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Wilshere: Stick with us

Jack Wilshere has called on Arsenal fans to stick by the squad despite yesterday’s opening day horror show.

The Emirates crowd did their best to remain positive on a tense and tetchy afternoon (mostly aiming their vitriol at referee Anthony ‘Have I booked you yet? I have now’ Jones) but with Villa’s late third goal came a mass exodus and a furious venting of frustration directed predominantly at Arsene Wenger and his lack of transfer activity.

Speaking after the match, the England midfielder underlined that after a maniacally haphazard showing he and his teammates have to accept the voicing of dissatisfaction but called for solidarity for the year ahead.

“It is understandable,” the midfielder told “People pay their money and we have to put in a better performance in order to win games. We want to win trophies so the message is – stick with us, it is a long season.

“Villa are a tough team but we are not happy with our performance. We have to look at ourselves and pick ourselves up for the [Champions League] qualifier in the week.”

Analysing the defeat, Wilshere continued: “We felt good going into today and we started well but we dropped the level when we should have maintained it.

“Still, it is a long season and we will have to go again now.”

While Wilshere’s comments are coated in a light smearing of optimism, Arsene Wenger’s post-game analysis has bitterness written all over it.

Directing his ire at the mouth-frothing journalists who’d had their headlines written for them by the Gunners self-destruction, the boss stated:

“You got what you wanted, you should be happy. Before the start of the season that was all you write in the papers so what do you expect?

“Could we have won the game with the players we had on the pitch? I say yes.

“If we don’t spend the money, it is because we don’t find the players. I am not the only one to work on that, we are a team that works on that and we are ready to buy the players if we find the players good enough for us.

“My job is to make the fans happy, but we haven’t lost a game because of that [not spending].

“We take our work seriously and we analyse every player in the world and spend 24 hours a day doing that.

“We are ready to spend, but until we buy players we have to win football games and it is not an excuse not to win the game today.”

There’s really not much more to add on yesterday’s events, it’s important that all concerned draw a line under it and get it out of their systems as soon as possible.

We fly to Turkey on Tuesday knowing a bad performance from what’s left of the squad could well do irretrievable damage to morale across the board. The knowledge of that should be enough to focus any minds that thought they could just coast their way to a win off the back of last year’s hard work.

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Gooner in Spain

I’ll always stick with you Jack.

It’s the lads upstairs we’re fed up with.


I think along with Jack, Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky deserve a lot of respect from the fans, they literally gave everything. Aaron was playing CB when the game finished for god sake..!

Loop A Hole

Still defending his actions with pretty unreal excuses .. Looking for players? Look at the clubs around you. Their philosophy’s not matching with ours? What we need every fucking one of them to have a injury record? AND come cheap?


What really killed me is my mate in hong kong saying this result was on the news, it was that bad.


Jack gave his all but he was poor yesterday, tactically he’s nowhere near where he needs to be.


Wenger the manager getting plenty of stick. What about Wenger the coach though? [nevertalkedabout]


I think he’s one of the best coaches in the world, however as a buyer he’s one of the worst.


I think he’s a world class coach – training, technical skills, player development a great manager (use to be worldclass but well overtaken)- spotting talent, manages players brilliantly, making teams, tactically certainlly not worldclass but his teams play the way he wants sadly, he is now a poor ‘director’ – and i think he has too much power. he needs an extremely firm hand to change, he is fixed in his old ways and i think his main problem is that he refuses to spend more than he sees is acceptable for a player, despite every other god damn club… Read more »


This site has been vehemently critical of this man and maybe this is twisting the knife in the wound, however…. Bring David Dein back. Every problem we have is symptomatic of a structural deficiency in our club – there is only one true “football”person, the rest of them are cold, calculating businessmen. As I see it, his sin was to try and bring a moneyman into the club in response to what he foresaw would become a trend in football, thus, shockingly placing us AHEAD of the curve instead of constantly playing catch up. If we want any minimal assurance… Read more »


Good analysis there brucey, Wenger’s still a shrewd coach, on the tactical front however he seems to have adopted one style and stuck to it. i’d love to see something new from him against teams that are much harder to break down…..


