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Napoli confirm Higuain interest

Italian side Napoli have confirmed their interest in signing Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid.

Arsenal have been linked with the Argentine striker for most of the summer, with reports last week, now obviously premature, that a deal was imminent.

However, with the Gunners sights now apparently trained on Liverpool’s bitey racist, Luis Suarez, the Serie A outfit are looking to spend some of the near €70m they received from PSG for star striker Edinson Cavani.

In a Twitter Q&A, Napoli’s President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, was asked if it were true that there were talks regarding Higuain. His reply, “It’s true.”

Quite where this leaves Arsenal pursuit of the player remains to be seen. There’s something of a tradition of Argentine strikers in Naples, and from looking the most likely of summer signings, Arsene Wenger could miss out on a player still favoured by many fans.

The only signing of the summer thus far has been Yaya Sanogo on a free from Auxerre, so hopefully Napoli’s interest will force our hand a bit and we can get this deal done.


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One bloody merry go round this whole thing has become.

santi's panties

now I want a bloody mary


So napoli want a guy who’s tired of being back up to benzema, madrid want a guy to play with/ahead of benzema and we want the same guy? Great merry go round if we get him.

Though i know some would prefer the back up running away from madrid or worse some fat unfit player tired of living in a dutch skunk’s shadow/smell


Worst case scenario is if Napoli get Higuain and then Madrid get Suarez with that money. Rooney either stays in Manchester or moves to Chelsea, Spu*s get Benteke and we’re left with Sanogo when the dust is settled.


Well I just hope the club realises that if we don’t sign big names this summer, a large number of current first team players, including from the “British core”, will also look to leave using the exact same excuses as Van Persie, and they will be quite justified. Then, Arsene’s ability to magically land a top four place may not reproduce itself, and finally, whoever thought they could benefit from the increased financial assets of Arsenal will find that the club has in fact depreciated greatly in value. Pure and simply, we are playing Russian roulette, we took one shot… Read more »



Thanks for reminding me to gouge out my eyes with a spoon today.

That “worst case scenario” is starting to look like the “most likely scenario.”

Oh well. Sanogo to score 30 goals?

How many players have Manchester United signed? Man City? Oh wait I just checked. Man U signed one; Man City actually signed a few too. Fuck.

I think this list says it all:

Yaya Sanogo (Auxerre) Free Full Story

Andrey Arshavin (Zenit St Petersberg) Free
Francis Coquelin (Freiburg) Loan
Denilson (Sao Paulo) Free
Johan Djourou (Hamburg) Loan
Craig Eastmond (Colchester United) Free
Kyle Ebecilio (Twente) Free
Vito Mannone (Sunderland) Undisclosed Full story
Sebastien Squillaci Released
Sanchez Watt (Colchester United) Free
Jordan Wynter (Bristol City) Free
Jernade Meade (Swansea City) Free


@Henry’s Almighty Tallywacker
just because other clubs are not signing many players doesnt mean we should be passive and join the lot by sitting there and taking our time. dont forget we were 4th, we should be more desperate to improve our position than others above us.

Talk at The Match Centre

@Henry’s Almighty Tallywacker – depressing looking list and with Man City uping their game yet again, we better start making some major signings pronto if we’re going to seriously contend for the title and make sure our targets don’t get snapped up by other clubs! If we have the money, use it already! On the plus side, for the first time ever, I’m not worried about who’s going to be leaving 🙂


Touching cloth.


Developing a twitch.


I hear Stan Collymore has tickets.


….this isn’t going to happen, is it?


Say goodbye to our sweet Argie prince, we are going for the vile racist.


Question is, would you take “Vile Racist” over “Nobody”?

Mind you, Nobody was Manchester United’s second-highest scorer a few years back (nicknamed “Own Goal”). He’s sort of gone missing in recent years, so he’d come cheap. Perhaps if United threw Howard Webb into the deal, Nobody could rediscover his form at Arsenal?

One can dream, can’t one?

