Friday, September 30, 2022

Bracewell-Smith regrets Kroenke sale

Former board member Nina Bracewell-Smith has publicly said he regrets selling her shares to Stan Kroenke.

In the wake of Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa on Saturday, she used her Twitter account to say, “What a shame the board recommended a Kroenke takeover and paid Rothchilds 3m fee.”

And how deeply I regret selling to Kroenke. Bring David Dein and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward.”

The Tweets have since been deleted. Bracewell-Smith, who sold a 15.9% share in the club to the American for around £120m, was given a position of Honorary Vice President at the club, and has a seat in the Director’s Box.

It remains to be seen how things will play out after being so openly critical of the majority shareholder.

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Edu's Braces

Sing it from the fucking rooftops baby

Arshavin's pie delivery guy

There is so much negative energy going around that we have to do something drastic. In Africa (past and present), such situations called for a sacrifice – a lamb, a calf or something to appease the angry spirits. In our case, we can sacrifice some good money to appease the angry fans and restore some semblance of order among the gunners. What if sacrificed 60M to get Suarez in? I know all the baggage he brings along but we can afford to be choosy at the moment. That is the kind of talk Lady Nina should be having now. Ps:… Read more »


“publicly said he regrets selling her shares to Stan Kroenke.” …….. it should be she*, not he.


I would love to know why she deleted the comments and someone to ask her why she could not stand by her words


tomj, because she realises that she made her bed when she parted with her stake in the club that she supposedly loves. A stake that had been in her husband’s family for years. She had every right to sell, but it does seem a bit hypocritical to then come around and criticise current ownership when she forfeited her right to have her say in the club.


spot on. cry me a river, lady. didn’t seem like such a bad idea when you were raking in the cash, did it?


I don’t know about sacrificing a calf or a lamb – it sounds a little cruel to the poor defenseless creature. Would a frog do?


Maybe we should sacrifice an Ape..

where is Bale at the moment?


Two birds with one stone there…


I feel you brother. We are pretty pissed in london 2.


Seething in Nigeria…


in india too … aaarrrrgghh!!!


Angry in ankara


Distraught in Dakar


and I bet we’re a bit narked in Ningbo too


depressed in america :’-(


Crying in Exeter


pissed in pakistan


*injured in pakistan

Get it?


Cursing wildly in California!

Wengers White Soks

seeing Red in Australia


Mad in Manhattan…

Hawksley Court

Vehement in Vancouver


David Dein is fired. DD is Wenger’s best mate. Wenger starts coasting. The teams starts slipping. Wenger becomes a pathological liar. Some fat little daddies boy starts ripping the heart out of the team. Wenger’s shows no respect to the supporters. The team keeps sliding. A conspiracy theorist would smell a rat. DD says he loves AFC so why didn’t he clip his fat little ingrate son around the ear and tell him to pull his head in? Why is Wenger still his friend as this family is deeply involved in gutting his project, destroying his legacy? Maybe Wenger doesn’t… Read more »


… do we really need conspiracy theories here?
It’s simple bloody mindedness and incompetence.


shame on you calling our manager incompetent you piece of shit.


He is. Get over it.


oh right..i guess you know many managers who build stadiums in the modern game and are right up there with the elite football clubs of the world with a tenth of their budget.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

This is the fourth year I have been saying Mr Wenger doens’t care about winning anything all he cares about is the money he is getting and making for the blood sucker yanks owner. This man has earned close to 60 million and saved the owner close to 200 million in transfer since the last time we won a trophy. Do you think TT, Paddy, Fab, Nasri, RVP who works with him day in day out didn’t see where this crazy man was going with the them before they asked to leave? They all saw it coming, they saw the… Read more »

chocolate legs

I think it is hard to say what wengers focus is at present, and how much control he actually has, and that he should be given the shitcan. with out doubt he is a good manager…… 20 on our planet? To be honest im not too sure he is gunning for a new contract, right now we’re not the coziest job as we the supporters have be rattled, some have made it necessarily obvious. From wengers a personal point, how long a losing streak can you aim for. He will find another job, which pays well, maybe upstairs at arsenal,… Read more »


DD was pushed out cost he was not in support of their dat is playing now of not wanting to spend. Dats d club decision nt wenger. If usmanof was to be less richer Dan Kroenke same way he would have been push out. Wenger can criticize the club as u tink. The only to do is to quit bt he believe things would change. Arsenal need DD and Usmanof


Just follow the Kroenke angle. Any franchise he touches he destroys and the rarely even ciompete. NFL St. Louis Cards, a ptitful joke for a long time. NHL Avalanche- they won a bit he refused to pay and stay competitive (that sound familiar?), NBA- Nuggets- ugh, trades away anyone that needs to get paid. The man is toxic and cheap.


