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Gunners focused on playing well, not Bale

Although he’s in the form of his tree-swinging, banana eating life, Arsene Wenger says his team won’t pay too much attention to Gareth Bale and will, instead, focus on their own game.

It’s no surprise, the boss has always sent his team out to first and foremost to do their own stuff, rather than trying to stop specific opponents. You may debate the rights and wrongs of it but nobody should be under any illusions that this is how he operates.

“We don’t plan for anybody,” he said at today’s press conference. “It is always the same – focus on our strengths and forget about your opponent.

“There is nobody special that you least like to face. All players have different qualities. What is important when you are a manager is that you are focused, that hasn’t changed over the last 15 years. You always make sure your team is at its best, prepares well and focuses on playing the football that we love.

“What is important before a game like that is just to focus on our game and forget all the rest.”

When asked about the quality of the Welshman, Wenger delivered a classic, withing response about a team that has never finished ahead of him in the league.

“Spurs have had all these great players,” he said. “They had Ginola before. They had … Anderton.”

At which point a tumbleweed blew across his desk at the training ground.

Anderton, indeed.

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heh, read the tags of the article …

gooner odst

I hope one day that the yellow bar on sky sports news flashes;
“Exclusive, Gareth bale tested to have 100% chimp DNA”



Diving C*nt.




“…he’s in the form of his tree-swinging, banana eating life…”
The monkey face made my day to the fullest!

Mani Kashmiri (@kanimay)

The tags! I just gave myself a hernia while laughing.


Spurs are going down


They had Justin Edinborough


And Sol Campbell


And Pat Jennings

Dr Baptiste

and William Gallas… Oh no, they’ve still got him


Season implosion for Spurs in 3,2,1

Arsene wenger

I wonder if they sing bale the “he looks like a monkey” part when it’s his birthday. Coz shit could get very very awkward….

Rectum Spectrum

haha brilliant

naija gooner

Gooner for life

White Hot Lane

What a group of despicable and ignorant trash you all are…! Especially Arseblog who I’m sure if probably nicknamed arsebleed by his acquaintance’s!

You deserve utter contempt for your animalistic references to a player that you would all piss your pants to have in your team. Fortunately I know you are part of that small mindless minority that festers within each set of supporters.

I trust some equally disgusted Gooners will also come on here and distance themselves from your knuckle dragging tribe…!


Fuck you white hot cunt
Go suck monkey balls


I take it “micko” is Latin moron?


Ask your wife she knows all about it fuck head


How old are you?


Does all that anger come from a lack of faith in your team or just a lack of brain cells In your head?


It comes from pricks like you coming on here and sticking your nose in where its not wanted. Stay on your own shitty monkey infested blogs.


do you kiss your mum with that potty mouth?


@Micko, as commited a fan as he is, failed to read the Arseblog disclaimer on abusive language…..


Apologies goons for the language but I was getting abuse from spuds in work so I went on the blogs news and guess what We had been invaded by spuds spouting the crap I was getting in work.
Apologies again


Look for a spud website or better still go hang on a tree


There was no trash talking in that piece at all! Fucking hell, you should hear what we SAY about your lot.

Besides what are you doing here? If I log on to some shitty Spurs blog, I’m expecting to see loads of even-handed opinions about Arsenal am I?!?!


LOL @ the fact that they know an Arsenal blog. I don’t even know any of ‘theirs,’ Oh well they need something I guess.
Is there anyone else who plays for them other than Bale? One man team or what!
For you Bale, we have a Jack, Santi, Theo, Arteta, Podolski, Giroud. Someone need to ask AVB how he going to stop all those, don’t they realise, Arsenal are coming to town?

Gareth Bale's Father

Oh fuck off. Even I support the gunners


He has one?


How dare you call us trash?! If you are looking for trash than you are in good company in your own backyard (Read Adebayor)

Dave Gooner

Lighten up. Here, have a banana.

49 eat that!

Watch out for the monkey in our box on Sunday because I trust him to stay on his feet as much as I trust my balls attaining an erection. The
fuckin cheat.


Arse(nal)-blog mate. The fuck’s your problem?

A good example is I saw a tottenham blog doing the combined spurs arsenal team and only 3 gunners featured. Reason: It was a spurs blog written by scum. Now if you expect tender treatment of one of your star players here. You are wrong,

Bale looks like a monkey so we will make many jokes about him every chance we get. Simple.


