Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Arteta putting pressure to one side

Mikel Arteta wants a raucous atmosphere at the Emirates this evening as Arsenal look to secure the three points which will take the race for Champions League qualification to the last day of the season.

Taking the opportunity to remind Gunners fans that there’s a big football void on the horizon the Spaniard pretty much urged everyone to scream their effing heads off tonight for one last time.

“It’s going to be difficult and it helps when you have the fans behind you,” the lego-haired one told Arsenal Player.

“We have examples this year when they have been absolutely magnificent. You just play with an extra man. The confidence and belief they give you just throws you forward.

“That’s what we need. We need to have an atmosphere. It’s the last game of the season at home and I think people are going to be up for it.”

Despite being well-aware that a six-point haul from the games with Wigan and Newcastle will see Arsenal dine at Europe’s top table again next season (tricky qualifier aside), the Spaniard admitted that his teammates sole focus in the coming days should be on playing their football and not the wider implications.

“I think we have to forget a little bit the external part of what the game means and just focus on the good things and the things that we did right on the pitch,” he continued.

“If that is the case, I think the percentage of winning the games increases a lot. When you’re thinking about other things, you can’t really focus on what you’re doing so that’s why we have to try to manage [the game] tomorrow. For Wigan it’s going to be a tough game mentally as well.

“What I like [to do] is take all that and put it in a motivation pack and use that motivation pack to carry yourself and give the best you have. [You want to] try to get the positive energy out of it, not to get yourself restricted and play with a bit of fear. That’s the wrong way.”

Arseblog News can’t be sure what Mikel’s motivation pack looks like (it’s probably made by Louis Vuitton and includes a mirror and some super-strength hair gel) but ours own would definitely be housed in an eighties-style bum bag (fanny pack for those of you in the USA) and include Jaffa Cakes, a flask of fine spiced rum, fortune cookie messages featuring ‘go-get-em’ quotes from Perry Groves and Paul Merson, pictures of middle-aged Spurs supporters crying, a flirtatious letter from a pretty lady hinting at a happy ending, a wad of cash and an instructional video from Thierry Henry teaching us how to overhead kick winning goals in the final minute of a game.

If Arsenal are reading and fancy doing that as the next membership that would be ace…

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Dave Gooner

100% motivation for 100% of the last 2 games.

Arsenal expects nothing less. If we play like we can, “with the handbrake off” we should be okay.

And I really hope TR starts. This is a game made for him.

Arty's Art

Given the news on Wilshere today, i’d imagine that’s a certainty.


Tomas will lead us to through the finish line. Fucking come on you gooners! set the place alive under the lights tonight! All us overseas gooners would give the world to be there tonight but we’ll be with you all the way. If this is baccys last game at the emirates then send the boy off in style. True gooner. True player. Always gave it his all for us.

Dan Gunn

Pop that in your motivation ruck-sack! ;0)


Arteta has been a real gem this season for us in spite of playing in an unfamiliar position. His leadership skills on the pitch is evident to all, particularly the way he guides Ramsey during the matches.

I believe it would be prudent to promote him as the captain next season whether TV5 stays or not.

Parisian Weetabix

I know many people adopt a rather sardonic view when the FIFA PS3 game is mentioned, but it’s worth pointing out that Mikel Arteta was placed in the team of the season, which is based on real football. It may not be the most valuable award, but it shows that people do recognise the consistency in his Arsenal performances.

He’s had one bad game this season (Fulham at home, which was admittedly horrendous!) and has been absolutely brilliant at doing the solid, unspectacular job he’s been asked to do. Absolute class.


It does annooy me that people take that approach when FIFA is mentioned. It’s an impartial guide to a player created by people who watch a lot more football than any of us. Although I do have to point out that it was the most consistent players, not the best, and it was voted on by FIFA players in this instance.

Teri maa dhi

Great post! I love Mikel… even last season he showed his consistency. The last player to give us that kind of consistency was Gilberto – became so reliable and consistent that we struggled when he got injured. But with Arteta he can do a job in any Central midfield position and he is experienced and has a first rate attitude. Listening to the way he speaks and comes across has given me a better insight to my , unrelated, professional life! Glad to have him in our team – one of the best players in the league and has really… Read more »


Him being above 30 and all, I wonder what the club “policy” does! Hope we keep him for as long as he’s good, leaving age aside.


Absolutely shitting bricks about tonight! Come on boys!!

Arsenes Nose

No f@#king way am watching the game tonight sober.. Better for my health


i’m with u 100% gunner! Terrible 4 the health;)


True. Started with a bottle of wine already. Should be just about ready come kick off.

Midfield Corporal

That’s so Islington of you Meh. You realise most of the Wigan fans have only ever tried wine at a wedding. They drink Ale or Tea.

It’s a shame we have to relegated Wigan tonight, I have a soft spot for them since the last game at Highbury. I could only get a ticket in the Wigan end, which was half filled with Gooners anyway, but what Wigan fans there were respected the sense of occasion, they were a good bunch of lads.


He comes across as a very good leader.

I’d follow him to the gates of Mordor.


I want a Koscielny header, I cant remember the last time we didnt win with Koscielny scoring a header.


