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Wenger: Vermaelen stays, Arshavin goes

Arsene Wenger has dismissed suggestions that Thomas Vermaelen could leave this summer despite the player being benched in recent weeks and speculation linking him with an exit.

Vermaelen, who will return to Arsenal’s starting lineup this weekend in place of the suspended Per Mertesacker, has not started a game since Arsenal’s defeat to Spurs at the beginning of March leading certain slack-jawed hacks in the nation’s grubbier publications to moot a move to Barcelona.

However, underlining that the Belgian international has a long-term contract, signed in October 2011, the boss again reiterated that not playing every week is a fact of life at a football club where there is competition for places.

“Yes, of course [he stays],” Wenger told press ahead of Saturday’s game with Norwich.

“He has a long-term contract. He is our captain and periods where you don’t play can happen. That’s part of our job, to be in competition or not.”

One man who won’t be sporting the red and white next season is Andrei Arshavin. Out of contract at the end of the season, the boss admitted that the tubby Russian will leave the Emirates in the summer although he did reserve praise for the winger’s professionalism during his stint on the sidelines.

“His contract ends at the end of the season and then he will decide what to do,” said Wenger. “I don’t think he will stay here because he doesn’t play enough.”

“I must say that publicly I would like to give him credit, because he is working absolutely every session at 100 per cent commitment.

“He is an example to everybody, because he has been questioned about his commitment many times. If you saw him every day you would respect him for what he is doing on a daily basis. It is absolutely fantastic.”

Arseblog News is amused to learn that commitment to cake eating is something that Wenger admires. We’re off to la patisserie to stock up…

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Why not

cake eating ha

Runcorn Gooner

A case of Arshavin his cake and eating it. coat please


I commend you sir


If Arshavin’s ‘attitude’ or commitment is an example to everybody then I fear for the youngsters in the team.


I have to say ill be sad to see Arsh go, been hoping that he would find some form and break back into the first XI but it’s not meant to be.

If as most here speculate that he’s become lazy and complacent, then it serves the youngsters an example of how not to be, and if as Arsene says he’s been giving 100% in training, then a good example to the kids anyway.

He’s five foot four, five foot fouuur!
We’ve got Arshavin, fuck Adebayoor!

Runcorn Gooner

Talking of Adebywhore I notice that the Spuds fans are starting to realise he is a waste of space


Typical Spurs-at least six years behind Arsenal at all times.


I recall reading somewhere(might have been the Arsenal magazine) where they ask players who is the best at …. etc. I think they were asking one of the youngsters, and they asked who has the best attitude in training? The youngster replied, ‘Arshavin’. I remember that because I was so surprised about it. So let’s not do the little fella down when, after all, none of us know how he is, we’re all just speculatin’.


I will wait for the Ashravin Movie #Arsecast

Herold goon

Arshavin needs a new club with a contract underlining a strict 45 minutes spell on the pitch, no more! then with the remaining 45 he be allowed to pertake in cake eating.


“He is an example to everybody.” Well said Arsene! He is a living example of how a footballer’s career can be ruined by cake and lack of commitment. All the upcoming youngsters should be made aware of this.

Merlin's Panini

I would like to see Arshavin get a farewell run out on the last day of the season. If we’ve already had St Totts day, that is.

Dave Gooner

Adebayor’s penalty could have been taken by St Toteringham himself.

So that’ll be a new cathedral to St Totteringham in Basle, to join all the other ones.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope they give him long enough for just one more goal. I’d like to experience that one last time. If the speculation that he might retire is true it would be nice to see him go out on a high. Get him on alongside Rosicky so that all he has to do is wander into the right position for our little Czech dynamo to slip him the perfect assist.


Fair play to Andrei. Such a shame it didn’t work out, he could of brought so much to the team. May the memories of him running riot at Liverpool and slotting one past Victor Valdes remain strong.

Dave Gooner

I wish TV5 well tomorrow – he needs a good game for his confidence.

Also, those are interesting comments about AA. For his first 2 seasons I always looked forward to seeing him in red. For the second 2 I admit I felt slightly sorry for the guy, who appeared lost.

Best of luck to both though.


Yes wenger you’re a good man. You pass Arshavin on as hardworking to attract suitors even though you know his contract is up and you couldn’t give a titty fuck about where he ends up. Class is what you are, Arsene.

Wenger, Arsene

Can’t tell if trolling or just very naive…


Can’t tell if this is sarcastic, but I think it’s exactly what Arsene is doing, and show what a good man he is. It didn’t work for him here and he lost heart, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do a job somewhere else, and if Wenger came out and said “That tubby fuck has only got himself to blame – he’s been a lazy twat” then it would damage his chances of finding that. There’s no benefit in helping him out for Arsene or Arsenal , but he’s doing it anyway. That is class.