I hope you deleted your browser history, or disguised the Spurs blog to look like something less embarrassing, such as a German scheisse site.

petits handbag

You had no friends at school and your a disappointment to your parents I’d guess?
No offense


Green= spuds
Red= gooners

Now do one

Wenger's Titty Milk

Green with envy yes.


Wait wait wait wait wait!!! SO he isn’t actually a REAL Monkey???? The Most Talented Monkey Thant Ever Lived??????

I’m confused. My whole world is crumbling…………..

Johnny Jensen's Bender

I am indeed disgusted! A Fucking SPUD on Arseblog?!

White Hot Lane sounds like a submissive porno

Please jog on


“White hot lane” is indeed a porno flick from the early ’80’s. It starred Ozzie Ardeles and the drummer from the Bay City Rollers. Woody I think his name was…


why would a spurs fan read an arsenal blog in the first place? let alone comment? happy to say ive never even visited another team’s fan page / blog / website in my life.. surely you have better things to do? and its beyond me how you can deny bale looks like a monkey? a trip to specsavers is in order. im sure you find rooney being compared to shrek funny, or van nistelrooy / ibra being called a horse pretty funny.. no wonder you spurs fans are always depressed. guess it doesnt help that your shirt sponsor turned out… Read more »


Well said 🙂


to be fair, haven’t explicitly heard a single spud deny it yet..


Do one you prize mug.

Bale might make our bench, but no guarantee.


I’d really like to hear the “…!” punctuation in real life. So are you trailing off or shouting at the end of your sentence?

-Questions from the “knuckle-dragging tribe”


what a pathetic, disgracefulllll fan of spuds….

please go to hell, and dont ever come back! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrr…

Wenger's Titty Milk

Haha … the only white-hot thing about the “Lane” – sunshine – is our freshly gilded blade that we are about to insert into your sorry-looking baboon bums (faces) on Sunday!


But he does look like a monkey… or a shit thunde cat.. I can’t decide. COYG


You won’t be bragging anymore when, next season, Bale gone to a real team (Barca or Bayern), your crappy Spuds will be kicked out of whatever European competition they’re in at group stage and struggling at a mid-table level in the Premier League. The expression “one man team” has never been more true than with Tottenham this year. Even Arsenal’s last season with VanPersie was never near this level of dependence… Good luck next season, you’re going down, starting tomorrow? You’ll never get enough 5-2s.

[…] Read More Here: Gunners focused on playing well, not Bale […]


What kind of weed are these misguided Spud fans smoking? Even our uniform is better than theirs.They will never be better than us. Ever!


It’s not American Football, we don’t call it uniform.


My bad


I wonder when some will realize (or ‘realise’ if you prefer) that there are Gooners all around the world, including America. When an American says ‘uniform’ you know he means ‘kit’, so I’m not sure the point of your comment other than to belittle non-British Gooners who don’t use the your own terminology.


Hey mate…..we are trying here in the states….ease up. I am working on my use of the word bloke instead of dude. Fixture instead of game. Football versus soccer…and all the rest.

But the fact is, regardless of whether or not I ever master the local terms and lingo of our great friends in jolly England….the fact remains this.

We are Gunners and live and die with the Gunners…..and feel just as vitriol for the a$$bag, good-for-nothing, mouth breathing c*nts that are sp*rs.

They suck….out loud.

Straight from Charlotte NC……


naija gooner

Shite hot lane i hope you’re ready to get trashed, you spud fan


“We don’t plan for anybody,”

I have so much respect for Arsene Wenger but it’s things like this that show he’s tactically weak. When Man Utd beat us 2-1 at Old Trafford this season they put Wayne Rooney on Arteta and gave him no time and space to dictate play. That made us look very poor. It’s doing things like this, playing to opponents weaknesses and strengths that can give you the edge in tight games like the one on Sunday. This team we have currently isn’t good enough to go out and steamroller teams like the invincibles.


Yeah, I agree. Although, what Arsene says and does are two differnet things. He may well have plans for certain players…. Granted, it hasn’t looked like this is the case in some games.

With Sagna out, I guess it’ll be Jenks who shackles the monkey?

Gunnersaurus Rex

What do you expect him to do here? Just tell the entire world what his strategy would be. I did criticize Wenger’s tactics after the united game, but I still dont expect him to talk about the strategies in open interivews.


