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Afobe returns after Bolton loan cut short

Benik Afobe is back at the club after his season long loan at Bolton was cut short.

The England U19 international was due to spend the entire campaign at the Reebok, and a return is unusual. Whether it’s because Arsene Wenger has recalled him to provide some striking cover, or if things didn’t go as well as planned at Bolton is unclear.

Although he only scored 3 goals he did make 23 appearances for the Trotters, so it’s not as if he was unused week in, week out. Like Ryo Miyacihi at Wigan, for example.

With Marouane Chamakh on loan at West Ham, and Gervinho away at the African Cup of Nations, perhaps he’s been brought back just in case, but considering his inexperience and rawness, it’d probably be a good thing if that case never happened.

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I’m freeee 🙂


More cheap options to help us limp to 9th place

Sort it out

Mr Grammar

What are you on about? Are you angry that we have youth players?!


poor depressed sod. seek help.


Would love to see what this boy could do after all the praise Dutch Judas heaped on him last season. No chance is he a reliable option yet but might be good for him to be around the 1st team


If you can recall, he said that Theo would come right and score 20 goals per season. I’m inclined to believe in Afobe.


Would really like to see this guy get a good chance to prove whether he has what it takes to make it. It’s all very well being sent on loan, but if these guys aren’t used, or the teams they go to aren’t all that great, it’s very hard to make any sort of impression. This is especially the case for a striker if the loan side makes very few scoring opportunities.

Ramsey is shit

3 goals in 23 games at championship level is pretty poor


i just thumbs downed you because you have a shit name.


If you’re a starter.

He wasn’t a starter.

LANS calendar

And there’s a reason for that.


That means nothing, he got 6 or 7 starts. He may excel with us with better players around him. And at least we now have the option of having a centre forward on the bench

Andy Mack

Unless you see the games (which I haven’t) it’s difficult to know if there’s a reason for that. He’s quite quick so they could have been using him as a winger?

Jack's Right Foot


Yeah Right

If Wenger thinks Villa will come next summer, bringing back Afobe seems like an OK solution to me.
Speculations, I know, but I still think he wants to buy a new striker.


Really want him to be a success, and he was highly rated by the club and others in the england set up a couple of years back. No doubt last seasons injury hampered him , but he looked very sharp pre season with only his finishing leting him dowm.

He does tend to miss quite a few sitters if I’m honest. Let’s hope he can push and on develop in the next year or so.

At the moment it’s way too early to say either way what he can achieve with Arsenal

Andy Mack

‘He does tend to miss quite a few sitters if I’m honest.’
You mean he’s like greedybayor?

A Yank

Or Bendtner, or Gervinho, or even Giroud until the last couple of weeks.

The ability to miss sitters is a quality the squad has accumulated in spades the last few seasons.


Eisfeld looks a class player the few times I’ve seen him and the reports on him always seem positive, can’t understand why we don’t at least give the boy a chance from the bench when we have a quiet day up front.

Pensive Gooner

I think it’s because he is a CAM and we already have Cazorla and Rosicky there. Wenger would usually play people like Eisfeld in the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup, but we are out of one and the other is too important to risk losing.


I like Afobe, him and wilshire had a good connection at youth level, and would love to see them improve on the partnership at senior level!


“3 goals in 23 games at championship level is pretty poor”

It makes him a poor mans Nicky Bendtner

A N Other

Common he is only 18/19.. Give the kid a chance.. Besides Bolton are not one of the very creative team.. Are they?


He has average pace and poor confidence in front of goal e.g hits it straight at the keeper 9/10. he will probably be playing in league 1/2 in a few years

Recreational Hugs

Does anyone know what’s going on with Miyaichi? I’m a little surprised he hasn’t been recalled given how little game time he’s getting, or are we not able to do that?


He’s been injured for yonks.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I think that getting Ryo back would be a good move too. On another note, it is a pity that it didn’t work at Bolton for Afobe but fingers crossed he is still up for the fight.


Bring back JET!


Our new signing looks like a cross between Ryan Gosling and Mackenzie Crook.

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

you mean Gareth Keenan? ha, there is a resemblance! makes sense as we already got the Brazilian equivalent of David Brent!

