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How far down Marseille’s list is Gervinho?

Marseille’s assistant manager, Franck Passi, has confirmed that the Ligue 1 side have prioritised the signing of a winger this summer and admitted that Gervinho fits the profile.

However, before you reach for the party poppers, while certain publications on this side of the Channel have hyped up the prospect of the Ivorian moving to the Stade Velodrome it’s worth casting an eye over the context of the original quotes in French newspaper Le 10 Sport. 

The headline on the online version of the article reads:

“EXCLUSIVE: Marseille: We want Alessandrini, Cabella, Thauvin, Payet”

You’ll notice straightaway there’s no mention of Gervinho.

In the article itself, Passi talks openly about Marseille’s aims to become more efficient in front of goal and the need for wingers to facilitate that by upping the tempo of games.

He then lists specific players of merit: “[Romain] Alessandri, [Remy] Cabella, [Florian] Tauvin, [Dmitri] Payet…these are the players out there that interest us. Quality players who bring more.

“Diego Capel is another, a remarkable player who I saw when he was 16 at Seville.”

So that’s five players he’s mentioned unprompted, although quite what Rennes, Montpellier and Lille think about Marseille sniffing around their players is a different matter.

Passi then talks about Gervinho, but judging by the way he speaks he’s been posed a question about the Arsenal man. We’re guessing probably something along the lines of: “What about Gervinho?”

“His is a profile that interests us, yes,” says Passi.

“We’re looking at players who function in the channels with impact, dribblers, passers, scorers. Gervinho fits that profile.”

Le 10 Sport then use the above quote to justify a story they’d written last week linking Gervinho to Marseille. The classic, “as we revealed last week” schtick…

Anyway, we’re not saying Gervinho isn’t of interest to Marseille, we’re just saying that he’s on a list, seemingly further down it than others, and that suggestions this is in any way a done deal are from true. It’s the usual pinch of salt warning of which we’re so fond at Arseblog News.


Cheers to @Paul_Morrissey for his hand with the translation.

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I think he’ll stay. And for all the abuse and crap he gets, I still laud him for actually having the balls to go at opponents, use his pace, dribble and “look to create something”. Sadly, the “looking to create something” part is where it all ends and he lands on the floor, but his game is quite positive and energy driven. I hardly think he’s deadwood at the club. You can see he wants to play, wants to do well. Some criticism is fair, but then again, the criticism which compares him to Chamakh, Arshavin, Park et al. is… Read more »


Agreed. Not many in the club who can take on a fullback both inside and outside quite like he can. Bayern Munich away, for example, he came on and was tricksy and quick and helped push them back a little when we needed two goals.


I agree with your comments. He needs to do something special against another top4 opponent, and he`s able to do it. Earlier, this past season, he was the most in-form forward in our saquad, for 4 or 5 weeks.


I hear over and over how he missed at Bradford and sent us out… Besides all the other crap performances that night who did nothing to help he was actually given offside, so had he not missed the goal embarrassingly it wouldn’t of counted anyway….


To be fair, i would rather have seen him stick it in the net, even if it was offside it might have given the rest of the team a boost to see the ball going over the line and we could have kicked on a won it. Still, there is much too much negativity towards some of our players, especially on the internet.


Well I think it doesn’t matter whether he was given offside or not. I know mistakes happen but when you are a professional footballer you just can’t miss from soooo close.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When you’re offside and know it then you know it doesn’t matter. You are no longer seriously trying to score so you are unlikely to care whether it’s going to go in. You don’t give a shit if you miss from soooo close… especially as you can get booked for trying if the whistle has gone.


If at some point this season he can go on another run of good form like he did at the beginning of the past season then he is worth keeping. He was very dangerous for several games in a row.


