Thursday, July 7, 2022

Report: Bayern Munich 0-2 Arsenal

Arsenal scared the crap out of Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena tonight, winning 2-0 and restoring some pride after what has been a difficult few weeks.

Arsene Wenger started with Lukas Fabianski in goal, Tomas Rosicky replaced the injured Jack Wilshere, while Laurent Koscielny came in for dropped captain Thomas Vermaelen.

Olivier Giroud had called on Arsenal to get an early goal and the Frenchman obliged himself in the 4th minute. Santi Cazorla played it to Ramsey who made a great run into midfield, he put it inside to Rosicky, he played in Walcott on the right had side of the Bayern box who fizzed it across the 6 yard box and Giroud was there to slam it into the net from close range. 0-1.

The home side probed for an equaliser, Arsenal pressed them well and defended heartily in the opening quarter, forcing the Germans backwards. The conditions didn’t help either team and players from both sides were slipping on a very difficult pitch.

Bayern were restricted to putting in crosses which Fabianski dealt with easily, or shooting from distance but none troubled the keeper. The pressure grew though, and Arteta nearly cost Arsenal when he gave the ball away just outside the box, but Kroos’s shot was straight at Fabianski.

Carl Jenkinson showed some early season form when snuffing out Robben brilliant when the home side broke up field, and Arsenal found it more difficult to keep the ball when they did get hold of it.

Lukas Fabianski put Mertesacker under pressure with a short pass allowing Bayern to put pressure on, which resulted in a Muller shot into the side netting. Theo Walcott then almost found Giroud at the back post with a fine ball across goal, before Kieran Gibbs saved a certain goal heading out for a corner with two players coming in at the back post.

Arsenal should have had a number of free kicks, one on Giroud was in a very decent position but the ref waved play on, and Gibbs picked up a booking for nothing at all on Robben as the Gunners took the one goal lead into the half-time break.

Bayern came out strongly in the second half and slack play from Theo Walcott provided Arjen Robben with a chance to shoot just wide, before Toni Kroos shot not too far wide from 25 yards. Koscielny was forced to concede a corner after the referee again ignored a clear foul on Giroud, and Mertesacker whacked a dangerous looking Lahm cross away from the 6 yard box.

At the other end Arsenal struggled with Olivier Giroud shooting miles over from 35 yards before Walcott was wrongly given offside when put through by Rosicky. The Germans continued to press with Muller most active, firing in a low cross which went straight under Fabianski and a shot from the edge of the box which the keeper saved easily.

Tomas Rosicky picked up a yellow card for a clever foul on Robben, before Luis Gustavo found space to curl a left footed shot just wide of Fabianski’s far post. Toni Kroos then had another effort which he screwed wide as the game began to open up a little bit.

Robben then had Bayern’s best chance of the game, put clean through with a one-two and with just Fabianski to beat his toe-poked shot was saved by the recalled Pole. From the resulting corner Kieran Gibbs made a great block to prevent a goal.

Arsenal brought on Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho for Walcott and Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud almost found Cazorla in the box but the ridiculously slippy pitch put paid to that. And moments later Gervinho showed good skill to combine with Cazorla, turned into the box, poked it towards goal on the stretch and it rolled just past the far post with no Arsenal player following it in.

Lukas Fabianski’s fine return to the side was capped with an excellent save from Muller and when Laurent Koscielny headed home from a corner Arsenal dared to dream at 2-0 up. Bayern looked rattled, causing a schoolyard scramble after the goal at Arsenal’s impudence.

In the end though the Germans hung on and go through but it was a great effort by the lads, and they more than deserved the win on the night.

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i love jenks


good game lads, Jenks was good, Fabianski had a pretty good game with some nice saves.

A Twat With a Keyboard

Yes he is did. However, his distribution left much to be desired. I would still play Szczesny and get him some decent experienced cover in the summer.


However Fab is a Polish international.

I say keep him as competition.


although there was the lack of chances created and midfield problems the back 5 defended well. it proves defenders can win us games as much as attackers. if they were as good as at home, we wouldn’t need to climb up mount fuji.