I agree with you. I truly think he sits there and goes? Why should i pay 30 million pounds for Fellaini when Jack Wilshire didn’t cost us a cent? I might as well just wait another year and we’ll have zelalam ready and sit on the cash!


I’m sorry but this is just not correct. Bear in mind Wenger: Failed to do much in the Champions League with the greatest ever side to grace the English game Has constantly failed to motivate the team out of slumps for years, including again the Invincibles after they lost to United. He has also failed in just about every high pressure semi-final or final since 2005. Players are constantly played out of position and thereby lose their effectiveness. The defence has been a bloody shambles for years. Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and all those wonderful kids he “didn’t want to kill” have… Read more »


“Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and all those wonderful kids he “didn’t want to kill” have just been sold off because he couldn’t develop them sufficiently.”

What are you talking about?


In general am with all our current bunch of players. But Wenger specifically, that’s another story. I cannot reconcile his desire to spend £40m+ on Suarez with our inability to keep RVP last season. Giving RVP another £100k a week is only an additional £5m and its quite obvious that we’ve had that in the war chest for a while. I used to be an AKB but after Bradford and Burnley, I felt we just must change. Wenger’s lack of tactical flexibility is a major issue – I cannot recall seeing Wenger change tactics mid game. Couldn’t Wenger see that… Read more »


I don’t think giving RVP another £100K per week could not have kept him. He could see from the inside what was happening and he has been proven right since. To think we called him every name under the sun. It pains me to say it but he was right


The players will have my complete support. They don’t pick or sign themselves. Wenger does and he won’t have my support. He’s gone too far down the road of delusion of grandeur and stubborn stupidity.


Ahhhhhhh Jack we will stick by you , Arsense has stuck by him and what has he done , fucking injury prone cant do 90mins at the age of 21 and what did he do on Saturday , shit balls and massive gaps , fucking shit. OX was the only one who tried , Walcott fuck off you cunt , where were you when we were down , you were no where to be seen ,u went missing,u are never going to step it up . Arsene chance the fucking team , get rid of most of them . Arron… Read more »

Diaby's ankles

Sorry for off top:

How serious Chambo’s injury is?


It doesn’t sound good mate. If you believe the news reports, we’d be lucky to get him back by christmas.

Diaby's ankles

As bad as it gets…You can hardly imagine worse start of season.


Jack, we will stick with you as long as you are Arsenal. And we will be with Arsenal long after Wenger, Gazidis and every other incompetent money grabbing bastard is gone


You have to worry what effect this will have on the team but if we get hammered mid week then I dread what will happen next weekend. Every bad decision Wenger makes over the next few weeks will be met with a barrage of boos and screams of YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING so lots to look forward to over the next week or so.


Could we have won the game with the players who started? Yes.
Would we have been more likely to win if we had made some investment to add quality to the first 11 and bench? Absofuckinglutely.


Wenger out . Sorry Jack


There’s something comforting about Jack’s optimism. Him, I trust.

It’s sad – but for the first time since I started supporting this club, I don’t trust our manager. In fact, I struggle to believe in a word Wenger says these days.



Can I just ask, what about what Jack said makes you trust him? He is a player for Arsenal, and the club knows he’s probably the most immune (wrongly so in my opinion) to fan criticism, so they chose him to give the post match interview knowing that response would be most positive towards him in comparison to any other player in the squad. Not getting on Jack, because I do like and rate him, just saying I don’t think its a coincidence he’s giving post match platitudes after yesterday’s disaster. And that kind of pisses me off.


Absolutely spot on. Everyone is just angry because we lost on the opening day. I highly doubt we would have reacted like this if it was pre mid season or smth. Get behind the team, they are the reason we love this club. 37 more games. And about arsene, i am sure he made mistakes in the transfer market this summer but who doesn’t? I am sure he will bring in quality signings because even a daft retard can tell our squad is paper thin. Forward! WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL WE DO. AND IN ARSENE WE TRUST.


Nice shot at writing the best sarcastic post.


Er, the worrying thing is ; I’m not sure he was being sarcastic !


