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Hill-Wood: Wenger happy as Larry

Peter Hill-Wood has dismissed speculation linking Arsene Wenger with a move away from Arsenal stating that the Frenchman is very happy in North London.

Speed-dialling his favourite red-top, the Daily Star, the old-Etonian pooh-poohed suggestions that Paris Saint German were on the cusp of stealing Wenger away from the Emirates by reasserting that the 63-year-old is under contract for another year.

“I think this is complete nonsense – in fact, I know it is complete nonsense,” said Hill-Wood.

When quizzed about the final year of Wenger’s contract being optional, the Gunners chairman continued: “That is news to me and I would certainly know if there was one.

“He is happy as Larry and the whole thing is complete rubbish.”

That, along with Wenger’s own denial, should just about draw a line under all the drivel that has been written in the last 48 hours.

Bonus reading: The meaning and origin of the expression, “As happy as Larry.” 

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Connor Lavy

Phwoar, bonus reading! I feel like a kid in school getting optional maths homework. Yippeee!


There is a Storm comming Scum Kroenke Knows the fans will not settle for top four next season : , Usmanov wants to buy the whole Club, Wenger’s contract is nearing it’s end.


I don’t see your point. Kroenke doesn’t need to sell. In fact I believe Blogger made the point that he does not sell shares in clubs he owns – he’s in this for the long term. Usmanov is a minority shareholder and has no say in the running of the club – and I for one would not want him to be in control. As for AW, he may leave, he may not. He is a manager and a relatively successful one at that, but that is unlikely to tip the scales against Kroenke. We could go out and get… Read more »

64 + 9= 73pts = 3rd place?

Yes agreed, Kroenke is in this for the long term… looking to eke out every last penny from his ‘investment’.

Kroenke only cares about duping 60,000 fans to cough up top money for a seat at the Emirates. He knows already that finishing 3rd or 4th is enough to achieve that.

Usmanov, on the other hand, I believe is a true ‘fan’ of the club just like us, and he wants nothing more than to grab the EPL title back from those Manc-cunts.


I believe that Usmanov is a Utd supporter. Ask Blogs how he was treated when he wrote articles about him several years ago. Is that the man you want in charge of the Club?

glory hunter

@ DC, given the choice of Usmanov or Kroenke, i’ll take Usmanov any day.


What happened to blogs when he wrote those articles?

Bould's Eyeliner

Even if Usmanov came in, why would he get rid of Wenger? I suppose bids for popularity would be one… but when millions are at stake, you want to get rid of the man who kept Arsenal afloat and finally in the black, thanks to consecutive Champion’s league qualifications? That’s like betting against pocket kings after flop. He’s a proven coach, and one of the best. Not to mention Usmanov seems like he wants to be seen friendly with Henry… good luck getting rid of Wenger when you want that to be your image…


What can we do? I don’t know, Go on strike, March, Chant”¶Die Scum Kroenke¶” during matches. And Usmanov isn’t that much of a minority he owns 30% and wants to expand, He gets 21% and Scum Kroenke is on a one way plane to Missouri. While Usmanov is willing to take his check book out of his pocket and fill the team with superstars. Scum Kroenke was the one who forced Nasri’s transfer despite Wenger Making Clear the dangerousness of losing Cesc and the Mercenary on the same summer. While Kroenke is a Sport Enterpreneur Usmanov is the richest man… Read more »

Arsene's Zip

Why is he scum Kroenke? What has he done directly to you?

Also, how do you know he forced Na$ri in to leaving? I though that was the massive pot of cash that Shity put in front of his agent.

Personally, I don’t want any of the filthy money that Usmanov has in our club – it’s unethical and covered in blood.

And you spelt cheque wrong.


Seems a tad imperialistic to suggest American spelling is ‘wrong’

ponsbury heights

No mention of the poor grammar or random capitalization of letters? If we’re going to live on our high horse about spelling we might as well dust off our monacles, adjust our top hats and say ‘now look here, good chap, I shan’t accept this frivolity and improper use of the Queen’s English!’

Clock End Mike

Of course American spelling is wrong. Unless you’re in America. (To be precise, we’re talking about US spelling here: the Canadians spell rather better than their rebellious southern neighbours.)

ps. No flames, please. I have a soft spot for the US of A, lived in New York for a while and loved it.

Midfield Corporal

The yanks are like the bloody taffs, savages one and all. The sooner we quash these rebellious ne’er do wells the better!


Trouble is the 21% you so glibly mention is owned by Kroenke and private shareholders. Kroenke controls more than 50% and is not going to sell it to his next largest shareholder. Usmanov was conned into buying the shareholding by David Dein. Dein thought he had the whole thing tied up and it blew up in his face.

As for Nasri, that is a non-starter. You are taking Nasri’s word that Kroenke was behind the sale – and I wouldn’t trust Nasri as far as I can throw him.

I agree with the Zip!


