Friday, March 1, 2024

Video: Jenkinson puts Geoff Shreeves in his place

If you want to see the Sky Sports interview where Carl Jenkinson mugs off the insufferable Geoff Shreeves, here you go!


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Shreeves really is a cunt.


Motd sir Jenk

Gearoid Kelly

The return of Gibbs was a huge positive too. Poor old Vermaelen just can’t play LB in our system, where attacking full backs are oh so important.

I also love how Szcz, Verm, Poldi and Jack could all really benefit from watching on as the team does well. No more complacency can be tolerated by any player, it seems. Even Gervinho looked lively, as did Ox.

PS, fingers crossed that Giroud’s knee doesn’t flare up after that van Buyten knock!!!

Brian Mendoza

I love him.

Well done the boys. Magnificent effort, good win, couldn’t have asked for more. Now to take this approach in the League and clinch a Champion’s League spot.

Also a special mention to Fabianski, who looked like a veritable badass in goal contrary to what probably everyone, including me, assumed.

Wenger's Glasses

So proud of our lads. :*


Very proud of them Jenko for his performance, and then this.
Proud of the whole team to be honest, fantastic effort


Very proud of Jenko for his performance, and then this.
Proud of the whole team to be honest, fantastic effort


Great game from Jenky!! Meanwhile on bbc…..” Splendid effort and very brave for Arsenal. Let’s not forget they got knocked out and another season without a trophy.” @philmcnulty. Our old friend McNulty making sure no positivity grows from Arsenals win tonight. Gotta keep the negativity surrounding Arsenal. Even though we fell short im proud of the lads tonight, just a few signings and we will be in there next season no doubt!


Yet Sp*rs are supposed to better than us now?? You have no metion of thier greater lack of silverware compared to us!!! though that will never be alluded to… those kind of remarks are so transparent, the inciteful cunts.

As much as himself, us and Jeff (the headline hunter) Stelling wanted him to react, he showed true class the way he responded and if that shows a glimpse of the attitude in the team also than we are all the better for it.
Great game last night.


Geoff has to be a spuds cunt,why would you want to put a downer on tonight.You could see Jenks was close to nutting the cunt.

santi's panties

It’s a narrative that they have to keep alive because it sells them papers


Never a truer word spoken. Thats all it is. Selling papers.


Geoff Shreeves is actually a massive gooner
He was sat behind the goal with me in 1989 at Anfield.


Koscienly is trully a boss, the way he responds after say losing possesion is amazing. Just tracks right back, follows the player (who robbed him off possesion) and carefully scoops the ball with a wonderful tackle, gets up with ball on his feet and squares it to Mertesacker. That right there is a boss.

Play him on saturday and so on and so forth!


I love how he went in the goal and just pissed on neuer to get the ball of his hands.

Eric Irish gunner

Well said jenks


I was one of those fans that questioned Jenks signing last season but slowly but surely he is becoming my favourite Arsenal player


and he was free. Probably the best signing for a long time.


1M is pretty much free for a football club like Arsenal, but it would set me up for life.

Proud Gooner NK

I always knew that Koscielny would be better than Verm this season cos last season he was by far our best CB


Most players would accept that and act like Shreeves’s toy, Jenks doesn’t take that garbage. Proper Gooner!


Lazy, wank journalism from Shreeves. Love jenko.

Proud Gooner NK

What do you think our regular back five should be up until the end of the season…?

Here’s my take…:

GK – Szczesny
RB – Jenkinson
RCB – Mertesacker
LCB – Koscielny
LB – Gibbs

…and we have adequate rplacements for each position: Sagna, Vermaelen, Monreal and Fabianski…!

However, I reckon that, for the Swansea game, Monreal and Vermaelen would play instead of Gibbs and Koscielny..

Gunsen gunner today’s back five until one of them gives a below par performance then bring one of those in.Competition like we have now is what we’ve missed for an absolute age


The bottom line for Swansea, decide tomorrow or Friday. It was Gibbs’ first game back, and see how much tonight has taken out of the others. If we can, keep that group together if we can.

