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Walcott: I don’t want games to end

Having put pen-to-paper on a new deal at the Emirates, Theo Walcott has underlined his satisfaction with life at Arsenal by revealing he is enjoying his football so much that he doesn’t want games to end.

Presumably not referencing those games where we’re desperately clinging to a slender lead (or maybe he likes all that last ditch defending guff) the England man also referenced his newfound ability to quickly shrug off mistakes and the importance of not over-thinking in the box as he assessed his improvement since August.

“The big thing this season is that I do not ever want the games to end,” Walcott is quoted as saying by The Mirror.

“I am really enjoying every second, I love performing in front of the crowd, for my team-mates as well, and if I make a mistake I know to forget about it because something else will come up, so I don’t really think about mistakes too much.

“That’s another side of it – not dwelling on something that’s happened previously in the game.

“Also I am not thinking too much in front of goal, I am just doing what comes naturally to me, which is finishing and it is working so far.

“I feel like I can create opportunities, that even if I am not in the game for a while, I would be able to come up with something.”

Joining the club as a teenager in 2006, six months after Patrick Vieira sealed the FA Cup in Cardiff, Walcott has been part of several Arsenal sides that have flirted with success without actually bringing home the bacon.

Insisting that he wants to repay the faith shown in him by Arsene Wenger the 23-year-old underlined his optimism that the Gunners can win not just one trophy in the years to come, but possibly several.

“The boss has always had so much belief in me from a young age, but we haven’t won anything for a long time now, so we want to pay him back by winning something.

“If we don’t perform he always takes it back on himself, but at times it is not fair because we are the players that go out there and do it.

“He definitely let’s us know when we are not performing, though, which is the right way to do it.

“Once the team wins the first trophy, you will start to see us coming back to where we should be.

“When your team is playing well it makes your job easier and when you are winning games it is fantastic to be a part of it. However, it is when things aren’t going too well that you need to stand out and get your team back involved.

“We have got players in the dressing room who can create something out of nothing, and I want to be part of that backbone.”

Arseblog News isn’t going out on a limb by suggesting the interview with Walcott may have been carried out before the games against Blackburn and Bayern Munich. We trust Theo hasn’t changed his mind, after all we’ve still got the fourth placed trophy to chase as well as the Copa del Make Spurs Fans Cry.

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we want the season to end … oh the agony


He’s not a striker. Needs to stick on the wing and do his job. Was so useless upfront against bayern til he moved on the right creating probably the best chance of the game. He’s not gonna be a half decent striker for at least another 2 seasons in my opinion


Why do people press reply, then talk about something entirely different from the comment they’re replying to?

I see the irony in my comment.

a gooner in Manchester

That’s what I think too.

He should master his game on the wing where there space for him to add a bit of guile to his game, be more efficient and help the team win. In games when we dominate and win easily (is there any?), he can drift into the centre and test with what he does in training as a central striker.

master floda

starting theo up front against bayern was not a bad idea. keep a clean sheet, press them in midfield and when you get a turnover you can send your fast striker (and top scorer) on the run… the only slight problem with this tactic: it only works as long as you keep the game a draw.
i think theo can be a good center forward in certain games when we can use his speed against a high defensive line.


Mate you have really got to put this all into perspective. The lad is still 23 years old…. think about that for a second. Yes it seems like hes been around for an age, but he is where he is at a time when most people are only making a name for themselves. Not to mention he is Arsenal’s current top goal scorer on the books. I would love to see Theo go on and score a century or two in the red and white. The boy is still years off his prime… and he still scares the shite out… Read more »


Not sure why youre getting so many dislikes. It has being a pretty bad season.

a gooner in Manchester

there’s a slim chance of us amassing 80points. Who knows, that could win the title.

