to say the club is all about profit.


contrary to what many people think rvp rejected the idea of a contract becore he was even offered one.. because we lacked the ambition he and us guys think are necessary…


Absolutely true. He came out and SAID exactly that, but 90% of gooners used it as an excuse to hate him instead of understanding what he was trying to say… ” my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days…but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” I think he said in the meeting: “i’ll stay, but you have to meet me half way, i want to see better players here,… Read more »


Le crazy proffesseur.

A N Other

Basically, fergie has paid 24m ransom to win the title back.. We would never do such a thing.

I can now completely agree with RVP when he said club lacks ambition.


Comments like this chip away at my faith in Wenger


I agree. I want him to succeed so badly but it’s looking more and more like he doesn’t know what’s required to win titles anymore.

Mark Flatts' Flat

Chip away?

What has Wenger done to maintain your faith in him? He’s a manager who completely lost his winning mentality years ago. He is tolerated because he achieves the bare minimum of Champions League Football, not to win it mind you just to get to the knock out phases to secure a particular revenue for the club.

This article should be the final straw that breaks the Camel’s back for the AKB clan.

I want Arsenal to succeed, but under Wenger we will not finish in the the top two let alone win a trophy again.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

As long as wenger gets his usual cut of the proceeds everything is cool. I know I’m going to be shot down in flames for this, but beating man city tomorrow will be gravely damaging for the club, as it gives the cartel more amunition to keep the money in the bank a bit longer. Why buy new players when you can just burn our the ones you have? Wenger OUT.


Because arsene has lost it… The wanker


If it’s so painfully obvious that you are getting rid of such a high quality player, then surely it’s just as obvious to replace him with somebody of equal quality.


Exactly. If you care about winning anything that is.


We haven’t replaced a quality player with the same quality since Pires left. And then Viera, Bergkamp, Henry…lets not forget that the massive signing of Bergkamp was what kicked our success back on again in the first place. A lot of money on a quality player.


This and the blog today are sad reading. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. The bit where he’s forced to drink some shit that turns him into the complete opposite of what he was. And he’s about to commit some heinous crime (selling your best player to your hated rivals or some such – I can’t recall now – and there’s some chanting going on ‘Money, Stan’ or something like that). Until he’s whacked in the chest by Shortround with a flaming torch. Then, bang, he’s back and smites Spuds… Read more »

Norn Iron Gooner

Shortround = Cazorla.

Dog Eat Arse

David Moyes is out of contract in the summer and it is time for Arsenal to make a change. Wenger is not up for it and is getting more and more arrogant. I’m sick of hearing his bullshit about “top quality”, “LANS”, “we have money”, “Diaby”, “Walcott”,…. he is clueless of how the fans are feeling and to talk in terms that he would understand, he is way past his peak. There is a new generation of gooners coming, our children, and they will never have seen our club win anything. The biggest fight for them will be the one… Read more »


I reluctantly agree.. we have it better than most but someghing is wrong at arsenal football club he would. cettainlg make the most of the money available.


Not to mention, here in Asia, the new generation of global fans who contribute so much to the bank accounts of Kroenke and Gazidis. The 12 year olds over here all support United, City or Chelsea now, and the global revenues of clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool surely will decline if we continue on this trajectory. I still have a couple of friends who follow Leeds United, all around 25 years old, while nobody younger than me knows who they are.


How can anybody thumb this down?


What difference will Moyes make? The board and ultimately Kronky decide out strategy, Wenger just chooses not to spend about £30M a year.

Although Moyes might make a difference in that i suspect he would bawl out a few of our underachievers and might actually try a different tactic once in a while.

Dog Eat Arse

He would spend the money and improve the team. If he had the budget Wenger has at Everton, they would be title contenders.

Paul Wallis

Reading that makes me feel sick, sad and depressed 🙁


Every time i see a post of ManUre here in Holland, theres a picture of the the Scot and the traitor. It seriously makes me cringe everytime to see him in a ManUre enviroment. Created, catered, moulded by Wenger. He gave him his fucking carriere, i doubt he would have been the same player somewhere else. Probably woulda had about 6 clubs by now, cuz no one would have kept him in the circumstances his been during his Arsenal time. Only Wenger. And to see him play for the arch enemy is just unbereable to me as an Arsenal fan.… Read more »

Gooner til I die

Arsenal all the way, and only Arsenal. Go somewhere else if you’re gonna chirp up about Ajax.


Ya! Fuck Ajax.


