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Lehmann warns Gunners as PHW eyes return

Jens Lehmann thinks Arsenal have got their work cut out if they’re to progress past German giants Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Writing in his column for Sport Bild magazine, the eccentric 43-year-old outlined the challenge awaiting the Gunners on Tuesday as they prepare to take on a side rested after a couple of weeks off over the Christmas period and already leading the Bundesliga by 15 points.

“For an English team it is the worst draw to play a German team directly after the winter break.

“In addition to that Bayern has not been really challenged for once yet in the second half of their season. The only stress they have is the one at the training sessions.”

Eager not to be too downbeat though, the stalwart keeper of the ‘Invincibles’, who has recently spent time working towards his coaching badges at London Colney, did also admit that the Bavarians won’t get an easy ride against Arsene Wenger’s side.

“(Bayern coach) Jupp Heynckes will warn his players of the speed that Arsenal still can play in the offensive game, especially Theo Walcott but also more and more Lukas Podolski can be very dangerous.

“Vice-versa, Arsenal will look to stop Bayern creating their good positioning game from which they can accelerate.”

In other news Arseblog News is pleased to hear Peter Hill-Wood is on the mend. The 76-year-old suffered a heart attack before Christmas but is already eyeing a return to the Directors’ Box for the game against Aston Villa on the 23 February.

“I am really much better,” he told the Daily Star.

“I am almost fit. I am walking about and although I have a few after effects, it is nothing serious. I’m looking to go to the Aston Villa match in a couple of weeks.”

Given Arsenal’s injury record, that’s an impressive recovery from our cigar-loving chairman.

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He almost got away with it!


that’s a class compilation, my friend. thanks!


@thisisouryear – sick video there mate, got me pumped up for what is left of the season. The players need to watch that for some inspiration

this is our year

cheers, hopefully the lads will we up for it today too!


Can he play left back?


Did anyone else think after reading the title that Lehmann was warning Arsenal about PHW returning?


Use of “while” would’ve been clearer than the use of “as.”


Bloggs thinks that he is a grammar pundit and lashes out at others many times.


Blogs has a wicked sense of humour and probably did that quite deliberately!

the only sam is nelson

it really is one of life’s little mysteries that old etonian PHW seems to regard the Daily Star as the journal of record. perhaps he views it as some sort of conduit through which he can communicate with the below-stairs classes who stand at the laundry end? who knows

Midfield Corporal

I always think there must have been some link with Brian Woolnough, who I think was also an Old Etonian, although I may have made that up. You’d think he choose the Telegraph or Times, they seem more Arsenal. The Daily Star is more Liverpool I would say. Spurs are the Daily Sport.

A Yank

Is it wrong to pull for spurs in the Europa for fixture congestion and injury reasons? I mean, I feel dirty doing it, but I’d rather them beat Lyon than not have St. Totteringham’s Day this year.


It’s a ploy to get the Arsenal IT boffins to keep the web access unrestricted. After he’s checked out his article… >click, ‘Babes’, >click, ‘Sports Babes’, >click, ‘Stable Girls’. No wonder the poor bastard had a heart attack


Or he has a family member or business partner or interest in the ‘newspaper’ perhaps…


PHW needs to do the right thing and step down from Arsenal. He and his family have a long tradition with the club, but since selling all their shares and owning nothing of the club, he needs to go away as he has become an embarrassement and a deeply annoying figurehead to the real fans that cannot stomach his pompous condescending and foot-in-mouth outbursts. He means nothing to Arsenal now.


nothing is perfect in life. so stop saying u cnt find a loophole


I am quit happy with a chairman with links to the past of the club whose family has only had the best interests of Arsenal at heart.


On what basis do you presume to speak for the “real fans”? Clearly you’re having a “pompous, condescending foot-in-mouth outburst”. Nobcheese.


Seems he has a large number of people on here who agree with him judging by his thumbs up. He is saying nothing less than most people were saying a few months ago after the Agm. Phw is out of touch with fans and his thank you for taking an interest in our affairs statement was ill timed and inappropriate.
Wish the guy well but he should retire from the board.


Even larger numbers disagree but don’t let that stand in the way of your point.


Gunnerjoe. Yeah I can see that mate. I didn’t say he had the majority. That’s why I said large numbers agree with him.


And the guy didn’t deserve abuse for stating an opinion. Seems to happen a lot in here lately, that if your opinion differs from someone else’s you get called cunt or some other name by some gutless keyboard coward without the Bollox to back it up.
Not saying you did that gunnerjoe but one or two on here do and just ain’t no need for it. Disagree fine and argue the opposite view but the abuse on the other end of an Internet connection is pathetic to be honest.