Koscielny headers have magic powers of course 😀

Personally I’m hoping for a Szczesny goal after a Maradona-like run through the entire pitch. I can’t remember the last time we failed to win after one of those.


did we ever get one of those??



Eric Irish gunner

A deflection of an arse cheek will do for me, I’m feeling ill waiting for the game


Koscienly with his strikes against citeh. Too fucking memorable then against a header against bayern again….to fucking memorable, neuer being a toddler holding onto the ball in their own backyard. Haha great.


Love it mate

Why is my name required

Most of Wigan’s league goals this season have come from set pieces, second only behind United

they scored from a set piece against City last week, the warning signs are there

We must defend corners and free kicks well, we must win this game. We have to.


If we win by a large margin, it’ll be our nearest and dearest shitting bricks.


I for one am expecting a raucous atmosphere in my bowels tonight. COYG.

Arty's Art

Sagna to score in a 4 goal rout.

I just have a feeling. Its a shame i’m not a betting man.

A N Other

If we can beat Bayern after 10 days of rest then we can beat Wigan too..


Well up for it tonight. Will be disappointed not to leave my lungs behind on my seat after the game.


We need some proper support tonight. Its a shame Giroud aint playing cause his chant really gets going around the stadium. Arteta is one of our top players I’d love for him to get a goal.


that’s hoping we get a penalty!


Nuh uh, a carbon copy of his screamer against City at the Emirates would do me fine. Maybe a littler earlier in the game this time Mikel?


I have a very good feeling that we will win by a very very good margin today. It’s one of those games where you are shit scared but the performance just takes you aback – like the one against Bayern. We aren’t that bad a team that we shit ourselves when we play Wigan (not taking anything away from the Latics who put up a brilliant show at Wembley!). COYG!!!

Parisian Weetabix

Paul Merson’s predicted a 4-1 win for us on SkySports. Now I’m really getting worried.


WOAH!! He got it spot on!

Arsenes Nose

My motivational pack is in a bottle of vodka


then why not get that motivational pack beside u, and down it while the march is on? Great for the health-‘)

Midfield Corporal

My motivational pack is a purse, some make up and a tampon…… Oh sorry I’ve picked up my wife’s hand bag by mistake.

Jim Jimminy

Mik makes me feel so much calmer about everything.

We’re gonna win tonight.

Arty's Art

Arseblog, can you run a competition for which that ‘motivational pack’ is the prize.



I really think when all this talking is over, the best football team is gonna enter the pitch and do the talking on the pitch. Wigan wil get a hell of a beating. Arsenal5 vs Wigan1


Anyone going to the Emirates tonight have to get behind the team 100%. Cheer every attack, every shot, every clearance. We have to back the boys at home one last time this season!


I should be nervous but I’m not for some reason. Would feel even better if giroud was playing but we’re unbeaten in 9, have per and kos playing like beasts, and we have a manager who specializes in finishing top 4. No more talk, let’s get it done boys. Come on you gunners!!

67 + 6 = 73pts = Abedayor kiss my arse

Whatever the scoreline, let’s make some proper NOISE from the 1st minute to the last!

If you read between the lines comments from Arteta and Wenger, basically what they’re saying is the nervousness around Emirates has spread to the players on several occasions this season. And it has not helped.

Even if Wigan go 1-0 up from a corner early on, we owe it to the players to stay behind them until the final whistle blows.

South African_Gooner

Just for the alias.!!!


I have a theory… Maybe Arsene does indeed know, just maybe he had a masterplan;

Did he think at the end of last season, “let’s fuck the whole of Manchester right-up”

I’ll sell Utd Van Pussy, he’ll win the title for them, Ferguson will retire, and Shitty will sack Mancini…


Arsene Wenger

In the Premier League I am the longest serving man in this job, I know everything.


Look on the bright side lads…

We’re at home.
On a 9 game unbeaten run.
They are knackered.
We are rested.
They are Wigan (i.e. shit)
and we, we….
we are the Arsenal!

Merlin's Panini

I really hope we do the business tonight.
IF we don’t happen to manage it then all is not completely lost because Sp*rs will have the one of the only teams left who are looking pretty desperate for points; Sunderland.
If, God/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Whatever forbid, we lost to Wigan, Sunderland could still be caught by them and they would be fighting for their lives against Sp*rs.
I still think we will be most likely to qualify for the Champions League whatever happens tonight.

the only sam is nelson

this is the correct motorcycle

Mikel Artekkers

I’ll be there Arteta, as I have been all season, screaming my head off while the old biddies and corporate twits around me look confused.


It’s my birthday today. No matter what happens for the rest of the day the only thing that hinges on me remembering it as good one is the match tonight.

Come on Arsenal!!!


Happy birthday… Let’s hope the team wrap your gift up as quickly as possible.


Its also my birthday today happy birthday darlyc best present would be a win tonight not that i got any other presents anyways that’s what happens when your 34

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I,like Mikel am putting pressure to one side.
Not nervous at all,nope.

Jacques DeCock

Where’s Marton Fulop when you need him, eh?


Up the fuckin wall here wish this game was over and we had 3 points in the bag

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