People go on about Wenger too much, in the process laying blame where little to none is needed. I think Kroenke is the real problem, typical business man from the states, he probably thinks Arsenal is a real estate where profits are all that mattet. He is clearly not a fan, thus he would have known what we are going through. That’s why Abramovich, he’s a billiinare much like Kroenke so you’d think he’d just be away somewhere making money as long as the profits come through but no he is also concerned about the team, the players needed and… Read more »


What are the odds Arsene has equity in the club?


Something is going on at board level that the fans are not aware of. a power struggle of some sort. Arsene knows he needs more players. there is no way he would want to start the season with a threadbare squad.


Agree 100% Kroenke is a greedy dawg who already has billions through marriage (Walmart heiress as his wife).


Why do people ‘thumb down’ some of these comments when they are so spot on? Sp*rs trolls?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They are spot on to two thirds of the fans here, and a load of old bollocks to the other third. It’s a scientifically established fact that I am always right, so that proves Wenger is not at the bottom of all that is wrong with the club and that two thirds of Arsenal fans are talking a load of old bollocks. I have scientifically observed it by noting that two thirds of the thumbs are not the ones I chose, and so were pressed by foaming-mouthed crazy people who actually believe they know what goes on behind closed doors… Read more »


I stopped reading when you claimed it’s scientifically established that you are always right.


Walked into that one then, didn’t I?


There is only “one language,” That
Kronke, the board and Wenger understands…MONEY! These parasites are systematically destroying our club in the name of GREED! There is no more time for “DIPLOMACY,” exigent
circumstances are required to force the board & Kronke Out!!! The
only way is to, DEMONSTRATE & if
no action is taken, then BOYCOTT games. When revenue from “match day” begins to hurt them financially, they will realize, it’s us, the fans, who can “make or break” them…Dein and
Usmanov IN!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Usmanov got in charge of Arsenal he would buy Suarez and then the two of them would eat Kieran Gibbs.


Agreed. that’s every bit of reasonable I was looking for.


out of curiosity, why Kieran?


hmm…sounds like a football zombie movie script..


She should shut the f*** up. Kroenke and his teams are the epitome of mediocrity and it would have taken all of 5 minutes to figure this out. Making money, not winning silverware, is his only objective!


WHo gives a flying fuck what this toff bint has to say. She inherits her shares, then flogs them off at a massive profit when she gets the chance. She knows absolute jack-a-nory about football, and lives in cloud cuckoo land with her silver spoon nestling in her rotten limey teeth.

Silence required.


Kroenke is a vermin, just look at the other teams he own.


George Karl was fired by the Denver Nuggets (After winning the Coach of the year!), and he was doing arguably exactly what Arsene has done for Arsenal . . . taking young, cheap talents and yielding above-average results with absolutely 0 titles to show for it. But I would be surprised if he actually gives a sh*t about Arsenal as much as his American franchises.
[Bonus little funny quote by Karl after his firing (and he talks a little about stan, too): “I think I should tell you. . . I think it’s very stupid”


well denver nuggets is not really a big franchise so you cant really compare to us. ine last few years their record is actually amazing (that make even more shocking the sacking of George Karl) , even more as some of their star have left for Bigger franchise .They are more like everton than arsenal


Karl is a legend in the NBA. He also had a much publicized bout with cancer and then continued. He deserved much, much better. Classless Kroenke.

chocolate legs

American sports leagues are entirely different in the every sense. There are no repercussions for doing shit (no relegation), you still make your $$, players are held to contracts, salary caps exist and you can move franchises!!! not to be rude, but a seeing eye dog could manage a season if you wanted to save some money or reduce some influence. In soccccer stability is a huge factor when its comes to moula. and we’re becoming very predictable…hmm. Its more difficult for a franchise to go belly up than an independent store…..? he will make some good coin off us… Read more »


The Nugs fired a very good GM (that’s who runs franchises in the USA) and put his son in. DOPE!

The fool of a Took

It´s a shame that we had to choose between the two evils in the first place..