He has a point, it is only 1 game in a very long season. Arsene still has week or two to find his magic hat and pull a rabbit from it. My only worry after that performance is not where we will end up this season, it’s if we will qualify for the Champions League. But, it was the same players who done the business in Munich 5 months ago, a team who went onto win that game, it will be the same lot who fly out to Turkey to take on Fenerbache.. Steve Bold needs to grab them all… Read more »


It’s not the same lot that beat Munich though. We don’t have Arteta. As we saw yesterday, that’s a HUGE blow to our squad. Also, Ramsey is supposedly playing on an ankle that still hasn’t recovered from a knock. I’m terrified for Wednesday.


jesus just park the bus against Fenerbache. . . give me a 0-0 draw, get healthy, get some fresh players and bend those turks over and top-hole the sh*t out of ’em at the emirates come the 2nd leg. But we’ll probably play 3 CAM’s in midfield AGAIN and concede at least 2. Because we don’t learn.


I’m still impressed with the players especially Jack Wilshere, but I’m pretty sure they’re as disappointed and bewildered at the atrocious summer we’ve had so far.


I have no doubt that the players care, some more so than others. But if you really think the players are as disappointed and hurt as we are you are as deluded as the manager


I don’t understand how you can be impressed with the players that lost yesterday. If they are so impressive they would have been on the pitch regardless of any signings and the result would pretty much be the same.


It’s not the players faults they got injured and there we had to bring on Santi who was knackered and play others out of position. It’s not the players fault that AR had to play as a CB. That’s because as this blog has been pointing out for months, we have no depth. That is not down to the players.


Wilshere was crap yesterday and yet everyone is propping him up as the shining light example, makes no sense. Yes he tries hard, that is why we love him but he is so tactically poor it makes it difficult to start him. He isnt disciplined enough to play in the double-pivot and he’s not better than Rosicky at the #10 role.

The ref sucked, we need more players absolutely but we should objectively look at the player’s performances on the pitch too.


If there’s one thing AFC players are good at then it’s talk. They’ll have you for a second, make you believe, make you loom forward to the next game and then fuck you over when that game comes. it’s mental torture for us fans really.


It’s more like mental raping. After yesterdays Game i just wanted to crawl in a dark corner and cry. I felt violated by AW and Gazidis. They’ve been lying to us about top top signings and like some naive scoolgirls we believed everything because we wanted it to be true so fucking bad. But yesterday we found ourselfs waking up with a fucking bleeding anus realising what idiots we have been AND IT HURTS LIKE HELL!! But whats most depressing is the fact that next jear propably the same thing will happen. And we find ourselfs with our panty’s down… Read more »


We need players that’s all! Spend you cheap skate mofo!!!!!!!!


We’ll always be with the players, but we’re the ones being let down by the manager and board for allowing him to do this to us.


“it is a long season”

This is what worries me the most.


I hate it already and wish for it too be over.


It is time for Wenger and the board to go. Kroenke as well. Arsenal needs to come out of the dinosaur era and bring in fresh blood by way of new players, new coach, new board, new owner. The squad that we have now are brilliant on and off the pitch, but they need reinforcements and they need those that run the club to provide them with some support and share the hunger to win trophies, because at the moment it looks as if the board has lost the desire. I will always be a proud Arsenal fan but I… Read more »


There seems to be a lot of talk about replacing Wenger and the board etc.. Leaving the board aside for a moment, i’m genuinely interested to see who people would want to replace the manager.


we will look for a top top top top top top top top top top top top quality manager, which ofcourse is better than Wenger. 😀




Which. Cannot. Happen. This. Season. (Its even a stretch for next season, mind)

So, with that in mind who should replace Wenger right now?


De Boer, Laudrup, Pochettino, Philip Cocu, Joachim Loew, that Serbian bloke at Nagoya Grampus…any of these guys would do just fine.


