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Wenger wants Sagna stay

Arsene Wenger says he wants to keep Bacary Sagna after more stories linking the full back with a move away from the club this summer.

In the wake of the Bayern defeat, newspaper reports suggested that the Frenchman would be a ‘big name’ departure at the end of the season. It’s known that Arsenal have some doubts about his fitness, having suffered two broken legs, and he misses the game tomorrow with a knee injury.

But Wenger said, “He is not free in the summer so he can only leave if we let him go. Our desire is to keep him and he knows it.”

Talks are, apparently, ongoing, with a one year extension on offer from the club. Yet this is a road we’ve been down before, many times, and while it would be a good idea to at least hold him until his contract is up, circumstances might dictate a move happens once the season finishes.

It might well be Arsenal’s desire to hang on to Sagna, but if Sagna wants to leave (a distinct possibility), then we know how these things usually play out.

Wenger spoke of Sagna earlier in the week, saying, “He has criticised his own form recently but the things you never question from Bacary are his commitment, his mental attitude, his desire to win and his intelligence.”

“If he has not been playing as he would expect, it is down to his injury. It takes time to come back, and he has played through a lot of pain – in fact, he is one of the strongest players I have met when it comes to doing that.

“He’s hugely respected here, and if he’s not at the level we know he can achieve then we are tolerant because we know it’s not down to a lack of commitment. It’s just because he has come back from a long-term injury.”

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Having never broken a bone before, I can’t speak from personal experience on how this affects fitness. But I’ve always thought Sagna’s prognosis was odd given it was a set of (major) impact injuries, compared to Diaby and RVP’s muscular strains. (Diaby’s, of course, were as a result of his ankle getting mashed).


Quality+Consistency+Highworkrate while these three boxes are still ticked its a no brainer .. yeah he has had a few dodgy performances but the above boxes have been ticked for like 98% of his Arsenal career. I want him staying not only that we want more of that sort.


Not too afraid if we lose him in the summer. About the same feeling as when clichy left, we have a solid back-up.
But obviously want him to stay and fight for a spot against Jenks.


I desperately want us to keep him.
Yes, he’s had a bad season but he had 2 horrific injuries last year.

Apart from this season, he’s been a rock at the back throughout his career at Arsenal and been our Mr. consistent.
Jenkinson may have a lot of potential, but he’s far from the finished article.
Would be best for him and the club if he remains for now as an understudy to Sagna.


Im just eager to see more of him. Hope Wenger will use him more often as a sub when we`re leading comfortably. Yeah right

damien joyce

Only problem being, when Wenger says he wants a player to stay, what usually happens is this:- or this:- etc……etc…..etc….!!!! We all know how this story is going to play out now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of our CB’s to follow Sagna out the back door either. In all honesty, I’ll accept Sagna leaving because he wants more security in his last contract than one that’ll extend to 2015, we won’t take that risk on his long term fitness, (Diaby????) But, so long as we bring in a first choice top class RB and not… Read more »

jack jack jack
Dave Gooner

I’d really like Bac to stay. He is a really good asset for the club. Its worth noting that his broken legs were in our cause, and if there is to be a change in that position, Jenks or whoever will only benefit from Bac’s competition AND his advice. I’d offer him a contract that takes playing AND mentoring into account, and would make it for longer than a “one year extension”. Try to think outside the box for a moment lads… Bac is the kind of p[layer Arsenal could do with both on the pitch, and then afterwards as… Read more »


That should have been.
I’ll be absolutely shitting myself If we lose him in the summer…blah blah fuck clichy. Jenkinson is good but for now a back up is the all he can be. We should hold on to Sagna till jenko’s matured enough to take his place…

Then perhaps bring in an understudy for jenks in 2014\15 summer.

Dan Gunn



Oh dear God. Bac has been one of the best performers at right back for years. We get one season when he is not up to his usual high standards, despite things like putting in a game winning performance while playing out of position against Sunderland. The guy is fully aware he is struggling, apologetic for it, and doing everything he can to fix it. Now people are happy for him to leave? Oh yes, why the drop in form? This is the man that broke the same leg twice in less than six months and is still recovering. Finally,… Read more »


I’m sure we have some top top top quality lined up!

tariq kumar ali

We need a sackatian inna dis Arsenal natian!

tariq kumar ali

Is it cos I iz black??


Sometimes people will write something that is spelt badly, but you can work out what they intended the word to be.