IMO, fabianski deserves a couple more games but its unfortunate that these days every game seems crucial.


thing is, Szcz’s distribution is the worst part of his game, imo


plus blogs is wrong here:
Lukas Fabianski put Mertesacker under pressure with a short pass allowing Bayern to put pressure on, which resulted in a Muller shot into the side netting.
Fabs saved it in the replays

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Yet again, our inexplicable tendency to play with fight and desire when our backs are well and truly against the wall. INEXPLICABLE.

Ramsey had too many misplaced passes today. Given we won 0-2, it was the perfect champions league away performance, the home side dominated but we hit them with our few chances.
Unfortunately, we lack the necessary quality up front to hold the ball and score goals.

Are you really knocking Ramsey? Just fuck off. Arteta was the one you should be blaming. Ramsey actually played very well. Shameful refereeing performance. Otherwise, that was something to be proud of.


Arteta went full retard. Never go full retard.

A Yank

What game were you watching? Ramsey was terrible. Rosicky to. They both gave away the ball way too much and too easily.

Team was massive tonight, but when Gervinho came in for Ramsey we suddenly were able to keep possession around the box and generate some actual threats around goal. That wasn’t a coincidence.

Jim jimminy

So gervinho is today’s hero? Duly noted.

A Yank

Didn’t say that. Jenks and Fabianski were our two best players. But we stopped giving away the ball so cheaply when Ramsey went out. I realize that doesn’t fit with the ‘Gervinho is terrible’ and ‘Ramsey is awesome’ narratives so ingrained around here, but it was pretty obvious to even my neutral friends watching with me that Ramsey was killing us. Rosicky wasn’t great either (and I’ve been amongst the folks clamoring him to get more playing time). Massively proud of the way the team played tonight. By itself a 2-0 away win in Munich is awesome. But I’m not… Read more »


Agreed, Arteta made some silly misstakes, and looked abit rusty in the passing. Don’t think the deep role he has been playing this season suits him that well, looked way more comfort in the balance role he played last season.


Let’s be honest, our three starting central midfielders were all poor today. The game ended 0-2 because of one good break early, one crazy header late, and a great performance from the back four and Fabianski. In between the goals Arsenal really couldn’t keep the ball or put together any good passing sequences.

Bould's Eyeliner

so in all of your match analyses did you guys remember that Bayern also has a top class midfield, with players equal or better than ours? It’s not like anyone wasn’t going to get robbed in the midfield today – including the Bayern side. Fair share of possession on both sides, fair share of attacks on both sides, yet we won 2-0? I think the midfield deserves a little more credit than all of you are saying… Of course the back 4 put in a tremendous effort, but why do you think Walcott was subbed and Rosicky not? He was… Read more »


not bad…

just not enough…

like gunnerwolf said… bittersweet victory…


We scored 2 v a team that has conceded 10 in 25 games!!


…and played stopped their 2 strikers who have scored a shit load of goals between them over the course of a year.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

how do people not think Ramsey was poor. Even Cazorla misplaced passes yest. We didn’t play at our best and we didn’t get at them. It was what you’d expect in away champs lg match. But when your 3-1 down and need 3 goals, you need to comprehensively be the better team. Which we were not on the night and not in the tie.

I think the problem is, is that Ramsey is getting targeted (again) The whole midfield played off key. There is no need to focus on individual performances after a result like yesterdays. Cazorla and Rosiky were less involved than Ramsey so the moral of the story is, a team one.


We needed 2 goals and Wenger takes off Walcott, and leaves on Rosicky ? The man is a complete fool. Anyway, Bayern played in 2nd gear – they knew we did not have the class to score 3 goals. We had 2 attempts on goal, and scored both. So the chance to win a trophy has ended, no one will convince me that finishing 4th place is like winning a trophy. I’ll be back in August for the new season, where groundhog day will start all over again. To summarize this season: 24 points behind Man Utd in the Premiership… Read more »


Oh fuck off with your negativity you tool.


What exactly is there to be positive about ?

i repeat, To summarize this season:

24 points behind Man Utd in the Premiership

Humiliated by Bradford in League Cup

Humiliated by Blackburn at home in the FA Cup

Spanked by Bayern at home in the Champions League

gooner for life

just take the hint BALLS and fuck off, no one wants you here.


