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The Mail had an anti-Arsenal day

So if you were hovering around the Internet in the build up to yesterday’s game against Bayern Munich, you may have spotted a pattern in the stories Mail Online were publishing.

It’s fair to say there was something of a negative bent to them, as the slideshow below shows you (clicking also changes the images).

[slideshow id=2]

Arseblog News can reveal that the Mail were actively seeking Arsenal fans to write stories about the reported ‘weakened’ team that Arsene Wenger was, apparently, going to select.

One fan was asked to deliberately get stuck into the Arsenal manager, so much so that they suggested he make up the fact that he’d cancelled a trip to Munich because of the team selection.

When he refused they found somebody else to do it, funnily enough. In the end, as we know, Cazorla and Walcott both started the game and bar the Fabianski inclusion, it was as strong a team as he could have possibly fielded.

That the Mail has acted like this will be of little surprise to most, but when a false story is being peddled for hits and giggles, it’s worth pointing out.

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Thanks for this article. It enables me to read this nonsense without have to give tabloids the website hits.

Norn Iron Gooner

Good work blogs, now focus on Kastrinakis and Howard in the s*n. The latter especially. He ‘challenged’ us to go out on our shields (Die with our boots on).

We did that and more, todays Guff? 8 years without silverware and a graphic with cobwebs in our trophy room. Cunts.

If their ploy is to alienate the fans from Wenger, well, its doing the opposite to me.

49 eat that!

The only time I have ever had time for the mail is when I ran out of toilet tissue.


The Daily Mail is an embarrassment to all Brits. Disgusting excuse for a newspaper. The Mail, The Mirror and The Sun all need to join NOTW on the ash pile. The sooner the better.


Papers like the Guardian etc. Lose so much money to these other “news”papers due to the simple fact that truths don’t sell papers.


The Guardian is shite too. Hytner yesterday was writing the same thing as the Mail about Arsenal fielding a second string, all the sentences started like, “Wenger is understood to be considering…” etc. Moreover, when they get Jacob Steinberg to do the Arsenal MBMs it’s as good as asking any old troll to do it… Come to think of it, the entire Guardian Football Site is close to becoming one big trolling operation, and I’m sure fans of other clubs probably feel the same. About the only redeeming quality it still has is Barry Glenndenning’s abiding hatred of Chelsea. Keep… Read more »


Then what’s a good website? Don’t say BBC..


I meant on a broader scale than just sport, politics too etc. Although I appreciate your point


dont think the mail prints enough truth to be called a newspaper

Nacho Vermertesagna

It makes me very sad that in the ‘break’ room where I work, the three papers you mentioned are the only three available to read. I read an article in the Mirror by Robbie Savage (you can tell where this is going) where he said Wenger should leave at the end of the season and be replaced by Jupp Heynckes, who he views as an adequate replacement. The fact that Heynckes is probably retiring at the end of this season (the primary reason Bayern are replacing him with Pep) and Savage doesn’t even know this should prove that any ex-footballer… Read more »


This is exactly what they did the other week. Some tool went on mumsnet trying to get the ladies to talk some shit about the NHS. They got told to fuck off by pretty much the entire forum. Utter pricks.


Mail readers; bigger cunts than Spurs fans.


Woahwoahwoah, let’s calm down here. Maybe they’re on par, or not far off, but that is one bold statement you made there


Despite all the lies. There was one truth in the article: Walcott didn’t show up to play. I think he walked a further distance on the pitch than he ran. Maybe he thought i was a vacation.

Dick Swiveller

Aye, it was amusing to read the BBC coverage with fans tweeitng in dismissing Wenger’s decision to take off Walcott and keep Rosicky on, I’m not sure I watch the same matches as them.


Agreed. About 10 minutes before being subbed, he watched a teammate lose the ball, took one step towards the defender, stopped and walked while the defender ran 30 yds upfield with the ball. About 10 seconds later you see him jogging back just as the play was broken up. Then you have giroud who makes a 70 yd backtracking run to defend for cazorla who got caught up in play. amazing the work ethic difference. I’m just happy our guys proved everyone wrong yesterday. It just seems this season we are always just 1 goal away from achieving major success.


Yes I must admit despite being very glad Theo decided to stay with us, he’s not exactly been covering himself with glory and setting the world alight since signing on the dotted line. Have to think, that if its a normal loss of form after having a very good run of games, that the timing of both his cracking form prior to getting the contract sorted, and him seemingly losing form, and becoming much more anonymous in games is one hell of a coincidence. Not suggesting he’s completely stopped making an effort since signing the contract, or that its in… Read more »


A newspaper making up facts to help sell a story is simply disgusting; but it is the sad truth about modern journalism. How can we trust anything they say?!


