Thursday, April 25, 2024

Video: Kieran Gibbs – still breathing

More video goodness from Culann Davies, this time it’s Kieran Gibbs.

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I fuckin love Gibbs. Best left back we have since Cashley. He’s my FIFA career mode LWB regardless which team I use. Hope he can put his injuries problem behind and push on from there.

Edu's Braces

I especially love his bottle, against big teams or big games (West Brom 2012, Newcastle 2013) he’s 100% composed.


He is good. I like his pace and attacking verve but I also remember how he let United into the game back in some Champs league match a few years ago. So I guess i’d wait to judge on bottle until we go the whole hog and win a trophy or something. Im sure once we get over the hurdle…we’ll go on a loooong run of trophy winning with this team and its core group of gibbs, wilsh, theo, ox, carl.


Bit harsh considering he slipped and was so young at the time. He was also absolutely immense in the 1st leg of that semifinal too.

i love gibbo


But yea..having said that…Gibbs basically got us Champs league footy with that block against west brom. he does have composure. he’s made other great blocks as well.

Brian Mendoza

Video couldn’t have ended any other way, Ollie G sure seems to fancy that kind of assist.

Also the music was more to my taste than Kozza’s

Keep ’em coming blogs, love these montages!


One of my favourite arsenal players and IMO one of the most underrated players in the league. He’s an absolute beast of a player and has improved so much in the last couple of years. If he can shake off the injuries i don’t see any reason why he won’t be first choice for england soon.


Love the kid So F**ing underated. Has all the right attributes in his Arsenal to be the best LB we have had under Arsene.
I stand for that , he is way better going forward than his predecessors and has the heart and pace defensively to match them . For me he is good enough now but could be even greater in future as he has the humility to improve on his weaknesses.


Soon to be the best Left Back in EPL
From the moment he nutmeg Ronaldo to the Millions worth tackle vs West Brom


I still have wet dreams about that block

Dick Swiveller

As an England fan all I can say is, wtf is Cole still doing in the England setup? Baines with Gibbs as back-up/competition is a far better idea, got a bit of technique as well so I’d rather see him at LM than Milner.

I guess it keeps him fit for Arsenal though.

Arsene's left nipple piercing

Great. Cheers.


7.50 in that one moment shows what a top tallent he can be.


Tomorrow… “Barca want Gibbs”
I’m sure a Barca scout lurks on these pages.

Arsene Ill

This video certainly seems to indicate that Gibbs’ crossing wasn’t the problem, rather, the Gervinho was the problem


was thinking: Is Gervinho the worst header of the ball in the EPL?


Gibbs is one of those players that get the blood going when he pushes up field and I agree he is very under rated but I think that is more to do with the injurys he has picked up over the last while.


Not sure if this is ‘Gibbs is a sick cunt’ video or ‘Worst headers ever’ compilation (mostly just the five-head)


Compilations of defenders is not like watching a striker video where the aim is to show goals galore. Defender videos are mostly about stopping goals. Most headers don’t result in goals being scored, many are off target or are saved by the keeper or cleared by the defence. It is something you need to be conscious of when you watch the goals only videos, for every goal scored there are at least five missed.


Yeah I get that, but goddamn gervi’s finishing is atrocious. Gotta love Gibbo though.


yeah I think we could score more goals with our eyes closed 🙂


Great video again from Culann. Loving these vids Blogs, adding much needed spice during the June sleepathon.
Gibbs is great value and with Monreal LB is one of the few positions where we have two top quality in form players and both relatively young. Speaking of Nachoman he did not feature against Uruguay in the Confed match yesterday but Santi got 30 mins. Hopefully they will both come back healthy and better players for the experience.


I hope the vid machine is ready as we farewell King Nicholas Bendtner on Saturday , his two week promise to leave being up on that day. Loved the “tribute” to Squid so looking forward to another stellar vid on TGSTEL 🙂 I hear Barca have offered 1 million for TGSTEL. 1 million Pence is good, I think we should sell 🙂 I am genuinely concerned that Arsene will keep Bendtner as cover for the front line. King Nicho – lans Bendtner the second coming 🙂


Gibbs is a fantastic player but injuries have hampered his development


Would someone please make a compilation or Gerv trying to header the ball. Laughed out loud at some of his attempts on this video. He looks like a flailing swan.


Love it. Now lets get a compilation of Giroud’s ostrich runs….ahhh summer!!

Ivor Biggon

If only we had the biggest forehead in the world to be on the end of some of those crosses……… Oh wait…….

George Graham

He’s only going to get better as well!!!


I think with his confidence growing he would be able to add goals to his statistics. True class and I have to admit despite our misfortunes Wenger does know how to pick me. He is almost the finished product. With all the disappointment of past seasons and the belief they had ending the season, I think this team is on the verge of something great. Walcott ox, santi and if we get a defender a DMV and one more striker who is lethal while Giroud is picking up his trade in the EPL Gibbs would no doubt be a force… Read more »


That was just like soft porn !!!! Think im missing football to much

Blame Game.

I’m back on the newsnow not-so-merry-go-round. All because Blogs is too proud to just make shit up.

Mark my words it could happen to others. There should be a public enquiry.


Its stupid to expect gervinho to tuck in more headers just becoz he has a huge forehead. that’s like saying Ivanovic should score abit more with his arse…..

Victim Status.

Tricky one. You won’t see many chinned efforts from the ‘new Zidane’, but then again I’m not sure how many Nicky Six Clubs has clubbed in with his ego.


Top player, top tune!

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So tomorrow we will know by when we will have the league wrapped up..


has pulled the wool over people eyes with his play going forward. ropey as fuck defensively, lacks bottle(pulling out of a challenge with Zabaleta therefore giving city a goal at our place) as well as the requisite positional understanding; his display in the 7 4 win against newcastle still haunts me.

Goon Goon Goon

Love Gibbo. Defo first choice over NachoManMonreal which is saying something. If he keeps injury free next season he will give Hodgson some real selection problems before Brazil. What a legend

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