Either go with the cliche American business man who´s only in it for the money or the Russian villain (look at him!) who will turn AFC into his personal toy.

Fuck, this whole thing is really bringing me down..

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Usamanov may be fat but he’s no villain. If you read his comments about Arsenal he seems geniunely concerned about the well-being and happiness of the team’s supporters.

You can’t cast Usamanov in the same light as Abromovich just because they’re both Russian. Christ, at least Usamanov shares his opinion about the team. Abromovich hadn’t even once commented about Chelsea publicly during 10 years of ownership until recently.

Midfield Corporal

I think when people refer to Usmanov as a ‘Villain’ it is meant literally, the guy would appear to have a very unsavoury history, most notably it is alleged he boiled one of his enemies alive. Might be a load of pony but I’m not convinced he’s the right man. Anyway if he really wanted to buy the club then shut up and make an offer, he could buy Kronke ten times over.

Anyway I’ve just listened to Stewart Robson on Talkshite and found myself agreeing….think I need to lie down.

A Yank

A) If that’s true (the boiling a guy alive) that’s beyond awful.

B) On the other hand, the club could use that kind of ruthlessness.

These two statement explain sports fandom.


People who care to offer populist rhetoric in times of distress with absolutely no specific suggestions towards betterment are not just villains, they are a disease.


Actually Usamanov has only ever been respectful when speaking about the club. It’s the current board that have been totally dis-respectful when talking about him and have coloured him as some kind of evil man, when in fact if he came in, we would win things, simples.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, he always makes his statements in polite language, but they always come at moments guaranteed to cause the current board embarrassment. He is sniping at them from the sidelines. He’s been told no but he won’t give up. If a football club could have a stalker he’d be it. Anyway, how do you reckon we would win things? FFP will kill any spending he might do before he even gets started, and he would still have to compete with Man City and Chelsea, who have equally good financial backing. I would be ashamed of us getting trophies by simply… Read more »


I’m horrified at the prospect of Usmanov joining the board. He’s a criminal. Although I’m sure Stan didn’t get his billions by playing nice. Two crooked billionaires arguing may be better for the club than one silently dictating.


Stan made it the old fashioned way, he married his billions (Walmart).


Nina Bracewell and Dien , you have taken the money and ran , don’t come out with this shit now ,
biggest fuck going is David Dien , you sold Arsene down the river , you greedy bastard .

El Blondo

Exactly my thoughts and Dein keep your vermin son away from N5.

Loop A Hole

Didn’t Dein actually leave because of the disagreement with the board about the way the club should move forward?


No not at all , Dein sold all hes shares to that Russian cunt , what he should have done is sold only half of the shares so you have him and the Russian together fighting for Arsene and Arsenals corner instead the fucking greedy prick takes all the money and fucks off .
Trying to be the big man and takes over the England bid for the world cup and what fucks that up too.

Midfield Corporal

Hardeep, you really need to get your facts right before preaching them as gospel. Dein was sacked from the board because he wasn’t in favour of the stadium move as it was going to negatively impact the playing side of the club. He realised that billionaire owners was the way forward so started looking for one without boardroom approval. The manor in which Dein was escorted off the premises of the club he effectively created (The Wenger Arsenal) was shameful. Left with no power and £60m worth of shares he sold them to someone he thought had the financial muscle… Read more »


You are going public David , That is you isn’t David dein, midfield corporal, talking shit . David is a greedy prick end of story . He left hes mate taken all the shit .
so called best mate and neighbour .

Midfield Corporal

Jesus mate grow up, I assume you’d keep a £60m investment where you have no power at the club? As for leaving his mate in the lurch, Arsene gets very well paid. Try researching what actually happened instead of throwing insults, you might actually learn something.


David dein please shut your greedy gob , i have had enough of your bollocks trying to be the good guy , you are a sell out .

Who The F**k are Sp*rs?

Hahah Hardeep, you’re as batshit-crazy as Arsene. Wait, are you Arsene? Quick test: You have £80m to spend. Do you: A) Improve the squad where it is needed while bringing in a couple of marque signings? or B) Sell a squads worth of players to add even more money then buy absolutely no-one, blame the press when we inevitably lose our first game as they “foretold it” so it must happen and then blame the fans for bringing the players down when they are booing you and the lackeys that stroke your ego? If you answer B then fuck off… Read more »


Fuck me , i m surrounded by David deins . i bet your all the pricks that love the great theo theo theo fucking cunt walcott , the most lazy bastard player ever.