Too right. Obviously bags of talent and seemingly a confidence player, lets get behind him next season


Or we could go out and target Alessandrini or Cabella, both of whom are proper wingers and can actually put in crosses and put the ball in the back of the net when the chance opens up. Not to mention the fact that Giroud thrives on crosses and has played with Cabella in particular. Hopefully getting on of their targets (who are both quality) and letting the market do its work, we might actually have a chance of strengthening and getting rid of players that are not up to standard before they become deadwood. The fact that Wenger couldn’t rely… Read more »

damien joyce

I’d also laud his bravery at running at defenders if it didn’t more often than not end up with him going to cross the ball with his right foot but knocking it out for a gk with his planting left foot. He is the clumsiest player we’ve had since eboue, it’s really not funny at all that we continue to waste 10m plus on shite like him and then persist in hope that he may improve. He is not a boy, he’s a grown man with plenty of international experience, he will never improve enough now to be the kind… Read more »

Grant Simmonds

We should not be comparing him to Arshavin, Chamakh and Co; let’s face it along with Bendnter, Denilson, Santos etc etc they have all been a waste if time (did I mention Diaby?!). Don’t go down x many levels for comparison, go higher, much higher, and seek to to acquire players on the flanks that could compare favourably with Overmars, Freddie and Monsieur Pires. Hard, yes; impossible; no.


As fan, I’d like him to stay and compete for a place in the squad. Somehow I feel he has the potential to be a superb winger, just needs confidence, consistency and calmness (when in the final third).

Dan Gunn

He is 26. If you don’t have calmness by now…


Gervinho is not 26


in confidence years.


26 isn’t that old, the prem does take awhile to adjust, Its abit strange if he does stay it will be his first whole season because the last 2 he has had to go to AFCoN. Its maybe worth giving him another year, I would hate to see him go abroad to a champions league club and do well like Vela and everything one thinking why didn’t we try harder to make it work.

But everyone at this stage knows what we expect to improve and is he doesn’t then I guess we will see more of the same sadly.

TO Gooner

All I know is, selling Gerv is a bad idea.

He has come off as a more average player than originally thought but he still has quality, so can neither ‘cash-in’ on him nor ‘cut our losses’.

Who ever attempts to buy him will most certainly try and low-ball us. Low-balling is our thing!

Oh, and even though he may not be starting quality for a title contending team, he is a decent winger which is an area we honestly lack in, works well to support his fullback, and is in general a decent rotation player

Dan Gunn

I think comparing Gervinho and Arshavin is unfair… At least Andrei had it once!

If we are to move on as a football club Gervinho needs to move on.

It’s a big year for The Ox so he will need to occupy one of the wings…


If the ox is better than messi then he will bench messi. But if he can’t bench gervinho then he would need to improve. It’s not like gervinho owns any wing anyway.

You don’t avoid competition for the sake of pleasing a player/some fans

Dan Gunn

Cazorla, Podolski… There’s even talk of Gibbs/Monreal playing further forward. We don’t need Gervinho. It’s ruthless but that’s what you need if you want to progress from 4th.


By ‘we don’t need’ you surely mean ‘if we buy CF and a winger and everyone stays fit we don’t need,’ right?


Decent squad to player, to be sent on to run at teams who park the bus. Add a bit of unpredictability, so much so that even gervinho doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.


you forgot may be.. it was the same blog where you had read this line.. 🙂


not sure what youre on about but you get a thumbs up for the smiley



giorgios karelias

So much criticism for Gervinho, which i understand. What I don’t, is why people don’t realise that he has his other side of the coin playing for us that goes by the name of…Theo!
One can finish, the other can dribble – neither can do what the other does best.
And yet, no word for Theo? Hows that for mystifying? 😉


Can’t we have any good news this window?


Agreed !

Cazorla in keeper is more capable and reliable then Gervinho on the wing..

glory hunter

Harsh but funny!


I hope he leaves. But only because he’s the least effective of our 4 strikers (OG12, TW14, LP9, and him). If we are going to buy another 1st team striker ,I think, we’ll have to move one of the bunch on


AA is gone. There`s your spot.

twisted cuntloks

Surely Wenger won’t let the greatest player at the African Nations Cup go on loan?