I tend to agree, I think Wenger is being pretty honest in this regard believing his system is stronger than any specific game plan, whether that is identifying the opposition’s best or worst player. Vs. Blackburn was a great example of how an opposition’s manager picked out Coquelin as a weak link and put pressure on him, especially in the air with the full back on his toes looking to run on to any knock downs; as well as doubling up on Gervinho to stop him running with the ball, knowing he was quite likely to beat one man but… Read more »


Gunnersaurus Rex, I’m very aware of that, and I wouldn’t expect him to. However, if you watch Arsenal every week (which i’m sure you do) you’ll see that Wenger has one tactic and never makes exceptions or changes the way he plays depending on opponents which I think leaves us predictable and easy to play against. Which is why we get held to draws and get beaten so often by getting frustrated and then hit on the counter attack.


Arsene says this, but actually does prepare for other teams. He doesn’t tell the players “you do this and you do that, to shackle the other team” – that’s a small club mentality if that’s all you do. What he does is say, play well and impose yourselves, then the opposition won’t have a chance (just like the best teams do, barca, etc), however he does have some flexibility and he is a brilliant reader of the game. There have been countless stories of ex-players, especially during the invincible era, where they have said that Arsene isn’t going to set… Read more »


I don’t buy the argument that Wenger says one thing and does another, it is pervasive and makes you wonder if you can believe anything the man says. However, the chances are that some things Wenger says may actually be true and most fans and pundits point out Arsenals one dimensional play. I believe the team should try to concentrate on their own performance, but no reason not to combine that with tactical changes. By using tactics the players will become more complete, better educated. So many times it looks like the players don’t know what to do and do… Read more »

Wyart Lane

The south london franchise are really showing what mugs they are.coys


Foys. Off to Stratford with you, loser. Then you can be the biggest team in East Londno, rather than North London’s 2nd team.

Midfield Corporal

Does that make you boys the Middlesex Franchise? You weren’t even a London club until 1965.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Arsenal are the first and only North London club to win the league, we were a London club well before they were.


COYS – “Come On Your Sister???”

Wart Lane

Send me a photo.


The spuds are crapping themselves when they have to check out our blog for some pointers for Sunday. Fucking spud picking wankers.


Whatever happened to the good-old-fashioned hatchet man? This is the perfect game for a Willie Young or a Peter Storey. A few meaty tackles and monkey-boy would be out of the game. Then we could see them off.

Dave Gooner

You’re right FG, they are a one monkey team.


A one monkey diving cunt team


If we win, I’ll have my meaty tackle out!

Mohd Isa

So Wenger says Arsenal have no specific plan against Bale. Hopefully it’s not true. You don’t tell your enemy how you fight.
If i’s true and Bale runs riot and Arsenal lose,Wenger has really lost theplot and shd pay the price for being tactically naive.


This is how we always play.
“nobody should be under any illusions that this is how he operates.”


Spuds signed their best player from a PG Tips advert.

Lightning Pace

And the rest of their players are about as a good as a certain fat northern comedy bloke from PG Tips adverts………

Tom Thumb

Very nearly pissed my pants when i saw the picture.Hopefully someone will hack him down early in the game and he’ll get booked for diving given his reputation.COYG

Midfield Corporal

If the Spuds play well, maybe they could win 1 or 2 Nil, but if we play well we could stick 3 or 4 past them.
I guess monkey boy will want to put on a good show in his last North London Derby.

Dave Gooner

It’ll be close. But no banana.

Come down out of that tree Gareth Bale.


Bale, according to most media opinion, is a ‘nice’ lad. Which you clearly see in the way he sportingly falls over in order to gain a decision. Or in the sporting way he mocked Jack height in the last game. That 5-2 game. Yes. 5 goals. For the Arsenal. Lovely.


Sorry “Jack’s”


When Bale dives, does he get booked for “Simian-ation”?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Arse of the Day!

Well done my friend


Ta! I’m ashamed to say I made myself chuckle. At work…..


sometimes your own jokes are the best jokes

Rectum Spectrum

Wearing monkey masks at the game and waving bananas would send out the wrong message wouldn’t it ??

White Hot Lane

So the Knuckle scrapers shine through! I stumbled onto this stinking festering pile you are all so fond of due to it being posted on the Tottenham Newsnow page. I would never actively seek out something akin to the worst toilet in scotland, (Think Trainspotting) and then realise the dive you are currently in. I won’t be back ever…! I don’t expect “Blogs” to be fair or even, (especially when I find myself in the present bog). I find it equally appalling when the low end of the spurs fans vilify Whinger as Paedo or kiddy fiddler but of course… Read more »


Do you know the difference between Chris Hoy and Chris Foy ?