No I wouldn’t. I’d take nobody as opposed to Suarez.


I don’t know. Nobody is worse than Somebody in my books. People can change, and some people can even be the 30-goal striker that a club needs to close the gap on a currently frightening disparity in quality. Non-entities, however, do very little. I’m just throwing that out there. Still uncomfortable with Suarez, but I’m also steeling myself for the possibility that my personal discomfort has no bearing on Arsenal’s transfers, and we’ll have to live with him like it or not. Ah, who am I kidding? This is a non-starter. We won’t bid £40m for Suarez. Welcome to Arsenal,… Read more »

gooner in Manchester

No worries. “there are talks regarding Higuain inside Napoli’s camp” doesn’t mean that they want him, bid for him, sign him. Maybe they only had a talk with their scouts and came up with some names. Very common stuff at most clubs. I guess. It’s not about football in the transfer window. It’s the game of monopoly. Look, the like of PSG, Monaco, Mancity, Chelsea, Malaga … have been trying to get into the money game, not the football game. The old RM empires like RM, Milan, BM and some ‘new’ faces like MU don’t just sit still and wait… Read more »


They have already bought 2 players from Madrid. Their relationship seems good with RM. Hope Higuain wants to move to Arsenal. That’s the only way Napoli’s higher bid won’t matter.

Dan Gunn

Who said they have made a higher bid?? It is my understanding that we had a fee agreed in principle and at the last minute Perez stepped in and increased the asking price. Wenger being Wenger got the hump and went cold on the deal. What i cant understand is why he now goes to Liverpool and offers £30mill for Suarez as i am sure the offer for Higuain was lower than that. If you want Higuain offer £25-30mill and get it done. Unless of course the Suarez bid is a smokescreen to get RM playing ball. The trouble is… Read more »


Maybe Wenger thinks Suarez is the better footballer hence the difference in valuation.

*Arsène knows*

Happy Dave

I agree pay the money buy the guy less baggage with Higuain than bitey move on


I really wish they’d just offer the £30mil that Higuain is clearly worth and get the deal done. Having Higuain would make me so happy. Most supporters I speak to say exactly the same thing. I’ve never wanted Rooney or Suarez and whilst Arsenal shouldn’t base their transfer activity around my preferences, I’m know that I’m not alone.


It’s strange that we’d be willing to offer £30m for Suarez, but not for Higuain.

I wonder why Wenger thinks Suarez is a better player. Statistically, he’s not. Suarez has to hog the ball and take kazillions of shots to score. Higuain’s conversion rate, on the other hand, is the best in Europe.

Bah. It’s doesn’t matter, does it?

Yeah I guess that’s what the extra money gets you. A player. NOW.


“Pay what the selling club wants” is the problem in this deal.. As you said yourself, “we had a fee agreed in principle and at the last minute Perez stepped in and increased the asking price”. Are you saying we should just drop our pants and bend over the desk by just saying yes to the new price? Its like going to a showroom with £10,000, haggling over the £4999 price on the windscreen, coming to an agreement of £4500 and asking for the finance documents to get drawn up. Then, when the dealer comes back with the paperwork he… Read more »

Indie Gunner

It will be a little disappointing if we end the window with Giroud, Sanogo and Gazidis’ bath duckie as striking options. I am sure the club is paddling furiously under the surface. I hope. Please let it be so.

Dark Stein

Err hello, you left out Theo from that list…Theo wouldn’t like that.


Theo needs to stitch those patches together into a veritable quilt of consistancy in order to be taken seriously as a striking option.




Why did we have to start dragging our feet over this deal? Just throw £30 million at Madrid and lets get our man!

I’d happily take Gonzalo over that bitey racist any day.

Master Bates

I am really hoping we get the diving,bitey ‘racist’ , He’s world class ,and if he stop his shit whilst at Arsenal ,I won’t care even if he was SATAN during his previous clubs.

Higuain is very small upgrade .