News is for newspapers- gossip is for tabloids. I (being no attorney) would fathom there’s a potential lawsuit anytime the mail is officially termed a ‘newspaper’


Let us not forget the Telegraph who were kind enough to include a poll where the answers to whether or not Arsene was correct to rotate were (I’m paraphrasing) ‘Yes….Swansea is more important’ or ‘No it’s a cowardly surrender.’ This was long before the team sheet was announced.


What does it say?!


Ok i’ve seen them. What a bunch of fucking invalids!

Stefan Pereira

Horrid little paper. Exceptional win last night makes the Daily Mail look like the piece of shit it is anyway!

andy_gunner 31

Boycott! !!!!! Oh wait its a shit paper anyway! The only real truths I have genuinely got were from the telegraph all be it a bit high brow they have an honesty abput most stories with no real bias as a whole. There piece fougjt both sides and gave us hopeful support at least.

Rectum Spectrum

What do they say today? ‘The mail pressures wenger into selection re-think’. Wankers. Papers dead anyway. The future is little bite size flyers dropped from aeroplanes throughout the day.


Hahaha seriously? They are claiming Arsene changed his starting 11 because the Daily Mail and Gary Lineker decided it was a good opportunity to try and whip up a furore and try and insinuate that every Arsenal fan going wants Arsene’s head on a platter? Without even having a clue what the team was going to be, no less.

Somehow doubt Arsene even reads the Daily Mail, never mind anything else – so it makes it all just a little bit far-fetched!

Mats Rydin

This is investigative journalism at its best, well done Arseblog! Really fine work.

Gooners are too smart to be divided and conquered.

Dick Swiveller

Some of the things I read on the net would beg to differ, there are those that swallow anything but I think it’s starting to get to the point whereby the majority can see what’s happening.


Ignorance has no place in a Gooners persona.

The majority of true Gooners i have spoken with believe Wenger is the man for the job, as there is no one else out there with the credentials or potential to replace him.

Henry's beard

Criticising The Daily Mail for being lie-spouting cunts is like saying the McCanns need to improve on their parenting skills.


Why does water always have to be so wet?


The Mail is the Parasite of the British press, far more than The Sun or Mirror.
I’m amazed they have time to write anything sport with their heads so far up the Royals arse!


The Mail and infact all media prints have no single ioTA of credibility… They do anything to get those hits u talked about


Well at least if the mail had an anti-Arsenal day, then maybe the rest of the world got 24hrs off.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’m hoping for the day Manu Eboue gets back to England only to kidnap the editors of several “journalists” and throw them off a remote mountain somewhere near a radioactive hotspot in Ukraine with creatures who show a cunning resemblance to the last pope.

Of course, several politicians who enjoyed the liberties of the so-called “injunction” will ask the authorities to arrest the lovely Eboue. Yet the Queen will pardon him.

Gearoid Kelly

“as strong a team as he could have possibly fielded.”

ALSO risked Gibbs to make us as strong as possible.

Even more embarrassingly, the Irish TV pundits continued to trash talk Wenger’s selection after the game. I usually don’t watch it, but when Arsenal play, I sometimes do. It was infuriatingly bad!!


Disgraceful journalism!


Making a legitimate point is fair enough but the mail show yet again what a bunch of lazy hack cunts they actually are.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

A paper for loose-vag’d mummies on the wrong end of a wine problem.

THE DAILY FAIL! Great bog roll ahhhh my ass feels better now!



Lord Murphy

Considering the thing the Mail likes, I’m quite happy for them to dislike Arsenal. Fascist rag for hateful people.


“(clicking also changes the images).”

What sorcery is this?


So which media treat Arsenal fairly? I really would like to know because for a quite a while now I have searched with little success. If the sniping does not scream out from the headlines it shamelessly cavorts in editorials that come in the form of selective descriptive comments in single words or phrases; if I did not know better I’d imagine those words and phrases were reserved for Arsenal! But if you do know of a press that treats Arsenal with respect, please let me know.

Jim jimminy


Its definitely meets all my requirements.


Off-course. I do agree!


I would imagine that you’d have to look outside of the UK to find such a thing. The UK media in general seem to absolutely detest Arsene – probably because he doesn’t make too much effort to hide his dislike and contempt of them either, and he’s far too intelligent to fall for any of the crap they serve up. I get the feeling he sees straight through all the snide little digs and leading questions and isn’t afraid to call them out on it – and also not afraid to defend his ideals and opinions regardless of whether they… Read more »


I actually think the Guardian is very anti Arsenal. Stopped reading its coverage of football for this very reason.


My experience as well.

g clarke

Any other walk of life these papers would be sued so it should be here


Now they look like proper fools, eh? 😀

I’m sure we’ll get the hang of this “miraculous comeback” thing next year.