Like I said, I’ll be back in August to give my expert opinion and analysis.

Im sure you can’t wait !!


You’ll be back in August? Great, see you then. Please don’t come back before then.

jack jack jack

Spanked by Bayern in the Champions League? We only lost on away goals to one of the two or three best teams in the world. Go fuck yourself.


Getting beat, at home 3-1, by any team, is a spanking


Spanked by Bayern at home in the Champions League


If getting beat by a two-goal margin at home is the definition of getting “spanked,” then we just spanked Bayern Munich tonight.

It’s funny that you leave that out rather conveniently in your comments, just like you leave out anything positive in any of your comments. When you flog the same horse over and over again, no matter the evidence, you lose credibility.

You’re a broken record.


Bayern spanked us 3-1, at home. That is a fact.

Bayern played in 2nd gear tonight and still have 20 attempts on goal. That is a fact.

Arsenal had 2 attempts on goal and scored both. That is a fact

I rest my case.


Arsenal had 2 attempts on goal and scored both. That is a fact


Except that when teams do that to us, and we lose, you say that we’re total shit and deserved to lose.

So, help me out here, balls, which is it? Is it only a disgrace when Arsenal do it? Yeah, it looks that way, you utter fool.

The way you ‘give credit’ for performances is selective.


You obviously dont read my posts correctly.

I hardly ever praise the team/manager/owner, because this season has been a complete disaster and they are wholly to blame.

I repeat my early comment……

To summarize this season:

24 points behind Man Utd in the Premiership

Humiliated by Bradford in League Cup

Humiliated by Blackburn at home in the FA Cup

Spanked by Bayern at home in the Champions League

It is you who is the ”fool”, if you can not see these facts.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Please keep your word and fuck off swiftly.


What’s your issue with Rosicky? He looked a little rusty at times, but was the engine pressing us upfield.


Rosicky was absoulute shit

He couldn’t control or pass the ball the entire game


See, the thing is, you don’t have to always boil an individual’s performance down into “absolute shit” or “brilliant.” There’s an in-between place, see. That’s where interesting analysis comes from. Not hyperbole.


You moan after a loss, you moan after a win. Perhaps postpone it to like two three days after coz right now you’re coming off as a bit of a cunt thankyou.



Analysis is well and truly beyond SIR BALLS. He has one message, and like any half-wit, is unable to improvise.

I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t also just a complete dick about his myopia.

Podolski Sklep

Sir Balls, your ability to form coherent opinions is ‘absoulute’ shit. Fuck off back up the seven sisters road and back to masturbating furiously over pictures of Gareth Bale photoshopped into a PG Tips ad.


You guys obviously worship Kronke and Wenger.

Take off your rose tinted glasses and see the real world.




Oh my days, how can you be so negative after that.

He took of Walcott because he wasn’t playing! Rosicky was brilliant, Ox was good when he came on and Gervinho almost won us the game!

Gunner From Another Mother

Indeed. Without Rosicky we would have been creating far less opportunities. And Walcott is far from the type of player who can create goals all on his own. In fact none of our forwards are really capable of creating many chances for themselves. Wenger knew we needed our midfield doing the work if we were to somehow win this tie.


Walcott is always dangerous

Rosicky was the worst Arsenal player on the pitch


No-one was bad, but i’d say Giroud was the worst, followed by Arteta.


Giroud is becoming more and more like Bentner.

Arteta is getting old and has no pace


Everyone is getting older. That’s what living means.


jack jack jack

Balls at first I thought you were just a troll, a spud behind enemy lines coming on here to ruffle a few feathers and generally make a nuisance of yourself. I am now convinced that you actually just have the IQ of a gnat.

gooner odst

Walcott was resorting to his old ways of blaming everyone but himself for mistakes and being anonymous in the game.

Ox came on and stuck to the right side, didn’t he win the corner that we got the goal from? Now if Theo was doing that while mixing it up ALL GAME maybe he wouldn’t have been taken off.


