German press speculate over Poldi summer surgery


Lukas Podolski became Germany’s third highest capped player on Friday evening when he came off the bench in Kazakhstan to make his 108th appearance for Die Mannschaft.

However, despite the impressive achievement, which saw the Arsenal man move level with ex-Spud Jurgen Klinsmann in the pecking order, speculation is mounting in the German press that Podolski might require surgery on a troublesome ankle problem. suggests that the 27-year-old could go under the knife at the end of the season with a view to once and for all overcoming an injury which he first sustained while at former club Cologne.

It’s only speculation at the moment (the report stressing that no decision has been made) but having only completed four games for the Gunners since his summer move, and with only one start to his name in the last six, it certainly looks as though he’s being treated with kid gloves.

On the plus side, our striker has played down any suggestion he wants to leave N5 again reasserting that he is happy in London both on and off the pitch.

“I want to say two things,” he told Bild (translated by Sky Sports). “Firstly, I cannot help it that clubs are interested in me. And there are always people behind the scenes who want to float something in this business.

“Secondly, any interest makes me proud because it is a recognition of my performance in London. It is unlikely [that I will leave] because, at the club and in the town, I feel really comfortable.

“As a player you have peace and quiet. I appreciate that very much. Therefore, I can honestly say: I am not preparing for any change.”

In further Poldi news, also report that Lukas is in talks with Cologne about buying a personalised box in which he can entertain friends and family, hold meetings and store an assortment of signed shirts and memorabilia. Apparently he’s ready to pay up to €150,000 a year for the ‘Poldimuseum’ overlooking the pitch at the Rhein Energie Stadium…which is nice.

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I’d rather have a fit and raring to go Podolski next season than one that could break at any moment. Give him a rest and let the subs prove their worth.


Bunch of twats these press are.

The only place podolski is going is to the corner flag (his happy place, remember?) to celebrate his many, many forthcoming Arsenal goals.


More transfer speculation for a player that isn’t playing week-in-week-out, getting seriously boring now.


I honestly think we’re cursed. No other thing, (well apart from cunt opponents : see shawcross) can possibly explain our injury misfortunes over the years.



What a waste of such a clinical finisher’s energy it is to be tasked with defensive duties that should be the jurisdiction of a left-back along with the crossing ability and pace required to whip balls into the box. Why is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger deploying his best finisher by far in a wide position where his effectiveness too is compromised? Theo Walcott has been throwing his toys out the pram in an effort to make his central role permanent, whilst Giroud is still yet to adapt the English game and is inconsistent in his performances. He’s the closest thing… Read more »

50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place

Poldi possess:
– 100% of Aguero’s ‘ruthlessness’ and ‘intelligence’ in front of goal
– 85% of Aguero’s speed
– 125% of Aguero’s power

Can’t agree more. Even had we lost Walcott we have an abundance of quality wingers (The Ox, Arshavin, Gervinho) and other guys who can fill that role when needed (Cazorla, Ramsey) and youngsters who deserve a chance (Serge Gnabry, Miyaichi).

Giroud & Poldi as Arsenal’s two ‘central strikers’ makes sense. Hope the surgery goes well, and hope Poldi’s ready to rumble in August.


Sorry, I can’t agree that Ox, Arshavin and Gervinho are high quality wingers. Ox isyoung and developing, but the others are genuinely shit.

jack jack jack

1. Poldi is a brilliant wide player and plays there for Germany. In our system it gives him the freedom to both deliver crosses and to score goals. Remember our wide right player, Theodore, is our top scorer this season. 2. Poldi is not particularly suited to playing at the centre-forward position of a 4-3-3. He doesn’t have the mobility, positioning nous or strength particular to that role (I would suggest you need two out of those three conditions) and in fact I think it would make him less effective. 3. Giroud works very well in the current team in… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

So glad I refreshed, and deleted my comment – nothing ruins a great rebuttal like saying it twice. I’d like to add though that when Giroud is playing the off-side role up front, he is marked quite extensively by the classic against-Arsenal defense of piling giant shites in the box. This has become even more noticeable since his last spell on form and it seems his frustrations are stemming from that sort of 3 on 1 physical defense. If anything, his linkup play with Podolski, has been some of the most sensational scoring moments Arsenal have witnessed this season. Without… Read more »


“Podolski can’t play, so now, steve, you think that Wenger isn’t using him properly? When he can’t even use him at all? I apologize but it seems you are stricken with short-term memory loss. At such a young age too… my condolences.” I don’t see why you would think that I or anyone else for that matter would criticize the manager for not playing someone when they are injured. Your comment is only intended to take a jab at me, which is neither interesting nor thoughtful.. My comment was obviously about the whole season, that he want given him enough… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

I apologize, my earlier comment was a bit heated towards the end, and as you say, not productive. As for Podolski playing through the middle, I still believe that him remaining on the left is the most useful position. 1) Podolski’s pace is lacking as compared to Giroud and Walcott, who are quicker on turns and straight runs. 2) As mentioned multiple times, who plays through the center is not nearly as important in Arsenal mainly because our attacking play is a combination of rotation and high-pressing possession. It is not as if Podolski has been scoring outside of the… Read more »