A N Other

He is going to be cult hero.. Truly shown what he is capable of.. To be honest he could be mofm and same could be said for Kos, Rosicky and Fab.

gooner odst

Koscielny received a yellow card for scoring against Bayern…


Mmmm… Humble pie! We may not have won overall, but not only did we win on the night but we also kept a clean sheet! Which is (despite the moanings of some disgruntled fans) more than our first choice keeper could manage! This was largely down to a great display by Fabianski. A keeper who I had previously written off. Now I’m the first to admit it, he was very good tonight. Some miskicks sure, but overall his saves kept us in the game. Had it not been for Bayern doing what any team would have done in their position… Read more »

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

Fantastic effort from our lads….to not kick Shreeves in the bollocks took some doing. Played some good stuff too.


There is absolutely no reason what so ever why koscielny shouldnt play instead of vermaelen. He is far superior and he showed that again tonight!

Highbury hero

I didn’t see the video but when you made a big song and dance about it by posting it on this blog I thought it would be a big deal – Jenkinson kicking off for shreeves making a tasteless dig. But no, shreeves made a valid point that most arsenal fans who reply to this blog like to brush under the carpet- 8 years without a trophy while charging the most expensive season ticket prices in the league – UNACCEPTABLE.

Eric Irish gunner

Shreeves was just trying to be a smart cunt and Jenks basically told him to fuck off

Johnny Jensen's Bender

…How to tell a glory hunter from a true Gooner. I’m sick of hearing about the amount that has past since we lifted something silver and how much our season tickets cost. I pay for mine because I feel I’m contributing to MY team. I dont care how long it is. I dont care how much it is. I dont care what the media says. I care about The Arsenal because its in my blood. Jenks, you are a don and Shreeves is just glutinous media whore, looking for a scoop.. Or a swift whip to the crotch if it… Read more »


Why do you assume season ticket prices should reflect the amount of trophies in recent years. We have the most expensive ticket prices because we have the best club and the best stadium in the best city.

Arsenals average attendance is 99.4% of capacity and there are 40,000 people on the waiting list for a season ticket. What about that makes you think Arsenal need to reduce their ticket prices?


In fact, this seasons average attendance is the highest it has been, ever.

Highbury hero

More ‘fans’ disliking my posts. If you’re happy with worrying yourselves with the arsenal account sheets and continuing your blind belief in Wenger’s philosophy then you are the most ridiculous breed of football fan I have ever come across. What other team’s fans on this planet who are as big as Arsenal and have won as many trophies as arsenal would accept this pathetic situation – none. Do your jobs and demand more – you are football fans not members of the board!

Highbury hero

In what way has shreeves put Jenkinson in his place. I love Carl but he gave a pretty pathetic response, he could at least show a bit of empathy with the fans and show hunger for some silverware… Anything which shows some kind of passion and desire, we just ain’t got it. I hope we get 5th because then changes will have to be made and we can compete in the Europa league where we actually have a chance of COMPETING in. Who wants champions league football again? So we can watch us play rubbish teams in the group stages… Read more »

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Haha you’re talking to yourself mate I doubt anyone even bothered to read your third burp.

Johnny Jensen's Bender



I’m sick and fucking tired of that “x years without a trophy” line used to beat us with. Man utd went 10 years without winning fuck all between 67 and 77, Sp*rs haven’t won the league since 61, Liverpool since 90. We’re not the only team to have a bit of a drought, it happens in all clubs histories. I’m also sick and fucking tired of having to constantly explain to people (Arsenal fans included) that Arsenal haven’t had the money to spend on players that other clubs have had because we’ve spent FIVE HUNDRED MILLION QUID of OUR OWN… Read more »

kiss my arsenal

well said mate, watching the reaction on sky sports news, and they somehow managed to slip that line in at least 3 times, pricks the lot of them, and graham souness trying to belittle our win tonight, fuck off


Graeme Souness is a really nasty piece of work.


if Souness != Cunt {


Well said Fraggle 😉 Hope we can kick on from here though and invest in a few key players that will make a big difference in the summer.

Eric Irish gunner

Well fucking said, spot on you saved me posting the same


Agree with all you’ve said.
I used to be on the “Arsenal in crisis” boat until i did a project at Uni about how the Emirates stadium was built and was amazed at how much money was pumped into the stadium.

