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French press: Arsenal offer for Grenier rejected

According to French publication Le 10 Sport, Arsenal have finally tabled a formal bid for Lyon’s Clement Grenier while Marseille are planning talks with Gervinho in the coming days.

In an ‘exclusive’ the paper claims the Gunners offered below €10 million for French international Grenier earlier in this week but that OL president Jean-Michel Aulas rejected the bid.

Stressing that the ball is now back in Arsenal’s court, the report also claims it’s up to Arsene Wenger to raise the stakes even though the 22-year-old midfielder has only one year left on his contract at the Stade de Gerland.

Le 10 Sport were the first to pick up the baton on the Gervinho to Marseille story a few weeks ago, added to their case by asking the club’s assistant coach Franck Passi about the player, and maintain that the story still has legs.

Apparently Marseille sporting director, Jose Anigo, contacted our Ivorian winger as far back as May about a possible move and that contact has been maintained ever since. The latest development sees talks set for next week between Gerv’s representatives and president Vincent Labrune.Apparently.

Taking each report at face value it’s clear neither deal is close to being done.

Reading between the lines, with the wariness you’ve come to expect at Arseblog News, they appear to represent little more than another drip, in a summer of drip-fed tittle-tattle and as such we continue to reserve judgment. Aside from maintaining it’s probably all poppycock.

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Ozzy the III

Why doesn’t he have a *cough* Grenier on his face?

I’ll get me coat. . .


These Grenier jokes just don’t cut the mustard.

That includes this one.

gooner odst

I see a ‘stormy’ future …inclement, unless he signs for Arsenal.


Eboue's Hairbrush

The grass is always Grenier

Wenger's Waterbottle

Nicer, gentler me.


the grass is grenier at the emirates


Typical Arsene signing, fairly high chance of actually happening this one.

Fergie the Gooner

This one will be done in a matter of days then…. not the transfer news I was hoping for!


Typical Arsene signing, fairly high chance of actually happening this one.


Why, is he injured?


I duno, I would have preferred Christian Eriksen but hes probably going dortmund, so lets hope he will do.

Mr. T

Why Grenier has Vela mask on? Ok, i’ll get my coat.

pavel nedveds right foot



He bossed sp*rs vs lyon uefa europa league we’d be fickle not to sign him up.

And what’s with Arsenal and making mediocre bids?


He only has a year left on his contract so we are trying to get him cheap, like we do with every single player.


still think when it comes to top names like higuain we should reach a point and just say u want 25 not 22? fine here you go, sign here please thanks and buhbye

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…like all teams do in that situation.

Artetas Coif

Laboratoire Grenier


Grenier actually means attic in french..

Mr. P

Not that I have any complaints about us signing people, but do we really need yet another small, nippy attacking midfielder? I would much prefer us to buy a tall, strong, physical box-to-box type, which is the kind of midfielder we are sorely lacking (Abou ‘six injuries a season’ Diaby doesn’t count).


My point exactly. Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere and able back ups. Signing Grenier would mean (possibly) the end of Rosicky which is something I don’t want, I think he deserves a shot after his contribution to the team.

Malaysian Gooner

Would you rather we panic buy next summer when Rosicky’s contract comes to an end?

I understand the need for us to push the proverbial boat out this summer, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have one eye at least on the future.


Wilshere is better as Defensive midfielder though, so we could use another attacking midfielder as i think Rosicky is not ‘all that’. But Really all i want us to sign is Higuain, A strong GOOD defender and Fabregas back, maybe steal David Villla from spurs, as he picked us first


are you high? wilshere as a dm? ok, what else is wrong, no we don’t really need another amc and fabregas is staying put for the foreseeable future, this isn’t football manager, we cant just throw money and assume he will come! steal villa? as a last resort. Higuain jovetic are preferred villa will be a last couple of days signing, he aint going to spurs anyway due to no champions league, rosicky is fine but as some1else said an eye on the future is fine, a big dm is more important for the here and now


If we are in for a Winger, I’d prefer Dimitri Payet


he sign for marseille


Grenier is 6’1″


But considering all the injury problems each of them have I’d rather have another backup. Just remember how knackered Cazorla appeared by the end of the season. Rosicky just cannot be trusted to be available for a whole season, as much as I love the guy. It’s an opportunity buy, sure, but considering the problems we had with depth I’d rather go for it.

