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Bitter Pearce backs away from Wilshere

Arseblog News likes Roy Hodgson. We admire him not just for his often puzzled and wizened-looking owly face but for also for his intelligence. He’s a man with a brain, a chap with experience, a gent keen to put things in perspective. We also like him because he’s put that mega knobhead Stuart Pearce in his place.

You’ll remember ‘Psycho’ has been chomping at the bit to include Jack Wilshere in his England squad for this summer’s under-21 European Championship dismissing the fact that there’s a good chance it’ll knacker him out after a long season at domestic level and likely harm his chances of being in top form for England’s big boys should they qualify for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Basically, Pearce is a massive eejit. Thankfully he’s been forced by Roy to accept that Wilshere is not to be touched at the end of the season, although talking to Sky Sports the stench of his bitterness suggests he’s been playing tonsil-tennis with Stuart Robson.

“We’ve had a chat and the information was that, probably, Jack won’t be considered,” said Pearce.

“Certainly Danny Welbeck won’t be considered – they are gaining their education with the seniors.

“If you look at all the teams that have won major tournaments – the French, the Spanish – you have got to track that back to having a good experience when they are young. They go to the major tournaments with their better players.”

“I have been barking on about it for the last six years and I’ll continue to do it for the next 66 years. Hopefully someone will listen somewhere.”

No one is going to listen to you Stuart. Ever. Pipe down little man.

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robbie kahlow

Shut up Stoot Piss. Open your mouth only to receive Stewart Robson

Porno Gil

heeey leave him alone.. he went to my high school… the cunt.


Pearce be like “i want wilshere for euros”.
Bitch have a fucking seat….thanks.


In a sad way, Pierce is right. Young players should get Major tournament experience. (assuming of course the U21s IS a major Tournament).

Jack will only be 22 when he goes to the world cup next year. Does that count?


How old will he be in 66 years?


Sneh sneh sneh.

Pearce does lik a straw man argument. Even if his mentioned teams take mens squad players they don’t ever take starters. Also Spain in particular just have a larger amount of better players, obvious I know but it’s funny that correlation between having a larger number of class players and winning things isn’t it?

Oh… Mr Law’s run away again.


“Certainly Danny Welbeck won’t be considered”
“The information was that, probably, Jack won’t be considered,”
And then they ask why FA is called Fergie Association

petits handbag

And the drama surrounding them game last night….if Fergie isnt given some kind of ban the virus has spread to europe


Probably even more aggrieved than Fergie are the people at the BBC. It seems Phil McNutty had a wager on ManUre winning the tie or the cup


If Fergie had been on Mourinhos end. He would be all…….

“That was one of the most dangerous things i’ve ever seen in football, HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!”


Bearing in mind the red nosed one’s assertion that a ball being struck towards a head can kill, this is spot on.


Pearce is such a prat! I’m sure he would of liked to take John Terry to the tournament if he could get away with it.


Cunt mate, stuart will always be one. He’s probably the wife in r/ship


He just wants to win a tournament so he can look better when looking for a real job. its easier when you pick the best players from the senior team who happen to be the right age. Pearce needs to do his job and bring THROUGH talent not bring it back. Idiot.


Sanity prevails for a change with the FA!

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Good! On another good note, did you guys find Nanis red card hilarious?!


I found Mourinho’s behaviour during and after the game hilariously pathetic. Ive never seen a manager bend over and take it in the arse from Ferguson. Apologising for the goals Real scored, telling ferguson that it wasnt a red. People may say he did he to get the united job but he could be waiting years for that. Hes such a fergie lick arse! Hes a grown man. Mainly im annoyed cos of his Wenger ”voyeur” comments, but it seems Mourinho knows whos side to take for the easy life. And if u get on Fergies side and mock Wenger… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think he posted his job application up Fergusons backside….with his tongue.

Woolwich Peripatetic

You don’t watch much football if you’ve never seen another manager offer Fergie “the full bitch experience”, half the league is like that. If you can resist gouging your own eyeballs out, watch Stoke at Old Trafford, they are utterly pathetic.


Are you suggesting that Pubis might also be a weaselly, arse-licking scrote?

You amaze me.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree, the ball licking cunt


After our continuous insipid performances that red card made me realise why I love the game so much. Red all day long. Seriously, imagine the mancs’ reaction if one of ours dared to try that Kung fu shit on them? Fergies attitude is despicable and contagious to the team. It’s disgusting.