” I won’t be back ever ”
Oh how we will weep 🙁

Johnny Jensen's Bender

How did you manage to knuckle your way through a thesaurus?! Congrats.

The difference between calling Wenger a paedo and us calling Bale a monkey is:
1. He looks like a fucking monkey
2. Claiming someone is a paedo because they promote youth is slanderous, disgusting and childish.
3. He runs like a fucking monkey

Enjoy your summer of swearing, cursing and crying when Apeboy swings to a better club.

Forever in our Shadow



This is what I’ve been telling you guys. Oh hang on-

*nom nom nom*

This is what I’ve been telling you guys. The guy has no tactical nous and won’t even try and contain Bale.

Oh and if he plays Ramsey out wide then you’ll see he’s lost the plot.


We don’t need no bloody plan for monkey boy. Did we have a special plan for him the last couple of games? Don’t think so. Why should we suddenly need one now? Though the last time we actually “prepared” for Sp*rs was hilarious. That time, hot lane would’ve been the perfect description for the sphincters of most of their players.

We are going to win this on Sunday, no doubt about it. COYG!


This Blog is usually filled with witty, erudite (almost spelt that aerodite whoops) people and then there is this tread…


It’s amazing what one outsider can do. Blogs should have a disclaimer stating “Anyone posting on this site is here by claiming to be a Arsenal supporter, and wishes relegation on the sp*rs”


2-1 Spurs


Dammit! Accidentally thumbed you up. Lifetime ban for me 🙁


Nah it wasn’t accidental. All done by your conscience as you know the likely outcome of Sunday’s match.

Unless our super, super, top, top quality that Wenger yammers on about finally comes to light.


I have respect for the Wenger bashers that keep going after a bad result, if Sigh had posted this after the Blackburn game it would be all thumbs up and the thread littered with references to “top, top quality”.

I’ll judge Wenger at the end of the season, or maybe the end of next season -if the rumoured “spending spree” happens (although this seems to be the case nearly every summer/January).


Same idiots that gave me 50+ thumbs down when I predicted 1-3 to Bayern appear to remain delusional as always…

pires' goatee

Nomads? Do you have a kind of greyish tinge to your skin? That suggests you haven’t seen sunlight in sometime now? Because your little shithole you call a stadium is and will always be in the shadow of arsenal and the home of football. Just bare in mind swell we’ve won the league at shite hart lane more times then you spuds.


Yes your ancestors were nomads from the woolwich swamp lands this is passed down generation to generation this generation of woolwich fans are the current nomads. I would hazard a guess that the “home” of football requires an atmosphere – not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think of woolwich. Fire up those caravans up have them nice and warm for your big day out on Sunday 🙂



Let’s see how keen you are to come here on Sunday evening…


Ok you are repeating yourself like a thick spud cunt know… Oh you are a thick spud cunt.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Would rather be a ‘nomad’ than a spud.

Have you been to Tottenham lately?

Its fucked.


“Have you been to Tottenham lately?”

No need to go. The fact that the locals go out en masse fairly regularly to try and burn the place to the ground gives you a fair idea of what it must be like.

Dave Gooner

Now, remind us. Which club tried to beg a home from the council after the Olympics? And then remind us who tried to moan WHU through the courts? At least WHU come from that end of town.

Your club is an embarrassment. Your ground is a slum.

Have a banana on your way out.


and you lot are still Nomads and always will be lol

I shall leave it at that Im bored with you idiots now one look over this thread will give you a good indication of the combined IQ of woolwich fans what a bunch of pathetic cretins you lot are…

look forward to smashing your team on the pitch come Sunday Bale hat trick is in the stars…

toodles my woolwich nomadic friends…



Cunt, I think you’ll find a nomad moves more than once every hundred years.

Back to the shit end of north london with you.

We always have been and always will be massively superior to you in every way.

Midfield Corporal

I do feel sorry for Spurs fans, imagine how you’d feel if some hansome bloke moved in next door to you, then your missus moved in with him. Then to make matters worse you had to listen to them shagging all the time, all the while you’re watching old holiday videos of the two of you together just to stop yourself facing the hell that is everyday life.
Just remind me how many titles that shower have won again?


Forever in our shadow.


Are monkey chants against Bale considered racist?

Scott Parker has monkey-shit on his balls

For fucks sake! Those shiite fart scumbags realised their own pathetic blog is devoid of any form of ‘wit’ or ‘banter’ so they had to spy on Arseblog looking for clues.