What has he done to me directley? I don’t know i don’t see him trying to change our situation despite 9 years of heart break, and unbelivable Shame, It doesn’t kill him emotionally because he doesn’t have the same passion that we do. He runs Arsenal FC like a Bussiness. I can’t see why you have a problem with calling Scum Kroenke. And i know he forced Nasri’s sell because Nasri said on some french television Channel “Wenger told me that i will not be sold if Cesc leaves but Kroenke wanted to sell me even though i wanted to… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

I don’t think you read their comments… and Nasri’s venture into French Reality TV is probably him trying to salvage his career after he realized nobody likes him. Not even Mancini. People like Balotelli more than they like Nasri. Usmanov is by no means a clean man. I understand your resentment of Kroenke but it is foolish to take Usmanov’s words at face value and believe that he will change something. When millions are at stake, nothing is as it seems…

Let’s just stop here. Please don’t give us Amurican steak lovers a worse name.


Easy brother @ Lisbon seems like you have got ants up ur ass. Take a breath. Hope I didn’t make any gramatical errors dont think I can take the rath.

Arsenic FC

I had a cat called Larry once…..dead now.

Telepathic pass

Now it’s just some cat you used to know.


Sorry all I take from this is…



Someone’s had an uphill paper round!


I don’t get your point. Wenger is 63.


Sorry! I think he looks a lot older than that… That’s all I meant!

Dr Baptiste

Wenger looks like a 63 year old and is a 63 year old. When things are going badly he looks older due to stress and when things are going well he looks younger as that stress is relieved.

big dawg

So when does he ever look 63 if that’s the case?


He looks better than I do at twenty six. By Wenger’s age I’m going to look like a dehydrated scrotum.


I think Wenger looks very well for his age, still got full head of hair, probably a touch underweight but that has to be better than being a fat ol’ bloater.

I’d do him;)

Arty's Art

Ahhh the first sign of summer: mad stories in the sports pages.

I wonder if there will be ‘exclusives’ of us signing some french fella’s again!

That is my favorite.

Max Stirner

Great! The absentee landlord, the old fart, and the deluded emperor, onwards into obscurity my friends!


Who the F.. Is Larry??

Adam, Watford

Well, it was Arsenic FC’s cat and there is always a quick Google to help such question find possible answers !

I hope this helps !

Arsene Wenger

Me going to PSG? LeFaq man!

Arsene Wenger

Me going to PSG? LeFaq man!

Get it? LeFaq? Anybody?
Oh well…

Dr Baptiste

Wasn’t funny when you put this comment the first time and isn’t any funnier 1 minute later


You are one hilarious gooner, sir!hahahaha


Bit like when PHW was sure RiP was going to stay with a new deal…?

Boris Cro

like Hill Wood ever nows whats going on ehhh

Boris Cro



Love a headline which starts with hill-wood.
Always leads to a lively debate.

Woolwich Peripatetic

I’m waiting for his forthcoming interview in Biscuit Eaters Monthly (or something like it) where he claims that he’s a traditionalist, plain Digestives kind of man, whilst Wenger prefers custard creams. To be followed by a stream of comments about how PHW knows nothing, that he eats Rich Teas and that Wenger is mad for the chocolate Bourbons…


I’m liking Phil Dead-Wood’s scarf.


Or should that be Peter Hill-Wood. I get so confused…


It’s good to see the club top dogs all on their toes with this wenger “moving” away story. If there’s a snow balls chance in hell, maybe it’ll get them to wake up and hand this man all the resources he needs to make this club succesful again (i’m assuming they’ve already done so for this summer). You never know how good you have it untill it’s gone and that’s our case with Arsene. Tie him up to a new deal, supply him the relevant resources, sit back and watch what we will do next season. SIMPLE AS. coyg!


Like RVP’s story,thanks Hill-wood now i know he is leaving

Tenacious Defence

Blackadder: I can assure you, sir, that the pooh-poohing was purely circumstantial.

General Melchett: Well, I hope so, Blackadder. You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being in the Army, it’s never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major, who got pooh-poohed, made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh. He pooh-poohed it! Fatal error! ‘Cos it turned out all along that the soldier who pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs. In the end, we had to disband the regiment. Morale totally destroyed… by pooh-pooh!



Whist probably not the point, I’m going to be stuck with the image of Melchett every tine I hear anything about Hill-Wood or the board. Perhaps thats a good thing.

Merlin's Panini

hur hur…pooh pooh.

Telepathic pass

Even the papers know if psg manage to “SNARE” Wenger how much of a big coup that will be. He’s our manager, go deep an oil well or something maybe there’s ready made manager in there trying to crawl out. Fucks!


Hear hear!

Telepathic pass

Heh, i thought I did!, have I been wrong all this time?


Give me some transfer news……..
(foaming at the mouth)!



Am I the only one who thinks that Benteke kid would be a great signing?

the only sam is nelson

he’s kevin campbell on steroids. i’d prefer him to the HFB to be brutally honest. although neither are right for the game that we’ve been playing in the last 16 years, despite that taking a back seat this season.

ponsbury heights

how about jozy altidore? he had the terrible season with hull a few years back, but this year he’s been at AZ alkmaaaaaar is the eredevise and scored 23 goals from 31 apperances. Plus, signing him would certainly increase our commercial presence in america (Ivan and Stan, please note that america, although a smaller per capita football market than the far east/south eat asia, is still a giant un-tapped resource for potential revenue).

