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Djourou: I could have earned more at Arsenal

Johan Djourou has admitted he could have earned more money by staying at Arsenal, but said playing regular football was the key to his move to Hamburg.

The Swiss international joined the Bundesliga side for the duration of the season yesterday, and told the official website that money was not his motivation.

“In London I could have earned considerably more money, but that wasn’t the decisive factor.”

With an offer on the table from Hannover, where he spent 6 months on loan last season, Djourou eventually plumped for Hamburg, saying, “Everything was just right for me at Hamburg. Above all, the sporting aspect convinced me.

“I want to play as much as possible and to improve, and this is why I can see the ideal conditions for myself in Hamburg.”

It’s a refreshing attitude from a player who has received a lot of unkind stick from fans but when you compare him to other players who have been content to sit on their holes and pick up the big pay cheques without ever contributing anything to the team, he deserves credit for that at least.

Again, good luck to him out there.

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Hey blogs when I visit your homepage I can only see the stuff of 18June 2013. Can come to these links only through twitter feed.


Clean cookies/cache


Already done so. Even visiting through a proxy site shows the same results. The website headers say “WP-Super-Cache: Served supercache file from PHP” Maybe blogs should clean his super-cache


Yup seems fixed now. I can see the latest news even from an “incognito” window and from a proxy

The Lawyer

I’ve had this problem since yesterday


Blogs – I have a question. Of the list of squad players to cull during the summer, who of which are left ? And, how much in wages are we roughly reducing per week.

Be interesting to know those stats


Also of topic but @GazidisArsenal is the official account of IG. His TL makes for an interesting reading. A bt frustrated by Le Prof’s penny piching he seems


That is a fake account with a Photoshopped ‘Verified icon’.


Stupid Me 🙁

red giant

I looked at that account. The most recent tweet was:

“18 Years ago, God graced Arsenal in the form of Dennis Bergkamp, the best player in the history of premier league”

…which along with his “followers count” was enough to crack me up 😀

rj gooner

Good to see! Hopefully arsenal have learned a lesson from paying fringe players massive money! Credit to djourou though, good to see some players value a career more than a few extra ££££

pak gooner

I hope players learn from Djourou’s attitude. What a true professional (Y)


I was lucky enough to meet Djourou once, and he was a true gentleman. No ego, humble, honest and he was also likeable and funny….unlike so many footballers. I also rated him highly as a central defender and a professional. I really want him to succeed wherever he goes (although I am sad it is not Arsenal), because if there is such a thing as justice in this world, people like him should always be at the top.


He played well in Bundesliga, he is definitely good enough for a 4th choice CB for Arsenal, but he’s at a stage where he needs to play more… Miquel is talented but got hampered by injuries, hopefully he will step up when needed. I don’t think we need to spend £10m on someone like Williams and have him be on the bench

Merlin's Panini

Good luck to him. He’s a committed player. He wants to play football and he’s honest. That’s the way it should be. One of the most down to earth footballers around.
I’m a bit confused how he can be on loan and earning less. I thought he would still get the same pay either fully paid by Hamburg or subsidised partly by Arsenal. I’ve not heard of a player agreeing to cut their wages to go on loan. Quite refreshing if that is what has happened.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He can choose to ask for less if it gets him what he wants, which is regular football. Just because hardly any players ever do it that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

What it does mean is that even if we were paying all of his wages for the coming year it would still be less than we paid him in earlier years. We are definitely saving some money off the wage bill with Johan. Good on him. Good Luck to him.


I remember when he was being hailed as the future of a solid Arsenal back four. Injuries and missed opportunities just dealt him a real bad hand imo. Wish him so much luck in the future, hopefully Hamburg will be 2014 Bundesliga champions with Djourou scoring left and right and making 100 goal-line clearances.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s a classic example of what Wenger always said. We brought in new players and it stalled his career (Yes, I know there were injury problems too). He’s still a good defender and it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing the benefit of it as he matures (probably).


