Monday, July 4, 2022

Arsenal handed 10 days to prepare for Munich clash

Arsenal have confirmed that the Premier League match with Everton, scheduled for 9 March, has been postponed due to the Toffees’ involvement in the FA Cup.

David Moyes’ side sealed safe passage to the 6th Round after last night’s 3-1 replay win over Oldham at Goodison Park and will now play Wigan instead of travelling to London.

With a new date yet to be scheduled Arsenal now face the prospect of a mini winter break at a traditionally busy time of year.

There’s a full ten days between Sunday’s North London derby and the second-leg of our Champions League clash against Bayern Munich meaning we’ve plenty of time to plan our German heist.

Arseblog News suspects it might be a good period to practice our shooting. And tackling. And passing. And set pieces. And marking. And goal keeping. And…

You get the picture.

UPDATE – The club have confirmed Arsenal will play Everton at the Emirates on Tuesday, 16 April unless the Blues reach the FA Cup semi-final in which case it’ll be pushed back 24 hours.

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Chris Leebowski

better not have to hear how the players “were physically jaded” after the match then


No football for 10 days noooooooo! 🙁

a gooner in Manchester

what if it means qualification in Munich? Worth it

Next year folks

Arsenal will beat bayern and qualify. I will sleep with kim kardashian. Two equally unlikely events but the 2nd one’s more likely to happen at this point. Thing is bayern can put in a COMPLETE second string on the weekend before the ucl match against us, get thrashed or even manage a draw but it wont matter as they are 16 points ahead and running away with the title. A fresh 11 for ucl, beat arsenal and get back to normalcy in the league while awaiting a quater final draw against opponents they will again probably thrash………! That’s how good… Read more »


Kim Kardashian? She whose fame rests solely…on her capacity to be a sloppy whore and market it.

She’s disgusting.

I’d way rather sleep with Bayern Munich. I mean, apart from Ribery and Robben, of course.

Wait. What was the question?


The players must leave it all on the pitch against the sp*ds then. Fucking play like you’re going for a 10 day rest ya twats!


To be fair, they normally do.


bayern — arsenal 6:0

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

we’d better go to Germany and fucking belt them with shots. 10 days to practise, maybe there will be an improvement. How far away is Gibbs? anybody knows?

In the that time we could discuss Wat an impossibility it is for new year folks nailing Kim Kardashian. The idiot

Gibbs is probably in the 2-3 weeks away limbo for the rest of the season.


People always say Arsene doesn’t have a plan ‘B’ but I anticipate the “we have not played for 10 days, we lacked sharpness today” response then….


Time to adjust the handbrake cable.

New guy

So we play Spurs, then rest 10 days, then play Bayern and then Swansea, and then there are 2 weeks of interlull. Blogs is going to have a tough March.


Thrash Sp*rs so that the fans will have something to discuss for the next 10 days..


10 days we discuss and bashin spuds? errr… NICE.

Joe Starkey

Hi guys, I’ve written a new song that we could chant at the spurs game at the weekend. I’ve gone for a different approach as I want to show Wenger that we’re unhappy, but also try to give him some personal advice as well and let him know we’re still behind him. So here goes.. *to the Eastenders theme tune* “Arsene Wenger you’re the man, But you need to wake up, and smell the coffee. I think you are a great hero, But I also think, you need a reality check. Perhaps you need a holiday, I can personally recommend… Read more »


Oh dear. If this is not a joke, I fear for humanity


What just happened?

Tom Entract

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Open the war chest

Joe Starkey

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Open the war chest
And go to Cornwall

Dave Gooner

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Gareth Bale
Eats bananas with his feet.

Joe Starkey

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Dave that’s a good one


just one suggestion … i recommend you to go on a holiday because that is the worst song possible

Joe Starkey

Hopefully Arsene Wenger will invite me to Cornwall when he hears the new song

50 shades of Gandalf the grey

I gave the thumbs down soon as I read “to the eastenders tune”


Oh god, I wish I had your foresight and self-control.
I read the whole thing and it gets much worse further down……


Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reactions are hilarious.

Joe Starkey

Hi guys,

Sorry you didn’t like my song. Perhaps I should have used Corsica instead of Cornwall. I was thinking of using Corsica, but then Cornwall rhymes much better with Falcao.

Anyway, I’ll make up another one for tomorrow and hopefully you’ll like it much better. Watch this space!

Awesome Arsenal All the way!



Instead of using a different holiday destination, why not scrap the whole song and take up knitting instead?

Next year folks

Politeness= g!y. Next time you think of a “nice arsenal song”……stop.


