Friday, February 23, 2024

Diary of a season: Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa

In this edition, thoughts on Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Aston Villa in the Premier League.

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Dial Square

No offence, but i got about 2 minutes in and got bored.


Then why comment?

Cyril Washbrook

Presumably in order to criticise the video for being boring.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, Dial Square’s remarks are a legitimate use of the commenting function…

Dial Square

@Bucks, if that’s your attitude, then why comment on my comment???? Smartarse..

Arsene wenger

I look at you because you comment on a comment that you wrongly think should not have been made. I personally comment coz I feel like it. You have one intention, to harm!

Dial Square

@Arsene Get off your laptop and get on the bloody training ground with the defence !!!


I don’t like these unknown brand tortilla crisps that my girlfriend bought for me, they taste like cardboard…the cheap bitch.

Dr Freud

I don’t like how you reference your girlfriend’s efforts to communicate how she does or does not care about you … unappreciative…bastard

Eric Irish gunner

Because he can


Pretty disappointed with Chezzers too. The thing is, he doesn’t have the Almunia excuse, he’s pretty confident (I’d argue arrogant) and he isn’t a bad keeper either. I really don’t know whats going on with him. He’s still my #1 keeper in future years, though an experienced hand now won’t hurt.

Also corners taken by Theo make me groan.


Yes! Why does he take corners and freekicks? Why do the others let him??
Meanwhile we have Santi’s an Mikel’s perfectly good feet doing nothing..

Gunner From Another Mother

Totally agree. Would rather have him lurking around the penalty area to maybe win a 2nd ball and have a shot

Highbury hero

I second Dial square. It’s like watching a really bad version of match of the day. The manner in which you dissect the game is mind numbing and you provide no insightful comment.


Just sitting here looking at the table with Sp*rs 1 point above us Chelsea after spending fuck knows how much 4 pts ahead of us and Man Shitty 7 points ahead of us Seriously is that what spending the likes of what Chelsea and City gets you 500 mill for fucking thursday night football and not challenging for the league or league cup, champs league and not guaranteed to win the fa cup either ? I think people are way to hard on our lot I know they aint perfect but I can see us getting a few undesirables off… Read more »

Dial Square

Couldn’t agree more, it’s shocking the money city and Chelsea have spent, yet Man Utd are taking the piss out of them. Unfortunately the media are too interested in trying to force Arsene out of the club that they seem to ignor the city and Chelsea shambles..


Chelsea are only 2 pts ahead of us today, aren’t they?

Oh! Only if we had not dropped so many unexpected points, we could have been sitting 3rd today.

Hopefully we will be there at the end of the season.

Eric Irish gunner

Your spot on mate, the gunners get grief of the media and wenger and the fucking scoursers are worse of then last season and city and chaves spend millions and their as far behind as us, with 2/3 good signings we’ll come good soon, I hope:)

chamakh's barber

CHAVSKI LOST! fantastic weekend eh? Everton lost, rvp injured,now this!
Lets hope sp*rs lose and the cunt’s injury aggravates into testicular cancer to top off a nice weekend.

Eric Irish gunner

I’m sure his kids would love to read your comment, I’m as pissed of as the next gunner that he left us for the manc cunts but to wish cancer on anyone is no joke

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Well I was kind of hoping the “El Ca$hico” would have ended in a draw… would be nice to nick City or 2nd-place = an improvement from last season.


At the end of the day, as a club we have just about finished the ‘transition period’ from Highbury to Emirates. obviously has affected all aspects of the club to be competitive with the pretty much all the other top 6 teams. Next summer and season i would imagine we see the benefits of stadium and commercial deals and sustain more of a challenge in all cup competitions. For all the moaning and bad results of the last few years, Arsene has done a job that IMO could probably not have been done better. So i say lets try and… Read more »


Chelsea dropped points today – keeping fingers crossed spuds do the same tomorrow. Could leave positions 3-5 wide open. COYG!


Arjen robben on jack – ‘I don’t know if Arsenal can keep him if they are not winning things”

After careful scrutiny it translated to “I’m a bald ex-chelsea cunt, I sit on the bench at bayern coz well……i’m a cunt!”

Arsenal Rising

Hahahahaha.. Hahahaha! Bradford are getting fuckin destroyed! Dismantled so easy. They juz standing still. When they played us there was about 3 closing down 1 player as.quick as they could! Here there just standing stil.there clueless fucks! The goalies a cunt. Baldy is a cunt . 23 n 13 r cunts. Managers a cunt. Beagrie is a cunt michu is a cunt to. M their manager is a cunt to boot… And there’s more that are cunts too. That barbados striker they got is good tho. The one who looks like he could be gibbs brother..hes ok. Cuz hes quiet.didnt… Read more »

Arsenal Rising

Ps3..? What the fuck? Goddamn predictive text. Not ps3 itv was meant to be play… He can play a bit too. But yea… Fuck you bradford. Your a disgrace to this final.wish you played like this against us but noooooo. Everyone wants a piece of us! Every one wants our scalp because they know we play the best football in england.


@Arsenal Rising. You finished now? How do ya feel?


Just watched the League Cup Final. How on Earth did we get knocked out by that pathetic bunch of Division Four shit? They managed just ONE shot on target, in the 88th minute.

It should have been us in this final. But we probably would have lost to Swansea.

Runcorn Gooner

Such anger towards a lower league team.Totally unnecessary .Full credit to them
for reaching the final.Life is too short for such vitriol.


Blah, blah, bollocks! Bradford are crap. Just shows how hopeless we are right now.

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on mate, Bradfords Final was arsenal, credit to both of them and I’d rather Swansea who play great football, win it rather than those chav cunts who they best in the semi’s

chamakh's barber

CHAVSKI LOST! fantastic weekend eh? Everton lost, rvp injured,now this! Lets hope sp*rs lose and the cunt’s injury aggravates into testicular cancer to top off a nice weekend.

Runcorn Gooner

What is happening today with such vile comments.No matter how much any one
detests a player to wish them such an illness is obscene

Arsene Wenger

I look at you not because I think you spread misinformation. Such information has only one purpose; to harm.

I LOVE Fat Walrus

C’mon West Ham, stick your boot in Gareth Bale’s lady-bullocks and take the 3 points in front of your home supporters!

Chamakh, don’t forget who’s still paying most of your inflated wages. Score a hattrick or something FFS.

(borrowed from a previous blog)
“Maroanne Chamakh
Maroanne Chamakh
He ain’t white, he ain’t black.
He comes from a country not far from Iraq
He’s got shit hair and he plays in attack.
He’s our man, Maroanne Chamakh.”


kind of boring..


we were sloppy as usual but next week is our biggest game of the season. the players, fans and the club must throw everything at spurs.

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