Yes he was incredible with us, yes I sang his name in the stadium, in my car, posted it on Facebook etc. But he’s gone, and regardless of who we blame for it he’s still gone. And blue he’s a filthy manc cunt and I hope he gets salmonella, the cunt.

Dog Eat Arse

“Well, why the fuck did we sell him then?”


*and now, not and blue


I thought the whole point of our stinginess in the transfer market and focus on financial stability was EXACTLY to offer our best players competitive contracts and to avoid situations where we have to sell them off to balance the books, a la Malaga or Sevilla.

It’s so sad, but it seems like ever since Cesc left, Wenger doesn’t have a real plan anymore and is now just improvising…


I was always sickened by ferguson and all the faces at his ugly club but…
1. He kept Scholes and Giggs, (Wenger sold all the Invincibles asap)
2. He bought rvp and title will return money he invested

Arsenal, on the other hand, by not wining a trophy (champion league next year) , very soon, will be left without rvp and £24 !
That is a bare reality!


Seriously at what point do the majority of fans want wenger out? No trophies? No top 4? No wins against our main rivals (not tottenscum)? Failure to address consistent squad issues? I’m not sure about you, but all of these factors are lowering my opinion and support of arsene.

Glory Hunter

There’s no defending Arsene anymore.
I can think of a lot of managers that can comfortably secure Top 4 every season.
Everything comes to an end sometime, & IMO Wengers time is up, he just has no ambition whatsoever, why is he so content with Top 4?
It’s baffling!


What’s gone is gone. He’s costing United £70m over his contract so I still live in hope of him crocking himself and turning out to be a one-season-wonder. Hopelessly optimistic but if I’m honest, I don’t really give a shit about him. The circumstances of his departure are hugely aggravating to me but at the end of the day there are bigger fish to fry. He can git tae fuck.


NB: I don’t really understand why we wouldn’t have chosen to take a small financial hit in peddling him overseas rather than getting a significant but hardly earth-shattering amount of recompense offering him to our major rival. I guess the reality was that overseas, demand for RVP was actually significantly lower than the speculation suggested


But I still remember how most of the arsenal people were brave and 100% sure that we are better off without him… it was so stupid when everything was so clear… Arsenal Board is here just for easy money, no risk at all, but very soon they will learn that nothing lasts forever. Sad thing is when that happens they will just find a new sheep to milk out.
If rvp really wanted to leave it is ok by me… fuck him, but then why Wenger didn’t reinvest money in the team? Cos of the Board!


Why did he let his contract run down to a year left then!


Why he made him a captain a year before he leaves?

Bacary's right leg


Bacary's right leg

He did let him they were trying to get it signed but he chose not to… it was the same situation as Walcott.. you can’t lock someone in a room and make them sign something

Dog Eat Arse

You can sell them a lot earlier, make more money and by proper replacements for that money.


But you can keep him till the end of his contract and allow him to leave for free rather than selling him to a rival club if perfomance of our club was the main priority compared to financial gain.


I’m I completely paranoid or does anyone else have a slight inkling that part of AW’s £7m is dependent on the player sales income he generates and the amount of money he spends on new players? His comments yesterday were the last straw for me. Change, unfortunately, is definitely required in the summer


Terrible, terrible timing to come out with this. Not a single person needs reminding that united are doing so well because they are one hugely talented player better off than us, thanks to us! When thierry left we had players with huge potential waiting to fill the chasm he left, rvp and adebayor. This time round we did not and we had to bring in podolski and giroud who are doing well but will need at least a season before they can produce their best ( and their best probably won’t be in the same talent bracket as your rvp’s… Read more »

Renan Romeo

He wanted to go, Wenger couldn’t do anything.


I still think he is a cunt for leaving us, but every cunt has his reasons, and I don’t think his were solely money based.


It hurt so much for so many reasons. We were proud of him, and he loved the fans back.

Of course the biggest reason is that it was THEM, and it wasn’t even a surprise move. The difference between our two clubs, which used to be so close, is now massive. While Fergie will risk £24M to keep up with his rivals, we will not, and now we are behind even tottingham.

Paul Murphy

I honestly believe the only difference between us and manure is Van Purse string we have abetter keeper our defence although prone to the odd slip up! Overall is better than theirs, our midfield three can compete with theirs, if he stayed with us we would swap places in the league


No! They have much better transfer policy!


Tactically Fergie kicks Wenger’s butt all day long. It’s not even a challenge for red nose anymore when we play them, it’s an embarresment.