Dan Gunn

That’s why i see the logic in Fellaini…


Fellaini’s not world class, but I think he’d be the right player at the right time. He’d massively increase our midfield options, and may even tempt Arsene into genuine tactical rotation.


I’m over six feet tall….Tu est petite pute monsieur.


Would signing Grenier mean an end to our interest in Fellaini, as well? Probably. That’s the worst part. I simply love Fellaini. A beast of a player.

Dick Swiveller

I doubt it, Grenier would be cover out wide or in AM whereas I’d imagine Fellaini will be playing the double pivot (i know he’s useful in attack too but he said it’s his favoured position so…).


We’re not interested in Fellaini and he’s not interested in us. End of story.


He’s meant to replace Gervinho, would be my guess. (provided, of course, the rumours concerning both players are true)


Don’t know too much about this lads but he plays in advanced midfield role, we are pretty well stocked in that area with Santi, Jack and Rosicky all battling. I guess Wenger feels Rosicky hasn’t got years left in him and he does like to play Santi out wide in certain games, strength in depth always welcome, I really would wish we could tie up the Higuaín deal ASAP though..


Jack is more Xavi than Iniesta. So yes we would use another CAM. A Rosicky, Santi type.

Steve McQueen

I’d much rather sell gervinho, pass on Grenier if that frees up the funds for a move on Fellaini for example.

Balancing the books is important, however good Grenier might be, we need the muscle of a Fellaini and with the Ox, Gnabry, Eisfeld and Miyaichi, we don’t necessarily need another young, inexperienced attacker.

Dan Gunn

I’m with you Steve. Fellaini is Diaby without the injuries and some.


If this grenier does posseses the penetrating runs of Rosicky and an eye for goal of Santi, then i’ll want it done ASAP. Then as for Gonzalo’s transfer, it’s taking too much time that i’m getting sick of it.


I don’t have a problem with signing an attacking MF
Cazorla will need some rest this season considering the number of games he has played.
Rosicky is only useful just at the end of he season because of his injury problems and I imagine Wilsher having injury problems too


Of all the OL players we could be annoying the eminently-annoyable Aulas by going after, Grenier is a nice choice.

Just considering the G’s: we can’t have Gonalons (so what, let him go to Napoli). We don’t want Gourcuff (‘cos he’s crap). Gomis? Ha! (Pas de chance.) And Ghezzal is a bit too ‘meh’.

So Grenier it is. Just to annoy Monsieur Grumpy. Even better that we can do that who-blinks-first thing and wait all the way to the end of August if we have to. I like Grenier.


We have 100 million to spend this summer so forget the 10 mill crap, start talking 25 mill quality.


100M you made up this number now or you work on it all day


He must have meant NZD100 million. Even then, it’s probably bogus.


Let’s see if wenger will sign him, bt if he does I think it will be good additional to our squard

Pat Jenning's Gloves

If you want iffy puns then I think we will sign Rooney as I hear confident noises we are gonna sign that “pig Wayne” soon!


Here’s one, AW will sign Rooney to do what no man has done before.. to make purse out of a sow’s ear.

I am not waiting for the coat.


Can’t have too many talented players. D’you reckon Chelsea fans didn’t want to sign Oscar because they were well-stocked with Mata and Hazard?

Andy Mack


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That would be thirded then 🙂

Andy Mack



It’d make me bilious contemplating what Chelsea fans might or might not want.

Long Dong Silver

Thirded because I do think we genuinely need more depth in offense.

Although the key difference with Chelsea is that they get their money from bottomless mafia wells while we technically have limited funds.

Long Dong Silver


Song Long Dilver


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This joke… long ded


I see a lot of people saying that we dont need an extra attacking mf and they do have a fair point.
However,wenger compared grenier to na$ri and for most of his spell here, nasri played out wide. And we could certainly use another att mid who can play on the wings( wenger loves to deploy a false winger).
Greniers set pieces would be an added bonus.