Dave Gooner

This season probably, but next season ….meh.

Our problem is Giroud. He hasn’t made the grade, if we are totally honest.


I heard that Loic Remy wants to leave QPR. He would be a proper signing too. But it’s just my opinion.


I’m sure that Wenger’s delighted at managing a club where he can pick up seven million quid a year for consistently winning nothing. No other top club in Europe would accept his level of failure. Fortunately for him he’s at a club where the owner doesn’t give a damn about winning, and where thousands of muppet fans will continue to support him no matter how incompetent his management is. As Lisbon says, there’s storm coming: we can’t continue with this shit for any longer. Most of us have had enough of useless Wenger and parasite Kroenke. We desperately need an… Read more »

the chosen one

I accidently thumbed you up…


I rectified it


Was your finger brown?

the only sam is nelson

except in reality, fatgooner, you’re not a billionaire and even if you were it’s unlikely you’d be prepared to pay anywhere near the kind of premium on the share price that would see either shareholder sell you the square root of fuck all so your delusion – that protest will see the back of a man who hardly ever bothers showing up – is cruelly exposed every time you post reality-free stuff like “most of us have had enough” as if that will change anything. It won’t. If you want activism, look at your favourite team – Manchester United –… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

oh, I was just gonna squirt Mr Muscle in his face, but I guess i’ll just have to wait until football’s not popular anymore… when pigs fly.

the only sam is nelson

oh i don’t know, it’s not so long ago that we were getting crowds of under 20,000 and FA/League Cup games provided a rare respite from the depressing reality of league mediocrity. not that i’m wishing those times back, of course.

but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.


Sorry, Sam, but you’re just spouting defeatist nonsense. The Man United protests failed to make an impression mainly because most United fans didn’t care about the finance as long as they were winning. If United had failed to win anything in eight years then there would now be rioting outside Old Trafford – especially if they being asked to pay top dollar to watch rubbish football.

Arsenal fans don’t even want to demonstrate. Instead many idiot fans still think that Wenger is doing a good job.


Weng(unn)er Kindly request you to not comment when you know nothing. You don’t know how many restrictions the manager might be bound with. Ferguson never built a beautiful stadium as our manager has. Ferguson has never won a golden Premier League Trophy. Ferguson has produced winners, but never groomed talent and made superstars out of them. Ferguson never stuck by his players when they were injured and going through a torrid time. Arsene Wenger is a great manager, but even a greater human being. Yes he obviously might have flaws like everyone of us, that doesn’t mean you start bashing… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

Waaah!!! Nobody wants to play with FG


Firstly, Wenger’s expectation IS to maintain top four while Arsenal paid off a new stadium. Secondly, the owner is running the business situation in a business way. Would I prefer a more involved face at the top? Yes. But we don’t have that. He’s helped us recover from £420+million debt and given us the second biggest club stadium in the UK, within the most congested city in the UK. All without running us into the bottom of the table or bankruptcy. Yeah, we lost some some quality along the way. It’s amazing we didn’t lose it all though, quite frankly.… Read more »

Johnny Jensen's Bender

@Fatty – Stop suggesting you are in the majority. You are not.

I’d try and explain how things really are but Sammy did a pretty good job already and I know you’re far too dense (not a fat joke) to even comprehend.

Try and come up with some new material, you are boring me.


He’s probably counting by weight.


He might just not be the majority on this site full of sycophants…but he isn’t the only one with this view…

Jim Jimminy

I feel sorry for you

Santi Claws

…And Larry is one happy unicorn!

not that handsome french bloke

long live king arsene!


I’m Malaysian and have only been in the UK in my younger years, 6-7 y.o. So I didn’t learn alot of the culture when I was there (I’m 26 now). However I’m aware that two schools over there stand out over others viz Eton and Harrow. I’m interested to know what the common people in England think of the school products. As the article suggests PHW is one of them, and people are slightly despising him for it if I may suggest so. I can recall the same situation in Malaysia where there are a few elite schools, and say… Read more »

Dial Square


Arsene Wenger

Firstly, this is totally random.

Most people don’t care about that Eton lot.

I don’t mean to stereotype them, but those of them which I have seen in real life (not very many at all) have come from posh backgrounds and have had some very disturbing attitudes to the working class and ethnic minorities. Again, this may not apply to the majority of them, I have only met a small sample.

I haven’t been to Eton, as you can probably tell.


Who is this Larry???
and how can we all be happy like him??

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


Wenger’s customised Segway w/ side cart is awesome.


I’m seeing that us Arsenal fans are turning into a Snarky bunch. While I do agree that Usmanov hasn’t really covered himself in glory after his conduct a couple of years ago, he’s still a large shareholder and i think it is okay to question Kroenke’s motives too. He is still a astute businessman and has been way too quiet and passive on the Arsenal front. I also see this sort of an inherent (cold war remnant?) bias people seem to have vis-a-vis the Russian/Uzbek. Before the billionaires, we had the argument of a well run good ‘ole British club,… Read more »

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