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Arsenal seal Indonesian sponsor

Ahead of Arsenal’s summer tour of the Far East the club’s marketing team have strengthened commercial ties with the region by signing a sponsorship deal with Indonesia’s leading mobile phone operator, Telkomsel.

The Gunners are set to play the Indonesian national team in Jakarta on 14 July having not visited the country since 1983. As part of the partnership Telkomsel’s 125 million customers will be given exclusive access to purchase tickets for the match during a month-long advance sales period starting on April 7.

In a statement on, the club’s head of global partnerships Vinai Venkatesham spoke about the reasons behind the move:

“We are delighted to have forged this partnership with Telkomsel and look forward to working with them moving forward.

“Asia continues to be a major focus for Arsenal, and Indonesia is a particularly important market for the Club with the huge following we have there.

“We have more Facebook fans in Indonesia than in any other country. By taking our first team to play a match in Indonesia, and working with one of the country’s biggest brands, we look forward to engaging with our passionate fans in the run up to, during and after this summer’s visit.”

Last summer, with the possibility of a friendly in Nigeria on the horizon, Arsenal signed a three-year partnership with African mobile network operator Airtel as well as with Nigerian malt drink ‘giants’ Malta Guinness.

As things stand Arsenal have 12 commercial sponsors in place – a steady improvement on what was in place when we moved to the Emirates.

Just as a comparison Manchester United lead the way with 33 sponsors and partners (no joke, they have a sponsor for everything from paint to noodles), Chelsea have 21, Liverpool have 19, City have 15 and Spurs have 10.

There’s still much room for improvement.

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Good move from the club with hopefully more on the way. These sponsorships might “only” add about £500k-1m each but they all add up.


It is the only way to go, without jumping the ticket price again.


We need to create abit of a gap in terms of sponsorship deals between us and sp*rs. We should not be so close to scum. Are their main sponsors suppliers of beach balls and uhm…chicken nuggets?

Herold goon

Im actually gutted sp*r is that close but like arseblog said theres still room for improvement. Next season goes well they’ll come begging to be part of us….


How can clubs like Chelsea and Man city get more sponsors than the arsenal?


There are several possible reasons. Both clubs have been more successful (as in winning trophies) then Arsenal in the last few years as sponsorship’s of this kind have taken off in the PL. Their owners may have provided opportunities for secondary sponsors (Gazprom). They may also just have more aggressive and successful commercial departments.

Bunburylist is a mahchodh

Don’t read too much into the numbers.
It may just be a greater number rather than more lucrative. Obviously Utd have got it all on lock.


Man City Commercial Revenue 2011-2012 – £112.1m
Chelsea Commercial Revenue 2011-2012 – £70.5m
Man Utd Commercial Revenue 2011-2012 – £117.6m
Arsenal Commercial Revenue 2011-2012 – £52.5m

Remember that the figures above include City’s Etihad Deal.

All info taken from the Deloitte Football Money League




most city money come from the special deal they have in place “AKA” the owner sponsor themself

A N Other

Most of these sponsors are owners in disguise to pay off their debts etc.


Time to buy a new Telkomsel SIM card.


Nine of Spurs’ ten sponsors are PG Tips.


Really? I love PG tips. Now I have to find a new tea.


Citeh sponsors…….Sheikh almansour and (9) sons that counts for about 10 sponsors alone, mainly coz each have an oil firm in their backyard.

Chelsea sponsors……Abramovich and russian porn. Counts for well 15 sponsors. Each hoe is richer than kroenke.

All other teams are fudhis (c*nts)!!!!

When I first started watching football I could not have cared less about a story like this but such is the current state of the modern game I find this news good! We need these deals and the fact that we can make these deals without ‘current’ success speaks volumes for the Arsenal brand. Even more intriguing is the level of support we have worldwide and the influences of the companies we are linking with. WHEN we get back to winning ways these deals will go a long way, even more so as we have a paricular identity in terms… Read more »


Stoke sponsors are producers from the walking dead. For each and every episode their fans pose as zombies in exchange for deals.


They don´t even have to pose!


Wot dose this mean in term of money for our club how much are the club getting


If similar to the Airtel and Malt Guinness sponsorship’s somewhere between £500k and 1m per year.

Bunburylist is a mahchodh

This deal and similar deals are less about huge sums of money from the partnering company and more about getting exposure to as many potntial consumers as possible.

This may max at only 1million but the potential for selling shirts, tickets and other merchandise is improved.

Think of the deal as Arsenal buy advertising space.


The fact that we are so far behind is indicative of how poor and short-sighted the commercial department have been. Good to see that we are sort-of catching up now. And the pivot to Asia, has been long overdue.

Latest Football News

Good to see the marketing team is up and doing. More of such sponsorship deals and we will soon ( not that soon anyway ) catch up with United who is far too ahead of us.

Looking for writers for my blog. Anyone interested should contact me via @yommys01 on twitter.