Bolton Fan

Afobe is terrible. Miyaichi isn’t much better. If you’re banking on those 2 as future Arsenal players you’re in trouble. I doubt Miyaichi will make it in England, perhaps at one of the weaker leagues on the continent. He did well in Holland so perhaps it’s a culture thing/speed of the game thing but he’s proven at Bolton & Wigan now that he’s not cut out for the Premier League. Doubt he’d have had much more of an impact in the Championship either. Afobe will have to improve a lot to get any further than League 1/League 2…he’s certainly nowhere… Read more »


Miyaichi is only 20 (twenty) years old. Don’t be a smart ass, especially from Bolton.

Sorry, honest assessment.


Non need for that.

Merlin's Panini

Not everyone is the finished article at 19. Wilshere is an exceptional talent, and there are very few players that are as good as he was/is at such a young age.
He practically carried your team for the season he was there. It’s evident seeing as you got much worse after he left. You can’t expect all our youngsters to do the same job for you.


Never thought we needed another absolutely quality striker (though I wouldn’t have compained), but just someone who could come on and refresh the forward line and offer something a bit different in the last ten mins. Afobe is young and raw, but as a ‘traditional’ box striker, he’s worth a few minutes when we are pushing for a goal at the end of games. He’ll have much better service from his Arsenal midfielders than the Botlon lot, I suspect, so don’t be too critical on his stats. Not the answer, but a sensible addition.

Jack Smith

Afobe was absolutely shocking at Bolton. Not one for the future I am afraid so just palm him off to West Ham.


Not one for the future, how the fuck would you know?

Dick Swiveller

Miyachi looked alright whenever I saw him for you guys, little inconsistent, created some good space but (and I know you’ll take this the wrong way) he didn’t have the best players around him.

Whenever I’ve seen Afobe though, I wouldn’t disagree too vigorously with you. Pace, power and not much in the way of finishing

Midfield Corporal

I thought Miyaichi looked very good last season at Bolton, considering those we’re his first real competitive games. Can’t say I’ve seen him at all this season but I wouldn’t be writing him off.

Ickenham gooner

I think we sometimes expect too much at a young age.

we are now buying players at 26 because they are now ready to be first team at Arsenal.

why not let them go for free with fixed buyback clause that we can use if they turn out ok?

if not, we may have to accept a larger pool of loaned out players for many years while they get the experience. That’s not really on or citeh would buy every 16 yr old in the world and just keep them on their books.


it was cut short because he was a complete and utter flop. go read their various blogs. Another over hyped youngster destined for lesser things


Cool I’ll book my hotel for the Champions League final then.


Afobe struck up an excellent partnership with Jordan Rhodes whilst at Huddersfield. Lets hope playing with much better players he can regain that level. Looking at our benches v Liverpool, WestHam and Chelski I would have had Benik as an option each time. Maybe this says more for the paucity of our attacking options than his ability but nonetheless, this is a big chance for him.


Are you being serious, playing with much better players will regain his confidence? The guy has a poor first touch, doesn’t get himself involved enough during games, at one point he had a stat which was I think 3 shots in 3 games, average 1 shot per game. Bare in mind we normally have well over 15 attempts at goal despite our poor league position which should change soon with our new signings. You are, I’m afraid kidding yourself if you think he will ever be good enough to play up front for you. Sordell is twice the player and… Read more »


always rated Benik. Still do. Too good for Bolton.


Ryo didn’t fail at bolton as someone said. He got a player of the month award with them for starters. Hopefully this served as a wake up call for Afobe.


Ryo was not a failure I thought he did well for us wouldn’t have minded him signing for us instead of Afobe as Ryo has skills and pace in abundance and he would have got in our team as a starter this season without a doubt.


I am glad the Bolton fans have confirmed my suspicions that Afobe and Miyachi are just not GOOD ENOUGH. I suspect Wenger thinks the same;players that are good never go out on REPEATED loans.There is a reason why Ryo had not been picked up by a club in japan as a schoolboy,and it wasn’t because everyone missed him!! Arsenal fans make me laugh with their blind faith in the young players at this club.Joel Campbell,for example,have you seen him play for Betis? He’s crap!!!!The only ones that are any good are Eisfeld and Gnarby;for the rest a career in the… Read more »

[…] recalled striker Benik Afobe from his loan spell at Bolton Wanderers. He scored 3 goals in 23 games, and the club’s inability to purchase a striker during the […]

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