Who The F**k are Sp*rs?

Great job, Hardeep. Now why don’t you wait play with this piece of string and wait here for the nice men in the white van. They’ve got a new jacket for you, isn’t that nice?


Seriously. She sold out willingly.


I bet the 100 odd million will help with her conscience though.
Who woudnt take that kind of money in all honesty.
Only the fans can get rid of the shit that is ruining our club. Have no idea how but it has to start somewhere or somehow. This just can’t go on like this.

Naija Gunner

That can only be achieved by not going to watch anything at the emirates and not buying anything from the Arsenal stores.

That will scare Kronke and his greedy bastards crew.


I haven’t been for the last 2 years, & refuse to buy anything from them.

All i have done is renew my silver membership…..& I’m just waiting for them to say that you will have to go to something like 5 games a season to retain it in the future & force you to go.

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, as a unit the fans need to boycott the next home game, short term pain for long term gain.


you dont sound like you go to games….

preaching others to sabotage us then?


Never mind dear I am sure the 120 mill is some small solace.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing, she should just keep her mouth closed really, it was her and Dein who sold us at the end of the day.


Always knew that an American would never do anything good except bring our club down. Fears have been confirmed. I can see dark times at our beloved Arsenal


As Hagrid said, just look at the Avalanche or the Rams. Total disaster. And I’m sure we can expect the same. Nothing indicates we’ll be different, nothing at all.


That’s xenophobic and unnecessary. There’s nothing conceptually wrong with “an” American owning Arsenal. *This* American is to blame, and to single out his nationality is counterproductive because it glosses over dozens of far more legitimate points.


Oh, the usual xenophobic defence. PC’s gone mad.


I think your a dumbass Pellengeer, how is that for PC


Bucks, you’re a god damn top notch individual



are you really that thick? I guess, the answer is a big fucking yes. I’m fed up with people who’s always ending up with this racist/xenophobic shit. Internet-warrior, always loud when it comes to internet but when we met face to face you were a silent shitbag, don’t you remember? And I don’t mean it as a personal insult.


Don’t be silly. Every country has it’s characteristics. West Indians can sprint. East Africans do long distance. Italians do fashions. Americans are dirty, filthy, money-grabbing… Not each and every one, of course, but we are talking about over-all characteristics. End of.


not as funny as arsenal fans calling Arsene Wenger incompetent


so someone in India has less right to dislike Americans as someone in London? I’m American and I dislike the vast majority of Americans in control of large organizations, we don’t seem to have many original, unique billionaires (like Russel Branson).


the owners are saying the money there but wenger taken to long to spend! Arsenal have missed out on 2 players already I think wenger is like a dinosaur I think the whole club needs a change from owners to manager.

The fool of a Took

That´s a thumb down for poor grammar.

Dark Stein

Wot pour Grammer?…


You spelt ‘wot’ wrong and ‘ pour ‘ ……..oh and ‘Grammer’ doesn’t look write, I fink.

Pete Spencer

a bit late….I hope she doesn’t own any horses….just shutting the stables now dear…dozy mare


Usmanov can do a better job than Karaoke sorry I meant kroenke


We don’t need a billionaire to money launder through Arsenal. We can afford to spend sufficient in order to compete without Usmanov. A fresh manager like Klopp or Pellegrini (we should have got him) could have made wonders with <70m, which is a totally realistic amount with our current financial position.


Blah blah blah…with this board, every manager is fucked. I want Klopp but he has no chance with this shower of shite called Law-Gazidis-Kroenke and co.

Anyway, I will never forgive Wenger vetoing Paul Donovan.


Wenger vetoing Paul Donovan.

Why he do that?


People don’t really know what an owner does in modern business, though. They are shareholders, yes, Kroenke is the majority shareholder, but he isn’t the one who is running the club on a day-by-day basis. It is the CEO, who makes the operative decisions. Kroenke hasn’t taken money out of the club in any way, and that is all we should expect, unless you want a Russian or Arabian billionaire to buy us as his toy. His biggest fault is letting Wenger have the power, but then what would you do, if you arrived at a foreign team which has… Read more »


I am AMAZED people actually believe that Gazidis and Kroenke profit from having 160m cash in reserves. 1. Kroenke himself knows that cash is best used to buy investments, he bought our club afterall. He is a businessman, he is aware that a business only has cash reserves to maintain the regular and unexpected cash outflows. He hasn’t taken out from the cash reserves so that is out of question. To assume that he’d rather drop out of the CL that provides so much profit for the club, just to keep some cash reserves is assuming he is dumb. I… Read more »