And I am following ‘holics tip of a 4-2 win in Munich putting my bus ticket this month on it. So, either walk to work every day for a month or activate my car insurance.

master floda

because nobody wants football to end 🙂 every summer i can’t wait for the season to start again…


“Why do people press reply, then talk about something entirely different from the comment they’re replying to?” === Because everybody wants their comment to appear as close to the top of the page as possible. It happens on all pages when the comments are structured like this (with descending–instead of collapsed / no–reply boxes). The Guardian, for instance, had a decent comments section before they went to this format, and now all their pages look like Arseblog News…an initial comment, followed by about 50 unrelated “replies,” followed by the actual second comment way, way down below, and the rest buried… Read more »


i agree – I think the guardian are moving away from nesting… not sure, but think so.

maybe because trolls enjoyed being as high up as possible and apparently trolling has increased over there….

ahem, anyway back the financial – oh sorry – on pitch results…. oh gawd…

“Down with Squillaci!”

(phew – pulled it back at the end)


@doubledoubledouble. Yeah you’re right, posters on here often talk about subjects which aren’t the theme of the thread, but wouldn’t it be good if we could start new threads rather than just reply to existing ones? You see it elsewhere. Admittedly it could go wrong if there are spammers or spuds about.


It’s not so much that they aren’t related to the thread, it’s that they aren’t related to the post they’re supposedly replying to.


But you don’t like to go back and help RB, because you think u are striker now.

gooner odst

I can’t wait till the summer, then we can (hopefully) acquire fresh talent up front….in the middle….the back…in goal…you know.


that would be one of the best days of my life when this arsenal team will fulfill its potential and start producing results consistently ……COYG
lets us now fuck spuds at their home on sunday

Dave Gooner

And pay no mind to all the ropes and tyres in the warm up area lads. They’re part of one of the home player’s contract.

Dave Gooner

Or the background music: “King of the Swingers” from the Jungle Book. That’s part of the same players contract, makes him feel at home apparently.

TO Gooner

Haha. Will said player be wearing an armband that says “Jungle VIP”?


Just out of interest, if you make “ook ook” noises and chuck bananas at Bale, do the heads of those running the “Kick it out” campaign explode?


4th place, what about 3rd??


“Copa del Make Spurs Fans Cry” – Wahahahahaha.. Brilliant!

the only sam is nelson

just go to shite hart lane and fuck them up, theo. that’s what we want.

thanks in advance

A N Other

Theo is a smooth talker..he can convince anyone of anything.


He has even convinced himself he is a striker.


Not good enough as Striker just yet. Take up the Bale position and the goals will come. And on that point of Bale we need to mark him out of the game. We need A Donkey mid defence to organise it too!


For a mid-table team he would be devastating. We have a lot of possession, this means less chance for Theo to exploit defenses who have been caught out on the break. If Theo played for any of these teams in the Prem who park the bus against us, we would be in trouble.


The St. Totteringham’s Shield is just as much a trophy as 4th place.


Look into my eyes…not around the eyes….the eyes…. beat the Scum…just beat them. Do it. You’re back in the room.

Tom Entract

Theo Walcott needs to open his eyes. Then when his eyes are open he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Then after he’s smelt the coffee he needs to have a cuppa, and then open his 100,000 a week pay check and spend it on a war chest. To fill with reality checks. Then he needs to stop smelling the coffee and have a cup of coffee instead. Then he should be sold to Liverpool.

Don’t you reckon?

TO Gooner

Sniffed too much glue at the factory, is what I reckon.

Joe Starkey

I reckon theo walcott drinks lattes. That’s why he’s so fast. But I agree that he needs to open his eyes and smell the reality.

Lady Eowyn

I love Theo 🙂 He’s gonna to play brilliantly over the next few months and pundits will stop talking about Gareth Bale and eventually completely forget him. The guys on Match of the Day will talk about him like this: Lineker: “Wow, Walcott truely is world class, scoring that winning goal in the Champions League final and his form helped Arsenal nick the title from Man United.” Hansen: “Yes, I agree. He’s great. Much better than Gareth Bale. Lineker: “Gareth who?. Who are you talking about?” Hansen: “I don’t remember. Let’s get back to Theo. He has great hair doesn’t… Read more »

petits handbag

Are you a child?

Lady Eowyn

I’m 11.


Why would anyone thumb down someone because they’re 11?

Alas, I’m afraid that the British pundits will never forget Bale. He could have a 7 year old affair with his sister-in-law and people would still think him to be the epitome of loyalty.