Joachim Loew Please! Let Arsene run down his contract, its too late now, we’re stuck with him for the season. But Joachim Loew is done with Nationals after this World Cup and will be looking for a new club with Klopp set to replace him as National manager. Loew is regarded as being someone responsible for the German revival and plays our style of young attacking football, but doesn’t shy away from the physical either. Since he is a National manager at the moment he will have time leading up to next season to bed in at the club. Joachim… Read more »


Make our Arseblog guy the manager. Atleast he would have bought us Higuin and Gustavo 🙂


I stick to the squad. They do not deserve this. But Wenger do.
I remember RvP said that the manager and board lacked ambition before he left last season. Thought it was silly then, now I couldn’t agree more.

Eric Blair

The absolutely galling realisation that the turncoat was right.


He’s still a cunt even if he’s right.

Gooner sickunt

Our problems lie with Wenger. As soon as Jack realises and a ‘big’ team comes in for him, he’ll be gone too. And please don’t say he’ll never leave us, because everyone does if they are any good.


Wrong. Dennis never left, but only because he was surrounded by other great players in an excellent and competitive side. If we do not give our great players other great players to play with they will go, just like RVP


I stand by with what I wrote yesterday, we have to stick with the guys on the field and show them our full support before and during the game.

Let us not add to the already tortuous environment and make it even more difficult for the eleven guys trying to keep their heads up and play for the club.

Everybody will have their own opinion on what’s wrong; how to resolve; who to sack/bring in etc, but come match days we need to be united and support the team on the pitch.


I agree but if we don’t make your voices heard at the games I dont think anyone at a managing position at the club would care how we feel. If eveything were cousy and cuddly at the grove Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis would never ever recognise the problem. Wengers comments shows hove detached he is from the supporters. If he knew how we felt he would never say things like: “You got what you wanted, you should be happy. Before the start the season that was all you write in the papers so what do you expect?” He just wouldn’t.… Read more »


I disagree. The fans aren’t booing these players (we have booed shit players in the past like Eboue, Gervinho, Arshavin and good riddance), they are booing Wenger. He created the bad atmosphere, not us.

It’d be great if the stadium were empty. That would send the clearest message. If money is all the board and Wenger care about it, deny them and see what happens.


I don’t think anyone is blaming the players. I’ve always been Arsenes biggest fan but he has made a right pigs testicle of the transfer window. Blogs likened it the other day to a weird art house project. Made me laugh. Arsenes press conferences now are like the time during the Iraq war when the propaganda minister Comical Ali insisted that no American invasion was happening and everything was perfectly normal while in the background you could hear the gunfire and see the fires burning.


Why is nobody blaming the players?

They’re the ones who were on the pitch yesterday, they were on the pitch when we went out to lower league teams… they need to take responsibility as much as Wenger, the board, and that bloody owner of ours.


The players don’t pick themselves do they!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

In a full squad every player has a need to fight for his place knowing that if he performs poorly then he will be dropped and replaced by somebody else. In a squad with only 18 fit players we have 11 starters and the rest on the bench. There is no incentive to run that extra yard faster or make that tackle when you’ve got a man behind you. In a team with a full competitive squad the players have to perform at their best level for the entire match. We have a squad only just big enough to fill… Read more »


The players are playing their best, but there’s not enough of them, they are being played out of position, they’re too young, and we don’t have superstars to bring them up. The Bulls without Jordan were average; one or two star players makes everyone much better than they are. These players are good. The shit worthless players we had and who were sabotaging us are almost all gone (Bendtner, Park, and possibly Diaby remain. It’s a bit harsh to blame Diaby for being so injured, but the fact remains we are paying him a lot of money and are getting… Read more »


No Jack I won’t stick with you until you and the rest of the over payed oafs in our squad up their game. You in particular
were awful yesterday. Stop giving the ball away in dangerous positions. That would be a start. It’s your job to give the fans something to cheer about and not dish up the kind of shit we witnessed yesterday. Pull your finger iut.


He’s just forcing things because he sees that we aren’t creating enough in the attacking end of things. He’s also forcing things because he’s anxious to return to the form he was in two years ago. Problem is the more he forces things, the more he loses the ball or is fouled, the more he gets frustrated. In a proper side with more quality, Jack could relax and let things come to him, but at moment he feels he has to play this way. Relax, Jack. We’re on your side. It’s your manager who has no backing.


