Monday, May 16, 2022

Sanogo: Arsenal is my choice

Auxerre striker Yaya Sanogo has, more or less, confirmed his move to the Gunners for next season.

The French U21 international told Sky Sports (assuming they actually spoke to him and not Carl Jenkinson by mistake), “Arsenal could be a great club for me, I scored nine goals this season with Auxerre and they think I can improve my level in England.

“I am pleased to be following in the footsteps of Abou Diaby who came through from Auxerre. There are many teams interested in me, but Arsenal is my choice.”

Considering the injury problems he’s had, Gunners fans will be hoping he doesn’t follow too closely in Diaby’s footsteps.


Stump trails.

We’re sorry.

I guess this is as close to official as you can get without it being official. We suspect they’re just dotting the Ts and crossing the Is on the Jovetic and Higuaín deals before announcing.

That’s it. That’s surely it.

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Diaby’s footsteps eh? You sure Yaya?


It’s-a-no-go, Yaya.


Actually it’s a go-go

Yaya Sanogo

I kind of wish he had turned us down just so the headline ‘Yaya Say “no no'” could be used

Jim Jimminy

Wouldnt “Yaya’s a no go” be more approriate?


I believe that was actually Abu Ogogo. Close, but not quite.

Parisian Weetabix

Guys, before you dislike, please appreciate the linguistic genius that went into this comment.


Linguistic ‘genius’ that’s been thrown around on Twitter the first day serious Yaya Sanogo rumours came out. Genius these days sure is as witty as pop culture.

Lagos Gunner

Wait, wait, wait, I’ve got it…”Don’t you mean a no-no, YaYa?”


My AC isn’t working.


Ha! And what a name he has! Just imagine:
“There goes Sanogooo and what a beautiful goal! Yaya Sanogo did it again!! “

twisted cuntloks

so he should be a bloody good player by 2017, fantastic !

Entre Dans La

*Laughs Out Loud*


Signing No. 1 ! More of the same (Jovetic, Gonalons, Williams) please! 🙂


And since then the footsteps have become his face….


This was for the comment below this one.
(how embarrasing)


What’s ideal about Williams? I haven’t really followed him at Swansea, bar what I saw when we played them, I don’t remember much about him.

Also, isn’t he 29 as well?


He ‘almost killed’ a certain Dutch Cunt.

That’s all you need to know for now.


Clearly the only reason we want to sign him lol…


Haha. Forgot about that!

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Arteta was 29 when we signed him, so that’s not the end of the world.


Yeah, but Arteta was more of a replacement for Fabregas.

Williams is at the peak age of first team football (for a defender) – when would he get to play? There’s no one to replace in defense. Our first two choices definitely show no hint of leaving, and have been an extraordinary combination together.

It’s not Williams physical ability at that age that bothers me, it’s his expectation for first team football that makes me wonder if it makes sense.

Got a better chance of signing a 23-25 year old, I’m sure they’d be more accepting of bench time.


Most blocks In the premier league last season. Decent defender to be fair to him. British centre back would be nice but iggy miquel deserves a shot.


Heh, interesting stat. Thanks Goontang.

I’d personally love to see Ignasi get a better chance to step up as well. He shows good potential, but needs experience. He also kissed the badge.


Why the love for Williams? Very average for Swansea and he’s older


Ashley Williams?! Are you high?!


We need 4 decent CBs if we are to challenge for all domestic as well as the European titles. Koscielny and Mertesacker can play regularly in the league considering their partnership has been undefeated this season. For the FA Cup, Carling Cup where we complain that there’s no squad depth, we could use Vermaelen and Williams. Also would be helpful to have them for rotation in case of any injuries to our main CBs. Why Williams – He has been pretty decent for Swansea. Considering that although we will be proactive in the market, we still can’t buy a player… Read more »


The mention of Gonalons reminds me of one M’vila and Capoe. …as if we really need HIM (the best out there for us to get and nobody else) and he’s really good. The Jovetic name is becoming that too. Would rather wait and see who we are REALLY after.


Diaby footsteps are on JT’s face!


Haha! What a beautiful moment that was!

Edu's Braces

Regardless of logic, I KNOW, it was Diaby’s kick that turned Terry in to the embarrassing slip monkey he currently is.

The thought pleases me.


