Monday, August 8, 2022

Giroud: I’m having that goal

Olivier Giroud insists he got a foot on the ball for Arsenal’s second against Norwich even if television replays appear to show Sebastien Bassong scooping the ball over the line.

Hoping that the strike will be awarded to him by the dubious goals panel, the Frenchman also revelled in the spirit shown by his teammates after a gritty 3-1 win that lifted the Gunners into third place.

“I swear I touched the ball [for the second goal!” Giroud told Arsenal Player. 

“Maybe he [Bassong] did as well but I hit the ball and I hope that the goal will be given to me.”

“We feel relieved tonight because we had a bad start,” he continued. “We had some chances to score but we didn’t succeed to in the first half.

“In the second half, Norwich scored from a free-kick. We knew [that was where they are strong] so we need to be more concentrated at set pieces. Fortunately we had a good run and succeeded to score three times.

“We never give up and we try to play until the end of the game so it’s one of our qualities.

“After, we had a little bit of luck and it’s so good to win this game because we can put the pressure on Spurs’ shoulders.”

The Gunners can consolidate their position in the table on Tuesday night when Everton are the visitors at the Emirates. Aware of the importance of the rearranged fixture, captain Thomas Vermaelen spoke positively about the momentum that has been picked up in recent weeks.

“I think we’re on a run now,” he told “We’ve got a good momentum at the moment. We’re winning a lot of games.

“Tuesday is an important game again so we have to keep fighting and try to get three points.”

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Wenger's Glasses

Love our new signings this season. I think all four of them have been a solid addition so far.

Arsene Wenger

I was surprised by how quickly Monreal integrated into the team.

Only joking, I am sixteen years in this job so I knew he was a good player.

Arsene Wenger

I’m sorry, I meant 30 years. It is ze Arsenal zat I have been coaching for 16 years.

Cazorla is a magician, yes?


He sounds like a typical footballer, describing what we all saw without really adding anything. I love his desire to get that goal though! He’s one of the players who really does care and gives it his all.
Giroud, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Frimpong and Ramsey all give it there all. That’s just off the top of my head, have I missed anyone?

Dennis Berkamps air miles



Rosicky AND Koscielny. Without a doubt.

santi's panties

I miss seeing Jenkinson play




Sagna improved himself in the last games but Jenk is having a better season.

Dennis Berkamps air miles

I hope giroud gets awarded the goal, I think he deserved it that match, even if the ox gets credit for that bursting run. Although in all honesty I don’t care who scores the goals as long as we get the points and get a game closer to showing spurs that north London was, and always is red and white. COYG

P.s Aaron Ramsey had another great performance, love that

Parisian Weetabix

He deserves it 100% because he played a massive part in it anyway. If you watch the replay,Giroud sees the chance coming about 4 seconds before it goes in. While Ox and Podolski are playing their one-two, Giroud is already grappling with Bassong, getting goalside so he can force the ball home. Even if he didn’t get a touch, it’s still Giroud’s goal for me, because he was the one who forced it over the line.

A Believer in Goonerism

True… He forced both of them over the line!

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

I hope he does get it, because it then means he has scored more goals this season than:
which is a nice little stat.


And you know what, even if he scores 20, there’s gonna be some twat cunts throwing sticks at our HFB. They are just simply jealous. I love this guy. He have the heart and he showed it. What I want to see next season is coming of age for Giroud+Poldi+Walcott attacking front, that would be very devastating stuff to the defense


To be fair, all of those other guys don’t get as much playing time as Giroud. Also, Rooney and Lampard don’t play as their teams’ sole striker.

Giroud is scoring and assisting reasonably well for his first season, especially considering his transfer fee.


Aguero and Rooney play very regularly

Arsene Wenger

Aguero has made 25 appearances this season.

Rooney quite often plays a deeper role (as seen in their game against the rugby team on the weekend).

I still believe that Giroud is having a solid season and his role extends beyond goals/assists, but draing invalid comparisons does not help our argument.


Exactly, “Arsene Wenger.”

In the Premier League, Giroud has started 22 and appeared as a sub in 9. Aguero has similar stats, and yet he has started 18 and played 7 as a sub.

