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Arsenal set for second Japanese friendly

Arsenal are close to agreeing a second summer friendly in Japan, with reporting the Gunners will play Urawa Red Diamonds in the Saitama City Cup on 26 July.

Held annually since 2003 , Urawa have previously faced the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, Feyenoord and Bayern Munich (Lukas Podolski grabbing a hattrick in a 4-2 win in 2008) in the showpiece fixture. Chelsea and Manchester City were considered for this summer’s game but appear to have fallen out of contention; perhaps put off by the flu outbreak which cancelled the fixture in 2009?

The Emirates outfit, although it has yet to be officially confirmed, are also scheduled to play Arsene Wenger’s former club Nagoya Grampus three days before on 23 July.

Having already announced a fixture in Jakarta against the Indonesian national team on 13/14 July it would appear that Arsenal are committing to a much lengthier tour of the Far East than on their previous two visits. Either that or the dates being mooted are subject to change…

Anyway, Arseblog News looks forward to Abou Diaby playing in a face mask before being ruled out for 2-3 weeks with that virus they have in Contagion.


Thanks to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up.

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Poor Diaby. Surely hes nearing the end of his Arsenal career. And possibly the end of his career full stop.


what’s that got to do with this post dumbass?


What a nice thing to say to another gooner, stop being an internet hooligan. I bet your’e not so tough in real life.


Obviously you didn’t bother to read the last line of the post before jumping in to attack the first commenter. Who’s the dumbass now?


did irony occur to you? obviously not.


ya right didn’t read the last section about diaby. that means there’s one more dumbass and that’s me.


Diaby has never really had an arsenal career. He instead has had an “Arsene career”. As in wenger has kept faith in him, nothing any other manager would have easily been drawn into. One wenger!

Diaby is a crock though, I feel the faith arsene has in him ever coming good is steadily wearing thin.


Yeah I agree.


Well the crock part isnt Diabys fault. He got a terrible injury from a so called ”tackle”. Which makes it more sad.


Diaby said on twitter he came off as a precautionary measure aftwer a knock, nothing serious


why not India????

Nacho Vermertesagna

Arsenal don’t want to risk any of their players catching severe diarrhea a week before the season starts.


your humour as appealing as diarrhea mate. try a bit harder, im sure you will succeed.


Because they couldn’t find a half decent side in India to play?

…And they don’t want to risk any of their players catching severe diarrhoea a week before the season starts.


Because we make ground for movies not for players. I wouldnt want them to come here unless we improve pur standards.Wouldnt want mertesacker or anyone else to play in a cattle field and get injured before the season starts.
And about organizing games in India i saw one against blackburn where junior hoilett nearly escaped a leg breaker , i still remember that players name Anas such an ass.
So unless we improve our standards i wouldnt want Arsenal to play a friendly here.

Nacho Vermertesagna

I was being serious, cunt.

Gibbs Mertcielnyjenks

You have a point.

chamakh's barber

well the british stayed there for more than a century and they turned out fine. The irony of this post is the fact that the portugese and british came to india initially for the spices.


So that you can feed rosicky all the “biryani” he can have, making him shit all over the place?….no thankyou


@R18 ah i see you are destined to be a great spurs fan, come join the dark side.


Wow. A lot of hate just for mentioning India. I don’t know what indians did to our fellow gooners. Stay classy dear gooners.

Hefty Dave

If there is money in it for Stan and the bored they will do it but you have to pay in cash up front !!!!

Hefty Dave

The Board !!!


Perhaps it’s something to do with you unnecessarily attacking the first commenter and then you mentioned going on tour in India, a country that is more known for poor hygiene than it is for football.

I want to punch tony pubis, lots and lots

Because the bcci wouldn’t let anyone take pictures, commentate on the game etc

Alex Cutter

Are you kidding?
Pinter’s parents wouldn’t even go for their son’s wedding to Sue Ellen Mischke, and they were Indian!


Because they would need permission from the All India Football Federation (the FA of India) and so far if Arsenal were to go to India it would be to play the India national football team as none of the I-League (top-tier league of India) teams are good enough to even play a friendly with Arsenal. As for the reason being because India would give our players diarrhea: That did not stop Bayern Munich from coming to India in 2011 to play the India national football team. And did not stop Munich from holding Oliver Khan’s final match of his career… Read more »


This was in reply to “rahulv”. My I-Phone messed the reply up.


Actually bayern munich played mohun bagan which was oliver kahn’s last match. I suppose if bayern can play against mohun bagan, then I guess arsenal can too.


Looking for a wider fan base, there are millions in India who are as passionate about football as cricket, if not more.

In 1977 Pele then with his team Cosmos played the same Mohun Bagan AC. The score was 2-2. Just a bit of history it doesn’t matter much now, but it is said the way indian football fans greeted that team was amazing.


The last time Bagan played a high-profile match the game ended 45 minutes into itself because the fans started throwing rocks on the field.

Bagan is not the right club to play.

Pune FC did host Blackburn Rovers in 2011 as well.


while at it they should leave diaby there to rot.would take yaya toure over glassy diaby anyday


Unfortunately we don’t have the £300k a week it would take to get yaya from the mancs.


Steady on!