Arseblog News Hound/Allen

The list of Man Utd sponsors and partners leaves out their “Finance” partners of which their is a further nine. So all in all Utd have 42 sponsers/partners. They will have a towel bowl partner next wait and see.


Sorry that should have been Arseblog News Hound/Andrew. Apologies!


An injured Diaby and a bench warming Ashavin are paid more in a month than a brain sugeon is paid in a year.

To keep up these payments we have to travel to countries the players have no interest in

to scavenge money from people the players and fans often despise.

Malaysian Gooner

Remember when we signed Arshavin in January and everyone was complaining why didn’t we sign him in the summer?

Hindsight. It’s an art form.


Is this brain surgeon able to play as a defensive midfielder or a goalkeeper?
No? Then why does he earn so much?
Who are the people that the players despise?
Who are the people that the fans despise? (besides Sp*rs and Chav supporters)
Are you talking out of your sphincter muscle?


I’ve never really understood why, for years, the ire of so many fans has been in respect of transfers – when perhaps the most blatant and disgraceful deficiencies at the club has been on the ‘business’ side of things. Ivan Gazidis, Tom Fox, and a board living in the 19th Century have been incompetent to the point of scandal. Sure, there’s been constraints, compromises, and mishaps elsewhere at the club. But it’s been the 57 old farts on the board and the lack of innovation and enterprise on the commercial side that’s shackled the club most of all. These ‘suits’… Read more »


Ivan Gazidis, Tom Fox etc were brought in to change things. Arsenal operated without a chief executive for over 18 months and the commercial ‘team’ was practically non-existent.

Things are changing, as we can see, but you’re blaming the wrong people.

The board was really slow to see what they needed to do in respect to the commercial/business side of the game.


Ivan Gazidis has been at Arsenal for 4 years and Tom Fox 3 (sounds like a movie title that) its well past time that things started to change.


most of our commercial deal were signed when we bought the stadium.its nothing to do with gazidis and his team . most of our deal were very good at the time but in today money of course they look poor..

but then all our sponsor have to been renew in the next 3 years so our commercial like shirt sponsor/stadium/Nike will go up


That’s what I thought. Well, initially. But look at how long these people have actually been in their positions. Progress isn’t just slow it’s gimping along at a snail’s pace. On the commercial side we’re nowhere near catching up, let alone out-innovating the opposition. As I say, these are not the people we need in these roles. If they had counterparts in the AFC squad they’d be Park, Squilacci, or Chamakh. They may well be relatively nice people, but they’re also the very same people who because of their deficiencies on the business side chose to wallop the Arsenal fan… Read more »

53 + 24 = 77pts = 3rd place

What is ‘disgraceful’ is the fact that ManUtd are the runaway ‘commercial champions’ despite the fact they play BORING football. Arsenal play the most beautiful/exciting/graceful football in the land, and yet we are light years behind ManUre. Fact is that ‘fans’ in Asia are merely ‘trend-followers’ and they’ll follow what they’ve been told is ‘hot’ or ‘fashionable’ or ‘trendy’ at the time. ManUre marketing-team have done an amazing job LEVERAGING off their trophie success (typical win being a boring 1-0 over Sunderland). Arsenal need a new marketing-team. We should LEVERAGE off our style of attacking football and close the gap… Read more »


Are you a ‘fan’ in Asia? Because I’m pretty sure we can have fans all over the world without quotation marks.


Why all the quotations? Pretty sure fans in asia are still called fans, nt “fans”.

The deal is good for us. Better late than never.


You make a good point regarding the commercial and marketting operations at the club, but I wouldn’t , If I were you, disparage Asian or international fans as being glory hunters or ‘plastic’ and fake. First of all , Asia is the future, and the numbers and volume in terms of fan base and ‘customers’ are huge. The UK is a small drop in the ocean compared to the large football mad populations of Asia. Vietnam (90million people), Indonesia (237million people), China (1.3 billion), Japan (126million) and India (1.2 billion) have large young populations , and some of these people… Read more »


go go gunners go


The point that the club, and so many fans here, is missing is that unless we are successful on the pitch we will be forever lagging behind Man United, Chelsea and everybody else when it come to bringing in sponsership money. It’s very hard for fans, or potential fans, to get excited about a team that never wins anything. Perhaps it’s time for the people who are running Arsenal Football Club to begin to think outside the box and actually consider dumping their failing “self-sustaining model” for a policy of high-level investment in playing staff. The club might possibly get… Read more »

Abhishek S

Well something is better than nothing, deals like these can only help, I can’t complain. I think the commercial team has done an alright job, with small deals like these and Airtel, malta ec and also the 150 m Emirates deal. Keeping my fingers, legs, arms, nose, eyes, everything crossed that this money will be actually used. Just as I finish that sentance I feel like the world’s biggest optimist. Heh! =)


Is the “S” a bit wonky?

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