Lady Eowyn

Thanks Feygooner 🙂

TO Gooner


Toure Motors

He’d be really stoked if we were actually competing for something (discounting the copa del make spurs fans cry)


Dear Theo, thank you for signing the “ting”. can you follow this by completing a few realistic tasks? make sure we finish top four, preferably third & a five-two victory over our little brothers who aren’t worth sh!t that play around the corner is the standard to making this happen. secondly, please stop taking corners and free kicks. third, a kick to monkey boys crotch would be welcomed seeing that we should be up by three goals late in the game. lastly, and most importantly, tell wenger to buy some statement high end players to show the world we are… Read more »

a gooner in Manchester

Walcott needs to use his pace wisely.

Jinking run is more efficient than a straight sprint when you play through the centre. It helps you lose your markers.

when defending, stay close enough to your opponent so that you could fly at them when they are about to receive a pass. Don’t wait until they get the ball, because good players and teams can keep the ball all day long. You have to haste them into making a bad pass, a mistake.


Are you a coach?


No wonder he wants the games to go on, he only plays on half the field. The goal vs Blackburn he was directly responsible for not tracking back and the goal vs villa he was completely beaten down the pitch by weimann. I’d call it bad defending but that would be kind. I have always felt that he doesn’t have the stomach for the fight and he has not done anything to change that.


I grant you Theo’s defending is shocking, even when he does track back its without conviction. However you cant really lay blame at his feet for Weimann’s goal. It was jenkinsons tame header that ultimately lead to that.


Wasn’t it Jenks’ first match where he got a bollocking for a defensive cockup from, er, Walcott?

I remember thinking at the time that it must have been like being accused of anti-semitism by Goebbels.


Jenkinson has been far from convincing for me and I worry because his inexperience will cost us. The cup game where he got sent off he had a shocker of a game yet everyone singled out Santos. Arsenal fans are never fair when it comes to criticizing players. There are several players who seem to get excused no matter what performance they put in. No doubt in my mind he will make the grade, he has great abilities, but its a harsh business, and some players take a lot of stick while others get away with average games far too… Read more »


More like he sees it as not being his job. Winning the ball back however should be everyone’s job & a team which possesses personalties without that mentality wont win consistently.
I honestly sense that this lad only assesses his own game by the good things he does and has little realisation that his weakness are as much a defining part of who he is on the pitch.


Really 4th place, you mean 3rd place. People seem to forget Chelsea finished 6th last year, and they don’t have their manager or their best player from last years squad(Drogba;And past years). With Tottenham will see on Sunday, I do know though that Walcott’s almost always outplayed Gareth Bale in the Arsenal-Tottenham games. Tottenham’s next games are: H. Arsenal/ @ Liverpool/ H Fulham/ @ Swansea/ H Everton/ @ Chelsea/ H Man City. * I don’t know but other then that Fulham game that is one brutal stretch of games. I also still can’t believe that as bad as this Arsenal… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

We also have the best away defence and best home attack.

It might look bad because we seem to choose the same week every year to buckle, but with a few extra ingredients and a fully functioning subs bench i dont think we are too far off actually winning something.

I know some people will say “why should we give wenger another year”, but i think we’re very nearly there. What the lads need is loud support home and away for the remaining 11 games and we’ll see where we stand.

Starting with those dirty spuds.


We need to keep this team together, losing players is what has cost us trophies and consistency. I think we are like you say, nearly there. I would only add a couple players – 1 being a versatile defender and 1 being an attacking midfielder or CF. I am still not convinced our system is ideal for someone like Podolski who scores a good number of goals but can be ineffective sometimes out on the left. We also have a slight problem (good problem) with Wilshire and Cazorla, who gets the CAM spot?.. we don’t seem to be getting the… Read more »


Change formation to 4-4-2 and Theo would work well playing off main striker ( Girroud) otherwise he has got to play wide. Changes though are rare with our stubborn professor.


Theo is utterly naive after yet another crap performance (when did he last play a decent game) – these players on their high salaries are embarrassing. they have totally lost touch with reality. Wenger or someone tell these players to shut the [email protected]@k up and perform on the pitch instead of talking a good game. The goalie is another mouthy idiot who talks a good game but goes utterly missing when it comes to actually performing. 7 years I have had to put up with theo – useless idiot and now he’s on 100k a week – you couln’t make… Read more »


Bang on. Where was this 100k-a-week player when we bitterly needed him against Bayern Munich?