Gervinho is far from deadwood at the club. Being only 26 years of age, I think he still have a good 3-4 promising years at the club. He is determined to do well for the club and he regularly competes for a starting spot. Yes improvement is needed and I think he knows that himself. But for now, I am content with him in the squad and hopefully he’ll kickstart next season.


I’m fairly certain Arsene isn’t going to bin him off. He’s an impact sub that can throw a bit of chaos into the mix. His erratic movement causes defences a lot of problems, even if he’s not clinical in his finishing.


His movement is massively underrated.


He has all that it takes to be a fine impact sub; sans the Confidence. His direct running will demand high level attention from tired opposing defenders but he does not seem to have the gumption to make much use of it. I am not calling him useless, far from it I feel he will have a role next season; only question is – Is he up for it?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am sorry, but after two seasons at the team, he graph has gone downwards. Far from showing any signs of showing improvement, he has positively gone backwards. I feel Chamakh was a sad case. I mean he had potential, and he did perform. Chamakh’s start was nothing less than exemplary, I think he had 7 goals in his first 10 appearances or something like that. Then the Dutch C*nt, became fit, and Chamakh was let go to rot to the point that honestly a piece of dog turn on the field as the 11th player is better than Chamakh.… Read more »

Cyril Washbrook

Chamakh got three goals in his first ten games at the club, not seven.

Gervinho did actually have a pretty good start after arriving. Finishing was suspect from the outset, but he partnered well with that Dutch striker during the revival after the disastrous start.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I just checked wikipedia page of Chamakh. By the end of November he had scored 10 goals. For a striker moving into a new league 10 goals by November is a damn good stat, and exemplary however way you look at it. Gervinho never looked the part. The one who partnered well with the Dutch C*nt was Theo and not Gervinho. The best phase of Gervinho’s Arsenal career was this season when for a few games he scored 4-5 goals. Thats it. 2 month good run, in two years is just not it. Chamakh had a great start…10 goals by… Read more »


One thing that i found interesting about MC29, and AA23, which i noticed at the Reading COCup game, and during MC29’s original run in the team. They worked very well together. The swaped positions, and read each others games very well. R*P came in, and MC29’s form detriorated, and so did Arshaven’s. Even in the Reading game, both players linked up well, with AA23 providing Assists, and MC29 scoring 2 goals. I know this means nothing now, but sometimes its not just the players, its who they link up with. SC19 and JW10 has not been a success, yet both… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

@welshman I beg to differ ever so slightly with you. Arshavin’s best form was a season and a half before Chamakh even arrived. The season Chamakh arrived, AA23 had already been labelled as one lacking enthusiasm, lets just put it that way.

Further, Parlour was a legend, regardless of who he clicked with. Parlour every game was willing to go out on the park and die for the club. He was 5000% commitment player every match. That alone made him a legend.


In Gervinho’s first season, I can remember at least three cutbacks he provided for van Persie’s tap ins. He only had two assists less than Walcott.

And this whole thing against mediocrity is poppy cock. Even the greatest teams have players who are mediocre once in a while. It’s the thing with rotations.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

@Bard. The Greatest teams have mediocre players. Okay lets heat the mediocre players from some great teams, that were Gervinho and Chamakh bad. How about avg. players from Barcelona from the Guardiola years? How about the Bayern team that won the CL this year? How about the Invicibles? How about the Madrid team from the Galacticos era? Pappy Cock me arse Though I must admit, the “only” two assists less than Walcott stat did have me re-think about Gervinho and if I was wrong about Gervinho, so I looked up stats, and didn’t just make them up. Turns out you… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Made a mistake above

You rotate very good players with good players, and you don’t rotate very good players with below avg mediocre players. That is how squad rotaion works.

Cyril Washbrook

“Gervinho never looked the part. The one who partnered well with the Dutch C*nt was Theo and not Gervinho.”

After seven games in 2011-12, Arsenal’s record was 2-1-4. In the next three games (all wins), Gervinho picked up four assists (all to Van Persie) and a goal. He provided two assists and scored the other in the 3-1 win against Stoke.