Still, those players are all different types to the HFB. A more relevant comparison is with players like Demba Ba, Rickie Lambert, Grant Holt, Benteke and perhaps Torres; physical solo forwards with varying ability to hold-up and link play.


Agree, it would have gone in whether Bassong was there or not, and it is not like Bassong had any idea what was going on.

I’m guessing Giroud may be being ‘economical’ with his description of the goal, but I don’t care, he deserves it anyway.


his chest-pass to podolski was excellent. he’s such an unselfish striker and he fits great with the arsenal style.

also, i am loving the arseblog latest ticker…

“grant holt to face FA charges after eating a steward at halftime”

love it!


unselfish and smart


His favourite opposition are everton as he has a chance to eat some toffees.


Hope the fans get behind the team against Everton!!! Even if they score 1st I’m sure we can come back as long as the fans are louder than loud. Away fans have been splendid, just need more from our home fans and we can get 3rd… COYG!!!
Hope that injured chimp stays in his cage a little longer 🙂

Santi Claws

Oh I love how he bitches and moans on the field and flaps his hands and shushes the referee and theatrically throws himself onto the ground like a felled gazelle when he gets fouled, and the way he bullies cunts on the opposition in his domineering brutish way but puts on the Bambi eyes when he blatantly fouls a defender, and the way he had a sulk when Arteta didn’t let him take a penalty that one time and does that cute wee French-Graham-Norton shrug when he has a poor touch and it runs out for a goal kick. He’d… Read more »

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Think that penalty was against Fulham at home. He was on a hatrick, Arteta was having a mare and the whole stadium knew he was going to bottle it.. Shame.


Definitely, its a great part of the guy’s appeal that he plays with his heart on his sleeve. Every time: he misses, or hits the post, or cannot get on a ball, you get the same response. ‘How the fuck did I not get that.’

You can forgive him so much because he is so hard on himself.


I think they should that for him(giroud)he really try in that match


I was unsure of our HFB at the beginning, but everything takes time. Especially when hes replacing probably the best player in the league but hes done well if not amazing considering hes a big target man which completely changed our style. I think hes nearly matched his scoring from open play for last year at montpellier except he also took all the penalties for them so hes adjusted well. Plus he seems such a nice bloke and he seems to have learned english very quickly unlike certain players…


With so much about our play based on one-touch passing things just better the more they play together. Poldi and Giroud already seem to have an understanding, as well as with Walcott. The Ox seems to be getting there.

Next season …..

Arsene Wenger

That’s ‘Lord Theo’ to you.

Double Canister

AW just has to get Theo to go back out to the wing and start bangingin some decent crosses, like he did last season.

Mayor of the Woolwich

This is off topic, but, has anyone seen the image of a certain dutch traitor hugging that rednose of a (boss) scum?

Gunsen gunner

Seriously forget that Cunt!!!!Don’t waste your energy on that slime.Save it for when he comes to the Emirates and show him what it means to be proper Arsenal.


Just saw on MOTD that if Manure win there next 2 games they only need a draw to win the league at the Emirates… That makes that match a must win or face having the dutch cunt celebrating on our home…


No way. Screw that. We’ve got that one big game left in our season and we can’t bottle it. Let’s thrash United 4-0 and teach the Dutch cunt a lesson by booing his arse off the pitch.


On a brighter note. Looks like Stoke are going down!


Stoke’s relegation will be a blessing to the Premier League and to football


That was one hell of a gross yuky yuk moment. I might be scarred for life!


Well, in regards to Everton, I wonder what Wenger might do for the back four. Will he bring back Monreal and Mertesacker? I hope he does.


Seriously, when that Dutch comes over to THE EMIRATES, we should show our proper respect. He was a loyal servant for us…..

Oh Who Am I Kidding??? Give ’em HeLL!!!


Giroud has been very impressive for his first season. His physicality reminds me of drogba (minus the diving of course). We need to invest in a striker though. Would be interesting to see who we end up getting.

David Villa

Someone remembering me here?


Ha! Wouldn’t mind you joining the finest club in London.

