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Wilshere encouraged by transfer targets

Jack Wilshere says Arsenal must improve the overall quality of the squad if they’re to compete for trophies with the likes of Man Utd and Man City, but that he’s encouraged by the quality of names we’ve been linked with this summer.

The England midfielder spoke to ESPN and backed the club’s attempts to sign the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, saying he’s the kind of player the club should be looking to attract.

“You look at the type of players like Higuain we’re trying to bring in and you’ve got to be encouraged,” he said. “I’ve never played against him but anyone who plays for Real Madrid and Argentina has to be quality.

“I think we need a few more, not to step right into the team but to add to the squad. We need our squad to be as deep as United’s and City’s.

“They can change their back four completely and still win. There’s no way United would have won the Premier League trophy with 18 players.”

Wilshere also responded to the Wayne Rooney rumours by saying it would be ‘amazing’ to see his fellow England international at the Emirates and, frankly, he’s right. We’d be amazed if that happened.

There was good news about his fitness though as Jack declared himself fully fit and ready for pre-season. Asked about his ankle, he said, “100 percent. I’m really looking forward to having a solid preseason. I haven’t had one in two years and once you miss it, you’re always playing catch-up. It’s a chance to show the manager that you deserve to be in the team and I think there’s going to be competition for a few spots.

“But that’s a good thing. If you’re going to challenge for trophies, you need a big squad. You can’t expect 11 players to do it every week.”

Read the full interview at ESPN.

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Eboue's Perfectly chiseled b a l l s

Sell him


Poor taste, good sir, poor taste!


Jack the Lad


I too am encouraged by the targets. Trouble is everyone knows how much cash we’ve got in our pockets. You can never drive a bargain if the stall seller knows you’re wealthy. No doubt that’s causing a lot of delays. but hey, hopefully now the window is ‘officially’ open, Madrid have a new boss, things will start to move more quickly. If we get Higuain in, I expect the other transfers to be done rapidly after that – from a ‘personal terms’ point of view as players will start to recognise us as a proper force again. All good things.… Read more »


“Trouble is everyone knows how much cash we’ve got in our pockets.” I think the real trouble is that everyone knows they can use Arsenal to drive the price up for Man City, Chelsea, and maybe even Madrid at this point. If a player is on our radar, he could be on their radars as well. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Arsene may be better off waiting on the higher-priced players until after City and Chelsea complete their business, at which point selling clubs will know that there will be no £30M bid for their 22-year-old defensive midfielder with a handful… Read more »


Adding quality players will encourage our team to stay together


The Higuain deal must be the most publicly conducted transfer I’ve ever seen us involved with. Just shows how it is dealing with a bigger club really. Dick: “can we keep the negotiations private,” Perez: “nope.”


This year. Last year it was Podolski. Before that Chamakh. Next Summer it’ll be someone else.

Harish P

I like the consideration noted by Jack about a deeper squad. Very astute observation for a young footballer.

I can’t help but think his future with Arsenal will go far beyond his playing days, it would be fantastic to see that in the very long term.

Arsenal to the end.

Dan Gunn

Can we let him get a full pre-season in before we appoint him head of youth development ;0)


Jack is saying Arsenal needs quality and depth to compete for the big trophies. Really? That is VISIONARY Jack. Next he will say fourth place is not good enough and we want to win trophies. Then he will be saying to be successful we need to score more goals than our opponents. He has a PHD in Quantum physics right 🙂


@Harish P

You think its an astute observation?! My 12 year old nephew made the same observation, as has the vast majority of Arsenal fans and the UK population!

glory hunter

You forgot to include animal’s!
Cos my dogs been “barking” mad about the lack of depth in the squad. 🙂


They remain that wilshere: targets! for all I know messi is a target that’s what he must be exciter about.

Signings please, if we lose higuain coz Arsene is chasing some fat bastard wooney. Arsene should be fined or made to listen to justin beiber

New Arse

davidnz you are quite annoying arent you. Must you criticise, complain or see the bad side of everything always ? Jeeez….


Let’s see how encouraged he will be when we bring in 3 wonderkids instead of Higuain 😀


Here is some fun news for my friend ” New Arse”. Breaking news. Wilshire Slams Wenger’s tight fisted approach. Ambitious Wilshire wants to win trophies and urges Wenger to spend big. “United won the title because they had great depth” says Wilshire reigniting memories of last years RVP exit. Picture shows Wilshire warning Wenger “Two more years without trophies and I am gone”. 🙂 Or maybe Jack is explaining the grip for his googly.


You sad sad man – why dont you find something positive in this article, or are you simply a very very sad, bitter and twisted Spud? You muppet


“NOT TO STEP RIGHT INTO THE TEAM BUT TO ADD TO THE SQUAD”? If we buy super quality players some players positions must be under treat. Mr jack


I, too, am very excited by all these footballers whom we haven’t signed. Let’s hope that we keep this up until the start of the season; after all, we don’t actually need any new players, do we? Actually, the most interesting potential signing of the summer is the one that nobody seems to be talking about: Arsene Wenger. Can somebody please explain to me just why our great leader is being authorised to spend huge amounts of the club’s money on new talent when he himself has not signed a new contract? The season ended ages ago, yet Wenger has… Read more »


You do realise there are a lot of big spending clubs who have managers on short-term contracts/who are dispensible, right? Arsene is the longest serving manager in the Premier League, I think we can give him a bit of leeway here.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

I can think of many words for you.