Perry S.

Damn, I love this comment…a lot.


Y’all 2 should get a room.

Judgement day (once more)

Even though TV5 has had a lousy (yes, lousy) season, I can´t bear the fact that we will lose our captain yet another summer. To Barcelona of all fucking teams!!

Do whatever we need to keep him and if he does not improve, strip him of his armband at the start of next season and ship him of in the summer.

The mixed feelings I have regarding AA….. Don´t even know where to start, such a waste of talent.

Dr Baptiste

Your comment contradicted itself throughout. Very odd….


Sooooo, the argument is we must not sell another captain to Barca.

The solution: make him not our captain, and then sell him (to Barca).

Something not quite right there….


Hahaha, brilliant. We should have done that every time. The day before we sold Paddy, Henry, Cesc and that CUNT we should have just made someone else captain. Problem solved. We never sell our captain.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When Barcelona came looking for Captain Henry we should have promoted Silvestre and sent him along in his place. He was a shit defender but he could have made a great striker for Barca. Think of all the new fans he’d have gained…at Real Madrid.

Ivan Gazidis

If we sell Vermaelen, it should be based solely on the fact he is incapable of shaving his entire cheek, as demonstrated by the photo.

This is not the standard I would expect from a leader of men.


You guys are tripping. Try reading between the lines maybe? He obviously meant next summer. And I have to agree with him, enough of this bullshit of selling our best players to the cuntaloonians (albiet at extremely inflated prices). This is the summer to make a stand and strip our selves of this rubbish ‘feeder club’ reputation. Up the Arse.


I think we should be flattered. The press linking a player deemed not good enough for our starting eleven with their favourite Catalan cunts, despite fawning over Barcelona’s spunkworthiness and endlessly criticising our defence.

Mind you, I’d love to see Vermaelen alongside Pique and Alves. Two of the biggest arseholes in football, wonder if they might buck up their ideas next to the Verminator.


I was never really a big fan of Song, basically down to the fact that he was a DM who pretty much disregarded his defensive responsibility to play more offensively. He had some nice attacking moments, no doubt, however, I’m fairly confident that had he respected his defensive responsibilities more often, then it would have allowed Jack and Mikel to attack more, of which we would have seen far more “nice attacking moments” from them than was produced by Song. When I heard Barca was interested and willing to cough up the money they offered, I thought Wenger would be… Read more »


“He is an example to everybody, because he has been questioned about his commitment many times. If you saw him every day you would respect him for what he is doing on a daily basis. It is absolutely fantastic.” No… not having that. — At a bakery — Customer : Err hi, I’d like to return this cake, it’s shit. Baker : It was I who baked that cake. Customer : It’s appalling! How dare you! I want a refund. Manager : I’ll handle this Baker. Customer : How can you employ someone who makes such awful cakes? Manager :… Read more »


Give me back the 1 minute of my life I just wasted.

Perry S.


not that handsome french bloke

Don’t give up the day job kiddo…


i am so very confused, you been smoking something funny?

Bonjour Arsenal fan admits Bale banana throw: “You have let yourself down. This was more than foolish – it was disgraceful behaviour,” said district judge Crane. “It is not a racially aggravated offence,” said his solicitor Wright. Blahblahblah. And singing songs about Wenger’s “paedophilia” is not disgraceful. There’s a government in power in the UK bent on promoting conflict between the middle and the working class by espousing the discourse of “benefit scroungers” and that’s not disgraceful. There’s a fucking dictatorship, where people outside of the capital city are starving, who is trying to test the resolve of Asian countries… Read more »


Yeah….but it was still pretty fucking stupid. Just don’t throw things on the pitch like a twat, it’s a pretty simple rule. There being other things in the world that are worse doesn’t mean we should just ignore what was a really stupid thing to do. By that rationale I shouldn’t be arrested for shoplifting because those North Koreans seem a bit mental don’t they.

I suspect if that judge hadn’t been dealing with this case, he probably wouldn’t have spent the saved time over throwing the government, so probably no harm done.

Perry S.

I think his point was moreso about what the judge said and not what the man did. It really wasn’t as disgraceful as one would think. It was very stupid yes, but disgraceful? I’ve seen and heard much worse on the pitch and in the stadium.


