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Gunners start at home against Villa

The Premier League have confirmed that Arsenal will kick off the 2013-14 season with a home game against Aston Villa on 17 August.

The fixtures, which are subject to change once Sky Sports and BT have picked games for live broadcast, set the tone for another mouthwatering season.

March in particular looks like a tough month with Spurs, Man City and Chelsea all set to face the Gunners in the space of two weeks. On Boxing Day Arsene Wenger’s squad will travel to West Ham while on New Year’s Day Gooners can toast their respective hangovers at the Emirates when Cardiff City come to town.

Other stand out fixtures:

North London derbies:

Home: 31 August
Away: 15 March

Manchester United

Home: 9 November
Away: 11 February


Home: 2 November
Away: 8 February

Man City

Home: 29 March
Away: 14 December


Home: 21 December
Away: 22 March

The full run down of fixtures can be found here.



The Premier League have confirmed that the dubious goals panel have concluded that Newcastle did not score an equaliser against Arsenal at St James Park on the final day of last season.

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Adam Richards

Full list can be found now.

Why do I instinctively look at the last 2 months of fixtures first to see if we have a decent run in??????

Mr. G

West Ham set for Boxing Day AGAIN!?!?!?!

BPL learnt nothing from the inconvience many fans suffered because the Boxing Day union strike (or whatever it was, nobody really cares…) last season? The result was a January overcrowded with fixtures (although Arsenal could do themselves a favour and avoid FA Cup replays by winning the first game this time around).


The quadruple is on!


As we aim to secure top four in the last two months. Hopefully we can get third place and an FA cup trophy.


Easy enough to do all our shopping in the last 3 days.


Spuds at home on transfer deadline day is gona be interesting…


I just realized that. Wow, that’ll be interesting. Hopefully their moves for Damiao and Paulinho won’t have been finalized and our transfer targets will have settled in.(FIGERS CROSSED)


Wooah! march 2014 is a ‘killer’ month…

Edu's Braces

Followed by six very winable matches.

Set up for another DOOM in March followed by a quiet run to the finish.

Let’s hope its for first and not four…..blah blah WANK


lol, lets hope so


Possible schedule for March:

Capital One Cup Final
FA Cup QF,
Champions League Round of 16 2nd Leg
Man City(H)


Dave Gooner

Best get that cheque book out AW – that March schedule is serious strength and depth stuff right there.

Act NOW.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

We need 22 ‘top class’ players that Wenger can trust. That way we can have TWO teams of 11 players and ‘rotate’… even ‘alternate’ during crucial periods such as next March when the fixture schedule is punishing. I believe last year we had 33 ‘first teamers’ of which Wenger could only trust 16 of them to produce ‘top quality’ in matches. The rest of thwem were either on loan or warming the bench. Whilst guys like Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta all got fatigued and burnt-out by January. Think the thought-processes behind the ‘clearout’ of the U-21s is encouraging. Less players, ALL… Read more »


If 2 of your 22 “top class” players are Gnabry and Bellerin I suspect your definition of top class is wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see those two in particular given a chance this year, but in a no pressure environment, rather than “oh shit, we’ve got 3 injuries and can barely fill the subs bench, quick, let’s throw in Gnabry”.

And why oh why would we sign Reina – an incredibly error prone keeper who has gone massively downhill.

Cazorla's Left Foot

March 2014 is a killer month in my personal life too. Let’s hope i don’t get a heart attack that month.


A killer month for our opponents and rivals (I hope)


tough march, but the last 6 games are all games we should be heavy favorites in. just gotta go into the last part of the season close to the leaders, if not as the leader!

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

Going into last 6 games with less than 4 points behind the top spot we stand a good chance. Important would be how much AW can ‘rotate’ in the build up to March having the top XI in perfect condition and not laready fatigued.


Really pleased with the first 9 games, all of which we should be able to win (including the home game against that lot).

Can see us having a solid head start on our rivals if the right signings are made.

Fingers crossed

So, place number 1 next year this time?


Oh so we get to humiliate sp*rs early?. GOOD.


5-2 again please.

Arty's Art

5-0 surely


Nah, I like tradition.

the only sam is nelson

gotta say much as I enjoy that tradition, seeing the enfield pikies go mental when they take the lead is always horrible. it’s only knowing we’re going to smear them all over the shop that stops it being intolerable.


There is nothing funnier than letting them think they’re actually adequate, only to dash their hopes and enjoy the look of dismay on their faces when they realise what a drab, miserable club they truly are. I refer you to this treasure of a video for further your enjoyment, with my compliments:


*to further.

I shouldn’t drink at lunchtime.

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

Nah, 5:2 will do, and let’em go up first 2:0, it’s just more fun and demoralising for the Spuds.


seeing as march will be a tough month, we better not drop meaningful points against the relatively weaker teams early in the season. if we do drop some points on that march period, the MAXIMUM points we would have taken off sunderland, cardiff e.t.c. should help us get over the line to either top 4 or the league or whatever we will be fighting for then.


Why do we never get to have the last match of the season at home?! Always away.

Anyway we have a nice start and a nice finish both with winnable games, I’m thinking we can at least challenge this year!