Dark Stein

I care. He’ll drag the name of our great club through the mud (or should that be blood?). He’s a ticking time bomb waiting to go ka-boom. There’s no way in hell he’d suddenly become a saint and not make it about everything other than football.

As for his racist tendancies, how would he be greeted in the dressing room? we have a diverse team, I’d hate him to bring the spirit of the dressing room down.

Fergie the Gooner

I really don’t think that we as a club should even be considering Suarez, regardless of his talent. The media have a big enough vendetta against us as it is and at the first sign of a dvie or any foul play they’d be all over us. I Just can’t understand why we’d go for someone who is more expensive, has a huge amount of baggage and is banned for the first six games over someone who has comparable ability, supposedly costs less and has a clean slate.


…at the first sign of a dvie or any foul play they’d be all over us.

Not just the media. We’re not a club renowned for having referees conveniently look the other way either.

Manchester Gooner

Not as simple as that, I guess.

Personal terms may be a major obstacle.



Rat Wool

I was almost sharing a video of Higuain’s goals the other day but didn’t thinking i might jinx it. Looks like i have jinxed it :@ sorry fellow gunners, all my fault…

Arsene's Zip

You bastard.

Dark Stein

Your punishment should be to buy and wear a sp*rs shirt to all home games next season…that’ll teach you.


They got 70m for cavani? Unbelievable. This market is crazy nowadays, if we get happen to get higuain for 30m or less then it would be a steal!


£55 million is the price quoted by the BBC.


Pounds ,Euros or$

Dark Stein

£55M = €70M+


actually at the current exchange rate, 70m euros is more like £65m

(bit pedantic i know)


For years we have been crying out for a world class signing.Suarez is in the top 5 players in the world.Yet Gooners are geting upset we are not signing a player who wasnt first choice at Madrid

Make you fucking minds up


“Suarez is in the top 5 players in the world”

Utter horseshit.

Dark Stein

Its about the type of player we sign, Wenger always harps on about “quality” and “character”. Ratty has the quality but not the character. He’d only disgrace us somehow. maybe not now but soon, and for the rest of his contract (until he worms out of it, cries out loud and runs off wailing to Real, PSG or Monaco).

Daft Aider

He may be a great player but he’s also a loathsome racist cannibal


Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta and Neymar are probably a fair assessment of top 6……..Suarez doesn’t figure in there.


You forgot Gareth Bale in that list, let’s be honest.

Double Canister

And the skunk.. Sadly.


united fans were happy to take the dutch traitor off our hands, remember hes a player that they shrieked abuse at for years while he was wearing our shirt. those fans have no class. I thought we were better than that. I dont want to support someone (and if suarez puts on an arsenal shirt thats what I’ll have to do) who I used to regard with utter contempt, who has proven he does not respect the values and norms of english football. this whole thing is so un-arsenal. we’re usually at the dive bars for last call, but now… Read more »

But we are sexier my friend, and the girl will pleasantly chat with the Italian so as not to hurt her feelings, them come over. She may not give up the bumhole straight away, but I feel this relationship will become consummated soon. I reckon Suarez is a smokescreen; we knew they wouldn’t sell for 30 mil, and if they did we could just flog him for £35 mil on the next day to Man City or Chelsea (who are suited to such a disgusting mercenary ratty meanie). And I reckon Napoli are just being mates with Madrid on this… Read more »



Are we a male or female in this rather twisted metaphor? Cause it seems from your post now the Italian is a girl as well.

And what’s all this about giving up bumholes?


We were never in for him anyway. It’s all the result of a misheard conversation.

Get ready instead for us signing PigWayne.


If we fail to sign Higuain and get the bitey racist cunt instead I think I’m going to lose it.


Szczesny and Poldi should ring up their mate Robert. I’d have him over bitey racist any day


I’d take Lewandowski over Suarez, over Higuain too. Even over Cavani, given their forms and age. But I think we can only remotely interest him if we buy some big names before. Fellaini would be a good start. Let’s face it, the guy is at Dortmund, he’ll only move somewhere he’s assured trophies. Quite unrealistic for us at the moment.