My point is that the judge saying this was disgraceful is not the same as him saying North Korean nuclear attacks are not disgraceful, and comparing the two things was ridiculous. And actually, I think it was a good word. It was an action that lacked grace. I think it’s hilarious that Bale looks like a chimpanzee, but if I saw a man in the street who looked hilarious, I wouldn’t throw things at him to illustrate how ugly he was. I think that would be disgraceful.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

True. There is a certain resemblance between Bale and your average chimpanzee, and I must admit that the theory of throwing bananas to the man-chimp is quite funny, and clearly not racially motivated as there are no racial connotations between bananas and white Welshmen. But, it is only funny in theory. Any Arsenal fan that actually believes that throwing anything on to the pitch will be laughed off as a good joke has to be a complete fool. With CC cameras and alloted seats there was never any question that he would be identified, charged, and banned. Plonker.


Unfortunately for Arshavin,he’s far from what he’s capable of.Arsene made it clear though,and as a senior player at arsenal,when you’re out on loan somewhere else,usually it’s not a good sign.

maduforo uche

All i can say…. thanks AA.. wish u well wre ever ur destiny takes you to…


I’ll still wear my 09/10 Arshavin home kit with pride


Wenger has proved how evil he is…destroying arsha career and saying shit. who honestly thinks gervinho and ramsey is better than arsha? wenger out


I think Rambo is. He’ll be immense.

Perry S.

This has nothing to do with Wenger. This has everything to do with Arshavin’s choices.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I suspect it has more to do with depression than choice. He got himself into a funk over the Russian team, and while he seems to have been performing well in training, which is his job, after all, I think he may have lost the love of playing. If your heart isn’t in it then you are not going to stay at the top of your game no matter how hard you work in training.


utter idiot spuds fan

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Alhough I think vermaelen is a good player (a list of better cb’s in the pl would be suprisingly short) if we got good money for him and added to it to get another bod it may well turn out for the best. I think the defence needs a change of chemistry in order to remain solid in the long term. Monreal seems a good start.


‘suprisingly’ was surprisingly short.


Blimey, so was the V in ‘vermaelen’. And I checked it neurotically before submitting. Should drop myself due to loss of confidence.


if only wenger showed half the faith to AA as he does to ramsey, then we would be talking about cakes and aa in the same breath.


If only Arshavin tried half as hard as Ramsey, maybe Wenger would have faith in him.


Almost a decade separates Arshavin, who is 31, with Ramsey, who is 22. Its absolutely ludicrous to compare the two, the latter of whom I feel will have a great career with Arsenal and is destined for great things. He works hard, is continually improving, and if you are trying to slate him after his performances in 2013, then you just don’t give a shit about his performances but would simply rather dwell on bandwagon hating a player (and on that note, you might be the only person left on that wagon).

Perry S.

Let me know when Ramsey learns how to complete a cross, makes a decent lob, or learns how to shoot a ball. On that note, please notify me when we can depend on him in the final third. Thanks.

Perry S.

But credit due, he has done somewhat better than average over the past few weeks.


Hmm weird how that works ey, the Boss showing a lot of faith in Rambo, who is proving his haters wrong game by game. I guess that means he’s shite, right? I mean, its not like Wenger knows anything, most certainly he knows less about football than you, TOMA, right? God I wish you were our manager! And Arshavin our captain! Ugh!


Adios apple cheeks!


I have to say that I would not be sad to see Vermaelen leave. He makes the same errors over and over again, it’s almost a certainty at this point that when the opponents put someone through the left channel the replay will show Vermaelen in midfield for no reason.

Of course Arsene tells the press he isn’t leaving, this stance will only add another £7m to his fee when we fleece Barca yet again.


Who ate all the pies who ate all the pies you fat bastard you fat bastard such a talent but what a disappointed he turned out to be when he scored the 4 against Liverpool I though we have a little gem here such a pity he could have went down as an arsenal legend


“Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat bastard. You fat bastard.” Such a talent, but what a disappointed he turned out to be. When he scored the 4 against Liverpool I thought, “we have a little gem here.” Such a pity… he could have went down as an Arsenal legend.

^- There, I fixed it. You’re welcome.


Yes Ashavin and Squilacci are a great example to young players. Get yourself an expensive long term contract and sit on your arse . Refuse to play for any one else and count your millions. This is also an example to younger managers. Sign lots of expensive under achievers and finish trophyless nine years in a row and draw a 7 million pound salary. We now have a culture of highly paid underachievers and celebrate that failure.

Rambo's jungle knife

Quite sad that AA23 will not be with us anymore. He possessed loads of talent but without the corresponding work ethic. He could have been one of the greats……If he had just exerted a little effort.

[…] boss spoke about the position of the captain, and was in full support of the Belgian, who he claims will stay at the club. Apart from that, rumours are strife that Andrei Arshavin could leave the club after his contract […]

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