I really hope we hijack Spurs bid for Paulinho. Quality box to box midfielder, all rounded in that sense too. Agile and quick, strong tackler and a good eye for goal. May well come cheaper than Fellaini too. Edu being director of football at Corinthians may help us if Wenger can drop him a quick call. No? Just me then?

Tom Thumb

Who else thought that the first word of the last paragraph was Reading football club rather than reading a book when first reading this article or was it just me

Unyoke The Ox

I’d prefer Dimitri Payet anyway.


Went to Marseille


Is this bloke any good, I know absolutely nothing about him, or is he a typical arsenal signing. Last year of contract and reasonably cheap.

Merlin's Panini

He looks alright to me. Haven’t really seen much of him. He can’t be too bad if he plays for France, but then I think I said the same about Squillaci…


Well if we sign him, does it mean free shampoo and conditioner for everyone?

Happy Dave

As usual the boss has found a little jem for not a lot lets sign him and stop this nonsense talk of Shrek coming to us but it would be nice to see Higuain and Fellaini as well.

I also hope Ox gets his chance to play next season


You spell “Gem” like this, with a “g” not a “j”. OK, Happy?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You are obviously wrong there. He clearly meant a little Jem. Another Jem Karacan, Reading’s tried and tested young Premier League goal-scoring midfielder.


I bet this guy will finally sign on the 31st of August. With Higuian.

It’s the end of June now, pre-season is not too long away now; we all know that we need at least four quality players. But we’ve signed precisely nobody. This is typical Wenger: fiddling while Rome burns. Why isn’t this cunt just getting on with signing the players we need? Where’s the goalkeeper? Where’s the defensive midfielder?

By the time he’s made all the signings the season will have started, and end up having to play catch-up again.

Merlin's Panini

you crack me up 🙂


I like how you’re embracing the doom. It’s all dark side.

Darth Fats.

Merlin's Panini

I think there’s a loveable soft squidgyness about him underneath it all.

the only sam is nelson

to be fair, FG did say we’d sign Higuain

wildly optimistic by his standards, i’d say


Fats didn’t write that we would sign Higuain. He wrote Higuian, that crafty one. Is Higuian any good?


Calm down, and have another pie.


Spot on FG. When will they realize that all this fucking about over a few quid only ends up hurting the squad and making us play catch up. Juventus wrapped up the tevez deal in 8 minutes, we fuck about untill the last second, giving everyone else a chance to steal the deal and losing time for the new guys to bed in. Quit fucking about and get it done. All of it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Citeh were glad to see the back of him and couldn’t give a fuck about wrangling over the cost because they aren’t short of a bob or two.

Anyway, why get you knickers in a twist over that something that may be nothing more than a rumour?

Andy Mack

Frog, you must have inside info to know that the delays are nothing to do with Real Mad, The player or his agent.
Please tell us more ?


Well we should have Higuain soon, Grenier is on his way i believe just patience is required, I want a goal keeper and a CDM and hopefully that will make the difference next season.

I think this is all positive we are in a better posistion than a few years ago we can only improve surely?


You have tought me well arseblog, I now expect nothing, and believe nothing till it is actually done.


Q: Who thinks the Arsenal interest in Fellaini is actually genuine? That whole release clause story doesn’t really make sense–makes you wonder if his agent didn’t make it up just to flush out buyers.


we already had Eisfeld and Miyachi waiting for first team.

Andy Mack



Now we all know AW is going to wait until he finds those “top-top” quality players before he signs them…..oh wait there isn’t any top top quality players on the dollar menu, this isn’t McDonalds Arsene you cheap butt pirate!

Dial square


[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


This is the the 11 player tam witch we need to win the first dvishun:
Julius Caesar

If we can got this players we willl win everything.

Song Long Dilver

yeh Wegner, spnd on sum t0p kwolity dis summer. dis isnt mcdonelds. #realtalk

I’m being sarcastic.


I’m NEVER sarcastic….


Nice one Shug. The semi – literate Football Manager addicts out there may have missed the joke that was staring them square in the face, but I appreciate your effort.


I was trying to get as many thumbs down as possible! I’ll have to try harder next time!

man u are the best

Fuck you allll hahahahaaha will never take the title of us all off you go shag your nans

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