Having technically better players means nothing if they’re sent on the pitch badly prepared. The 8-2 smashing at Old Trafford convinced me that Wenger is no longer fit for purpose.


They’ve been thrashing us for years now. I had already lost hope by the time of the 8-2, i didn’t even watch it. Thank fuck.


Apart from Mourinho, there’s no other manager better than Fergie when it comes to motivating the players, managing the squad and instill that never-say-die attitude into his p,ayers. Fergie the Cunt would never praise his team’s mental strength after losing a two goal lead over your local rivals. Fergie the fat cunt face would never say “If you offer me second p,ace in the league for the next twenty years I would sign right now” The Classless cunt wouldnt put Denislon’s or Bendtner’s or Walcott’s development ahead of the team’s needs to be more competitive. Ferguson wouldn’t find excuses for… Read more »


Real are motivated to finish second this season. Motivated mu finished second last season. Did you mean Vilanova and Manchini maybe?


“Real are motivated to finish second this season. Motivated mu finished second last season. Did you mean Vilanova and Manchini maybe?”

Yeah because Mourinho and Ferguson only started their careers this season and last season respectively.


You said ‘there is no better manager blah’. I’m saying not true. If you want to suck cock it gots to be Vilanova and Manchini

glory hunter

Van Purse string?!?!
He’s departure to United had nothing to do with money, stop living in denial!


The Van Persie sale was the final nail in the coffin of Wenger’s credibility. By allowing him to go to United we sent out a clear message that we were a second-rate selling club which was no longer interested in competing for the Premier League or European Cup. By the way: can anybody explain to my just what the fuck is going on with our squad management? We now have just ONE recognised out-and-out striker in the squad, that’s Giroud. Wenger clearly doesn’t think that Podolski is a striker, the jury’s out on Walcott, and Gervinho is just shit. How… Read more »


Totally agree.


Heh. Fatgooner you’ve posted that same thing for at least two years now. All of a sudden, today, you got 25 thumbs up and 2 down. The times are a changing and a lot of these wankers owe a few of us an apology.


THANKS. I was having quite a good Saturday. Now I’m depressedaboutArsenal again so am going back to bed in a darkened room.


At the end of the day I’m not one of those people who are going to curse and name call RVP. He chose to leave, so ask yourself why? Money? I don’t think so. It was reported he would’ve been given a sizeable signing on fee to stay, plus Man City offerered more money than United. Ambition? Almost definitley. And sadly Arsenal and Wenger could not match it. He is a world class player with one last major contract left in his career. What do world class players usually want? Trophies of course. The reality is Arsenal in the current… Read more »

wengers furrowed brow

spot on mate…wenger & the fucking board mishandled the situation completely. RVP just took revenge by joining the manutd and claiming ” he was surrounded by champions.” That little statement was the essence of RVP leaving arsenal. RVP was surrounded by low quality players and he should know this because he trained with them everyday and he could see what these clowns were capable of. We fans were so angered by his move, we never questioned arsene or the board. We squarely put the blame on his shoulders and called him greedy( false accusations). We forgot in the moment of… Read more »

glory hunter

The worst part is for years we gave him the befit of doubt, but now its just too obvious that he’s the sole reason for our lack of recent success, just like he was the catalyst when we were winning titles.

I honestly have no idea what he’s playing at, the Arsene we love is no more, this is an imposter.


Well said mate! Greed


I wish we could have sold him abroad, but from what i’ve heard he wouldn’t sign a contract with them, presumably because fat fergie tapped him up and because he wanted to do as much damage to us as possible for turning him into the best striker in the premier league. It makes me sad that even nasri knows he’d be nothing without Wenger but the rapist made sure to say that rudolph was the best manager he’d played with; two days after he’d signed for them.


This was pure stupidity. Selling your best player to your most succcessful rival.

I will never forgive them for this.


I’m totally pissed of with the club and it seems are many many others. But the one thing I have come to realise is, none of this is down to the players not even Gervinho or the like. This is totally of arsene and the managements making. Gervinho didn’t buy himself he was good in France as was arshavin before he came to us and Chamakh. Maybe it’s the coaching. It’s the same with playing players out of position all the time and then there is playing the likes of jack, just back from serious injury and Still wenger won… Read more »

Just a membership number

Why would anyone give that thumbs down?