Awkward isn’t one of them.

Arty's Art

Ferguson, RVP…

Song Long Dilver

The only bit I find awkward is that you lick Klopp’s arsehole in almost every comment you make. Why would he move from Dortmund?


Allow me to explain why we should let arsene Wenger spend this clubs money 1. Overseeing the New Training Facilites all those years ago 2. Buying players for nothing turning them to world beaters and selling at a substantial profit 3. Doing that and taking us through our most succesful era 4. Overseeing the building of a new stadium, with which the profit in its catering services alone produces a higher turnover than everything Highbury had to offer annually 5. Willingly or not, he sold our best/high profile players for huge profit…. 6……. and then delievered Champions League football 7.… Read more »


If anyone needs to be told to fuck off, it’s you, Fats. It’s a tough choice between you, davidnz and Bendtner.


Hi all. Firstly am a great fan of arseblog, i always check it up in the morning to find out if we have signed any new players. Keep up the good work. If you read the ESPN article you would be reminded of a Jack Wilshire who wants to win trophies. He likes mentioning winners. For instance he mentions Rooney (ok…i accept it was a question), scholes, gerard and so on. He goes on to mention the invincibles and how good it must have felt to know they would win when they stepped onto the pitch. I dont know if… Read more »


Great comment bildad. I hope we reinforce our squad this summer.


I’ll admit the higuain rumours have been pretty full on but we are linked to players every year and never sign the players we hope too/fans want!

I won’t believe these big name signings until there announced on the website with a picture of Wenger next to them, even then I’ll find it hard to believe!

Harish P


Right, because young footballers think about the team game and not about personal game play and development. I can’t think of many players at his age who give interviews that express thoughts about the squad as a whole in that manner.

So yes, for a football player at his age it is astute. As a fan at that age thought I NEVER about squad depth, it was about ALWAYS seeing my same favourite players on the pitch and winning. Everyone I know thought the same way, until we reach a certain point.


Straightforward stuff. Jack is only saying what we all think and what Wenger knows.
Let’s get on with signing Higuain please!

(cough) pretty please…


I love him with all my Gooner heart, but let’s be real here. This sounds like the stuff spoon fed to him by his publicist while he’s on his Nike sponsored NY trip. So I appreciate the positive words, but I’m not lauding him for being “visionary” or “astute” or calling for his position on our coaching staff 10 years from now after he retires. I will wholeheartedly back him for a good pre-season and a fiery start to the season.

kenya's 19th largest bank

The news rooms must be in full throttle now.that sais, i read’s “arshavin slams boring arsenal” nonsense with my coat on..


It’s ” WILSHERE ” you boring bastards. It feels like im reading the same uneducated comments day in day out !


Wilshere would claim he was fully fit to play even if he had a both legs amputated, he’s the football equivalent of the Black Knight.


this is good but he talked about bayern being interesting in him flattering, i know i would be flattered but Wilshere we love you

New Arse

@davidnz. You don’t even spell Wilshere’s name properly. Put some effort in for heavens sake.


I throw in these tests just to check that everyone’s awake 🙂

Adam, Watford

Personally, I think Jack should avoid talking to the media and making fairly standard and banal comments and concentrate on getting his pre-season done without any hitches.

I know he might be put up there to say stuff by the club at times but this does nothing to increase my sum total of knowledge about Arsenal or Wilshere. Mind you, if he had laughed his arse off at the very thought of Rooney joining us, that would have been far more newsworthy !


Let me preface by saying I love Wilshere. In fact, I love our entire British Core and the majority of our team. But I just want to get this off my chest. So Jack says something rather patently obvious and he gets resounding praise and adoration, ‘Jack the Lad’ and the like. Yet I’d bet that if anyone else on the team said something similar, it would be met with sarcasm or worse. Sometimes I feel as though our blind love for a particular player is truly to the detriment of some others who play for The Arsenal right now.… Read more »

Andy A

New Arse it’s “for heaven’s sake”…if you’re going to be a dick about grammar then practice as you preach…p.s loving the fact that Jack made that interview so public. States ambition from an Arsenal point of view and also (hopefully) puts a bit of pressure on the board and Mr Wenger.


What nobody seems to be talking about here is how Jack just started following Higuain on twitter today… What does it mean…..!?


Maybe they like the same kind of music, Ferraris and red wine?


Wilshere is overrated. Thiago, isco, gotze and even Maher are way better than he is. Wilshere isnt even close to what cesc was at 21, yet people praise him to the heavens as our saviour or whatever. He doesn’t deserve the no 10 jersey.


Oh, and you do I suppose? Take into account that Jack has suffered wtih numerous niggling injuries, and give him a couple of years and he WILL be as good as Thiago, Isco, Gotze etc. Are you sure you are an Arsenal supporter? You sound more like a bitter and twisted Spud! Go away and support your own team, and stop commenting on articles that dont even mention your sad pathetic Europa League club!

[…] 来源:[arseblognews] […]

man u are the best

Why the fuck would anyone join arsholes never mind rooney you fucking idiots


Truth hurts doesnt it?? I think you’re the plastic fan. Nothing wrong with what i said and i’ll say it again….Wilshereis nothing special and has a long way to go. I bet if i said Ramsey you’d agreed with me. Oh yeah, i’ve been supporting Arsenalfc my whole life….my grand father was a fan, so is my dad.

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