Dr Baptiste

I don’t think Leyton Orient can afford him….


Not really highlighted how Vermaelen lost his man for Norwich’s free kick…didn’t even jump. Get him back on the bench sharpish! Mert is the daddy….

Jim Jimminy

You dont ‘have a man’ in zonal marking.


Vermaelen is capi and need to sort out his defense in this situation. Instead he ducks and does nothing to prevent the cunt from scoring.
I like the verm but I don’t see him gaining his spot again and we need a 4th defender anyway.

Arteta is the real capi at the moment and we all know it


You can have me aswell Giroud! Lol

I like his passion, we have a great club here. Each of our new signings you feel are becoming fans and once that happens you just know they’ll give everything to win matches and even when the results are not going your way, that’s all you can ask for.


First off can everyone stop being cunts blaming Vermaelen for their goal. It was pretty obvious to see before the free kick was taken it was Sagna who was next to Turner. Anyways the goal was a result of zonal marking more than anything.


When someone that handsome says he’s having something, you’d better give it to him.

ds 14

Handsome !? how did you even notice you cannot have Homosexual tendencies and be an Arsenal fan ,Brighton FC maybe.

Not here

Not sure if you are joking.
If not, none of that here thankyou very much.


i believe @Dondeon may be a chick which gives the comment a heterosexual connatation, Giroud is pretty good looking by the way


Never seen a female fan ?

ds 14

I thougt thats why they had womens league, for wemen & disguedting horny perverts who will soon be able to legally get married and adopt children thanks to spineless polititians.

like 28 dislike 0

ds 14

what are you some affirmative action advocate?


I think you might need to join the 21st Century, my man. In London and at the Emirates Stadium we don’t go in for any of that discriminatory nonsense.


Not sure Bassong got a touch, he didn’t even celebrate.


Stop calling him “capi” is he your boy toy? why can’t we ever stop bashing one player so as to exalt another. “Praise mert, lay onto vermaelen.”
“Praise walcott, lay onto gervinho.”

We should try and stop this.


Now we must start passing those many passes infront of opposition 18 area like we used to.

Scoring 3goals in 6minutes tells you Arsenal is back.

Now The Passing will complete The Tank.


Not sure if anyone noticed it, but I’m pretty certain you can see Giroud stab his foot in between Bassong’s legs (wow that sounds erotic) and toe poke the ball in.


giroud scored no doubt in my mind. the tv isn’t conclusive so it has to go to the striker, he is the one trying to put the ball in the net.

[…] he’s been positive for the most part. Assuming the goal on Saturday is given to him, and he insists it’s his, then that’s 17 for the season. With a few games still to go that’s a decent […]


Why not just give it to Giroud because it was going in regardless? I’m sure Bassong doesn’t want it and Giroud clearly does.

Arsene Wenger

Ideal lineup for Everton if said players are fit:




Lord Theo————-Cazorla———————Podolski


If Rosicky is completely match fit, I’d swap him for Podolski. The problem is that he might be slightly off the pace after his injury and also Everton are very good at parking the bus, so we may need Lord Theo and Podolski’s directness.

[…] 个人更希望吉鲁能踢的更具侵略性,不过和波尔蒂一样,如今的他已经在各个方面提升了球队的实力。假设周六那球最后算到吉鲁头上,而他本人也一直强调就是他自己进的球,那么吉鲁本赛季的进球数将达到17个。联赛尚未结束,这笔交易太值了。 […]

Cliff Bastin

Seeing how he completely destroyed the Norwich player in the aerial challenge for our third goal never fails to crack me up. We haven’t had a striker that could do that in a long while. Annihilated.

Double Canister

AW 11:58pm

If Rosiskey is fully fit, I’d keep that formation and put him in ahead of Santi.
Keep Santi fit for Fulham, and play Rosicky when he is fit enough to use him.

Oh and the HFB is always FIT! hehe.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] saw the home side turn on the style with three quick-fire goals from a Mikel Arteta penalty, an Olivier Giroud goal / Sebastien Bassong own goal and a neat Lukas Podolski […]

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