1. He is a brilliant wide player. He came in as a striker in Germany, at a a young age he was in no contention to challenge the already established center forwards there like klose, so the coach coach gave him a chance on the left which he took and been playing the from then on. I do agree with you that he has done a solid job on the left earning more than 100 caps. 2.While you mention his exploits with the National team you have overlooked a very relevant and crucial part of his career – His days… Read more »

jack jack jack

I personally prefer our current system, based more around an entire attacking force, than our system with van persie, which was more based around his individual brilliance. I think it’s better that we have someone like Giroud up top to provide link-up and hold-up play, and vitally that we have ruthless wide players like Podolski who can assist and add goal threat as well. Maybe Poldi could play centre-forward for us (I doubted that was the right position for van persie when Wenger first started playing him there), but regardless I think our philosophy had always involved having goal threat… Read more »


Podolski didn’t play the role of the main striker at cologne. He was a second striker who played behind a more traditional no-9. Podolski’s movement in the box is poor and his off the ball movement leaves a lot to be desired.
Arsenal’s system revolves around a frontman who has exceptional movement(For instance, RVP’s off the ball movements was exceptional and covered for his lack of strength and pace) . That makes podolski unsuitable for the role(He played striker against both Sunderland(H) and Swansea(H) and we didnt score in either of the matches)

Black Hei

Poldi plays as a 2nd striker for Cologne never as the main striker. In Arsenal’s formation, the closest thing to that is the left wing option. But then again when it comes to Arsenal, there is no fix formation, especially when attacking.

As for Huntelaar, well yeah, he is a main striker.

I will welcome Poldi on the left or as a 2nd striker, if we change our formation. I think he has done quite well for us and is a very good player.


Robert Pires was a better finisher than Henry, Bergkamp, etc. You would have had him centre-forward?


Pires did not possess the ruthlessness in from of goal like/as much as Henry. He became a legend not based on his goal scoring ability. His game was more artistic and did not focus on scoring goals and finishing off chances like a striker, his did not atleast in my opinion resemble that of a striker. And he definitely not a better finisher than Henry although one could speculate he was close.


In having Giroud as CF, we not only have a goal scorer, we also have a target man who with his great link up play creates goal scoring opportunities on either side of him. This season we have had goals from multiple players, no longer are we a one man team. I believe, Arsene Wenger has learnt his lesson from the treachery of RvP. He no longer wants to 1. rely so heavily on one goal scorer. 2. build an attack around one striker. Hence Giroud and Poldi were signed when he realised he would have to replace RvP. I… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Why write ‘Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger’? We’re all Gooners here, we know who Arséne Wenger is. It looks like you copied a fair chunk of your comment from somewhere…

For the record, I don’t really agree with anything written in the linked article.


Nice work. Well spotted.


Great spot


Unless Steve is Jenny Leigh, you’ve just been caught out mate.

It Is What It Is

Near enough 1 in 2 for Germany, mostly, from the left.
Genuine counter attacking threat – no cutting back or checking inside until the last 20 yards.
Pin point crossing – top 5 in the league.

Why would you change that?

I might be wrong, but I’d guess Podolski, Giroud and Walcott have higher collective goals and assists than any other front three or four.


Media can’t seem to digest the fact that no Arsenal player wants to leave this summer. They are floating out the question to everyone in the squad.


Pires was not better then Henry at finishing in my opinion. Although he could teach a few of the current midfielders a thing or two bout sticking the ball away.


This interlull has been intolerable. Lads, please fuck Reading up Saturday. Thanks in advance.

New Guy

Fully agreed. However I must say that as intollerable as it has been for us, it must have been even more so for supporters of teams that lost their last two league matches and saw their star player go off at halftime on Friday night…

Adam, Watford

While Poldi, from the above comments, appears not to be better off down the middle, I think he could be given more opportunity to come inside. It is unlikely to happen but in a 4-4-2 I’d like to see him as a second striker to Giroud. At least it could be used as a quick change of strategy once in a while during a game perhaps ! Anyway, I am particularly pleased to hear him confirm he is more than happy with us at Arsenal. I was always more than happy he signed last year. Next season, a fully fit… Read more »


Go gnabry, go.
Can’t wait for this lad to fully break through.

Podolski stinging left shot is already imprinted in my heart. Please stop fucking us: the arsenal you stupid press. Grrr!


A few things:

1). Have they actually said what his injury is?

2). Podolski works well in Arsenal’s system because of its flexibility. Several times he’s been able to drive into the box, and by playing off Giroud (who has great close control for a big guy), tear through defenses. Imagine if he was fully fit.

3). The media definitely seem to be looking for players who want out to promote the continual ‘Arsenal in Crisis’ story, and seem to be getting increasingly desperate when they cannot find anyone.


Poldi came with a big reputation. He has been steady at best and that is in an Arsenal team which has struggled all season. He deserves another full season before we pass judgement. What is certain is that Arsenals moderate season will finish trophyless again , eight long years.


The sooner we get Eisfield, Gnabry, Akpom and Angha ready for first team football the better. Outstanding performance tonight from the young lads.


The others(ollson, Bellerin, Harjovic, Hayden) were brilliant as well


They were indeed.


I Hate to be Mr Negative, but I have to add the proviso — against a another bunch of kids. I tend to step back from the youth/U21s a bit these days. It is so easy to get invested watching them — They are Arsenal players after all. So often we have had kids look this good, get first team games and play well, and STILL not make it. So few prospects make the jump to the First team that I have become so much more cautious about them. We have had similar feelings about every batch since ’07 🙁… Read more »

New Guy

For whatever it’s worth, my 6 year old son has decided that Poldi is his favourite player. For that reason alone I’m happy that he’s happy at arsenal. But I also rate him. I’m sure I read somewhere (probably on this site) that he only scores important goals – ones that equalise or put us ahead – where Theo is more of a flat track bully.