I’m glad you posted this. . . The Gazidis hate seems a bit misplaced, he came out at the beginning of the summer and put the onus on the manager to buy the players. I don’t see it as some lie to get people to renew seats, but as a way to get the fans off his back (“Gazidis what the f ck do you do”) and wash his hands of the situation. He’s not a sporting director. He makes money for the club, and footballing is on Wenger

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

True, Kroenke hasn’t taken a penny out of the club yet. But to financiers it’s all about the ‘exit price’. During his ownership he wants to increase the value of the club, then flog it to the Arabs or Russians and quadruple his money. Kroenke’s ‘plan’ was all about the Emirates Stadium. Obviously I club with a 60,000 seater stadium is worth much more than another club with only 38,000 seats (Spuds). Whist the Emirates Stadium was a great idea, an owner in it for the ‘long-term’ would have been happy to pay back the 20-year mortgage in, well, 20… Read more »

Arsene's stylist

You’re forgetting one little detail: Kroenke doesn’t only own foreign sports clubs. He owns US sports franchises, and his business philosophy, and the “on-pitch”results of that for The Rams and Avalanche are there for everyone to see.


You can’t compare American sports leagues to football leagues around the world. Every major league in America has a salary cap, and in the case of the NFL and NHL, they are hard caps (I think the NBA has a soft cap, but I’m not sure as I’m not a fan). Anyway, you can spend, but you have to spend extremely wisely or you’ll risk being up against the cap with an overpaid and aging team. The franchises that do it well and have sustained success are in a very small minority.


Ok, then it’s a good thing Kroenke doesn’t run the club at every level. Or really any level. You can compare them, just not directly. He ‘runs’ Arsenal in the same hands off manner that he runs his American franchises. He prefers experienced coaching (Jeff Fisher) and never talks to the press. Lot of frustration that he isn’t in the press reaming out Wenger and flying to London to personally sign us some world beaters. That ain’t happenin.


Can’t disagree with that, Alex.

BTW, I just did a quick check. The Rams are up against it cap wise, but they’re also considered a team on the rise (though in a tough division). The Avs are ~10million under the cap. I’m not sure if Josh (Stan’s son) or Stan signs the checks there. Stan has to be completely out of their ownership (as well as the Nuggets) by 2014 based on the completion of his acquisition of the Rams a few years back.


I posted about all of his franchises way down the board, but the Rapids are 2nd in the MLS right now. I didn’t look to closely at financials, because typically in the NFL every team is at the cap. As for the Nuggets they were quite surprisingly good last year. And his son sounds like a bit of a prick, but he fired one of my favorite coaches (George Karl) and that’s enough for me to hate him. Long story short, I sincerely doubt that our lack of signings is on Gazidis or Kroenke. But what the hell do I… Read more »


Gotcha. Agreed on the blame game. Cheers.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I suspect Wenger has been aiming too high, as a response to Gazidis telling the world we can buy the best. He was wrong. Money alone does not secure the best players. They want certainty of success, or as near as they can get that. The top players decide where they play, and they do not choose Arsenal because we fail on both counts. We do not have bottomless pockets and we are not nearly as likely to accumulate trophies as the richest teams are. Wenger should have been targetting the same players that Spurs have been targetting. Not necessarily… Read more »


I’ve posted this earlier, but just wanted to get if off my chest again. Now we are all agreeing with Stuart ‘I Effing Hate Arsenal’ Robson, the filthy knob.


Ah but having large cash in the bank and decreasing debt makes it easier to sell your business and pocket the profit (The money you used to buy the business and the money you get from selling the business).


What you know is only a fraction of things and most of it are false, in other word you are wrong.