Yeah, fuck him and his being out injured for basically two years but trying his hardest for the shirt. FUCK HIM


You give jack the right players beside him and tactics that aren’t basically patchwork because we don’t have the cover and you will see the best English player for a generation.

Keep perspective around the players, especially Jack because he will be here when Wenger has gone and hopefully with a manager that realises he needs to build a team around him.

Jack cares almost too much and if he was a headless chicken it’s because he feels he had to be.

Who put him in that position? Do I even need to say it???




Have big sympathy for d players. Wenger & Gazidi should accept responsibility for our farcical start to the season which we honestly brought upon ourselves. We are we gonna learn? Smh!


I’m terribly curious how you drop ‘farcical’ in a sentence but cant be arsed to replace ‘d’ with ‘the’


It’s posh text speak. The new generation.

mohammed geidam

srry jack,werger out is better.


“If we don’t spend the money, it is
because we don’t find the players. I
am not the only one to work on
that, we are a team that works on
that and we are ready to buy the
players if we find the players good
enough for us.”
A whole lot of BS. Other clubs don’t seem to have the same problems as us when it comes to signing players. How hard can it be to sign a player???


Spurs spent 59M on players, any one of them would improve our team.

utter bullshit


Having just watched Capoue in action, it makes absolutely no fucking sense why we weren’t in for him. Especially considering he went for peanuts.


Yeah Capoue is a beast and Soldado is a very tidy player. I was choking on my corn flakes this morning.

I think Wenger expects Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp with every striker signing. I’m sure he picked up Sanogo hoping that he would become a great one later on.

What you have to do is buy both decent but not spectacular strikers like Negredo/Soldado to ensure continuity AND gamble on young prospects in the hope of landing the next Bale or Messi. You can’t just buy kids and throw them to the wolves.


Yeah, sure. How about shut up? People were raving about Sissoko after his first match, since then he is utter dogshit.

Wenger should go, but not because he didn’t buy Capoue or Melzhinevsky.


Like Bloggs put it we’re the hipsters of the transfer market and I’m sure that’s exactly what Wenger had in mind when he picked up Sanogo on a free. “Oh look how amazing I am, unearthing crocked diamonds in the rough” Pfft so over his shit. What about Jovetic he’s young and wasn’t exactly exorbitantly priced at $26M. This entire situation is a fucking joke. Wake me up when the season is over and Wenger has handed in his resignation. Utter embarrassment.


Remember boy that to sign any player, we need agreements on 3 fronts. Buying club, selling club and the player. Now if you see the way I see it and the way Wenger sees it, most of the times seeling clubs want to sell their players at the price, which is way too high for Wenger. So you see, that their is disagreement betweem the buying club and the selling club.

The mechanism of Tranfer shit explained over and over again.

Yours Sincerely.


Wilshire stayed on the pitch for 5 mins clapping the fans who stayed for the whole game, he didnt play well yesterday but he gave 100%, thats what all the players should be doing, when we went 2-1 down half the team appeared to just give up.

I think when the ox came off it realy killed our attacking options, he was the only player
yesterday appart from rosicky who was driving and trying to create chances, we will miss him if hes out for as long as they say he will be.


Agreed, well said sir.


Wenger is like Clint Eastwood’s character from Million Dollar Baby. He’s happy to keep his players at the level they are and has no ambition to win and that’s why all our top players keep leaving.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he wants to win. He just wants to do it his way. I’d be happy for him to do it his way if only he would temper it slightly by getting in some competent players as squad members. For example, we don’t need a central defender better than Koscielny, we need a central defender with Premier League experience who is better than the hole in the ground that used to be Squillaci, or the hole beside it that used to be Djourou. In fact we should have kept Djourou until Christmas knowing we had a problem with Vermaelen. Arsene… Read more »




Lose to Fenerbahce and Fulham and our season is over!! Negative? You bet….


The cherry on the incompetent, blinkered, stubborn, arrogant manager cake will be losing to that lot down the road because we’ll only have about 7 fit players by then.