There are far too many players at the club who are sitting in a nice little soft comfort zone, picking up big money for doing very little.


Were you one of those sign-da-thing brigade and demanding we sign TW??


I was, and was proved right. Because I had a feeling that we would not sign another forward in the January window regardless of the theo situation.


I wasn’t. I wanted him to sign, but not for the stupid money. Had he left I wouldn’t have been too bothered.

big black clock

Still haven’t forgiven him for not tracking back Weimann from our corner which resulted in the Aston Villa goal. Royal pain in the ass.


Wenger should go for Benteke and Taarabt. QPR and aston villa are going to be relegated. They are kind of underrated because of their poor teammates.


Less chit chat, more goals please Theo. Getting monumentally tired of them wheeling a different player out every week to say all the right things, and then another dreadful performance on the pitch, personally. Fighting talk is worth absolutely nothing at all if it isn’t backed up where it matters.


Cant really listen to any walcott bashing. He’s inconsistent,Yes! that much we’ve established. We knew it way before we gave him a new contract, for all his misques he has shown he knows where the goal is (more than giroud has atleast) and has bailed us out of shit severally. Let’s just accept him as he is and hinge on to the fact that you never really know when he’s gonna score a brace, hatrick..e.t.c. Might be against the spuds, might be vs everton. Keep the faith. After all he’s our mr. Incosistent with a sound new contract.


I quite agree with criticism of his inconsistency but he has got his deal, so let’s try a formation that works. He lead the line against Bayern like a shrimp taking on the great blue whale. Needs to play with a big fucker to out muscle defenders and nip in there.


Cant really listen to any walcott bashing. He’s inconsistent,Yes! that much we’ve established. We knew it way before we gave him a new contract, but for all his misques he has shown he knows where the goal is (more than giroud has atleast) and has bailed us out of shit severally. Let’s just accept him as he is and hinge on to the fact that you never really know when he’s gonna score a brace, hatrick..e.t.c. Might be against the spuds, might be vs everton.
Keep the faith. After all he’s our mr. Inconsistent with a sound new contract.


It’s good to see that he is developing. I have to admit, i wanted him to leave. Still room for improvement, but its good to see that he is learning; we have seen a marked improvement in his game. He will be crucial against the Sp*ds.

Midfield Corporal

Theo’s like an old annoying girlfriend I once had, she looked good, did all the things a good girlfriend does, but when she opened her mouth she just spouted nonsense. I would find myself having these internal monologues which consisted of me repeating ‘shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up repeatedly’.


Spot on Corp.Walcott’s interviews remind me of Lewis Hamilton,a boring,bland fucker that’s been manufactured by his ‘people’.I don’t suppose they share an agent?

Midfield Corporal

Maybe he is Lewis Hamiltons long lost brother.


The wait till you beat the Spuds then you can do all the talking you want.


Quite Frankly I just want the players to shut the fuck up. The only talking I want to hear/see should be on the pitch. If they go and win Sunday’s game, beat Everton then go to Munich and come back with 3-0 win then yea I’m listening; until then whatever comes out of their mouth doesn’t matter to me. It’s so bad that I don’t even want to hear from Jack. I feel angry because you watch some games and they show patches of what this team can do then boom… shit comes the next game. Do any of them… Read more »

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

agreed, especially Schzechny he should shut the fuck up. every time he does an interview he makes cocky statements about how “I wouldn’t bet money on Bayern Munich beating Arsenal” then predicatably serves up a STINKER or two the following match.

[…] Read More Here: Walcott: I don’t want games to end […]

Arsene Wenger

I am worried Theo.

‘if I make a mistake I know to forget about it because something else will come up’

This is the kind of thinking which does not allow us to defend collectively as a team.

I need to speak to you tomorrow at training.

The Grime Raper

Arsene; your boy faces the prospect of being given a lesson on Sunday.
That tart Bale needs man-marking. Have you someone who fits the bill?