At least she has £120 million in the bank to soften the blow


Fuck David Dein. If he wants back in now then it is just because he fancies another big piece of the golden goose that is Arsenal.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Trouble is, even if he is Wenger’s mate still, you can’t get a Dein without also getting his fat, ugly Siamese twin.


shambles! As for this mornings blog, I’ll just add that is was not Saturday that did the damage, the fuse was lit at the beginning of June when nobody was arriving and was burning towards this moment. All Saturday did was to expose Wengers incompetence. If the club had invested and we had still lost under what were admittedly harsh circumstances, fans would be a lot more understanding. the injuries are mind boggling but everyone knew the squad is paper thin what, exactly, are those cash reserves for anyway? and I suggest those of you praising Wenger after his corporate… Read more »


All stems back to board disagreeing and giving AW absolute power. She was complicit in that like it or not. I’ve heard Usmanov wears an arsenal kit when lounging at home which I only half believe bit I’d roll the dice with him some sort of decent half decent CEO and Henry as manager over the shit we have now. Stan takes blankets to watch games. End of.

Jimmy Brain's brain

Wny would a Man Ure fan wear Arsenal kit??


I hope it’s a bad dream!! But I hoped this last season also 🙁


It says a lot about how much Kroenke doesn’t give a shit the fact he says nothing. The club is falling apart beneath him but as long as that money is still there he’s happy. People warned us before he took over that this is what would happen, that he had previous with his other teams. I hope there’s a way out of this, but I can’t see it



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t be melodramatic. It’s not falling apart, it’s just not winning trophies. If that was falling apart then there would only be three or four teams in England now. We can lose games, even get relegated, and we will still not fall apart. All we are doing is having another year where winning a trophy may not happen. If that is what you call falling apart then you have a funny idea of what football clubs are really like.

Arsene's stylist

Danny Fiszman’s death was a turning point in Arsenal’s recent history. A disastrous one.

I don’t know what else to say.

MJ the goon

Nina is a he!! Shocker!

Oz gooner

Join the club, Nina You’re not the only one who regrets it by a long shot. Now we’re stuck with the Yank, and worse we’re stuck with Wenger, because Kronke will never force him out while he’s turning a profit. We can only hope Wenger does the honourable thing and resign. That would be a fine thing. I wholeheartedly agree with Blogs in his morning report where he says he feels sorry for the players. They so obviously knew we needed to strengthen the squad. This mess is not their fault. It’s Wenger’s fault. Blogs says when things get feral… Read more »




Wenger names the players he wants. ..gazidis buys them……end of. It is not working so change it.


Needs to be some kind of protest. Don’t know when though. Wait till Sept 2nd and see how it is then. It’ll be either ok or disasterous by then. But, things will be clearer by then. I’m not hopeful.


Kroenke’s other major clubs have all gone stale too. It’s ridiculous. I can’t blame anyone for cashing in on their shares, especially if they are worth MILLIONS of pounds. I know David Dein made a couple of mistakes and isn’t perfect, but he is the only solution I can see to our boardroom situation. Fuck Usmanov though. He’s a criminal. But we should definitely let Dein represent Usmanov, and let him be on the board. Patience has been getting thin since 2010-11. It’s sad it has come to this. Our current squad deserves better management, the fans deserve an explanation,… Read more »


You can’t have it two ways. It’s either Dein+Usmanov or nobody.

joey sixpack

We the fans are tired of being taken for mugs. In which psychotropic universe does a club lose a third of its players and not replace them before the start of the season? In addition, the said club openly flaunts that it has a ‘war chest’ and even when faced with numerous injuries still doesn’t strengthen! I swear even a blind dog can manage this club better! The problems are so obvious but it seems our manager and management are completely and utterly delusional.


In these days everyone has an opinion, you see, we’ve moved from a rational society to an emotional/opinion-based society. How dare you question Wenger when he has been doing this for 20 years. The fans should know their place.

The market just lacks a little bit of the movement.

None of this would have happened if the you fans had not said it would, see, you get what you asked for.




Seriously??? I was spoofing Wenger and if you read enough Wengerisms you might have understood.

I Agree with Joey


No no, I’ve read the Wengerisms, but you aped some of the high-horse brigade so well that I did wonder for a second if you were being serious. My compliments, sir!


Looking back on it use of the definite article before ‘movement’ probably should have been a black flag… Boy, do I feel stoopid.

