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Wenger and Walcott hail in-form Giroud

Arsene Wenger says he’s very pleased that the goals are flowing for Olivier Giroud because it means the French striker can now focus on improving his all round game.

The summer signing bagged his fifth goal in a week against Liverpool on Wednesday to take his overall tally to 14 but with 10 assists to his name is also proving a vital cog in Arsenal’s attacking machinery.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s showdown with Stoke City, the boss admitted that he was glad the former Montpellier man had overcome a nervous start to life in London:

“I’m very happy because that’s a question mark when you buy a striker and he doesn’t score goals; people tell you, ‘Yes OK, maybe he’s good but he doesn’t score goals.’

“The fact that he gets that out of the way and hopefully focuses on just integrating with our team play makes me very happy. If a striker doesn’t score he always focuses only on that.

“Once the goals come naturally he can focus on other things that are important in the efficiency of the team.”

While Giroud obviously represents a physical presence more than capable of winning headers and providing knock downs, it has been the delicacy of his touch in and around the penalty area which has also captured the imagination of Gunners fans.

The French international clipped beautiful balls for Podolski and Gibbs to score stunning volleys against Montpellier and Swansea respectively, before teeing up Theo Walcott’s equaliser on Wednesday.

Reflecting on Giroud’s ‘good touch for a big man’ status, Walcott spoke warmly about his teammate’s form:

“It was a fantastic touch for [my goal] and his goal was what he is known for,” Walcott told Arsenal Player. “He has been on fire in recent weeks and he is great to play with.

“His touch [for the equaliser] was fantastic and allowed me to hit it first time – I think I caught the keeper by surprise. It was a great moment but it’s just a shame we didn’t get the win.”

Arseblog News never doubted Olivier would come good, after all Bobby said it would be so. Bobby knows quality when he sees it.

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How can you not like Giroud?


I have to say I don’t like him because secretly he makes me question things about myself I would rather not explore.

Carlos Tevez, that’s a REAL striker. Fuck ugly – the way things should be.


I really want us to face Utd in the FA Cup finaland for Giroud to score and make van persie look like a proper mug. Also score the goal that denies united the league title.Fucking perfect that would be


lol, ye never know pal, it might happen, it would be fucking sweet wouldnt it


I would relish it!!


Yes and lift his shirt for a message saying “For the traitor”!


Strong physical forward. And brave too. Strong in the air, good feet (his lay off to Walcott against Livertools was lovely) Though still a little bit more to prove in his finishing, one on one.

just your average gooner

I think he’s a great player and someone who will only get better with more games, but it is a real risk having no real experienced/good enough back up (walcott yet to prove himself up top and Poldi more effective on the left)


How many more goals over the 18 he has already does Walcott have to score from 20 degree angles before he has proved himself?

the only sam is nelson

about another 200 should do it.

mind you even then there’ll still be some who don’t like him

that Thierry Henry could throw a wobbler though. And not much use with his head, either. Bergkamp? Suspect temprement, lacked pace. Vieira? No discipline. Fabregas? Injury prone. etc etc etc etc. That’s one of the beauties of the football, no matter how good things are there’s always a rump of old buggers who are shouting the odds about how fucking shit it all is. Heh.

just your average gooner

I agree his finishing is quality, but his runs in off the right are more effective and catch the CBs out more often that his often mis-timed runs from a central position


Not sure why you’re being down voted… Theo has been distinctly average when played alone as a central striker against any team who defends with half a brain.

I like the lad, but he’s hardly Thierry Henry.


Giroud has 5 yellows. Can he play tomorrow?




5th came after December cutoff..

Lady Eowyn

Giroud has stepped into RVP’s dog muck smeared shoes and washed them of the mess. He wears the shoes much better too. RVP looked stupid in those shoes and looked like a bum.

Giroud ‘He Who Wears It Best’ would need to take off those shoes and get himself a decent pair. Anyone know where I can get some Giroud shoes?

the only sam is nelson

I hope he leaves Huth and Shawcross in a million tiny pieces tomorrow


“clipped beautiful balls”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


What a great signing …with a lot more to come from him me thinks!

Goon Goon Goon

He’s forever running for the ball as well. Excellent work rate and it’s about time we had some to shake up their defenders abit.

Rumour has it that when a woman looks at him she gets punched in the face by an 80s power ballad.


What a beautiful man.

Ivor biggon

My your so handsome, want to get to know me a bit better?


Delighted Giroud has hit form, takes time to adapt but it’s ensuring that you keep confident in that time if you’re not scoring regularly, plenty of forwards new to the premier league have wilted in that time. Giroud is a very emotive type of guy, you can see he cares. His build up play has got progressively better and he is now finishing chances with calm and measure (Brighton & West Ham), this shows he’s confident now, whereas the start of the season he was rather swinging and hoping to blast balls by a keeper. This is the perfect time… Read more »


I would have loved to have been at the front of the crowd after that 2nd goal against Brighton. “Oh come here you handsome bastard!”

Merlin's Panini

Here here. Excellent player. He’s really starting to show the form for Montpellier last season. I don’t really quite understand the people who were moaning about him before. He always looked like he just needed a run of games to really hit his stride and he’s only really had that recently.


His movement was always top notch, even evident in the first two games where he got into great positions, but couldn’t apply the finishing touch. But when you have a striker who constantly gets himself into great situations, it’s obvious that the goals won’t take long to follow. He set himself a goal of 12-15 goals in the league, and I think he could eclipse that!


I wouldn’t kick him out of bed!


I think the singing/chanting for both Giroud and Cazorla has helped them immensely to feel at home.

Even when Giroud was ‘finding his feet’ and missing early on everyone still sang. It showed him we trusted he’d come good.

This is what happens when you do the opposite of boo. It can actually have the desired effect.


Why don’t we a have a proper chant for podolski yet!?


Because people are too stupid to sing “Goldi Poldi Hallelujah”

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Next year this time O.Giroud will be our top scorer.

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