You need more than one someone and to rotate them out when, not if, they get their yellow card.
Telling one player to man-mark the diving chimp for 90 minutes is a guaranteed route to playing with 10 men.


im sorry theo but you have to think and learn about your mistakes not forget them.seriously who is coaching these players?

The Grime Raper

No one is coaching these players phat. They simply go on the field and ‘do their thing’.


I didn’t realise so many of my work colleagues and other so-called ‘friends’ were spuds until this week. they’re all coming out of the woodwork….Hence this status update on Facebook, which they will all see… “Dear God, the 5pur2 fans at work are really starting to aggravate me. Can you do what you did last season when they lost a 10 point or so lead? Back then they were all telling us to ‘mind the gap’. It was hilarious when they fucked up as usual. Also, I have tickets for the Everton game which takes place the week after and… Read more »




Why does everyone demand “less talk” and get mad at them for answering interview questions positively? It’s not like Theo and Szczęsny call up and demand they get more face time on the website. They’re just answering the questions they are asked as part of the clubs PR. People look far too much into their comments.


Spot on. People in here think the players e.g stand on tables and start demanding for interviews and journos. Not really, it’s partly their job to give good PR when approached, perhaps contrasting rather -vely to what they do on the pitch but you’d probably say what the same…..


It has taken a very long time for Theo to mature. He has been paid a lot of money for the faith we have shown in him. But finally he is close to being a top class player. He will score twenty plus goals and provide twenty assists every season for us from now on.We resigned him just in time. Look for him to be a stand out performer on Sunday against Tottenham .


Theo would work up front but only in 4-4-2. As an out and out I believe more time inside a 4-4-2 would improve him as a striker. However, we don’t play this way so he needs to develop in a different way. He is much better on the right, if he could cross the ball he’d be a hero….but I think he can get there as a striker, just not within our current system any time soon. We need to start backing our current crop and stop criticising… he is good player, he isnt far from class so lets back… Read more »

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

in the modern game 4-4-2 leaves you vulnerable to getting bullied in midfield. e.g. Man$hity 2-0 Chelski last weekend where Mancini supplied an extra midfielder. agree we need a ‘2-striker’ formation though. how about ‘3-2-1-2-2’? we could have two DM’s who move up-and-down like pistons… at times forming a ‘back-5’ and at times one of them moving forward to give advantage in midfield. considering Koscielny’s pace and passing ability, he could be converted to DM where he partner with Arteta. Back-three: Sagna-Vermaalen-Nacho DM: Koscielny-Arteta Mid-Midfield: Wilshere Advanced-Midfield (at times ‘winger’, at times ‘central-midfield’): Walcott-Cazorla Central-Strikers: Podolski-Giroud The width (space around… Read more »


When we are winning I can’t get enough of these articles, jack Santi, verm, theo, shzzz, I love it all. After the week we have had all I can think is where the fuck were you when the germans came to town. Football is a whole lot more fun when we are winning ( -Insert dry laugh here-).


A simple answer to walcott’s rather foolish insistence on playing centrally.
Ronaldo has finishing second to none. But, to use his pace and trickery he comes from a wide position, cuts in or whatever and gets a goal or an assist.
Thank you.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

The Grime Raper

There have been some matches we wouldn’t have scored in if we’d played for three fortnights. Shut the fuck up Theo and justify being one of the highest paid players in the club – starting at White Hart Lane – in a match where there is more at stake than three very valuable Premiership points.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Annoying as it is to point out his age, a 23 year old Thierry Henry wasn’t any better than Theo, actually he was worse. And he had God playing at #10 to help him out.
Against Bayern he had almost no service, the few times he had the ball he managed to panic them a bit even if he didn’t score.


Thats so true, strange how Theo gets slated and he is our top scorer.


Walcott makes Gareth Bale look like Pele. Shittenham do far better in the transfer market than us these days. Sad but troo. Bale and Modric = MEGA CASH. Sort it Law


“Walcott makes Gareth Bale look like Pele.”
I was going to object to that, but then I realised you must be talking about Pele the advert for erectile disfunction now and not Pele the player as was.

El Capitano

He has got the big contract he wanted… he now has to prove that he is worth it.
Also heeds to spend some time down the gym, to bulk up and become more powerful if he wants to play as a striker, he gets bullied far to easily by big defenders.

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