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Wenger plays up benefits of touring

After years of stubbornly refusing to venture further than the Alps it appears the success of recent pre-season tours of the Far East have forced Arsene Wenger to accept that there are benefits for his squad, even if they aren’t necessarily on the playing side.

While it’s obvious that the trips to Asia are first and foremost undertaken for ‘brand-awareness’ purposes the boss admits that experiencing different cultures and grasping the club’s global status is a useful educational experience for the younger players.

“First of all, it’s always nice to see that you are loved and famous all over the world,” the manager told Arsenal Player.

“When you live in your bubble you don’t always realise just how big Arsenal is.

“It’s a good period for them and I believe that for a young boy to discover different cultures and different ways of thinking, having an exchange of experiences with other people who have a completely different culture, can only benefit them.

“Also on that front, to live together within a completely different environment for a couple of weeks will profit the team as well.”

Arseblog News is all for holistic growth and whatnot, but it’s probably fair to say the boss would prefer to stay in Europe. What with Twitter, international football and staying in hotels before every game, both home and away, the squad are hardly sheltered from their fame or each other.

On the plus side for Wenger (and probably at his instruction), while the two previous tours of Asia have been whistle-stop affairs – the last involving three games in five days in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong – the latest incarnation will last a full two-weeks (inclusive of travel) and feature a comprehensive training camp in Japan.

Presumably the inclusion of such a camp will negate the need for a further star jump session betwixt the cow bells of the Alps and will stand the boys in good stead ahead of the Emirates Cup (*chance of silverware klaxon*) and the final pre-season game against Manchester City in Finland.

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Better than nothing.

But not better than something else.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You wouldn’t say that if you’d seen the mess something else made.


Let’s hope North Korea aren’t Tottenham fans.


N.K think “tottenham” is a shit english delicacy. so you don’t have to worry about that….

Just another tottenham fan

김정은은 아스날처럼 나는 말한다 토트넘 싫어



Just another sketchy google translate

Like I say, I hate Tottenham Arsenal Kim Jong-un


Tough times for blogs. I’d go on holiday.


Get good players



I’m baffled as to how many people get hung up on that rumour, as far fetched and unlikely it apparently is. He’s not going anywhere, not to ManU not to Arsenal, nowhere.

Los Polandos

Who cares it’s absolutely absurd and impossible. I’s CESC, mate. I blush when I see him in commercial, so when I hear rumour about him coming I cannot be rational about it.


Thiago is likely to be the real target for Utd.

I think the media are knowingly using the wrong name because a Arsenal/Utd/Barcelona ‘none story’ is a great ‘hits’ generator.


Advertisers and sponsors need to do the same thing to these websites as Youtube are doing. Stop paying them for simply the number of hits a page gets, but for the amount of time people spend on the page. That will decrease the incentives for spouting absolute shit. That said though, I would welcome Cesc back with open arms. I would also take a steaming pile of shit on Old Trafford from up in a helicopter too

New guy

probably in Barcelona, unless he’s on holiday or off playing with Spain.


No Cesc No trophy..
Wenger out..!!

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

To be fair, I’d never thought about the benefits of these tours other than money and, to an extent, fitness. It does seem most football players (mainly the British ones) are completely retarded so you’d imagine a bit of culture could only do some good. Also, you gotta love that about Wenger. Out of the meat head arse holes who have played in the premier ship, and there are a lot, few of them ever played under Wenger, and the kind of things he talks about here pays testament to that. Could you imagine Pulis taking his orcs on a… Read more »


The only trip Pulis will take will be to Sauron


To be fair to our British lads none of them seem like meatheads. Jenkinson may sound like one sometimes but he’s only 20 and will no doubt mature. I’ve been really impressed with the way Wilshere and Ramsey deal with the press in their interviews, they seem quite mature for their age actually. The Ox seems quite charismatic. Gibbs seems shy but not dumb. Walcott is way media savvy.