Harish P


knock knock knock


Harish P


knock knock knock


Harish P


knock knock knock



He said there were talks with both Damiao and Higuain, then said there are several names on the table.


Fuck! Fuck! Faaaaaaaaaaaaak!

harry rednapp

Arsenal only have themselves to blame I know wenger likes suarez but its a dangerous game relying on that transfer we all know hiw slimey that cuuunnt is. I think all this talk of him being flattered about arsenal is just a ploy to force madrid into action. I hooe we dont end up empty handed with egg on our face and chasing a secondd rate striker as usual. Ps dont tell the taxman I can read or write


What’s with this “we” shit Twitcher?


To be honest I getting totally sick & tired of Wenger & Ivan’s procrastination & snail like pace during trnafer periods.. we were 16 massive points behind Epl winners last season & we even gave them guard of honour with that traitor as their leading striker, that ws a double edged sword for me… anyway this is a personal feeling hate it or love it BUT iam NOT spending any money on my team tho it hurts sooooo much I just hav to do it TILL my team spends on signings that will give us a better chance next season..… Read more »


Masiya, i totally agree. I haven’t been to the Emirates for the last 2 years…..i was fed up with us being a selling club, so now all i do is renew my silver membership, they’re not getting another penny out of me until i see some investment back.


Can I rent it off you til you want it? george 07757927472


wake up dude!!


I know multi-million pound deals are not straightforward etc, but we really do seem to make a fuckin dog’s breakfast of things. We seem to have a player here that wanted to leave his club, not only that, but seemed like he wanted to join us, which leaves the fee to be agreed. Now you expect Madrid to be cunts, on the basis that they are cunts. So even if a number was agreed in principle, fully expect them to change it, particularly as fuckin Gobby Gazidis tells everyone how polluted we are with cash. Going round saying we can… Read more »


Love Arsene but he is definitely the problem here. Refuses to pay over his valuation for a player, when other clubs will sometimes just bloody do it for the good of the team. It is all looking very worryingly balanced at the moment, when we actually have the cash to tip the scales whatever way we want.


The thing is, I’m not sure this is strictly true given the Ivan has stated that Wenger does not get involved in the transfer negotiations.


Where did he say this?

From everything that I have read, it is the opposite.


It’s definitely Arsene who has the final say on targets and what he considers their value to be. The rest of them haven’t got a clue. Wenger probably isn’t directly involved in negotiations, but if he is it wouldn’t surprise at all.


in the press conference where he started this whole ‘we have all the monies’ crap, gazidas clearly said that we could afford the rooney-type wages and transfer fee IF that was a person that arsene identified as strengthening the team. the final say always rests with arsene (wouldn’t be surprised if he had to ratify chips keswick being appointed chairman).

glory hunter

Even if he does get involved the simple fact is someone at the club should be able to put their foot down and get the player that’ll take us to the next level even if it means spending a couple of millions over the odds.

If we are successful, we’ll recoup the money back anyway, im very worried cos this will be a missed opportunity.


May be it’s about time we, as fans, took a leaf out of Wenger’s book and look at the value of Arsenal tickets? Paying some of the highest ticket prices in the land to watch a decent team doesn’t seem right does it? When you add into the equation that we have consistently sold our prized players since our move to the Emirates it seems that, quite frankly, we’re being ‘mugged off’ Maybe if we all said, and I quote ‘I see no value in these tickets’ they will take some notice and change the transfer policy at the club… Read more »

Kenyan Gooner

Higuain over the bitey racist any time. Get him Wenger!


Napoli were straight into Champ League group stage aren’t they?

Eugh, I hate summer.