Voldemort you have strong opinions but they are yours and you express them as such unlike Tom who deigned to speak on behalf of supposed “real fans” . To. Was arrogant at best and, if the latest thumb count is anything to go by, not representative. PHW had done some amazing work over the years and deserves significantly more respect than Tom’s post showed. OK, he’s an old Etonian and so inherently strange and, perhaps, alien to you and Tom as a result but he’s slogged for years for Arsenal’s best interests. He is also recovering frm a serious illness… Read more »


Tomc. Fair point about the opinions and I agree phw and his family did some good work which is why I wished the guy well but still feel his time on the board after some recent comments is up. The name was suggested by my then 15yr old daughter with a touch of irony on an Internet site that few people mention thier real names. My real name is terry. And for obvious reasons no one would post a mobile number just so the same socially inept people that would call a person a cunt for having an opinion would… Read more »


I fear that this would be one of those games arsenal gets a trashed so bad with big score lines like 6/7-nil. I cant find any sort of loopholes in byern munich.


You do realize they are human right?


And human’s probably have holes and stuff 😐


They aint that good. I think we will get a win first leg but with no recognised left back i fear they may get an away goal. Should be a cracking match though.


Regardless of Bayern’s obvious quality, all i’ll say is historically Arsenal relish playing under the “underdog” tag. I’d rather we play Munich then a team like Shaktar.

bring on the Germans

Agreed, historically Arsenal tend to play much better as ‘underdogs’.

It is the direct-opposite of the situation we faced at ‘Bradford City’ when the pressure of being overwhelming favourites to win, led to certain players (Gervinho) missing sitters from 2 yards out, and others (Cazorla + Vermalen, Chamakh wasn’t even bothered in the first place) choking from the penalty spot.

I still remember 2-1 v. Barcelona at the Emirates like it was yesterday… c’mon somebody, do an Arsehavin and make us all proud!


When it comes to finding space behind defenders and making use of positional errors, Mueller might be one of the best in the world. He’ll love nothing more than play against Vermaelen..


Here’s to hoping Bayern is a little rusty then!


We play better when we are written off.
Arsenal 5 Bayern 2


Just looked at the tv schedule at itv have cancelled corrie and the second emmerdale for the spurs game. Absolute disgrace.
Tyrone is in prison ffs



damien joyce

and robben/ribery will both be a cunter!!


Hopefully They will be complacent.

Not wanting to sound horrible, but I was hopeing Peter Hill-Wood, was going to retire.

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Just picture bayern as spurs , no reason for fear then.
P.s. I would target van buyten he is worse than our squid.

Parkhead goon

Luis Suarez has said he will walk off the pitch if he hears any racist chanting…. He’d rather be in the stands joining in.

Jordan Gooner

I a. happy with PHW links to the club. We have stability, his family only held 3% of the shares. Whilst he made a lot of money, he would not of been material inthd sale. It’s the yank I am not happy with. PHW is only a figure hesd. We should remember David Dein broghtthe yank in, then introduced the Russian for the civil war!His son Darren was the agent for sll our top players who were encouraged to leave the club,he made a lot of money, like his father who sold all his shares and made tems of millions… Read more »

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to DD. He brought Wenger adamantly and therefore instrumental to Arsenal’s succes and beautiful football in the EPL & CL. I don’t know if he had any significant role to play with Graham’s era but with Wenger Arsenal went from having a class name, reputation to also being a top brand. Yet he brought the Yank for same reasons the Chavs brought Abramovich. Financial doping, not really class and more important made his position untenable in the board. Jekyll and Hyde. The human equivalent of Arsenal playing football. You hate them… Read more »


In the end, these days PHW is just a figurehead. So your opinion about the guy is going to be based on the balance between: how much you value his presence because of the continuity he brings, against how badly his comments make you angry or cringe. Personally I’m still just about on the side of keeping him around. That may well change depending on what he says next. As far as David Dein goes, it is hard to underplay the benefits the man brought to the club over the years. The sad thing is that he must have known… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Just seen Bale miss an open goal. World class my cock!!


for the sake of arsenal’s future phw needs to make amends with dein and let him back in or even better replace him


As much as I would love to see my beloved Arsenal beat Bayern, I’m just not convinced. It’s so rare that the underdog gets through over 180 minutes and lets be honest the chavs used up a 100 years of Champions League miracles in one run last year!!!

I'd like to shit in Fergies shoe

So wish we had that crazy Krout between the sticks though

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