How can people not see the uselessness of giroud? It baffles me. The poor guy can’t move with the ball @ all, makes poor decisions when he’s not in the area and does that annoying thing were, instead of going for d ball you jst keep running ahead. It doesn’t mean he’s completely useless, jst nt arsenal material. I repeat any fool can score playing for arsenal.


walcott wasnt playing that well, and gervinho and chamberlain played really well you tosser


Walcott creates problems for defences

The subs were brought on too late, as per usual


its yor type that makes people think nigerians are retards.


you are really starting to bug me. cheer the fuck up for once


We won the match today, but we are out of the competition coz me got spanked 3-1 at home. How can I be cheerful ?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Maybe try the ol’ Prince trick?

Have a couple ribs removed (I can help with that) then thoroughly and sloppily give some self love.

You deserve it.

Mikel Artekkers

Does Bale employ you to feed him his bananas too?


Bale has been a class player this season.

Arsenal also had class players over the years, before Wenger sold them all and bought shit.

Mikel Artekkers

Confirmed for moron with no reading comprehension and/or Sp*rs bias. Conclusion: cunt.


If you think that Bale is not a class player, then you are ”the cunt”

If Bale transferred to Arsenal , you would be the first to buy a shirt with his name on the back.

Poliver Girolski

thank god Sir balls, we don’t have to listen to your negative shite for the rest of the season!!

Anyways I am really pleased with our performance, shame ze Germans came to fall over rather than play football.

Kos and Fab have given Wenger a head ache with selection I think both of them should be rewarded with some more games. Hopefully we can take alot of from this game and carry it on for the rest of the season!!


Im sure you will go to watch the bus parade in May.

Winning the 4th place trophy and the best balance sheet trophy is wonderful

Poliver Girolski

Balls I will watch Arsenal where ever are they are, or how ever far down the table we are. Not all of us are fickle fans like yourself. I am guessing you became a fan during the invincible era and have not been through the early 90’s where we also went through a 7 season spell with out winning much. End of the day a fan follows his team no matter the results, maybe you should go support the spuds or what ever other team is the flavour of the month as I am getting bored of giving you the… Read more »


It doesnt matter how long you have been a fan.

One things for sure though, if all the Arsenal fans were like you, then we would have no chance of winning a trophy.

Poliver Girolski

Balls I agree, it does not matter one bit how long a person is a fan, I speaking from an experience point of view. Arsenal have been in this dry spell before, and football is like a tide, it ebbs and flows. We may not be at our strongest at this moment in time but things will change and we will win trophies again. It does no good calling out the manager, bad mouthing players etc etc. Yes come the end of season you can take your small moral victory that yes you may be correct stating the obvious that… Read more »


Arsenal will never win the Premiership again with Kronke and Wenger. Why? Kronke will never spend vast sums on players – he is in it soley for the profit. Wenger has spent over £100 million on player purchases over the past 18 months, and most have been bad signings. Wenger is not a good manager, his motivational skills are poor , his tactics are poor. You are making a bold statement that our british players will be world class. The Man utd boys have been there and won it all. They are world class ! I will never change my… Read more »


Signings since 11/12

Podolski – Good Signing
Cazorla – Brilliant Signing
Monreal – Great Signing
Jenkinson on a free – Outstanding Signing
The Ox – Great Signing
Arteta – Great Signing
Mertesacker – Good Signing
Eisfeld – Great Signing

Giroud/Gervinho – Average
Santos/Young – Bad Signing

Johnny Jensen's Bender

You Sir are a TWAT.

Go fuck yourself with your black scarf


My scarf is red and white, and always will be

Johnny Jensen's Bender


Arsene Wenger

Sir Balls, the only red on your scarf is blood from your permanently chafed arsehole which lacks top, top quality.


Welcome fucking back Rosicky! Maybe my favorite player.


Rosicky is well past it, but knowing Wenger , he’ll give him a new 5 year contract

jack jack jack

Been my favourite since Cesc. A classy, passionate, footballer’s footballer.


1) How on earth can you describe a player who always puts in a full shift at 110% when called upon, makes opposing players looks like amateurs and who the rest of the squad should be taking passing lessons off as “past it”?