Christmas will only come early if we sign Gonzalo Higuain and Cesc Fabregas. Get us this early christmas Arsene before the holiday bandits (juve, united) come in.

Judgement day (once more)

Really? I thought Arsenal supporters were suppose to be a bit smarter than the average football fan. Please stop believing in every retarded rumor that pops up every single day.

Have a look at the AFC squad at the start of next season and see what REALLY happened (or not happened).


my targets are not press motivated especially when higuain has himself said he wants a change of scenery and that he’s leaving the club. I believe this is true and does it make me gullible to want him: a top.striker at my club?

Fabregas. who wouldn’t want him back?, simple as. so get off your high horse there, thanks.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Apart from being moronic, these kind of rumours almost do more harm than good. It gives the press and the idiots a chance to jump on Arsenal for not signing X AMAZING PLAYER by the end of the transfer window, except by this point the rumours have got so twisted that X was apparently on a free transfer and had moved his belongings, his girlfriend and his granny to a big house in London. O, and the only reason we didn’t sign X is because his wages were 7p over what stingy Wenger wanted to pay according to daily mail,… Read more »


Yes, clearly I have no right to desire that we sign players of the proper calibre; if I’m not happy with ‘Alexander Meslajero’ I clearly have unrealistic expectations. Higuain, a second-tier striker who isn’t even as good as van persie, is CLEARLY far too much for me to hope for as an Arsenal fan.

If settling for shitty signings makes you more ‘intelligent’ than people who actually want the club to be ambitious, you crack on, I’ll be sitting in the corner with the dunce’s hat.


Can’t wait that long…… Ha,, da be do wy I’m smart


what is this?


Another benefit, we can drop off Park Chu-Young.


Like the numerous chances he misses, he’ll probably miss landing!

James orlando kenyan gooner

I want higuan, villa, williams en if wenger can’t spend on them we’re better without him ..we need a silverware ..


So you want every player the tabloids have linked us to. Really original thought process.

Wenger's sidekick

We still owe Nigeria a visit though. *continues sleep*

Perry S.

I must say, my favorite time spent on the interwebs is sifting through the comments by ‘de africanz.’ Don’t believe there are better commenters out there…

Gooner Rik

Korean speaker here, on mobile so I couldn’t reply directly to the comment but a quick translation- “Kim Jung-eun is like Arsenal, he hates Tottenham too.”


Beat me to it.


Never saw the point of playing against a Sheepherders XI and some amateur regional division Germans.

Equally pointless playing a Malaysian or Thai XI, only difference is the £££.

My Grandfather told me when I was a kid (albeit about golf) that you should practice each shot as if you were taking the real thing. Our preseason matches need to be more robust imo, the Man City game is a good start.


For some of the random-ish games vs clubs we generally haven’t heard of were actually contractual obligations I believe. I remember something about one of the deals for either Szcz or Fabianski stating we had to organise a fixture vs the selling club. That and it’s about fitness and confidence, so running around and scoring goals (albeit vs teams we are expected to beat!) is not a bad thing 🙂


Understand that the players need to be conditioned etc etc but don’t see the point in the false confidence gained by trouncing Heidi and her mates 11-1 – note we failed to keep a clean sheet 😉


“…we had to organise a fixture vs the selling club.”

Ohshit. We’re not getting Cesc back, we’re getting fucking Na$ri…

Merlin's Panini

Seeing as ol’ Arsene changed his mind on the touring thing it gives me a glimmer of hope that he’ll change his mind on transfer costs and the wage structure too, just for one or two players at least. I’m hating this stupid off-season already. All the bull that the press, agents and some of the more desperate bloggers (no not you blogs!) are projecting is tiring to say the least. This time of year always makes me wish the internet didn’t exist.


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Run with the Cesc story, remember how frustrating it was when Xavi Iniesta Puyol Pique all came out and declared undying love for him, every fricken day?

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