Hopefully this forces our hand. Higuain made up his mind last summer that he would go, Mourinho convinced him to stay. He won’t go to Chelsea (bc he fell out of favor with Mourinho) or Liverpool (no UCL) and City aren’t after him. I fully support spending £30-35m on Higuain. The Suarez talk is nonsense. He takes fucking 8.1 shots per goal, is a total ball hog, and gets dispossessed AND turns the ball over more times than any other “top” player. He isn’t half as clinical as Higuain and he fails most of his dribbles. ( Suarez isn’t anywhere… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I just do not understand this. If we are truly about to throw 35M @ suarez, how the flying fuck are we not getting higuain for 27 – 30M?

He gets to play the first 6 games too.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike some people here, I don’t mind having suarez (for dinner). Bt FFS we get a world class striker and save a lot of money. Isn’t that the wenger/arsenal way?

Dave Gooner

The Arsenal offer for Higuain was 23m according to reports.

If it had been 27 – 30m, he would be in Vietnam right now.

Manchester Gooner

personal terms


Oh Bloody Hell!


Am on holiday for almost the whole of August am not going to look at a phone, tv or Internet.
many glasses of wine and beer and gazidis and his bunch of clowns will seem a million miles away. Roll on August and get me away from the misery that is arsenal in a transfer window.


…only for you to arrive straight back to the misery of the Emirates, featuring our new signings, Gareth Barry, Solomon Kalou and Peter Odemwingie.

Still, enjoy your holiday!

arsene wonka

We should throw in a bid for Adebayor for the criac while were at it..because there is so much bullshit about bids goin around. Was it confirmed we bid for Higuain? No chance we can afford Rooney,let chelski go mad like they did with Torres!

The only olivier is giroud

This is making my piss salty (don’t ask me how I know. Just… Don’t ask).


Gazidas .wenger both out of their depth with big in the past.embarresement every time he speaks.making small bids so they can say they tried. LIARS. WENGER OUT


bet you we’ll sign Wenger before an actual player…doh!!


Fuck you Benitez.


“Wenger could miss out on a player still favoured by many fans.”

Is another way of saying

“Wenger could miss out on a player not fullsomely loathed by most Arsenal fans for their crimes against not only Arsenal but also Civilisation, Gravity, Dentistry, Male Pattern Baldness and Lord Farquaad”


Liverpool»Suarez» R Madrid/Arsenal

R Madrid»Higuain»Napoli/Arsenal


Man Utd»Rooney»Chelsea/PSG

Out of this half possible/half completed merry go around. The only one i can see us completing is Higuain. Case solved…….Damn im good.


I see this – Higuain –> Napoli
Suarez –> Real Madrid
Rooney –> Chelsea

Groundhog Day —> Arsenal


Let’s predict the headlines when Rooney joins Chelsea. “Blue Roon”? “Blooney”? “Roo’s Blue”?



‘Fat Cunt Joins Cunts’?

Covers all the bases.


Thumb up for “Shrekski” hah


Rooney will NOT come Arsenal BTW


Good man. Let’s all try and remain that positive amidst all the crap news.

Ashburton Groover

Arsene I like many Gooners love you man BUT buying Suarez and NOT buying Cesc (if available) will seriously test my resolve.


So that’s the end of it then.. Napoli have monies and Argentine players have an affinity for Napoli. I really felt that we will get a top end striker this summer. After all some many good players were angling for a move this term – Lewandowski, Gomez, Higuain, Cavani, Llorente.. All of these players are now gone\going\not going to happen. Dregs like Suarez and Rooney are still circling around the drain. Both of them very divisive characters and more trouble than they are worth. Lets just hope that Giroud can improve from last season and Podoloski can push him for… Read more »


Listen. We’re better than Napoli, in a better league, in a better town, we have a higher wageframe and more money. If Higuian goes to Napoli it completely our own fucking fault, cause we have every oppotunity to outscore Napoli. If we don’t sign him, it either because we don’t want him (unlikely) or because our negatiators fucked it up. Don’t wanna hear a word about Real being cunts, they have a top striker and know teams want him, so they go after the highest price. It’s our fault if we cant play that game. Fuck fucking fuck!