Not just the stadium was invested in, also the relocation of the old businesses that used to be on the site where the emirates currently sits as part of the agreement with the council. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. All from the pocket of Arsenal.

Sometimes we need to study history to appreciate the present.


Is your project something you can share with a fellow gooner? Sounds like something worth a read!

North Bank Gooner

Nail, Head, Wallop!!!!!

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Nice one Fraggle.

Well vented Sir


Thanks everyone! I just needed to say what seems so obvious to me. I get really fucked off with people like shreeves and websites like ANR, it’s like the more they spout this negative shit, it becomes accepted wisdom. You can have your own opinions but you cant have your own facts, and the facts are the unique circumstances of our clubs recent history as I mentioned above. I just think any opinion you have has to have this taken into consideration. Peoples frustrations get the better of them too often and they end up just spouting shit without thinking.


“…having to compete with clubs who can out spend us with their dirty oil money.”

Er, you forgot to add; “…..and get their new stadiums given to them by the taxpayer.”

I wonder where we’d be if we’d been given the Emirates for a quid and spent that 500 million on the squad?


Well it is just like Arsenal to come out and score and get my hopes up only to produce little after that. Bayern was just going though the motions really I did expect them to be lacking a bit of attacking power without Ribery pulling the strings in midfield BUT they did not close down much and when Arsenal made poor hospital ball passes Bayern did not put in much of a effort to win the ball I think their goal was get through without risking more injuries to key players and in the end they did just enough. They… Read more »



North Bank Gooner

Yeh, he doesnt know what hes doing does he, I mean, going to the Allianz, and beating ze germans on their own park. He’s rubbish putting Fabianski in goal, what was that clean sheet all about? We were awful, a top rated side couldnt break us down, shocking display.

Once again, Arsene proves he should be sacked this morning, as he doesnt have a scooby doo!


kiss my arsenal

jenko, what a fucking hero, arsenal to the core
koscielney, beastly performance tonight
i want to see more of that gervinho
giroud needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and become more ruthless, i hope he does
geoff shreeves is a wanker
i hope to god we finish 4th if not 3rd, please god may tottenscum shit themselves and finish outside the top four
geoff shreeves is a wanker

Another Yank

Great result now lets take this and go on a winning. Serious questions have to be asked about our infrastructure at the end of the season but until then lets be happy we just beat one of the most so-called “in form” teams in Europe in their own backyard. COYG!!!


Jenko and Kos were awesome, our MF was excellent in protecting our back four. But we must remember the brilliant performance from Fabiansky, who was Brave, Vocal and Solid. he deserve more credit as he often criticised easily.

Goon Goon Goon

Excellent performance from the lads. Jenko was amazing!


We need to talk about one of the players who’s really come on this season and that’s Rambo. A player i have all the time for. he was magnificent. im sure he ran harder and longer than anyone out there. Koscielny really needs to start ahead of Verm,there is no comparison based on last nights performance. i also think the Ox may have something to offer for the rest of the season as Walcott’s form has dropped a little. very good performance overall. i would spend all night begging Arsene for last nights tactics in every single game till the… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Loved Jenks response, quality. He was the epitome of a Gooner.


Jenkinson is the kind of player you can’t help but like. He may not be the most talented, but he makes up for it with heart, and what more could you ask.


When Arteta retires he has to grow a full-on flavour-saver ‘tash, that upper lip is begging for it! From Lego man to Play-mobile.
Great results lads, just what the fans needed, keep playing like that until the season is over and then re-group for a full on assult for the title next year.


I was scared before the match but full credit to Wenger and the boys for putting in a solid performance. If only it was 1-2 from the first leg….
Hopefully we can take this form forward for the rest of the season and finish in the top four. Depending on tiredness I’d be tempted to start the same 11 on Saturday against Swansea, the only change AW might make is Monreal for Gibbs.
As for Shreeves a total bellend, closely follwed by Souness (twat)


I do feel there is a lot more balance to this arsenal team when Rosicky is playing instead of Jack in the advanced midfield role. Last season was proof of that, as was last night.

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