Joey Sixpack

I have the right to an opinion and my opinion whether emotionally based or not is that Arsenal FC is being badly run at the moment.


your opinion could be wrong though…..or will your ego not accept that possibility?


hunter what is your opinion? that everything is peachy and wenger still knows best and we don’t need new players and your not fat at all, just big boned?


my opinion is that the arsenal fans are a bunch of muppets who dont know how to appreciate people who have done great things for their club.

also in my opinion the english media bloggers and fans are TOO SMALL in credentials and football culture to pass judgement on anything wenger does.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Everybody fighting to be right. There is no black and white. No right and wrong. Transfers are a lotto. Running a football club is a gamble. Judgement without all the facts is stupid, and people who believe they can judge without the facts, or base their judgement on information gained from newspapers and the internet are fuckwits. 99% of us on here are fuckwits, and 100% of us would kill Arsenal through ignorance if we were running it. These arguments are all ultimately pointless as we have no say in what Arsenal do, and if 40,000 of us refuse to… Read more »


Damn Right I have an opinion, I bought the jerseys/mugs/scarves etc. I watched the games, (admittedly I dodged the season ticket bullet by living in Dublin) my point being everyone who supports this club is entitled to speak their mind. How dare we question him? Do you have a couple of hours? Do you think we’re functional right now? Competitive?Not in trouble? Not a fucking laughing stock!? I’ve scrolled through a few terrible comments on this site before but the sheer arrogance of your one has made me the most angry. Get your head out of the sand.


Just realised what I wrote.I’m so depressed I see buying my own beloved clubs season ticket as a bullet…fuck this shit.

Aussie Jack

Pointing the bone ( if you`ll excuse the Aborigine saying) is difficult when we don`t know what goes on behind the scenes, we need a fly on the wall. I would suggest we bug Wenger`s bedroom and evesdrop on his pillow talk but he probably doesn`t even tell his wife. Only kidding Arsene.

Eric Blair

Haha, maybe the NSA will share the info they have! You’re right, the reality is that we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes or who exactly is responsible. This railing against Wenger/Gazidis/Law/Kroenke is pretty pointless until we know the facts.

It’s possible it’s Wenger being stubborn and trying to prove he can win without money, but it’s also just as possible that Kroenke’s son has run up huge gambling debts with the mafia and the money in Arsenal’s bank account is the guarantee that ensures he keeps his kneecaps. Who knows eh?


We need some kind of director of football. Gazidis is a business man, and probably a pretty good one. He does sponsorship deals and all that sort. He is not really a football man. Wenger gets the last word, but he can’t be expected to be jetting off to cities to conclude deals, especially when we are in Asia. He has the team to look after. Look at the 2 clubs that have done the best work in the market and done it all early; Spurs and Man City. They both have football men doing all the deals; Baldini and… Read more »


Yeah, sure. We need another line of management. No, thanks.
What we need is a new board and a new manager. But it’s unrealistic so we have to watch our beautiful club dying instead.

And if you think the word dying is an exaggeration, well, look at all the clubs owned by Kroenke.


You were too lazy to actually look up how his teams are doing, so I did it for you. -Colorado Rapids: 2nd (Tie) most points in the MLS. trail the leaders by 2 points. -Denver Nuggets: 57 wins, 3rd place in the highly competitive Western Conference. first round playoff exit, resulting in Coach of the Year George Karl’s firing. You read that correctly. -Colorado Avalanche. Worst team in the NHL. By a MILE. Fired their head coach. – St. Louis Rams: Rebuilding the franchise, had a strong draft and have an experienced head coach in Jeff Fisher. Were pretty terrible… Read more »

A Yank

The Rapids have a game or two in hand on everyone else in the league as of this morning. So, it’s possible that, given the results of those game, the Rapids could fall as many as 8 spots (unlikely as there are so many teams bunched around the 38/39 point mark that some of them are probably playing each other and can’t both get full points). Anyway, point being, this says more about MLS and how it’s puny salary cap keeps teams fairly competitive than it does about the Rapids. They are an historically average to below-average team. They do… Read more »


I agree. For all of David Dein’s faults that he may or may not had, he was a proper director of football, even before the term become popular in the UK, as much as a businessman in the way he managed the club. He had great links and contact with other clubs in England and across Europe. He understood the workings of the game and what needed to be done and how to go about completing it. Gazidis been better at sealing commercial partnerships and money making tours but just doesn’t convince on the football side of things. Not sure… Read more »


I hate to admit it. But from the state we find our club in, the Dutch Skunk seems to have been right. He is still a cunt for leaving us for the manure scum but at this moment in time it seems to have been justified. I know a lot of you wont agree with me. I still hate the guy dont get me wrong, but maybe not as much as I used to. I m not going to hold my breath about any transfers which we may(who am i kidding?!) conduct. Stay strong Gunners!


The Dutch Skunk was totally right. As was Cashley. Can’t blame them at all. Very sad, but true.