There’s nothing ‘gay’ about being polite, my dear fellow. I know several gay chaps and one of them is perhaps the rudest person I know. The others are awfully nice, though. Well, one’s a Liverpool, but then you can’t have everything.


Liverpool fan, I meant. Apologies.

red or dead

Does this guy work for The Cornish Tourist Board?



what the hell?

theodorus walcott

I just imagined thousands of fans singing this and it would be hilariously awful. Arguably one of the funniest things anyone could witness

theodorus walcott

it’s a little too awful for you to think he’s being serious, but just not quite awful enough to be blatantly a joke

I can’t figure it out…


roses are red
arsenal is red
sp*ds are shit
diaby’s never fit


This means we have to win the NLD


In case there isn’t another story posted today that allows this comment to be made in context..

Scott Parker is a horse’s arse.


10 days. Well thats us fully charged for the rest of season. TBH i think even if we lose to sp*ds we will still finish above them. I believe we will beat them anyhow!! COYG


There is no over-confidence when I say this but, even if we were 12 points behind with 10 to play for, I still think we would finish above Sp*rs. I instantly regret writing this but it’s very much the way that I don’t worry about my ceiling being tied to the floor so that it doesn’t float away. It’s just not the way things work.
On screen it does look a bit like something a Sp*rs fan might copy and paste onto the wall of their cave.


Better win against the spuds then, don’t want to have a NLD loss hanging over us for 10 days.


I hate having a game in hand, psychologically its a real downer, always looking to catch up, unless you are ahead, then its a little bit of breathing room, sadly Arsenal seem to have a game in hand often during the season, and they are rarely ahead.


Even though it is very difficult to win at bayern but still we have a chance because if we can beat inter milan 5-1 at their home even when we lost Patrick Vieira, Sylvain Wiltord, Martin Keown and Lauren to injury then we do surely have a chance to beat bayern
keep the faith gunners …….. COYG


I love the optimism and share a bit of it but you have to agree that the situations are not exactly analogous.

Adam, Watford

No weakened team, no worries about getting the strongest team out on the pitch and no need to play with any handbrakes and worrying about getting little knocks.

So, in short a full blooded performance can be expected. this can only work to our advantage !

Let’s have some Sunday fun !

Adam, Watford

Ooops, I hit ‘submit ‘ too soon !

I meant to add, that going into the Bayern Game with a win under our belt and a rest, we could really give the Germans a bit of a surprise as much as anything else, they won’t be able to scout us just before the match, whereas, I am guessing they will have a domestic match prior to the CL fixture, that we can glean something from, maybe.

I could also be talking crap and clutching at straws. However, a man has to hope, doesn’t he ?

Tom Entract

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Open the war chest

Dave Gooner

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come down off the crossbar
Gareth Bale


Now the excuse for bayern will shift from “players were jaded” to “we needed a run of games to be ready/fresh for this one”
hopefully not.


No Football for 10 days, Suck. But if we beat the 5PUR2 again I promise i will watch the highlight for those 10 days and pimp myself for Bayern.


Happy holidays lads!


… corner kicks, and


Saving us a game of girouds misses.

Scott Parker's scrotum

Olivier Giroud – we don’t wanna see you ‘punching the air’ no more. Please use these 10 days to iron out your ‘finishing’ mate.


R18……. das wird sein Landsmann nie zulassen.!!

Angry Gooner

Not having a game for 6 or 7 days feels like an eternity. 10 will feel like an Interlull 🙁


Got to practice both offensive and defensive corners. Our record of scoring from corners is rubbish. Something like 100 – 1. And we concede a goal every other corner. Thats something they need to work on and improve. I remember the first few games of the season when we looked focused and confident in defence so we know we are capable of doing it and we have the players to do it as well. Calling the players rubbish after a bad individual or team performance is just a normal reation for the average person. Thankfully we are not managed by… Read more »


I wonder why barca benched messi for the ac milan and real crunch games. What were they thinkin?…oh right….right


And movement. Must work on movement.
When we “ebb and flow”, going forward as a unit and falling back together, we’re bloody lethal. Trouble is that we spend far too much time not doing that and either wasting chances by not getting players forward in support quickly enough or leaving the defence twisting in the wind and shipping goals on the break.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I was going through airport security and got asked “Do you have any firearms?” Apparently, “What do you need?” wasn’t the right answer.


A mate of mine found out on arrival in the US that “Why? Do you think I’m going to need one?” isn’t the right answer either.


These games are going to be brilliant. I just want the real Arsenal to show up in these two games.

When we win both I think the whole team needs to ‘The Harlem Shake’. With Wenger starting it off.