Only a fourth choice player would earn more at Arsenal.


Current 4th choice. His last contract extension was in January 2012, following two seasons of being first choice CB. Keeping people motivated and happy when they are playing well is necessary. Unfortunately, when the performance drops, the terms the employer agrees to comes back to bite them in the ass. But this happens to all clubs.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I thought jedi’s were supposed to be more perceptive than that.

Hey!!! Which side of the force are you on, anyway????

fel the gooner

@jsergio. Thats good to hear geez on the flip side i was present a few yrs ago when cashley cole was at a club/bar and a friend i knew who went to school with cole (tho a few yrs younger than him) went over to say hello and cole told him to fuck off before throwing his drink in my mates face.. what a cunt if he didnt have all his security with him i tell u what hed have been knocked the f**k out!! @jdjourou thanks for the loyal 8yrs u served for us, and hope hamburg becomes the… Read more »

fel the gooner

Stupid predictive texting.. hear**


Now all we need is for Bendtner, Chamak Park, Santos and Girvinho
to also accept a deep pay cut and play elsewhere too.


Hamburg must be well chuffed to have snatched a player of his class.
If he works hard and recovers his form then we might end up asking ourselves why we let him go.


We’ll miss Djorou’s presenting skill at Arsenal Player…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I hear that the hold up with NB52 leaving is that he is demanding a testimonial for 10 years of service to the Gunners.


Totally agree with the idea. Bendtner has been a fantastic club man through and through and humble to the core.
But with the world at his feet it is only natural he wants to share his incredible talents at Real Madrid. Thank you so much Nik you are the greatest , a legend. The 100 metre statue of you towering over the stadium is a fitting memorial to Arsenal’s greatest player.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ll give him a testimonial now then.

“To the prospective employer of Niklas Bendtner,
I have known Niklas for 10 years. He is a footballer. He is not as good as he think he is.”

Naija Gunner

I told u, the lad is gonna be a better player in the nearest future, AMEN.

Unlike some fools thinking it’s all about the ££ ££…and by that ruin their careers.

Once again good luck to Djourou and Arsenal and I hope he become a world best player, then come back for his place in the AFC first eleven.


As 4th choice CB we’ll struggle to find better i think. And we will need to find one, don’t think any of the reserves are ready to step up.

Midfield Corporal

It’s a shame Djourou didn’t push on after a very good 2010-11 season. He has all the attributed to be a great centre half, just seems he hit a sticky patch at the beginning of the 11-12 season then being played at RB crushed his confidence. Good luck to the lad.


Great man, and rare now a day player of this attitude. At least towards money.


He was perfect for 4th CB.
hIs salary was not that high and he played very well when other CB were got injured.

Song Long Dilver

I don’t think he’d agree to be fourth choice at this age though.

In my opinion, we need a good, young (20-23 year old) defender for rotation purposes.

Merlin's Panini

A link for the new away kit came up on Newsnow a few minutes ago and then promptly disappeared. I clicked on it and it comes up as an error page on the Arsenal website. The URL it linked to was:

I can only assume we’ll get the official announcement today or very soon now, although it seems pretty much definite that it’s that retro yellow jobby that’s been doing the rounds.

some dumb american

Not really a Hamburg fan, but that’s a pretty awesome hoody.

igor stepanovs

very good defender, and always had a good attitude. probably not quite good enough for a top 4 side (week in , week out), but definitely good enough for the premiership. has never said a bad word about arsenal in the press, even when some (very unfair) fans gave him stick. hope he does well and gets a good run of games.

Double Canister

He’ll still be only 27 after this loan spell, and Switzerland look like they could qualify for the World Cup from their group. So that’s why he wants to get game time.
Senderos is in front of him in the national team LoL.
Johann still would have a lot to offer if he came back, and he will have a lot of experience at a top level of football too. best of luck over there.

Double Canister

How would you know what good defending was?!? Smiley face at post name.


Pat Rices left nut

A decent player in fairness although he did suffer lack of concentration at times

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