2) Wenger’s *never* given a long contract to anyone over 30 and one thing we can be sure of about Wenger is that he isn’t going to change his policies. Especially not merely to justify the mindless witterings of an utter twat on an internet forum.


We need more Rosickys.

Eric Irish gunner

Walcott done fuck all, nobody gave us chance before game including me, give them abit of credit and take the positives


Sir balls, what is wrong with you. You are a proper negative c…. Oh I Can’t be arsed. Suffice to say I agree with everyone else on here re your comments. Have you ever considered smiling? You are pretty much everything that is wrong with modern day football fans. If you think you can do a better job than Wenger… Prove it. Get a job in management and succeed , I’m pretty sure your charges would be gibbering wrecks in no time. You certainly seem to rub most people up the wrong way. Myself very Much included. On a positive… Read more »


Over the last 8 years, Wenger has been paid over £50 million , and has won nothing.

Do you think that is doing a good job ?


Wenger has earnt us at least 3 times that from getting us into the champions league on every one of those 8 years.


That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.


That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Yeah, Arsenal’s were so shit today that put two past a team that have conceded half a goal all season.

You fucking goon.


”finishing 4th is like winning a trophy”

thats the stupidest thing i have heard


Back next year? Do you not think there’s a chance you’ll have grown up and stopped jealously hanging around your superior neighbours by then?


Blogs, any way you could ban Sir Balls from this site ?

Poliver Girolski

I second this motion


Get rid of the village idiot? Never! It’s fun responding to his absurd predictability. I think SIR BALLS might actually be a computer program.


It distracts from serious analytical comments though. Scrolling down to the comments page you would expect to read something on eg whether Rosicky should be brought back into the starting XI for the run-in based on tonight. Instead, the first 100 posts are essentially abuse aimed at a spurs fan who is making an incredible commitment in trolling Arsenal fans. This fucker has made the first comment on a match report innumerable times and takes the time to respond to everybody. After that you have a paucity of replies and thumbs up/downs to people who want their (mostly intelligent) opinions… Read more »


You are what’s wrong with the modern day ability of every fuck to have an opinion about any old fucking shit and be guaranteed that everyone else has to at least flicker a glance in the direction of your stupid, juvenile crap hole mind. I could blame the Internet, but being sensible, blame your retardness instead.


I hope Sir balls isnt saying Rosicky is a complete fool? I would fly to wherever you are and smack the shite of you if thats the case. But to be fair, Wenger should take this out of the game today: YOU DONT HAVE TO RUN YOUR FIRST 11 INTO THE GROUND FOR 95% OF THE SEASON AND MAKE CHANGES WHEN THEY BREAK DOWN. You have a very large squad, with a whole heap of talent on the bench. Competition for places = competitive arsenal football team. No competition for places/ worrying about upsetting people with new transfers = complacency… Read more »

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

I don’t even read what you have to say, from reading this everyday I know you are just a Spud in disguise, and you write shit. I automatically thumb you down. Wanker.


Back in August? How about August in the year 2088? If you are still around then.

Another Yank

Internet rule #1, don’t feed the trolls.


I think Sir Balls has had it for the rest of the season. He has Gallas’d himself.

Please fix the advertising hoarding behind you, Please!

gooner for life

Very proud of lads respect to each and everyone of them

Arsene's Nose

Can only think of what would have been if JW10 had played… Really proud of the boys bar walcott

Arsenal till the death of me!!

Satnam Singh

Every player played for each other.
Walcott are you so thick that you don’t know its a team game ,
it isn’t about you , you shit of a brain player .
i hate everything about you ,


proud to be a gunner we totally fucked bayern without WILSHERE


Gibbs was immense too


Gibbs was immense too.

wengers furrowed brows

Giroud is a petulant fuck with no footballing brains!!

His 40 yards attempt and failure to pass the ball to Santi but trying to go for hollywood kicks was criminal under tonight’s circumstances…


Carl Arsenal Jenkinson ran all the way from right back to put Robben under pressure and force him into having a rush shot. That was my moment of the match, true arsenal fan this jenkinson and MOTM tonight!