Chamack,Gervinho,Asharvin, were all very good players with above average records but getting to Arsenal, they have become very bad players,losing confidence daily. Others that we commend are doing well now in my opinion have really fallen short of all the hypes and expectations. Carzola isnt the same player that was performing for Malaga,Giroud was a top scorer weekly in France just less than a year ago,Arteta isnt the same player i knew over the years at Everton. We can say all we can about players leaving us for money bla bla bla, rvp is the most important player at Man… Read more »


Blogs: as sad as today’s blog was, I just wanted to say that this is the first time I’ve read the same article twice on this website.

Thank you for summing up perfectly what many of us we feeling right now.

Oh how I long for Internet Joe to make me laugh at Arsenal-related stuff again…


Personally I don’t wish RVP any ill. The scenario is easy to sympathise with, if you can put club loyalty to one side: You’re thirty. You have a few years remaining to win the league you’ve played in for over 7 years. Your career will be judged on what you’ve won and you’ve won nothing, despite your best efforts. Several important team mates recently left. Two or three already have that league title you crave just by jumping ship. The manager doesn’t replace them and all your efforts as top scorer in the league are in vain as your team… Read more »


It’s like being understanding of Tevez missing his family back home. Who cares? false sentiments. It’s the fans who get screwed in the end. Fuck van persie


Oh and can someone please put the rattle back in my pram as I may need it again for tomorrow.


The board would win a lot of brownie points with the fans if they sacked him before we missed out on top 4 rather than waiting for the inevitable.


Man, Blogger is seriously down today, and I can’t blame him. The club I love is slowly dying, and it seems those in charge have no desire to change it.

It really feels like Wenger is a sick dog. You love them, but the best thing for them is for them to be put down, and replaced.


Have we still got his kid inolved in our youth development? Remember all that shit? Please stop telling us contract rebels love the club. So we don’t boo them. Why continually protect those willing to shaft you? Sorted by Christmas. Where is the respect from the other side? Toughen up and stop allowing no marks dictate your legacy

Adam H

Wenger gave us 8 years of success and now 8 years of misery. He needs to go and take the cunty board with him as well. He is allowing and contributing to our decline he must go. How fucking retarded is it, we have TWO BILLIONAIRE shareholders at Arsenal yet we can’t use any of that money? What utter nonsense. I want my Arsenal back


I agree with you in spirit but drop that slogan, it makes everyone who uses it sound like a spoilt, gloryhunting child. The club is still Arsenal, through thick or thin.

Gooner til I die

8 years of misery? 1 CL final, 1 CL semi-final, 1 FA Cup semi, 2 League Cup finals, lowest league position 4th. Ok, we haven’t won anything but misery is way over the top. I think everyone needs to take a step back and put everything into perspective. We simply can not compete with Man U, Man City and Chelsea. It breaks my heart to admit that, but the money in football now is astronomical and we will probably continue to lose players to those club’s in the future. I think it will be a few seasons until we can… Read more »


I love Arsenal and always will, but looking from the outside we’ve become a very very odd club with no direction or a greater plan. I wish there was something I could do.


To be honest I’m far more mystified by the Song sale. 7 league appearances since August, rated La Liga’s second worst transfer of the season, and we happily took £15m to substantially weaken our side. I admit there seemed to be plenty going on under the surface but the whole thing is extremely odd if you ask me.


thinking about it, yeah, you’re right. Song was nothing exceptional but he was worth a lot more to us than 15 million we’re not going to fucking use.

Maybe he demanded mental money but we could have kept him a season.


With Song I think something behind the scenes, attitude, believes his own hype, work rate in training. The problem is that coq is not being used to rotate Arteta. With Rvp, he wanted to go an Manu offered the most money. I don’t get how people think it was a strategic choice. Generally, the teams players are good but half of them are new, the are not fluent because of this. I think no new signings will be made as AW thinks the players will gel in the second half of the season. An exception may be on the wing,… Read more »


Now we can loan him back for cheap! 🙂


I need a bit of clarification here. Are Arsenal fools for selling him for £15M or are Barca fools for buying him for £15M?
Selling him ‘substantially weakened’ us makes him out to be a top player. But ‘La Liga’s second worst transfer of the season’ sounds like he is a deadwood player.
See my confusion??


of course Song created and was real value to us and system of play but for Barca,it was more about replacing Keita and having a strong bench when the time for rotation comes or unexpected injuries. And again MY VERY GREEDY Afc sold him for 15m with over 2yrs left in his contract. GREED is a b**ch!


Why and what the Fuck Arsene?
Spend some Fucking money.
With all due respect.

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