However…’sackatian’? What the fuck is that?

tariq kumar ali

Oh well. Ever heard of Arsene so-called Wonga? We need to apply sackatian!


Is it some sort of skincare product?


I really dont understand what you are saying here??


Its for your undercarriage i.e the gooch


I’d be an enemy of progress to want a 30 years old man who hasn’t a medal to his name to stay with us. If he gets a better offer with another club, I will wish him all the best. He was one of the most consistent we have had over the years and now it is time to win something. Does he see it happening with us? I don’t think so and realistically with the current set-up at the club I don’t also see it happening. Time for the fans to also repay his loyalty by wishing him well… Read more »


If Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini, RVP, Toure, Nasri, Song had had the guts to hang around and work HARDER for a trophy, they would have had one by now, with Arsenal. I wouldn’t begrudge him a move but you have to think that if we could keep our best players in the way that United do then we would now have a strong, experienced and devoted squad of players. As it is we move onto the next player before they are 100% ready. Just look at Ramsey. He needs more time to be the finished article and expecting him to be… Read more »


So do you blame Sagna for letting the other guys leave? He has been here after they left and has given his all, it is time to move on and I absolutely understand his case. To be honest but for the statement RVP released, I would also have understood his position. I like Arsenal but I also understand these guys are professionals, they are workers, they have a career that barely moves beyond 20 years (if you are lucky) and thus have a different view from fans. Carragher won trophies, this man has none and he is 30! Do you… Read more »


No way is Jenks ready for first team football over a 55 game season. That’s all I’m going to say.

I want To Boff Giroud And I'm Not Even Gay

What he actually means is “we want him to stay, but as usual we are playing hardball with him, offering less money and only a one year deal”. Oddly, Sagna may feel slightly tempted to move to PSG.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Bac’s the best Rightback in the EPL and we offer him a ONE-year extension at the SAME wages (GBP60k-a-week, same as Squid/Chamack/Djourou… ’nuff said).

Ths symbolizes all that is wrong with the club. Bac couldn’t help but make public his discontent by calling the above offer ‘disrespectful’. He turned down long-term deals at both Man$hitty and Chelski at GP130k-a-week to stay at Arsenal because he is loyal.

If you serious about keeping him Wenger, please offer him the 2-3 year extension at GBP85k-a-week which is the minimum he deserves.


So let me get this straight. You expected the boss to publicly state that Sagna will be heading out in the summer?. Have some perspective please. Hasn’t it been different with the ones we’ve shipped out in the past?……NO.

A sagna stay would be welcomed by all, but he/we all feel he needs a new chapter in his career. A true Arsenal man whatever happens.


Then don’t say anything about it all then. All this we expect and want him to stay rubbish just winds people up, as there is even now people out there that actually believe some of things that are said by this club. Foolish yes but there it is.


His level went down since Theo pronounce himself a striker.
Now we gonna wait all summer for him to extend his contract and mr Wenger not gonna sing any players because if that.


I echo Wenger’s stand on Bac. We definitely need to ensure that he extends his tenure with us. In the same interview Wenger also pointed out that Bac would be playing as a centre half more often which is something which would come in handy obviously.

On a different note, I fail to understand why isn’t Bac in the opposition’s penalty area during corners and free kicks considering he is one of the best headers we have and most likely to create a nuisance value in our favour!


Every time someone like Sanga leaves we become weaker. We need players like him – experienced, professional internationals who are willing to fight. He’s a proper player.

Jenks will have his day in the future, but he’s nowhere near Sagna at the moment.


The time is now Arsen. Start working on signings right now for the summer. You MUST sign a striker capable of 25-30 goals in prem leauge You MUST sign a true D.M with decent passing, excellent tackling and good positional awareness.

You Have to.


He is leaving this summer then. Period.

Mental Strength

Sagna’s performance against Sunderland shows why we need to keep him. That’s how the real Sagna plays. Injuries have hampered his performance this season definitely. But we really need him to have a solid defense.


“Our desire is to keep him”. Heard it so many times to be bothered to have an opinion either way.
If he stays great, we have a great player. If he goes then no real surprise either is it.


We really need some consistency in the team. At the moment Sagna and Walcott are our only long-term players in the first team. We need to build up a long-serving team that is consistent and knows how to play together. That only comes with time.

Toure Motors

Can anyone seriously believe that losing sagna (even an off form Sagna) would not weaken our squad?! Focus should be keeping the likes of him and adding more options


Of course it would weaken the squad. But it hasn’t seemed to register with those that run the club over the last few years.
Expect him to leave but if he stays its a bonus. That way the disappointment will be less.