I’m not claiming that Gervinho has been a success at the club. He hasn’t. But it would be misguided to suggest that he has never contributed anything.


For those who have never heard of it, Le 10 Sport is, in terms of veracity, the french equivalent of The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily mail and ESPNFC combined.

glory hunter

They must be very good then!

gunner for ever

To be fair,Gervinho is a fighter and skillful player.He was never afraid to collect the ball and face the defenders to generate a good pass or force them to commit foul.Yes there is a room for improvement for him as of any squad member.We have to also remember that he was off for a while for consecutive two seasons for African cup of nations.i really hope that Wenger will work on Gervinho and get the best out of him exactly like what he did on others.come on you gunners!!!!!!

Dave Gooner

I have to say I agree: he’s pretty far down my list too.

We cannot demand “better than just a top 4 finish every season” AND carry people like Gervinho season after season. The two are mutually exclusive.

Gervinho has had plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to state his case.

This is not an Arsenal level footballer. And Arsenal is not a creche for sensitive under performers. If we want to challenge for the title and the Champions League in the coming season(s), nursing chronic under performers is not the way to go.

glory hunter

You make a very valid point, but we need to strengthen 1st before getting rid of Gervinho.
Lets actually get a player in, who proves to be better than Gervinho(which shouldn’t be too difficult) and then get rid.

I watched Gervinho in France and playing for Ivory coast before he joined Arsenal, and i cant believe its the same player.
He was more than capable before he joined us and now he’s bordering on useless.

He needs to step his game up as this coming season is definitely his last chance.


wouldn’t mind if we got either Clement Grenier or Remy Cabella.

both proper wingers.

move Gervinho on.


I think people hates him because of where he come from, don’t forget that has helped arsenal to be in top four in last couples games. he is going to stay for sure and sign a new contract.

glory hunter

Nobody hate Gervinho cos he comes from Ivory coast, what a stupid statement.

Do you honestly believe that if Gervinho was banging in goals for fun or even playing to the standard of Podolski/Theo or even Giroud, anyone would have a problem with him?

The guy misses sitters for fun, the chances in the 2 domestic cups we got knocked out of springs to mind.

He’s technique is shocking, he cant shoot and his decision making and final ball is woeful, apart from that his alright. 🙂

Dan Gunn

Don’t be so ridiculous. Vieira came from Senegal and everyone loved him!

Also… Get your facts straight. Gervinho didn’t get a look in for the last 3 league games.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am one of the Gervinho haters, but I sure as hell don’t hate him cos he is from Africa. That is ridiculous. There have been Africans who have played in the team before who are well liked. Kanu, Toure (even though he went to City is still well liked), Lauren another African is a legend.

Ppl want Gervinho out cos he just didn’t perform.


Rich that’s one of strangest comments I have ever seen on this blog… ARE YOU INSANE???
Why would you suggest such a thing?
No one gives a crap what country a player comes from!!!


Pires arrived at Arsenal at a similar age to that of Gervinho. If I remember correctly, Pires had a horrible first season. That said, he turned out to be a valuable player in the subsequent years. Making no excuses for Gervinho, his first two seasons have been interrupted by the ACN. Hopefully this season he pushes on. Like many before me have said, he possesses the ability to attack full backs/defences, which is currently a rare trait in the squad at this present time. Give the lad a chance.


If He improves He can play like CR7.

El Diablo

Jeez, if I improve I could play like Ronaldo… You could say the same about any player! Even Messi


It’s not always about a player getting into the starting XI. He fits the profile of someone I would want going at Jenkinson, Gibbs, and Nacho in training.

If Gervinho improves to the point where he is consistently chosen to start, that is a plus.

Gandalf's Kebab

It doesn’t help Curtains if we’re constantly railing against him. He’s not blind to the abuse, and he needs a hand to pull himself together. I’m confident he’ll soon be back on track and taking us to the finials.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am sorry, but pls don’t say Gervinho is a sensitive soul. He is in a profession where he is going to be scrutinised by anyone and everyone, and he knows that.