The Jenks moment was cool, but the ultimate for me was Koscielny or 75 minutes.

Forced to come out to defend on the left, perfectly timed -don’t fuck with me- sliding tackle (that may be the only time we touched a Bayern player without the ref blowing). Gets up, chases down the ball, stops it dead on the line, and casually plays it clear.

Reminds me how much we have missed him.


You guys are both spot on. Great defensive effort all round.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree, Robben even went to the right wing at one stage because he was getting fuck all on the left of Jenks


and duly got absolutely mullered by Gibbs 🙂

Arsene's Nose

This game says it all about this Arsenal team… We are good when we decide to play…but not just there yet

Really proud of the boys

Redcurrant Wonder

I love him more.

True Gooner on the post match interview – putting Geoff Shreeves back in his box focus on the positives, not the negatives. Players like Jenks, who looked genuinely close to tears when applauding the travelling fans, need to remind us all why support the club.

I’m sick of the haters like Myles Palmer at ANR. Fuck him and all his mates too.

Love Jenks, Love the spirit, Love the Gunners.


You know what’s sad? The fact that this forum has turned into a pantomime, led by a Spud. Blogs, please ban Sir Balls and allow us to have some discussion and opinion about Arsenal Football Club, rather than pandering to that prick all the time.


bent ref.

Jim jimminy

Even by champions lg standards he was woeful. Just terrible. Not one redeeming feature.

With the glamour and prestige that goes with the champoons lg you would think uefa might spend some of their bribe money on educating referees to an equal ability, that follow and apply the same rules consistently.

Mikel Artekkers

This so much. I’m not surprised by the often bent nature of the refs, goes along with the bent nature of UEFA and their chief bender Platini, but could they at least not get the refs to all ref the same? The disparity is a shambles in the UCL at the moment, each ref does what he likes (partially dependent on the country they come from), and isn’t the point in rules to try and create some uniformity?


No, its to avoid chaos.

The ref was real shit tho…think maybe the worst ive seen this whole season.

Mikel Artekkers

If they wanted to avoid chaos, they could just tell the ref “book players as you see fit.” The point in giving players and refs rules to abide by is to ensure that all know what to expect going into the game. The erratic nature of UCL refereeing goes against that at the moment.


not the first, and wont be the last.


It was painfully obvious that Theo was onside for that break in real time. I was also annoyed that only three minutes were added on after Mandzukic pretended to be hurt for roughly thirty in the second half.


With the amount of bookings, free kicks, corners, substitutes there should have been 4 or 5 mins of stoppage time really.


So, you think he was on a bonus if he managed to book the whole Arsenal team?


It was painfully obvious that Theo was onside for that break in real time. I was also annoyed that only three minutes were added on after Mandzukic pretended to be hurt for thirty in the second half.


Honestly, I don’t think he was competent enough to manage a game well enough to be bent.


Honestly? I’m fucking proud to be a gooner right now. 2-0 against one of the best teams in the world. If wenger could get a goddamn first half performance (first leg) out of this team, sky’s the limit. Great game, made Bayern look schoolyard.
Side note: I fucking hate Robben.


One of the best teams in the world…. well well, don`t forget we are one of them too!

In the last 3-4 years: Lost a final to Inter. The very next year won 1-0 away at Inter only to bottle the away leg having been in advantage, to an Inter which went on to lose 5-2 at home to Schalke the next leg. Last year bottled the final to a mediocre Chelsea.

We were close today to take advantage once again of this most prominent feature of this Bayern team, if it wasn`t for this piece of shit ref!


Great effort. I haven’t seen us that organised in years. We deserved more.


Yes we did.

A Yank

Well done. Won 2-0 in Munich with a less than first choice XI. Jenks and Fabianki were excellent.


A bit of pride. All we ask for lads – game in, game out.


Except for some sloppy passes, and a Walcott that looked completely out of it, the whole team was excellent.
Fabianski really impressed me, best Arsenal goalkeeper performance in a good while now.


Strange how Walcott always takes a beating but giroud who was terrible again today gets away with it.
Had we had a better front line we could have won tonight.


Funny how they both get berated when one got a goal and the other an assist.