Oh, so losing to Aston Villa means RvP isn’t a cunt? Everybody on here has gone completely nuts.

glory hunter

@ shitbird:

When you consider whats happening, i dont blame him at all for leaving. He did what was right for his career.
He knew more than we did, and realized there was no ambition.


Oh he’s still a cunt alright. But he’s a cunt who has turned out to be right in what he said about where our club is heading. He must be laughing his fucking arse off at us now.


I don’t know about Cashley. He went for the money and it was way before Silent Stan took over. Cunts like him and Na$ri dont deserve any leeway what ever they win.

Oz gooner


RvP asked Wenger if he was serious about winning trophies. He obviously didn’t like the answer he got, and walked.

Like I have said, the best players leave BECAUSE of Wenger


ICEMAN oddly enough I was going to mail and say exactly what you’ve just stated. This guy looked into the future and saw through this non action double act of Gaz & Weng and said to himself i’m near the end of my career and i’m never going to win bugger all with these 2 in charge of bringing in new talent I like many others hated him and couldn’t understand him joining the serial winners at the time, but he knew what was coming, so now i’m thinking who can blame him? and my dislike has also cooled (… Read more »


None taken Goona. At the time we all were very much in the Wenger and the board wagon. And It was easy to see why. In one corner we had the man who delivered us a league title without losing a single match. On the other, a disgraced captain of our club who had spent close to 6 and a half years in the treatment room and only had a great 18 months of football under his belt. Things have deteriorated so much so that we are indeed doubting our manager and club at this moment of time.


We just lost ox again and this is what i get to read? I should be reading how we unveiled new signings… Fuck all this someone wake me up please!!!!


Maybe she could buy us a player with the money she made off of selling out? Self-serving twitter bullshit. Like Usmanov piping up last year. Saturday was a nightmare, a perfect storm, but really, everyone is getting a bit hysterical about it. Even ‘Blogs. Like in any match, things could have gone the other way… and I don’t see where in all of it Higuain would have made much of a difference. Do you really think Wenger is just sitting in his office admiring the cash balance, muttering to himself like King Lear? Don’t you think that trying to buy… Read more »


Maybe some of us are calling for Wenger’s head but I feel that most of us are feeling a sense of frustration (might be too light a word at this point) at how our summer panned out. And its not because of our annual summer departure of a key player.No. It was different this time. For the first time in years we had a summer in which we had no key departures. We had a group of players who were honest and hard working and committed to our cause. The frustration lies in the fact that Arsene didn’t see it… Read more »


We didn’t walk away from Suarez. Liverpool had a hissy fit. We probably should have known Liverpool would never sell to us, but if there had really been release clause they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.

I doubt Wenger will ever buy Pere Guardiola an ice cream again.


I should have made it clearer. By walking away I meant the Higuain deal. And it was incompetence which made us bid 40 million + 1 pounds for Suarez. Thinking it would activate a release clause.

Der Kanonier

This bird has flown! Btw, looks more like a hack!

Toby C

Kroenke has little or no say in the day to day runing of the club. It is Wenger who decides which players to buy and how much for. It seems he refuses to pay market rate, refuses to accept that the world of football has moved on. I think we all thought that this would be the season we took a giant step forward. And yet we have gone backwards. In fact taken a massive step backwards. If we made a couple of top. top quality signings every summer the team would just about stand still – ie compete on… Read more »

rj gooner

The buck stops with Wenger.

fair play to him for helping make us the most financially viable club in British football, but if he ain’t willing to spend them reserves then he may as well be running a bank.

I have ALWAYS been pro-Arsene but question marks have been over his head for far too long now. Even the A.S.T have come out and said he shouldn’t be offered a new contract.

I’m SICK and TIRED of making excuses.

Change something NOW!


Agreed. Arsenal has turned into a business first and a football club second. Balance sheets count more than trophies at the Emirates these days and if Wenger does have all the power at the club then the buck stops with him.


Arsenal has turned into a business first and a football club second.

ehhhmmmm football clubs are businesses …just saying

they are privately owned and pay vat and belong to shareholders

glory hunter

Its taken us a while but its obvious that the 1 we ridiculed and dismiss, is probably the only 1 that can save us from mediocrity.

Usamanov taking over is our only viable solution, sure he’ll consider Arsenal his plaything and it might mean we sack managers yearly like Chelsea but surely it cant be worse than what we currently have.