So he cannot say that he being sensitive he cannot perform. He is in the wrong profession then. Nobody wanted Gervinho out on day 1. Hell we ALL welcomed him. Two years of underperforming is what got him here.


He sucks couldn’t hit a barn door . Sell him reinvest his wages on someone who can score pls


Are you Scott Parker by any chance?


Only if wenger can get hiquin or dat booroousia devil lewadski can he allow gunners beast 2 go…love u girvinho

Arshavin's Dietician

Who is this Lewadski guy, promising young player?

Personally I think Wenger will opt for Benteke, hopefully he can continue his great form.

I think Chamakh & Park will stay with the club as a team at their standard will not pay the wages that they are getting, so it will be another season with them two being loaned out while arsenal subsidies their wages.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Haha! You can’t get away with that this summer. Wenger will opt for Benteke indeed! We have more funds this year than we are used to. Picking a single striker and leaving it at that just won’t cut the mustard now. The pressure is on. You have to have a target, a reserve target if you can’t get the first, and then at least a second reserve target. Anything less wouldn’t show ambition and would be another failure to properly replace ex-players. So come on… Benteke, or ?, or ?

Rectum Spectrum

While I wouldnt be overly critical of gervinho, thus reasonably happy to see him stay, I would be happier if a good offer came in to tempt wenger to improve on the left side. I think over the course of the season he was given enough chances to ahowwhat he can do, and I think it falls short of the ‘super club’ standards we are apparently heading towards according to gazidis.

Monkey nuts

Gervinho would do well playing in a team that is playing well and playing with confidence. If we get the players we need he may become a very good impact player.

Moral high ground

I think it is near impossible to suggest that gervinho could become an important player for us. Two years puts him past the usual give him time limit. Fragile confidence is a big negative in a player also, not crippling but a big negative. Maybe we should keep him but he really has been a consistently frustrating player for us. Have not heard a coherent alternative view.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He doesn’t have fragile confidence. He supposedly can’t cross and can’t shoot if you listen to some people, but confidence is not lacking in Gervinho.

Moral high ground

Disagree. His team-mates have spoken publicly about this. Google this. He has suffered a quoted knock in confidence. Not fatal. Not ideal.


Gervinho will sign a new contract….in cote’divore….with f.c nokwouasi. lol seriously n

I wouldn’t sell him right now, he looks abit ripe, just that we haven’t seen what he in his full potential can do…. he needs a string of games, build up his confidence again…..also should not slouch off after regular bench time. that has been his undoing tbh.

[…] Finally, if you’ve caught the Gervinho to Marseille stories – perhaps getting a little excited – and want some context as to the extent of their interest, this should clear things up for you. […]


Are you people saying gervinho is a good player watching the same guy? I’ve never seen a team not want to pass the ball to a player (Bradford away) in professional football game because he was so bad!!

Get rid and get some talent in. Scraping top 4 is not good enough and players like Gervinho aren’t going to help us push for the title!!


when its all said and done..gervinho does not belong at arsenal

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Arsene's Wonga

I just wish someone would tell him he is putting his boots on the wrong feet.
Simple L & R problem, I can think of no other obvious reason how he can manage such skill and trickery


I think it comes down to this:

In the current squad, Gervinho is a player who can be useful. However, I think everyone agrees the current squad is not good enough. If we buy a forward or a winger I think he stays. If we buy a forward AND a winger of significance… His place is significantly more up for grabs. I wouldn’t mind having him for the league cup/lower table midweek matches, but that’s not a compelling reason to keep a player…


I can’t really name a better 5th choice winger/forward..I don’t understand the hate for this guy.
You’d have to say in an ideal uninjured world podolski starts left and theo right. Then there’s the ox and cazorla who can also play wide.
To the haters I say name me a better 5th choice winger in Europe let alone the premier league. He’s a squad player and a decent one at that.

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