I’ve been going through the comments section trying to change as many as I can to read ‘5-2’. It’s proving difficult.


Breaking: Sp*rs have snapped up the pope on a short term deal, only prayers will save them come derby day.


He has declined the offer though sighting inhumane – “monkey like behaviour” in one of it’s players.


Sadly we will have to listen to the manager and the players talk all about the mental strength and determination and the quality of the squad after we thrash that lot down the road…

Boring 10 days of press/media nonsense I foresee post our win

robbie kahlow

The Pope is an Arsenal fan

Adam, Watford

Exactly, everyone knows that, it’s why we sing that song.

Midfield Corporal

I know The old Arch Bishop of Canterbury around the time of The Invincibles was. This popes been bugger all use, does this prove the Protestants are Gods chosen people?

Awaits sectarian abuse……….

Alzheimer's Sufferer

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate Tottenham
Cheese on toast.


As if there wasn’t enough pressure in this NLD, we now need a result even more to avoid 10 days of finger pointing and negativity. This game, like last years, pretty much shapes our season


It would be crazy if we finish the turnaround , I will be extremely happy

Tom Entract

Like this if you think Gervinho is crap.


What has Gervinho got to do with this article?

Like this if you think Tom Entract is a pleb

Joe Starkey

Gervinho is shite though. He needs a holiday. And a reality check.




the only sam is nelson

Arsenal are red
Tottenh*am are white
come derby day
we’ll fuck up their shite

Tadaaaaaaa !! 🙂

Old news for you guys tho probably…
I’l just jet right back outta here.

Next year folks

A goal which showcased Bergkamp’s icy temperament and rocket shot. Needing a win
to secure European football, Arsenal were drawing with Bolton in the dying minutes until the Dutchman’s intervention. He received David Platt’s pass 25 yards out, turned in a flash and struck a laser-like effort into the top corner of Keith Branagan’s goal. Pandemonium ensued in the Clock End.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

New song to sing at spurs: “ten days rest, woooooh oh oh, resting up for a week and 3 days, wooooooooohhhh, arsenal”

igor stepanovs

i’ve been so downbeat since the defeat (and munich’s complete and utter superiority) that i’ve forgot that we still actually have a chance of progressing. in my mind, we’re out. so it’s nice to be reminded of this. munich are one of the best sides in europe, and are better than us. but it’s not completely impossible that we can go through – surely we’ll be unshackled anyway as the pressure will be off. and having a long break just balances things up (see mad jens’ perceptive comments in advance of the 1st leg where he discussed munich’s unfair advantage… Read more »

[…] Read More Here: Arsenal handed 10 days to prepare for Munich clash […]


10 days to work out how to use the Handbreak!


This is great news. A full week before Spurs and ten days before Bayern
A thin squad has been a problem this year with an inability to rest key players.
Best news we have had for a long time.


Honestly, it’s not grat news because it means we’ll hve more fixture congestion later on. We’re not going to beat Bayern at all let alone by the margin required so we could be given a one day break for all I care.


Oh, you doomers said all this shit last year before the second leg against Milan, but remember when Kozzer (I believe) headed in that first goal? 1-0, “the comeback is on,” you chuckled (so did I), and it was, it fucking was, at least until Judas fucked it up. If they don’t win the tie again this time we can hope Arsenal will at least manage to wipe the smiles off their self-satisfied, sausage-stained faces for a bit, dampen their lederhosen, piss in their beer, draw on Neuer’s face while he’s asleep, etc., etc., and to be honest I’d be… Read more »

Arjen Robben's scrotum

Watched the Bayern v. Dortmund cup quarterfinal last night… score ended 1-0 to Bayern. Wow they really managed to ‘suffocate’ Dortmund in midfield… it was really difficult for Dortmund to manage more than 1 or 2 completed passes before a Bayern intercepton. That said, if Arteta can be convinced to take some RISKS and pass FORWARDS on a regular basis, I think the speed/dynamism we demonstrate with the likes of Cazorla/Wilshere/Theo/Sagna sprinting forward might very well throw Bayern off. This Neuer goalkeeper looks like a bundle of confidence usually, but don’t forget how DEFLATED he looked in the CL Final… Read more »


Even if u give a month’s time, will that change anything? NAH..It is not that AW will study bayern n come up with a strategy n practice that to get it right. We don’t do that..same training will continue n nothing special will be done . realistically, forget CL..the next match after munich is Swansea away.Focus on 4th place finish.But wait..I can already c Wenger blaming fatigue after a defeat to Swans.BLOODY HELL…We r so so predictable. .
Thanks for the memories Wenger..but please go now..

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