Fat Walrus

What, in the Europa league?


hey, Anzhi Makhachkala isn’t going to eliminate itself, is it?

(there’s no need for such negativity… I reckon we can still get 3rd or 4th place if the team continues this good form)

David Caddell

I don’t care what the papers say I love arsenal and always will fuck the papers and haters


Well said. I think we can all relate to that 🙂


Inter is 2-0 up 35 min to go!!!

Frustrating bottle of water

Gone to extra time now


I had the mail on my igoole page until I read that crap yesterday but now it’s removed never to surface again.
What a load of low life anti Arsenal cunts!
Fuck them and there arse cleaning ship wiping paper.

Pure bog roll


Firstly – I hate the Mail, it is a loathsome paper. Second, I do a lot of work with the media, not in sport, in technology but I do understand how some of this works. I would be very surprised if the weakened team story wasn’t leaked by someone at Arsenal deliberately and with Wenger’s knowledge – part of a plan to put Bayern at ease. The story appear in too many places not to have been part of a plan from Arsenal. And it was a plan that worked well. Nothing excuses the hateful way the Mail went about… Read more »


I was well narked to find this gem in the New York Times. Could have been written on Le Grove.

Utter bollocks.


You can add talk shite and Adrian Durham to the hit list too. The biggest tool on radio and his hatred of arsenal borders on slander some days.
A complete and utter knob.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Adrian Durham is just a shit Philip Seymour Hoffman.

He makes me sick


The press have always had it in for Arsenal and Wenger in particular.  Even when he was winning, their cloying 
praise was laced with barbs. The more xenophobic organs of the press; DM for example, loved to bang on about Arsenals foreignness and clearly had an issue with both AWs nationality and Arsenals transition from the epitome 
of British (read English) tradition to a more progressive and cosmopolitan brand.
The days its no different just they no longer are obliged to offer begrudging praise (unless its the patronizing sort) and can stick the boot in to their hearts content.
The thing that has changed is the echo chamber of the internet that loops back through media and feeds it. Lazy press just copy off blogs and the more controversial the better. Journalists and editors with an agenda can 
make more deliberate mischief.
American Gooners seem less inclined to jump on board the Wenger Hate bandwagon and one has to conclude 
its because they are less exposed to the propaganda.
What really is scary is how quickly the spin and negativity can leak from a few cliquey and irrelevant blogs, gain traction with collusion of the press, amplified back through the internet, in short time its accepted as conventional wisdom.
Its a very modern phenomenon. 


The press have always had it in for Arsenal and Wenger in particular. 
Even when he was winning, their cloying 
praise was laced with barbs. 
The more xenophobic organs of the press; DM for example, loved to bang on about 
Arsenals foreignness and clearly had an
 issue with both AWs nationality and 
Arsenals transition from the epitome 
of British (read English) tradition to a 
more progressive and cosmopolitan brand.
The days its no different just they no longer are obliged to offer begrudging praise
 (unless its the patronizing sort) and can
 stick the boot in to their hearts content.
The thing that has changed is the echo
 chamber of the internet that loops back 
through media and feeds it. Lazy press 
just copy off blogs and the more controversial the better. Journalists and editors 
with an agenda can
make more deliberate mischief.
American Gooners seem less inclined to jump on board the Wenger Hate bandwagon and one has to conclude 
its because they are less exposed to the propaganda.
What really is scary is how quickly the spin and negativity can leak from a few cliquey and irrelevant blogs, gain traction with collusion of the press, amplified back through the internet, in short time its accepted as conventional wisdom.
Its a very modern phenomenon. 


Forget it. Format issues.


Sorry for the repost. Trouble with my keyboard.
What I was trying to say….

The press have always had it in for Arsenal, and Wenger in 
particular. Even when he was winning, their cloying praise 
was laced with barbs. 
The more xenophobic organs of the press; DM for example, 
loved to bang on about Arsenals foreignness and clearly 
had an issue with both AWs nationality and Arsenals transition 
from the epitome of British (read English) tradition to a more 
progressive and cosmopolitan brand.
These days its no different, just they no longer are obliged to 
offer begrudging praise (unless its the patronizing sort) and can
stick the boot in to their hearts content.
The thing that has changed is the echo chamber of the internet 
that loops back through media and feeds it. 
Lazy press just copy off blogs and the more controversial the 
better. Journalists and editors with an agenda can make more 
deliberate mischief.
American Gooners seem less inclined to jump on the 
Wenger Hate bandwagon and one has to conclude its because 
they are less exposed to the propaganda.
What really is scary is how quickly the spin and negativity can 
leak from a few cliquey and irrelevant blogs, gain traction with 
collusion of the press and, amplified back through the internet,in 
short time its accepted as conventional wisdom.
Its a very modern phenomenon. 

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