To be fair, there are a couple of ‘i’s in Higuaín. And one of them is a fancy, Latin, sweepy one that I had to cut and paste.




Alt Gr and i gives í. Just hope someone tells the web team this, otherwise the deal will collapse due to it not being able to be published on the website.


Exactly what we need! Ehhh…


Brilliant choice lad. Now If Only higuain would say the same. (Long shot but still……)


Injuryprone and admiring Diaby.. Fingers crossed for the talent without the shitty luck


I hope this works out, he looks like he could grow into a powerful asset for the club.

If he’s anything like Koscielny as a signing from the French second tier who made the step up it’ll be great business, especially coz he’s young, talented and cost nothing!

Theo's Speed

the transfer window is upon us. A time where we speculate and speculate. Most of what we will hear will be wrong but we will read and we will hope!


Who is he ?he wants to join us because nobody else wants him surely we can attract bigger names than him.its not really sending out a statement

Dick Swiveller

No, no it’s not.

Then again, neither did United’s capture of Nick Powell and they seemed to survive.


Mr fatty Morgan is that you?


Reminds me of adebayor. Same built , tall,skillful . ( excluding the part where he ……)


is a cunt?

William Wallace

Here what a story koscielny is!! Prob one of the best centre backs in the world the minute!! He’s come along way!! In arsene I trust!!!


Check this guy out at u16s, its not really something to go but he scored some awesome bycicle kicks


If you were to step where diaby actually left his footprint. You might just develop a hamstring tear. Don’t go there sanogo….

gooner odst

Altogether now, this signing is a go!!! Lets hope Arsenal stun us with a world class player that no one knew we were after, or maybe the ones we are after all along, either is fine for me.

petits handbag

Why aren’t we going for that little lad from Real Sociedad, looks a promising young CHIP off the old block. Carlos Fella or something he’s called.
Can we also have a minute of silence as Tony “the Wanker in the Hat” Pulls has fucked off?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Can that minute of silence be followed by an day of raucous laughter please?

Merlin's Panini

The world is finally stabilizing. No Fergie, no Pulis, what’s next?
No Bale? I hope so.
I’m feeling very zen right now.
Might go and put a fiver on Stoke to go down next season now too.

Entre Dans La

Kind of hope Sunderland goes down. I counted on them to beat Sp*rs and they cocked it up, per usual. For that I wish you relegation.

BTW – ever notice how everyone bemoans the style Stoke and Sunderland play in real life but then on FIFA they play like that with all the toe poking and slide tackling.


Apparently the board aren’t in favour of the rugby club image they have, hence his removal. I hope they don’t go down, so it doesn’t promote the rugby way as a successful idea.


“I am pleased to be following in the footsteps of Abou Diaby who came through from Auxerre.”
*stares at disbelief*


You can’t stare AT disbelief……. U stare in disbelief or stare with disbelief or stare disbelievingly……


I find your comment very offensive.


People stare at me all the time


Yaya Sanogo, Yaya Sanogoooo,
He’s better and faster,
Than that cunt from Togo


Hahahaah….This is epic !


Fuckin Adebayor you’ll be playing Europa league next season you Foken Tit!!you were rite to leave Arsenal cos you’re Shaet!!CUNT!!


actually i would like neither jovetic or higuain .. cos i don’t like either of them
wenger, when he gets his signing right, gets a player under-rated and who turns out to be a beautiful player
i’d like the unknown signing !


There’s the likely scenario that we’ll get both Sonogo and a ‘star striker’.


Or a more pessimistic one where we get Sanogo and ‘unknown striker’.


Sanogo!!! What a name!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve actually learned to hate his name. On fm11 he signed for the LWCs and caused me many problems to finish above them every season. Mind you, st.Totteringham always prevailed.


That’s one down. 4 more to go.

Jovetic/Higuain (hell we can afford both)
Julio Cesar as back up for Szcz
A true, strong defensive midfielder
And Cesc Fabregas

It feels weird knowing that we have actual money to spend, and that the board aren’t just lying to us. All of that saving up plus the big sponsorship deals should pay off very well.

We will also have about 13 “first team” players who will be leaving. It’s about damn time.