Get Higgy for £5-10 mil more. £40 mil for Dwayne Nibbley? What the hell is the hold up here.

petits handbag

Hey we might not sign anyone but Januarys just round the corner!
Rioch out

Dingo Bruce

Good you’re a bunch of princesses. You really thought Madrid we’re going to sell him without crafting circumstances to drive up the price? None of us know what’s going on.

As for the people saying ‘just spend the extra 8 mill’… Ffs. You have jobs right? If a supplier ups the price of a product by 30% on a whim you just pay it? Do you fuck.

glory hunter

Fir point but this is Arsenal and we have a tendency to balls transfer dealings up unless of course we are the selling club.

Dave Gooner

Wrong in this case.

It depends on market supply. There are a very limited number of strikers out there that will add something to our squad. A VERY LIMITED number.

Thus, if we want Higuain, then we have to pay for him. If we offered what was reportedly offered for that total fucking knacker Suarez, Higuain would be enjoying Vietnamese food and meeting his new team mates right now.

Arsene should know how it works – he’s been on the wrong side of it often enough.

Manchester Gooner

Paying an outrageously undue wage to someone, not extremely excellent, just to add number to the striking options will up set the whole team.

Are you sure that Higuain will core 30 goals next season for us?

Dan Gunn

supply and demand!

We are not negotiating printing costs or rent rates here.

We are signing a world class striker to make us competitive. If it costs a bit more so be it.

It seems Arsenal only know the value of a player when they sell them.

That is what drives me crazy!


I think that the point Dingo is making here is that when Arsenal started negotiations, the asking price was around £25M and as soon as Arsenal & RM had come close to an agreement, the price went up to (reportedly) £27M, then £30M and now £37M.

It may be “Supply and Demand” and not be “negotiating printing costs or rent rates” but surely the buyer should know how much the seller wants BEFORE negotiations start and not after a fee has been ‘agreed in principle’??




When i say i hate dare not try to make me change my stance.. My hatred for wenger is as far as i could count to the very end of numbers



you h8 him?

Fingers crossed

nobody asked you anything.


You are old Red Nose and I claim my five pounds.


We always struggle to close a deal. Yes, negotiate hard but get the deal done and move on or risk losing out.


A marquee signing is only easy if you spend well over the odds.. ala ronaldo to Real… Neymar took Barca about 4 months to sign Cesc took over a year to sign for Barca… Even if the clubs want it the players agent will want to maximise the marqueeness. Patience… Its not like buying a player who thinks he is lucky to join… you have to build the narrative for them.. Higuain is so ready to leave RM because Arsene Wenger is going to build a team around him… Wenger needs to buy the crown jewel so he knows what… Read more »


Just had chat with optimistic mate. He reckons all this talk of Rooney Suarez etc is rues.
We will be so desperate come the end of August that when we sign another unknown Frenchman from ligue 2 arsenal fans will be so happy to have actually made a signing wenger and gazidis will be off the hook yet again.
Happy days. I need a fucking drink.


Lol Voldy. I want to disagree with you but dammit looks that way, especially if the Higuain deal falls through. He makes the most realistic option for “breaking the bank” Arsenal. The rooney/suarez stories it’s just not how Arsene/Arsenal rolls.

I need a drink aswell.


Another target lost

Fantastic transfer window, just an under 21 french crock for a signing

times have really changed now and we really got some big signings in haven’t we? just like it was promised.

wonder why people continue to support the current management, they have held us back massively.


Ivan, stop mincing about like a bald Owen Coyle, put your fuckin trousers back on, get on the phone to that cunt Perez and get this fuckin deal done.

Now. Move.

Ivan Gazidis

Righto Mooro, I’m on it now, I’m upping my initial bid of £23m by a further £50. Also keep this hush but the Trevor Benjamin deal is done too.


If Higuain eventually agrees for Napoli then Arsenes job should be evaluated. what is wrong here, the player wants to leave, he does not mind Arsenal. he is world class for relatively good money and last but not least.


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