Yeah Wenger is no saint when it comes to referees but he never viciously verbally abuses them. Fergie is a bully.


Damn right, my mentally challenged friend (Pearce). Jack is different class. Stick with Henderson and Cleverly please.


He literally does not properly comprehend the meaning of his own job. Genuinely seems to misunderstand why U21 tournaments exist. Always amazes me reading his quotes.


Absolutely love this comment, it couldn’t be more correct! He genuinely doesn’t understand what his role is!


This man is a moron. Why on earth would a player go back down to the under 21’s to help win a competition that isnt important? They have grown out of that level! As someone else said, he just wants to win to cover the fact hes an awful manager. Remember him managing Man City? Blimey…that was interesting! Wilshire plays Champions League football! You think he could learn anything from an under 21 tournament?! As if Arsene Wenger and Roy Hodgson have anything to learn from you you prat. Sit back down.

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, when it comes from a guy who once tried to play David James upfront you know that what he’s saying isn’t worth listening to.

Midfield Corporal

I remember seeing Les Sealey play up front for West Ham once. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen, watching all 16 stone of him try to get near the ball. Wrighty was doubled up laughing on the pitch.


i revisited my old school, it looked weird

all the chairs were tiny, all the desks really low … it was bizarre to think that i once fitted in there … but the reality is that i have now outgrown it, and i have moved on

i’ve moved on, stuart, and so has jack, and so should you, you twat

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on he’s a fucking knob, he wants the best players for his own glory and does’ent give a fuck about the players long term health


I can’t fathom why Pearce has been put in charge of Englands young talent. You would have thought that judging ability would be a must for someone in his position. Pearce is the man who said Dennis Bergkamp was a waste of money after he had played only 6 games for Arsenal. Tool!

Eric Irish gunner

He’s a yes man


Pearce can just throat my nutsack after a 5k run.


This is the cunt who missed a pen at the Euro’s & stopped Winterburn having more caps for England. What a tosser

piers morgan

Nani’s red was deserved for intent. I just love it wen fergie goes bonkers over something, a great side for the neutral bt not so good for the refree. This has what lead to the hairdryer treatment, fergie’s temper. That is why i would choose Wenger over Ferguson always. For me Fergie will always be like Stuart Pearce, one of the WORST managers in football.


Oh my days….. \O/
Guys!, this here is the real piers morgan. I saw a tweet of his that very much resembled what he’s saying now.

Nice to meet you cunt.


Regarding intent to hurt, I’ll give benefit of doubt till the moment of contact. Nani was following the ball and may not have been aware of Arbeloa closing in on him.

But Nani cannot say that he wasn’t aware of Arbeloa from the moment his foot hit the other player’s chest. For after he makes contact, to me, he clearly pushes out with his leg. That has to be deliberate.

El Dave

Whats that I hear the lamentations of a village that has lost its carrot eating, smock wearing idiot but unfortunately those cry s go unheard as he is being bitch slapped for trying to steal Jack for the under 21’s

What a tool really under 21’s with that donkey in charge and our Jack phaa.


On a different note our kids are winning at Inter in the next gen cup thanks to a Yennaris strike

Steve of Chiang Mai

I don’t know how the selection process works…but did no one else apply to coach the England U/21s?

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I think Pearce is Jack’s pervy uncle who just wants to get him on his own and touch him in his special place

Eric Irish gunner


[…] Read More Here: Bitter Pearce backs away from Wilshere […]


Nothing better than pierce the cunt getting mega bitch slapped only stoning him to death would be greater fuck off our Jackie Wiltshire

[…] Speaking of the summer, there are the U21 European Championships (as I mentioned, no big summer distraction) and we know how much England’s U21 boss Stuart Pearce wants to bring Jack Wilshere. Thankfully, however, it looks as if common sense (from elsewhere, of course) has prevailed and after discussions with real manager Roy Hodgson, he said: […]

[…] Speaking of the summer, there are the U21 European Championships (as I mentioned, no big summer distraction) and we know how much England’s U21 boss Stuart Pearce wants to bring Jack Wilshere. Thankfully, however, it looks as if common sense (from elsewhere, of course) has prevailed and after discussions with real manager Roy Hodgson, he said: […]

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