Bould's Eyeliner

Giroud also does more useful things than just sit about the goal. Walcott is useless except for providing goals from the right or on the break. Giroud defends well – but how do u hold up a ball in the offensive third if the ref gives away free kicks for jumping next to a German? I saw a guy walk backwards into Arteta, fall, and get a free kick today. And even when Arsenal was fouled, he gave a free kick to stop the advantage break… Nobody in the final third or midfield was awful today, except for Walcott. Limited… Read more »


Not happy with Mikel Arteta he wasted a dangerous free kick and caused a foul that wasted our remaining time.

But the team peformance was brilliant especially defensively i am proud of them.


But the hair!

Arteta tired in the second half, most of the team did and it’s difficult not to purposefully foul Robben at the best of times.


Fuck me we played as a team tonight

arsenal south africa

Beautiful arsenal beautiful.. Left me in tears after the second goal.. Great performance.. Hold your heads up high.. Love this team.. COYG!!!


Еven if he scored two own goals, Jenkinson would still be my MOTM!

petits handbag

Sorry my shout has to go to Kos…what a difference he made.
Has to be said Wenger made the right calls tonight,pumped the air when Theo came off. When your selected right wing… generally spend more time there than in the box. The Ox was back tonight. Replace him with Theo for the weekend and leave it at that


Couldn’t agree more. Swansea is going to pay for this effort this weekend and Wenger looks like he is ready to sub if you ain’t performing. Bring it.


Well that was…. solid. I’ve not used that word to describe Arsenal in quite some time.


Robben seemed to have some sort of spasm there towards the end, is he alright?

Actually I don’t give a fuck


Well, atleast we won 2-0 against Bayern on Allianz Arena. Not many teams who can manage that. Shame we didn’t get the last goal, but the boys should be proud of their performance.

PS: Robben is a gigantic diving cunt.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

He is a huge wingey antediluvian looking cuntbag.

On a side note, no one this season has kept a clean sheet at the Allianz in any competition this season.



we are out but… you know… LIKE A BOSS

Gunnersauras Rex

Well done lads… Proud to be a gunner tonight…

Gunnersauras Rex

Walcott was shite though


we might be the best team at nearly climbing mountains.

well-done tonight lads.

a night to hold in our hearts.


That’s all right as long as we push on in the league and summit the sister peak of “Top 4.”

Touched Your Mother

Now lets take this momentum into the rest of the domestic campaign, the only slightly redeeming part of this season could be 4th place.


So proud, in a way still a very good result – less tricky champs league games = more rest for crucial prem run in. Shame we came so close, especially cos it looked like wally was 3 yards onside and through on goal. Poor reffing. Take this form to the prem and we’re guaranteed 4th – all the players played well, even gervinho. Hats off especially to Jenks, and since when could arteta run so fast?

Eric Irish gunner

Proud of the arsenal, defence was solid, delighted for fabianski and Jenks might of got the 3-0 if we went for it more, keep same defence and keeper for weekend, arterta had of day


Dutch Skunk! No, not the one at a small town in England, I mean the one in Munich.

TO Gooner

Different critter. The hairless one in Munich is Dutch Possum. Genetic cousins and classified in family Dutch Cunt.


Felt we could have gone through if players like walcott and areta would have been subbed before.Ox and gerv showed you need to keep the ball not just kick it away.
Just left it too late.


Hell, we could have gone through due to Walcott if the linesman knew the offside rule.


you wanted your arsenal back?
you got it


Wow…just wow, getting that bittersweet feeling I got at Milan. Oh, I don’t usually do this, but that ref was a total cunt on that Walcott chance


Great result, don’t think anybody expected that. I’d like to see that back four start a few more games between now and the end of the season!


Wenger, you make us proud! Impeccable display by the Gunners.


Excellent performance.


Robben go screw yourself,seriously! Defence was very good today, almost like that of Tony Adams playing days…Steve Bould not allowed to coach? Bollocks! Great play and effort today ( apart from Theo) fucking proud to be a gooner!


Two words : Fucking Proud. In a season of mediocrity, we fucking won, when nobody gave us a chance as usual. For the moment, I choose to be blind to everything else other than the fact that we beat Munich away, and kept a clean sheet.