At this rate, Spurs are going to absolutely kill us. If we lose big against them, it’d be a worse result than 8-2 or yesterday. Could be the worst, most humiliating result in Arsenal’s history.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Our worst loss ever was 8-0. True, it happened in 1896, but I was sorry to hear we let that many in without reply when I first read about it, and the only reason I can live with it is because we hammered the bastards 12-0 four years later. I already have to live with the memory of the 8-2 loss against United, and as I am over 50 I only have a few years left during which we can get revenge by putting 9 or more goals past them. I think losing to Spurs by that margin would cut… Read more »


Given up trying to understand quite what the hell is going on now, honestly. As someone I was talking to yesterday on twitter after the game said, what’s left that can be said? That hasn’t already been said over and over and over… I don’t like this whole AKB/WOB business at all and don’t label myself as anything but an Arsenal fan – far too much extremism from both sides on that debate, either thinking Arsene is responsible for every disaster in the last 40 odd years or that he can walk on water, like most things the ‘truth’ is… Read more »


Jack is btw part of the problem in midfield, thinks no way anyone can disposses him off the ball. many turn overs come through jack. he needs to be more responsible.

in the epl, when you give away the ball away often results in a goal much like lead up to the second villa goal after Cazorla was dispossesed.

And I think Arsene was pointing to that. lack of signings had nothing to do with that, just pure recklessness.. The players on the pitch should have won comfortably.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They’re like an International team. No real sense of where eachother are on the pitch , and perhaps even the hint of a lack of trust. They don’t seem to have the ability to hold the ball AND look up to see where their teammates are. Fabregas had that in buckets, but Wilshire?, Rambo? I’m not so sure. Skills, yes, but vision? Arteta has vision, and that’s why we miss him so much. He is the only one who really sees what the game is doing rather than working to the plan of what Arsene Wenger said the game “should”… Read more »


i love how Jack sticks up for the club he loves. with him around its easy to remember why we all fell in love with the Arsenal


Is Jack Wilshere really that good?….isn’t he just better than Frimpong, Diaby and Ramsey? I thought he was really poor yesterday.


Don’t believe you said that ok maybe he didn’t have a great day yesterday but come on!!! Have you watched Jack in action EVER?


Don’t believe you said that ok maybe he didn’t have a great day yesterday but come on!!! Have you watched Jack in action EVER?


And I had to say it twice just so I could believe it!!


I agree completely, he looked great alongside Fabregas and Song and has shown glimpses of that form on occasion. But he is not an effective player at Arsenal anymore, maybe because the midfield is unbalanced without Arteta, or maybe because he is not as good as he thinks he is. I would love to be proved wrong but I doubt he will ever be “world class”, just another overhyped footballer with too many stupid tattoos. I know Wilshere is a fan and England favorite and I don’t expect any green thumbs, but try to watch him without the rose tinted… Read more »


The same was said about Ramsey. It took him almost two years to recover from his injury layoff and Jack will be the same. Of course the fans won’t give him that time, they can’t, they don’t know how to support their team.


I’d support him all the way, but I don’t think the manager should rely on players that are not performing on the basis that they should come good, we’ve been making that gamble for years, sometimes it has paid off (Ramsey, jury still out) other it has not, Diaby, Almunia, Denilsen, ect… Yeah, support the players, give them their chance, but cover your ass and get in players that perform now. Arsenal is a football club, not a support group for struggling players, even though it seems that way in recent years. the good thing about being long-term injured at… Read more »


So you mean that we should invest years after years in players like Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere. Sczczney etc. Only for them to grow up and leave the club. Well you forget that it’s AFC not Arsene youth development academy.

Problem is Wenger is more of a father figure to the players than a demanding coach or manager. Can you believe that we still stick and believe in Rosicky. I mean seriously.


If Jack had a strong DM like Capoue, Gustavo or Fellaini to feed him the ball and intimidate opponents and if hewere able to feed players like Higuain/Suarez/van Persie up top, I think you’d be singing a different tune. It’s the reason why I can’t stand pundits and fans giving props to Michael Carrick. He’s garbage, he does so little. If he didn’t play for Utd., you wouldn’t know who he was. If someone made a Carrick Youtube! compilation, it’d be five minutes of him shuffling around and passing the ball to someone 20 feet away from him. Replace Carrick… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That is exactly why players like Jack might be tempted to move on to a team who will surround them with players who will support their efforts. Sad but true.