Barca arse 2006

It makes my blood boil when i hear people saying, that we need to buy Julio Cesar. I have never been dissapointed by Arsanal’s policy not to buy Football prostitutes & mercenaries like the likes of Kompany, Tevez, Yaya Toure or Petr Cech. But i have been dissapointed by Arsenal’s policy of not keeping their best players no matter what, because for me the best team is Dortmund compared to the likes of Cheski & City. But BvB are faced with the risk of losing their stars. and also Cheski & City have a better squad sheet while BVB has… Read more »


“it makes my blood boil” when people get there football knowledge from a video game!

Entre Dans La

Da fuq did i juss read


If Fabregas comes back home I will be pissed for about a week before crying deeply out of happiness

Entre Dans La

I dont know if I can handle a summer of Fabregas coming to Arsenal. Its such fucking rubbish. Please lets not go there. PLEASE


‘actual money’ as in… Not Monopoly money?


Skills of diaby but prefer consistency of sagna.
If that happens best signing coming to aarseenal from auxerre.

common mistake corrector

As Daniel Kitson says, if you’re dotting Ts and crossing Is then you’re most likely making Fs and umlauts.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Great competition for Akpom in the reserves. Curious to see how the both of them develop off of each other.

Yusuf saleh

Hahahahaha sanogo iz go go for Arsenal


Wake me up Yaya Sonogo
Please don’t be like that cunt from Togo!


I can hear it now. The North Bank 2017:
(sung to the tune of spandau ballet’s gold)

San-na-go! Go!
Forever to light up the grove
He’s got the power to score
He’s indestructible, always believe it
San-na-go! Go!

A N Other

Ya ya so no go? His name is treat for scramble players looking for two letter words.

Merlin's Panini



Notting wrong with diaby is injury issue & that’s not his faulty, his a fantastic player I which him well on his treatment hopefully he can come back & prove alots people wrong.


Mr. Wenger, is that you ?


Ur grammer may be the cause of Diaby’s injuries. Lmsao

Dr Baptiste

Is your post supposed to be ironic?

It Is What It Is

It helps when you sound it out. Trust me.


Agree one hundred percent… Hakeem

walter the goon

and then what?? be loaned to Bolton or real betis..let’s not get excited here


I hope he does well for us, he seems a decent player. He’s a typical Wenger signing, it would be nice if he wasn’t the only striker to come in this season!!

Footage from the final whistle at the away end at St. James’ Park on Sunday below! Enjoy!!

Tony M

Rush, rush to me yaya

Buzz, buzz give me yaya

Devan Jovekamp


Devan Jovekamp



Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, let’s hope this kid goes down a different route. Looks to have potential, but he comes into an environment that needs a big shake up. At the moment we seem to have a combination of the old Colney creche and a faggott farm.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Check out YouTube footage of our Yaya Sanogo who is much better than that cunt from Togo.

You should agree he is in the frame of Aguero/Ronaldo/Messi than Bendtner/Chamakh/Park!


im glad we got him. heres to more early signings

Merlin's Panini

I hope this kid is as good as he is on Football Manager!
Having seen a little bit of him he does look very good. Just hope he can sort
out the injuries. Good luck to him. I absolutely love his name.

Having seen all the stuff about Jovetic’s agent talking to us I’m already getting
transfer fever. I really hope that one goes through too. He’s a cracking player and
I’m surprised there aren’t more sides other than Juventus after him.

Merlin's Panini

I’d like to hear this song for Sanogo:


Who the fuck sings a 19 year old youth signing a song?.

Merlin's Panini

eh? the link is to the official video for “Woo Hah! (Got you all in check) by Busta Rhymes. Ya ya ya, ya ya. Ya ya ya, ya ya!


Perhaps AW is a closet fan of 80’s electro-popsters Landscape, and it’ll be a case of ‘I-signed Sanogo’.

Ah, just Google it alright?

New Arse

Einstein a go go. Remember it well. Good track. Showing our age now Mooro.


Yep. No getting away from it mate.


Is Jovetic any good? I mean, his goal scoring record is kind of average on the face of it but I’m guessing there must be something special about him. Any fellow gunners seen him play much?

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, he is good. Seen him a few times this season. He’s got really good touch and technique, creative, decent pace, and his finishing is improving every year. Could be as good as that Dutch cunt whose name I’ve forgotten given a bit more time. At 23 he has time on his side.

Dial square

Tony Pubis…Good riddance, you twat!!!

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