Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Video – Laurent Koscielny: season 2012-13

Quality stuff again from Culann Davies – give him a follow on Twitter and YouTube

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His Dr. Dre have a small gun drawn out on each side. Enough for me to love him 🙂


God I love a slide tackle thats wins the ball and launches the opposing player – pure class.


God that was boring.

(Shaking Head)

Ah, another newbie who doesn’t appreciate the defensive side of football. (This was a quality video. Thanks for the upload.)


Boring? Rooksie Error.

A N Other

Yeah, that’s what the opposition must be saying see him in this form.
They must be thinking “there is no way we going past this man and his lanky partner in crime…”

Edu's Braces

The man’s got sticky feet, Messi is still having nghtmares.


These videos always say they are not available on mobile….wtf is the point in that…?

Galaxy s3


sony xperia z. (lets all name our phones)


I’d say that was a smart thing to do. I work in IT and people love telling us things don’t work but not providing any information whatsoever. At least the powers that be have a device and operating system (Android) to try and solve the problem.

Whether they’ll try and solve it is another matter haha

btw kos is a boss


Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

It’s Retro baby yeah!


Hes class! I have never rated verm cane with a big rep cause of his goals but has always been shaky at the back.


Uh, yeah… I’ve never rated him either *hides Vermaelen shirt*


dw could be worse, it could have Denilson on the back of it 😉

Jim Jimminy



How’s “Lovely” in french?

Stefan schwarz

Absoloute boss the best defender by far and hes gotta be one of the best in the prem, think everyone underates him to be fair
Arsenal fc 2nd best defence in the league!


I play amateur football, as a Center back.
Usually before a match I watch inspirational videos of great defenders like Adams etc.
Thank you so much for posting and Culann Davies for making this video.
I’m going to watch it before every match from now on 🙂

jack jack jack

It’s like defensive porn. Fantastic. There’s a video of Jenkinson floating around on youtube which is pretty much 15 minutes of domination; great fucking watch.


3 words – absolute fucking quality.

Thanks for sharing.


His gym work for the last two years is evident in his added physicality. His commitment to his job and his team mates is admirable.

Thank you for the compilation, especially for those “lost cause chases”, but….what a fucked up song in the background that was.


Bosscielny. we got him from a league 2 French side if I remember correctly, and they say Arsene can’t pick em. Same with Jenks. These two players are making leaps and bounds in quality and form every season, you have to rate them for their hard work. Looking forward to see what they bring next season!


We got him from Lorient in ligue 1, he did play in Ligue 2 though and below that.


can’t watch this video in germany due to copyright problems…. you really have to hate watching youtube these days…

Unyoke the ox

Poor verms got made to look like a scrub in those 1st 35 secs.

He’s better than that, but probably not better than kos, the end of level bossss!


Great video. Well done. Mind you we only saw Kos playing well and none of his errors. The Arsenal defence came good late in the season but lets not forget all hope of trophies were gone by then.


next season there’s no escape from this: his going to be considered as one of the best CB in PL and Europe. he’s unbelievable when on “ON MODE”. you can going nuts all you want about Wilshere, Walcott or Cazorla… I still think Laurent is our best player at the moment. he’s simply mych better in what he does on the pitch than the rest of squad. as long as I rate Cazorla very highly, Koscielny in his position is top, top level and there aren’t many better than him IMO I wonder what going to happen with Vermaelen. I… Read more »


Lets not let the personal sympathies confuse things. Kos is a late comer who’s close to achieving his masterpiece. Cazorla is a player who’s been producing at the highest level for the last 10 years and possibly the most talented player to play for us since the god himself, Bergkamp. Surely since Henry, that’s for certain.


sony xperia z. (lets all name our phones)



Gooner in Spain



He kinda flabbergasted me with those recent comments of his. To think he was not just long ago a nobody in lowly lorient, playing school boy football with no purpose at all and now talks of wanting the big trophies, ucl etc. as if you know he’s been there long enough, seen it all and now just wants to win the damn thing. relax koscienly, step by step. Arsenal we will be challenging and winning soon. the faith arsene showed to acquire and play him should be repaid back with abit more loyalty.

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Glen Norton

These videos always say they are not available on mobile….
This is a big problem for a lot of people

Samsung galaxy note 2


oh great he has a samsung too.

come on lads, no xperia? eh


blocked by GEMA in germany because of the music rights…

no Kos end of season montage for me =-(


I wonder if we could ever make Willie Young look that assured in a video?


I can’t play this on my Nokia 3210.
Please fix this.


BFG and Boss will take the unbeaten run to 48 by the end of the upcoming season.

*Stands firm, refusing to get coat, even though I’ve been told to leave*


This doesn’t play on my mobile either late 80’s model (A breeze block with a trim phone glued to the top of it)
Luckily my super duper I5 3570k plays well in a desktop. Its a well produced video I love it

Sajid Kasem

The only jersey I have remaining who is still at the club is Koscielny. I have always rated him highly and got into a lot of arguments with ppl over him being a better defender than Vermaelen or Per. Thing is he has had his fair share of individual mistakes and own goals, but Wenger has kept the faith. It really is amazing how he has ended up from a newly promoted French side to playing for Arsenal and representing his country. His aggressive style of defending works well working with a safer defender in Per. The greatest thing he… Read more »


couldn’t agree more

It Is What It Is

I have not seen any defender handle a fully fit Messi like he did. If he goes to ground, he’ll get the ball. He has excellent acceleration over 10 yards and above average ball control. His headers seem late, but he pips attackers to the ball. Always puts his body on the line.

I feel he is the best defender in the league.

And they say Wenger doesn’t know. Who else would have found this diamond? Who?


just a thought…why not convert TV into a defensive midfielder? he loves going forward and has a decent eye for a tackle (well….sometimes)…..bring in a new defender for cover..yeap i know…will never happen.

Sajid Kasem

Problem is that Vermaelen is so attacking minded, that playing at DM would give him that false motive that he can actually go forward now without having to worry to get back, as he does at CB. I really am disappointed over the sheer amount of mistakes he has made this season, losing the ball at critical areas when he was the last defender, and there was absolutely no danger at all. He has gotten really fortunate cos those mistakes weren’t punished, otherwise his morale would have been even lower than it already is. As the captain, I honestly expected… Read more »


I think koscielny is the most talented defender in the league he plays a lot like rio. He lucks like they type of player a striker would shake his hand and say well played after a clean sheet

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