Messi in Barcelona is fantastic. Messi in Southampton would be an unknown trier.


Neutral, if you want to describe Jack as ‘just another overhyped footballer with too many stupid tattoos’, please Fuck off somewhere else and do it. He is an absolutely top class player, when Stevie Gerrard talks about him winning 100 caps and captaining England, its because he understands the amazing quality he has. Next, he bleeds Arsenal….did it take him six months to re-sign his contract last year…no, it took a week. he tweeted, ‘hoping to sort out a new contract with MY club this week’ and it was done two days later. At a time where players and their… Read more »


He’s still coming back from long term injury.

Eric Blair

The attitude to Wilshere is incredible, he’s returning from a long term injury and hasn’t been helped by the club not investing in players in his position. He shouldn’t have started the game yesterday but had to, and always gives everything for the club.


we should give Wallnut to liverpool and get the fighter


I wonder why our fans do not start boycotting Emirates games. I am utterly irritated watching the games on TV, I’d have had an anger heart attack at the stadium.


Words on words. Perform, show the passion and the will and then we can talk.

He needs to sort his act out really, harness that passion because at the moment its extremely detrimental to himself and the team. He’s been shit for months now.


If your talking about Jack then maybe his injuries have had something to do with it.


If you Fail to prepare….prepare to fail.
That’s what we are mad at Jack, Arsene’s failure to prepare for the new season.


Wilfred Bony- !2million
Ricky van Wolfswinkel – 8.5 Million
Victor Wanyama- 12.5 Million

With all due respect to these players and the clubs that have bought them, it is clear that PRICES ACROSS THE BOARD HAVE INCREASED. Arsenal needs to up their game in the market. Having to pay 30million for a top player is now market rate.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

40 million


Well, to be sincere I love Mr Wenger and his philosophy but he jst need to talk to the squad to know how to adapt to pressure no matter how hard ur opponent u jst need to stand firm and be smart that’s what we lack yesterday…..Gonners for life.

squillaci is judas

this guy got it spot on for me


Apart from Usmanov who’s a Utd fan

squillaci is judas

Ive only ever heard that from the sun and seeing as I wouldn’t even wipe my arse after a post chilli con carne shit with that tabloid rag Ill believe he supports arsenal.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The bloke funds a Russian team. He supports a Russian team. Any fucker with billions of pounds can say he’s an Arsenal fan if he thinks the fans will get him a place on the board. He’s not somebody I would trust with my daughter, so why should I trust him with my club.


Wenga OUT
Fuck wenger
You go and tell your child that you can’t find players .
Everyone knows that you are trying to wind up minds by pretending as if you want to buy .
You stink anyway .


Wengers rhetoric on the media pisses me off… “You got what you wanted” Ffs the media is not wanting us to prosper, they not Arsenal supporters. It’s like a boxer announcing before a championship fight that he has enough money to enrol at the best gym. Then as the fight gets closer he doesn’t start training saying he has not found a top top top gym as yet. Even the guys in his entourage (the AFC players) tell him that he ought to get on with his training but to no avail. The general public being logical folk then start… Read more »


Best comment so far. Great illustration


Perfect analogy.


At last, a smile on my face. Thank you so very much.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Then, tired from his fight, but exhausted from his rant, he goes for a lie down and just as he falls asleep he feels a small penis slowly pushing it’s way into his……


I just brought French bread, spent more then wenger this summer!!!


Wilshere said himself the squad can win something. I also think I can. But right now in what is going to be a tough season, we need a replacement for a DM and a defender at the very least.

Toby C

It’s results like yesterday and being in a squad like this one that will mean we’ll struggle to hold on to players like Wilshere. Wenger, sadly, is talking bollocks – it’s not they can’t find the players to buy, it’s that they refuse to pay the market rate for them. I doubt we’d have lost yesterday if we’d had ashleigh williams and lars bender on the bench. Stop quibbling over a few million quid Arsenal and act like the big club we’re suposed to be!