Wipe that ‘pre-come’ off your snap-pea-sized dicks and face the reality that the Spuds team collectively could form a fucking CIRCUS (monkey-chimp, $bayor, “I-try-to-look-retarded-when-I-run” Lennon, dewarf-foe, “I-have-monkey-AIDS” Parker… etc) and will NEVER be bette rthan Arsenal, no matter the score on Sunday.

FOYS! “You’re just a shit-team next to Arsenal”

COYG! “Class is permanent”.


Class I’m fucking pissing myself laughing thanks for that mate. 🙂

pires' goatee

Would rather look likened a monkey than play for the spuds, oh wait

Gareth bale

Look it’s not my fault mummy got frisky when she was babysitting bubbles for Michael Jackson. Not to worry anyway boyos I’ll be Anonymous come Sunday just like most big games


What are Spurs trying to prove? Even if they do finish ahead of us this season will it really change anything?

This sort of thinking is born from desperation and childish need. The debt of the stadium is the only thing holding us back but ones thats pay off what do we have to fear?

They dont have the history, the fan base, the wealth, stadium and the style of football we do.


With Arsene on this stuff bale. Jack is going to boss this game!!!


People are singling out Bale as the player to watch, but Dembele, IMO, is there Wilshere. He drives play forward. In November they had Huddlestone start FFS. This time they have Holtby too. As long as we close them down when they have possession (I think Tim or Arse mentioned it) we will get a good result.

Eric Irish gunner

Wenger is right, fuck bale, fuck Tottenham and play our own game

Mohd Isa

When a new guy takes ove a club which has lost 5 games in a row what does he do?First he will make he team hard to beat by whatever means.Now you contrast that with Wenger.
In his eleven games aginst Red Faced,he has lost 9 times and won only once,a very depressing stat.He played in the same style and right into the rf ‘s plan.
As for Bale,I don’t know if he will be given the freedom of the ES.If it is rest assured he will be unplayable and play a blinder and if Arsenal lose,blame Wenger.


You follow MU so F off with your idiotic nonsense.


Weirdly, I’ve kinda enjoyed having the spuds on here today. Far better to have a shared target, rather than us all getting at each other and thumbing each other down.

Actually, can I just make the point that I haven’t ever thumbed anyone down at any point. Each to their own opinion and all that….


You guys couldn’t even beat a team like Bayern Munich, from the overrated Bundesliga. How do you expect to beat a top EPL team like Spurs then?


WE are a top ‘EPL’ team. Spurs are not. Know your facts before voicing your worthless opinions.


5-2 twice


What planet do these guys live on?
Over rated? Bayern? Just shows how little they know about playing top European teams.

King of the Middlesex jungle.

I’ve reached the top and had to stop, and that’s what’s botherin’ me. I wanna be a man, man-cub, and stroll right in to town…


ahaha cause of your comment iv spend half an hour looking up jungle book songs and had a great time doing it 😉

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Cliff Holdorff

I’m 100% for saying no to racism but is it wrong to be species-cist?

Here we come.

Can’t be easy, walkin’ down the street, and get the funniest looks from, everyone you meet. We should be too busy singin’, to put anybody down.


their stadium shit fart lane stinks lives up to the expectations of the name though


I know I will get thumbs down for this but… Its distasteful to me, if à black player can’t be called a monkey(or a synonym) then the same should apply to all players. Its a question of equal treatment..
Also as ex- season ticket holder , this does nothing to calm the yobbish atmosphere which the club is discouraging..
btw I am black.. to me this is wrong, we are better than this, just so everyone knows not every gooner agrees..


@meletious-you are completely missing the point about Bale.
Firstly,he looks like the PG Tips chimp,or a piss-poor extra from ‘planet of the apes’.Secondly,he’s a cheating cunt that plays for the scum from Enfield, & is therefore fair game for any abuse we decide to throw at him.You deserve thumbs down for attempting to bring any racist argument into it,and posting ‘btw I’m black’ matters not a jot.
Fuck sp#rs,& especially fuck the diving monkey child.


So based on what u said..its ok to abuse someone based on looks , which is wrong thing to do in itself.
Atleast thats not what I teach my kids.
You get thumbs down from me for putting football above moral values which I think Arsenal stands for.
I hope not many think like you for the clubs sake..otherwise we are no diff from others.
Me stating `I am black` does matter to make sure others understand where I am coming from. If you choose to ignore it its your choice

[…] The first picture below comes from the Arsenal reddit page and the second is from the Arseblog News site. […]

Naija Gunner


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