Midfield Corporal

Volders, I think this all boils down to our ridiculous pay structure once more. The club don’t see value in offering him £80-£90k a week when Jenks can be promoted on £40k (I’m guessing that figure) and his understudy on £25k even though those players aren’t ready or lack experience. Sagna will go to inter Milan and have 3 or 4 successful years picking up a couple of trophies along the way. How can the club expect to offer Sagna similar to what he’d get elsewhere when we are overpaying mediocre or injury prone players throughout our squad. We simply… Read more »


I really think we should try Sagna at CB.He was fucking brilliant against Sunderland.I have no idea whether it will be a success but its not like other CB’s are playing well.

Midfield Corporal

With the exception of Jack, I really don’t care if any of our players leave. Some of Sagnas performances (particulary Newcastle) have shown little effort recently, I hear his apologists putting it down to mental scarring from his two broken legs, although I don’t see how that affects lazy positioning or failure to track your man. Anyway if this is true then he doesn’t warrant a new contract.


Pfffftt. Worst post ever mate. You should be embarrassed by that one.

Midfield Corporal

Just to clarify, I would give him a new deal, just saying if the reasons for his poor form are down to mentally losing belief then there’s no point in keeping him, personally I think he’s just disillusioned with how the club don’t seem to value him, which is fair enough.


If we let him go in the summer it’ll prove once and for all that our club is run by fuckwits.

Play this one out. We sell him and Jenks does his cruciate first game of next season.

We need quality, experience and stability in the squad if we’re to challenge. Getting rid of players like Sagna is not the answer.


We can’t let another key player leave for a 3rd straight season, for once it would be cool if we actually improved our squad in the summer.


La-sagna …….. You see what I did there


If i’m honest, it looks like Sagna has been tapped up by PSG and is playing for a transfer. Some of the things he’s been doing this season have just looked half arsed.


That doesn’t mean i want him to leave by the way, just an impression i get from his general performances.

Midfield Corporal

It seems you can’t say anything slightly derogatory about Sagna.


You’re right, i personally didn’t think it was derogatory just the impression i get


Sagna is our best defensive player and one of the few truly world class players we have left. It would be crazy to let him go.


Fuck!!! Deja vu

robbie kahlow

He hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries and I’m afraid he’s on the way down. Right backs don’t win you the league either

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let him go. how long at the club now and still poor delievery. we put alot of emphasis on our full backs when we attack and im sorry but hes not good enough in that department. if we continue plauing the wAy we do we need better players better suited to tole their tasked with. lets start looking

Yankee Gooner

I’ve thought, this year aside, he’s always done a great job with his crosses. In the seasons just before the Dutch Skunk’s annus mirabilis, no one was there to do much with them, though.

petits handbag

Apart from Theo,has Arsene ever said he wanted a player to stay,who went onto actually stay?


Yup. Squillaci.


Sagna is going to leave in the summer. It’s pretty clear he’s sick of having to defend behind Walcott. One can hardly blame him.


i want to keep nasri, i want to keep RVp,i want to keep cecs,..have we all hear that before

Gunnin Sean

Reading a lot of comments here I see why a lot of Arsenal fans deserve d heartbreaks that have come our way in recent years as a result of our top players leaving. Here’s a dedicated and committed Arsenal player whose given is all to the club and still has much more to give and we discard himm like this? Then we say players are not loyal when we are worse off.


For me it is essential that Sagna stays, sure his form has dipped at points this season but his 6 and a bit years at Arsenal have in general been a big success, he is incredibly consistent and gives everything, he’s not the most dynamic going forward, but I must have been out the day when we were told Defenders should be great attackers? For me Sagna is the best right back in the league defensively (Zabaleta toe to toe with Sagna). It does seem that Sagna is a bit disillusioned with life at Arsenal right now, hopefully Wenger can… Read more »


I honestly think it is worth starting a petition to give Sagna a longer contract.
the guy has at least 4 good years in him and is an inspiration and example to those around him.
would be a massive and very silly loss if he goes.

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I really admire Sagna as he is a true Gunner. But I’m afraid we’ve probably seen the best of him and it may be time to part ways.
Jenks is not ready yet but if we could find a starting 11 Right Back who could insert right into our starting 11, we should get that player with Carl and young Meade being that player’s understudy. I don’t mind Bac in that role for another couple of years but if we can upgrade there with Super Quality, then I think we should.

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