I wonder if the “top top” players are waiting to see if we actually make it through to CL proper.

And if this was a reason for lack of “top top” signings, then it’s a mistake, as making no singings has left us weak and less likely to get past Fenerbache.

I love arsenal, but am disappointed and frustrated.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, it’s the five squad players we didn’t buy who will lose us a place in the Champions League and lose us the game against Fulham, not the lack of a Higuain or Suarez. I don’t even want to look as far ahead as the second qualifier or the worst-prepared North London Derby we’ve ever played. Humiliation piled on humiliation and topped off with years of taking shit from Spurs fans could soon be our fate. We got rid of 5 or 6 squad players. My left testicle is a better footballer than any of the gaps in the team… Read more »


Jack is a brilliant footballer and will develop to be one of the best. but he’s not really there yet. Brilliant only in flashes, needs to be more consistent and that seems to be the problem with almost every single player at Arsenal right now. CONSISTENCY! from theo to jack, poldi to Giroud, santi to Ramsey. vermaelen to mert.


I doubt there a more toxic environment at any other prem club than has been created at Arsenal. Sad part is that it is a self inflicted wound and totally avoidable. Our current predicament is eerily similar to on-goings at the Denver Broncos after Kroenke took over… From NFL champions to cannon fodder in under 5yrs…. Wenger reminds me of Bobby Robson – fantastic manager during his hey day but stayed in the game too long and stagnated. At least Robson had the foresight to sign Ronaldo ‘Mc Donaldo’ for Barca from PSG. Sorry for the incoherent post…. Don’t know… Read more »


Do you mean the St. Louis Rams? Pat Bowlen owns the Broncos.


You are correct sir… See what they have done to me….
i need a bottle of Balvenie or a dance through the valley of the deer to get some perspective.


I think am in support of the whole team, we played so well#guys if at all we were to win, we wouldn’t be getting such reactions today, yes we lost but we need to stand by them that’s what Arsenal is made of!! We may not have won that but we have up to 55games or more ahead of us, why is it that we only look at the present, let’s take up Jack’s call”stand by us” we have CL playoffs come Wednesday, they still need us, if we are to keep up such weakening talks, we are losing yet… Read more »


The only one who will thumbs up ur comment will be Arsene himself 😛


If we don’t make the Champions League, and at this rate we won’t, we will play far fewer than 55 games this season.

onwuachumba Anthony

Tired of Arsene but so blame on his official colleagues, are they not a shame me be they’re shameless.


“Villa are a tough team”…then we are certainly fucked, since they could have easily put 2-3 more past us. I guess that makes us a weak team. Wait until we play some real “tough” teams.


Arsenal’s style is predictable. They will often out pass the opposition but fail to win games. Why is this so ? It’s one pass too many compared to other teams. Wenger wants to play the Barcelona style with athousand passes made before a shot is made. I tell you what. Even if he were to get the high profile players and doesn’t tweak his tactics, Arsenal will still lose to the top 3 . These teams have pragmatic managers and will let the gunners have 98% possession without shots being made. All they have to do is hit on the… Read more »


I love Jack he has great passion for our club as some do not seem to,I still support wenger and do think we was unlucky yesterday but I do believe we should have bough in some signings by now but we have not and have no idea why I still believe we can have a good season lets get behind the team and put positive vibes out there and if we dont sign any quality the I do believe wenger and the board really wont know whats hit them but we still love our club but yes wengers time may… Read more »


What does it tell you when almost half the team have gone public about how much we need signings? They expect signings because they look at themselves and they realize that they cannot do this by themselves. Having an Arteta like figure in yesterdays game would have really helped. It was so obvious that Aston Villas Stoke-like game plan took the lads by surprise. You got Benteke and Agbonlahor throwing little Jack and Little Aaron all over the field. Who was there to stand up for them and hit back at the hulking beasts? Not only do we need signings… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We should by four vicious assassin-style hard men to put a stop to all this bullying that we suffer on the pitch.
We’d need four so that we’d always have one who wasn’t serving suspension for breaking an opponent. Four Peter Storey clones would do.

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