Arsene's Nose

Hell yeah we did…

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Magnificent showing from our boys! Going out after putting the shits on those cocky German wangs made my day. If their cheating scummy players, referee and linesmen weren’t fucking us so severely we could’ve gone through. Great result to boost the end to our season.


why the hell was there only three minutes added on? there were four subs and least a zillion stoppage due to all the fouls…
its Milan 12 all over again…
anyway proud of the boys!


I am proud of our boys. I am proud to be a Gunner. We gave them a game. Fabianski was a total beast, probably the best player on the pitch. We showed everyone today that we are still one of the elites, a force to be reckoned with. Arteta’s successive fouls at the end was disappointing, especially he’s the captain who needs to sustain his composure. Another trophyless season is frustrating but I am proud to support this club. Anyhow, let’s get the Top 4.

A N Other

At times I thought I was watching our real arsenal..if we can beat bayern like this then we can beat anybody.

Mate Kiddleton

Jenkinson running back and snuffing out two players on the break, with one of them being Robben – beast defending

A little disappointed in Arteta, but great team performance. Even Gervinho looked good when he came on. Very unlucky not to score, cos it was a wonderful first touch and turn.


Fook u bayern, bunch of time wasting and fouling , kicking, tugging cunts.

Havent seen us like that in a long time. Excellent.

A Twat With a Keyboard

A great effort take the highs from that performance into the last stretch of the season and overtake those Sp*rs pricks.

Also, Robben is a total cunt, I hate him and his stupid goblin head!

gooner odst

What a time to get a clean sheet huh? Glad Vermaelen was dropped because, well he’s been gash. Theo had another one of those games but got an important assist 3 minutes in. At least we go out in a blaze of self destruction, which perhaps didn’t have to be that way had the players pulled their heads out each others asses for the home leg. I will say this though, we should start our remaining games this season with a 2 or 3 goal handicap because we seem to play well when we have too much to do in… Read more »

A Twat With a Keyboard

A great effort, take the highs from that performance into the last stretch of the season. Lets overtake those Sp*rs pricks!

Also, Robben is a total cunt, I hate him and his stupid goblin head!

A Twat With a Keyboard

I didn’t mean to put this up twice but I think it’s worth calling Robben a cunt twice. Robben is a cunt! OK that’s enough now.


Great game. The whole team defended as a team. How I wish we continue in this form. Up gunner


Its the classic first half (in this case first leg)/ second half (second leg) syndrome. We come out and play like shit, then the second half (or leg) we bring all our fight and play the game the way it’s meant to be played

Eboue’s ego

Guess who’s in the quarter final?


This game proves that Koscielny is our best centraldefender, take away the citygame, he has been the most
consistent this season when playing and creates the best partnership with BFG.


This defensive lineup played very well. Two starters were out and we played a 3rd string keeper (who played great) and still managed a clean sheet. Loved Jenk, he both played well and put in 110%, you could tell he didn’t want to get knocked out.

Glory Hunter

Our best & most consistent CB this season is Mert!
Our best CB pairing is Kos & Mert.

Ivan Drago

does anyone know why Kos was booked?

Jim jimminy

He scored. Its not allowed over there.

Porno Gil

because the ref was a cunt.


Coz the referee was a john terry, rvp and an ashley young all rolled into one. Toxic levels!


He wedgied the keeper after the goal

Jacques DeCock

Fucking ridiculous. Neuer lunged at the ball to waste time and it’s Kos who gets booked.

What a fucking joke.

Rad Carrot

Good effort lads, really didn’t expect much from this game. Proud that you at least got the win against one of the best teams in the world.

Who knows? If we weren’t playing against that twelfth man in the referee costume, we might have done the impossible.


Now. Can we just please play with that urgency and commitment from the first whistle from this game until the end of the season? Please Arsenal thats all we ask. You do that and we finish in the top 4.



If only Wenger made the changes a bit earlier. Walcott was useless and Ramsey was constantly losing the ball. In any case, very proud of the lads. Hopefully, this will fire us up for the rest of the season.