We can extend our unbeaten run at least for the next 10 games for sure! Let’s hope we get 30 points and our top of the table by a good 8 points! COYG!!

P.S:- There’s no harm in being optimistic, is there? 🙂


Villa @ home
Very winnable match
Great way to kick off the season

Run in at end of season very decent
Overall a great fixture list!


By my calculation we should get around 96 points


I make it 114.


Fuck it, 116, we should get back those 2 points they deducted for fighting against Man Utd.

the only sam is nelson

121 if you add the 5 points taken off Spuds 100 years ago to see them relegated to Division 2 after WWI so we could take the final top division place.

Tradition is just grand, isn’t it?


We can actually lose to Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea home and away and still win the league. All we have to do is win the other 32 games. 96 is usually enough 🙂


Nah, I need Arsenal to win to keep them in the bottom three.

omosh wenger

haha,i love that

Brian Mendoza

What are you talking about blogs? I’m certain it was 1-1 at Newcastle.

Heh, that will never get old.

Also, all the games look very much winnable I daresay.

Master Bates

I know you’ve hear this before but..


One day it will be true , might as well be THIS season

Malaysian Gooner

December and March look like pretty difficult months. Whatever happens, this team can’t rely on “form in patches” any more.



Come on gays we will be top in no time


Fuck off malaysia… Go support your own shitty league !


Why would they want to do that, when they can support the Arsenal instead?

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

What it has to do with the Malayisan League in the first place? Born in Germany, living 18 years in North London, now located in Malaysia, I’m glad not to be a racist as some “green”horns here. COYG !


What’s wrong with Malaysians supporting arsenal? In my opinion the more goners the better. Unless your a racist then you can fuck off to Chelsea they seem to like racists there.


Gooners, fucking spell check.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Its a mixed bag start with Spurs, ECL qualifier and the international window but apart from a couple of back to back weeks with Liverpool / Utd and City/Chelsea we have a very reasonable schedule. March is tough for us but every club will have tough months. March till May is when top teams fight for the trophies anyway. With a settled team, a favourable schedule, some quality signings the most experienced manager in the league and coming off a long unbeaten stretch I expect Arsenal to be right with the leaders all season.


Basically, like everyone we play everyone twice, and need to win a large percentage of those games in any particular order to be champions. Good, now I can go back to my news starved day.

Master Bates

why is Liverpoo a standout fixture , are saying they are still a big club.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I get your point, I can’t stand arrogant fans who cling on to dear old history when at the moment their club is just plain shite either. Yet, just the other day there was this feature about the first throphy of Arsenal. The FA Cup ’30. It was the start of a glorious decade and fucking Graf Zeppelin watched us win it. If I had children I’d tell them that every Sunday. I’d appreciate any fixture that has a story of its own. That’s what big clubs ought to bring before kick-off. Bring on the new season! Favourable fixtures,… Read more »


Probably because it’s expected that Suarez will make a meal out of it.


Ok, so a win away at Norwich and we’ll just about nick fourth.

I’ll take that.

glory hunter

Too early for the pessimism Fats!!


And I thought you disliked Arsenal supporters who lacked ambition . Fats your just like the rest of them after all 🙂

Lord theo

Expecting 25 plus goals from theo this season,it should easy considering he scored 21 last season.


As long as they are all in the premiership.

Lord theo

Oh wait I’m going off topic and being a fan boy. Sorry about that:)


….and then at the end of May,2014 we shall all celebrate winning the title!


Nah we will have won the EPL by the end of April. End of May we will be winning the Champions league 🙂

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

You forgot – just before the CL it’s the FA-Cup Final 🙂

Mr. P

West Ham set for Boxing Day AGAIN!?!?!?!

BPL learnt nothing from the inconvience many fans suffered because the Boxing Day union strike (or whatever it was, nobody really cares…) last season? The result was a January overcrowded with fixtures (although Arsenal could do themselves a favour and avoid FA Cup replays by winning the first game this time around).


We need to win the Capital one cup or FA cup or both and challenge for the title.

If we could fluke a champions league that would be absolutely fantastic.

If we get good players and win a trophy and challenge for the title the mood at Arsenal will change and we will be seen as a club with ambition, trust me things would start going our way.

Sorry i posted this on the Nicklas Bendtner article by mistake.


Already been emailed by the Spuds in my office wanting to arrange the wager on the NLD.

After the embarrassment of having to wear my Henry shirts for a day in the office and with the weight of the last 20 years history behind me you’d think the fuckwits would know better.

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

I ordered new T-Shirt, imprint “2013/14 Gunners treble winning season” … as mentioned by some before, everyone has the right to be optimistic.


Keep it up


There’s this wonderful feeling within my soul… It’s a title-winning feeling. C O Y G!!!


With 16 efficient and trusted first teamers,if we can get in higuain,fellaini, a creative but versatile midfielder e.g grenier,put i a dash of experience@ d back by signing julio ceasar,promote bellerin,gnabry and eisfield, rotate the squad properly and let them be as committed as d run in last season,im very optimistic dat we will challenge for the title this year,atleast enter the latter stages of champions league;causing some upsets on the way,picking the FA or capital one cup if we prioritise it shouldnt be be difficult with our squad!im really hopeful!!!!

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