Your name is ironic, no?


poll: yaya toure vs diaby

Bould's Eyeliner

yaya toure is a fantastic attacking midfielder. don’t know if he would fit into our passing game AT ALL. if you want a gigantic tank just messing up our positioning every game and whacking shots left and right, you should give wenger a call. let him know how brilliant you are.

a Gooner in Manchester

Your little Yaya would not survive that tackle.

Fans heartless like you deserve nothing.

Eric Irish gunner

Ye your real classy, why leave diaby there to rot, he does’ent want to be injured, some cunt just broke up his fucking ankle and he’s paying for it


After Swansea’s historic win, police in Wales have urged farmers to keep all sheep safely indoors tonight.


Should be a decent warm up for our new signings, Falcao, Jovetic, Schweinsteiger and a chance for Amorebieta the ‘Butcher of Bilbao’ to get his first red card.

Whaaaat whaaaat?


A thumbs down already?
Do you not know how to dream you faceless odious little turd!


I gave you a thumbs down when I saw how angry you got over the last one 😉


UndercoverMancGooner you have my respect. Go in peace.


Q: You’re trapped in a room with a Lion, Cobra snake and an sp*rs Fan. You have a gun with two bullets. What should you do?

A: Shoot the Sp*rs Fan. Twice.


I’d probably shoot myself to avoid being in the same vicinity as the sp*d twat.


I would rather to shoot the snake, let the Lion eat the sp*d and finally shoot the Lion.

Merlin's Panini

I’d tell the spud to go and stroke the kitty and play with the skipping rope, then I’d use my jet pack up to the ceiling, open the invisible hatch, fly over shite hart lane and shoot Gareth Bale in each of his legs.



Runcorn Gooner

This post was about a friendly in Japan but none of the comments are discussing
it,just arguing and various comments about India or Diaby being injured.Its all very odd.
I think it’s great that AFC are developing our brand in the Far East long may it


I really hope we beat those sp*rs cunts next sunday, that’s all that really matters.

Merlin's Panini

please. No more thumbs up or down on this comment. It’s perfect now.


Really would love if they come play a match here in Nigeria…that’ll be super awesome!!!

Hefty Dave

I would love them to play where are fan base are just so they can be booed in another continent

Hefty Dave

Christ I cant spell for crap today “Our Fan Base”


Go lie down, you’re drunk.


A lot of anger been thrown around today. Steady on Chaps. I don’t mind where we play pre season games. Long as we come back stronger and seriously challenge for the premieship next term. COYG

a Gooner in Manchester

AW does not think travelling that far is a good preparation for the new season.


Lot of odd, odd comments tonight, what on earth is wrong with everyone tonight?

Behaving like a bunch of spurs fans. It’s embarrassing.


Seeing as everyone is drifting out of topic.

I like turtles.


Fuck them, all they do is complain about Arsenal’s pre-season tour not visiting the Galapagos Islands.


Seeing as we play Kamikaze football, Japan is probably the best place for our pre-season this year.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha good one fats

[…] Read More Here: Arsenal set for second Japanese friendly […]

Big Chief from Antarctica

I hope Wenger gets his old self back in the EPL after this trip. Maybe this is where he gets his ‘mental strength’ perspective from. Would be nice.


Hey – finally a cup we can win!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Please stop fucking around asia…. The fans are all fucking gloryhunting twats…. The pitches are shite…. Weather’s shite…..they buy and supply fake kits so it does not do us any favours whatsoever whoring ourselves there. If gazidis is such a fucking boss, he should flog the Arsenal brand there without taking the team out to fucking 3rd world piss pots.

Japan is an exception tho’

USA or Russia should be our aim….


I wish Arsenal would come to Australia. Melbourne, specifically.
They’d be guaranteed a good crowd – Melbourne Victory are the best supported club in the country.

Hefty Dave

And the pie’s are great !!!

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

I’m a Japanese Gunner but I’m delighted we’re visiting Japan instead of China this Summer. But I’d rather we ditch this entire Asia tour altogether. Our poor execution of corners & poor defense of corners shows a glaring LACK OF PRACTICE. Giroud’s fluffing of relatively easy chances hints at LACK OF PRACTICE. That Toni Kroos half-volley didn’t ‘just happen’… the bloke must have practiced that thousands of times. This Summer – more than any other – we could really make do with a proper pre-season in Austria to drill the fuck out of our players so that the body “just… Read more »

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

By the way, can we stop the unnecessary in-fighting please, especially on a post which is supposed to be about Japan.

Did anyone bother to realise that this Japan Summer tour could be Wenger’s sneaky way of getting our players used to the food/atmosphere over there… in preparation for the ‘Club Word Cup’ in December for which we’ll be representing Europe after e win the Champions League in June!!!

Yes I must be smokin’ something, but a little bit more positive energy rather than the opposite would help.

Belfast Gooner

Does anyone know if the Emirates Cup is being held this year? Usually held the first week in August which would make it the fixtures after the Japan ones next summer. I think the team also is heading to Nigeria to play this summer as well


Personaly to deal with the main point of this post by the esteemed Mr Blogs, i am in full support of this idea of playing in Japan, for 1 thing it hints at the possibility of a longer pre season which i support 100% it gives our players more time to get to working speed, any new signings time to bed in, it raises the profile opf the club, gains more fans and strengthens us as a commercial entity. Possible downsides? well theres always the chance of injury but due to substitution rules in friendly games its unlikely anybody will… Read more »

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