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Ignasi Miquel joins Leicester on loan

It’s been confirmed that Ignasi Miquel has joined Leicester City on loan, making him the 10th first team player to have left the club this summer.

The central defender will spend the season at the Filbert Street Walkers Bowl Arena, in what are likely to be shop window move for him. This is a chance for the Spaniard to gain experience through regular football, and perhaps catch the eye of a club which will take him a permanent basis.

Miquel joined Arsenal from Cornella, in Barcelona, and despite making 9 appearances in the 2011-12 season, featured just three times in the last campaign.

Foxes boss Nigel Pearson said, “Ignasi is a centre-back with lots of potential and he will give us another option in defence. He’s very enthusiastic and delighted to be here, which is a big part of taking players on loan for us.

“We’ll see how he is with regard to availability and whether he will be part of the squad for Sunday’s game against Leeds.”

Miquel’s contract expires next summer and there has been no suggestion that an extension is forthcoming.

Best of luck to him.

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We have to be buying back up.




As bad as the state of the squad is, can someone work out how many games did these culled players play for us last season?


not many, only Gervinho was involved more seriously and he was still backup, the core first team are still very much intact, but it is great that they have cleaned up, making space for the talented youngsters AND NEW SIGNINGS 😛


Ramsey for ’emergency left back’! Let’s win this title!!!


German Gunner

He should be next for the chop along with the rest of the dead-wood, very average player


Did you miss the second half of last season?

I will agree the first half was rather average,no help from us the fans, but Ramsey was a major change during our great run-in.

Ramsey has his self belief back, showed all the fans he can do it and i am hoping will keep improving on last seasons end performances.


He’s German.

White Russian

We’ll be fine, there’s obviously a plan in the works. Gustavo’s name is getting bandied about a lot right now, which would be perfect if true. And even if not, looking at Sanogo’s physique, pace and touch the other day, I think he’d be excellent defensive cover.


Is there a plan? I sincerely doubt that. Wengers hasn’t got a plan “B” and the Suarez deal is a fucking disaster. If we back out we will be (we probably are already) the laughingstock of the World and not one class player would want to join this the mess Wenger has created. If pay what Pool wants we flush 50-55 million down the drain which we could have used to significantly strengthene the team in the areas we need to strenghten.

Pride comes before the fall Wenger.


Yep I agree, assuming the club management hasn’t gone mad, we can see this as a sign that we’re about to add some defensive reinforcement.

I’d love Gustavo


Quote from the official site- “It’s hard because they buy good players of course, but it’s exciting and stimulating as well,” he said. “We have a different philosophy and it’s an interesting way for neutral people to see how we compare”

Well I think that wraps up the “philosophy” for the new season then


Could be totally wide of the mark and I hope I am, but has anyone put forward the theory that Arsene knows this is his last season and for that very reason will not bring in anyone


That doesn’t make any sense


And not bringing in anyone except a free transfer 90 days after the previous season has ended does make sense? It was just a theory I put forward because I just cannot understand or get my head around the fact that we have not used our best opportunity ever to get a jump in the transfer market on the 3 that finished above us who have changed their manager. Especially after Gazidis announced at the AGM that we would have our business done as quickly as possible. Thank you for actually having the good grace to answer my question though


People keep shouting about a ‘4th choice CB’. The best thing we could do is bring in another top quality CB to challenge Vermaelen and Mertesacker. Koscielny is our best centre back and in truth I think he needs a top quality CB to partner him. Mertesacker is only any use when the opposition with a massive forward with little pace, and Vermaelen has been all over the show for the last 2 seasons.


Mertesackers best quality is his positioning, something many defenders seem to lack in the EPL. Yes his pace is terrible, but that is why Koscienly is his best pairing.

Mert + Kos = Best pairing we have and honestly that pairing makes me feel very secure.


Mertesacker is a liability. His lack of pace and athleticism can cost the side a goal at any moment in a game. To be a great side, a side that can compete for titles, we need someone better. But Wenger is satisfied with “good enough” (as opposed to “great” or “best”) so he won’t be signing a class CB — or a class anything for that matter. Wenger out.


Seems like Germany is a better judge of Mertesacker than some of our fans. 90 caps for a top country is not a mean feat.


Germany view him as a player past his best. Matthaus said he wasn’t good enough anymore so…


I am now very worried and confused at all these clear-outs, if we don’t bring reinforcements we are fucked!!!


Now we have 7 players – Jenks, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs and Monreal – two of whom are already injured, to deal with ALL the games this season. I just don’t understand this, its like going vegetarian eating 2 meals a day the whole summer before the sumo wrestling season starts, and then maybe, just maybe, having a couple of panic-meals and steroid shots the final day before the season


Remaining professional footballers left at Arsenal…12??


I make it 17. The clean out continues and about bloody time. The horrendous Wenger experiment that failed us so badly is finally over. The mess is finally being cleaned up. Now we needs to add four top quality players to set the squad on the way to being a competitive unit again. It will take another two seasons to add the six or seven top quality players to make us truly competitive. But we are on the right track. Finally.


good luck babe


I always liked his hair


10 first team players have left and we have signed one (free transfer). Are we planning to takeover some football club (to replace all the first teamers who have left?????)…


Good Idea, I suggest we buy Liverpool.

A Yank

Nah, too many wife beaters and Phil Collins fans.

White Russian

Which first teamers? Djourou and Squillaci, who didn’t touch a ball last season? Miquel, who looked barely in his depth in the Carling Cup? Gervinho, Arshavin, Santos, who had become laughable excuses for the players we thought we’d signed?
I’m all for despondency if it’s merited, but in terms of actually clearing out the deadwood, this has a been a good summer. And complaining about ‘first teamers’ who left is disingenuous when this is the first summer for a while when the actual first 11 won’t be depleted at all.


Having Djourou, Gervinho, Coq, Mannone and Santos would actually strengthen our squad right now.

Mannone will hardly be missed and no one really has faith in Gerv or Santos but Djourou and Coq will be sorely missed if we don’t get some new signings. This club will need cover in midfield and defence.

Naija Gunner

Hahahahahah lmao!!! =D

Your are one funny dude mate, though our business this summer is terrible, I can’t comprehend and looks bloody risky(as in players are being sold and no replacements).

Only God knows what’s going on behind the scene at the Groove HQ! But it will be better if we can buy Liverpool. lol =D


This strikes a chord in me. The ‘meh’ chord. But what an amazing sponsor. Bow, ye minions, before King Power!


The meh chord typically consists of 3 notes, the indifferent note, a bit irrelevant note and the okay note. Sometimes you can add the expectations and Arsenal note to produce a suspended disappointment chord.


So we’ll be playing the Arsenal Ladies in the Prem this season? Or will there be an integrated squad?


That may actually be one of the better suggestions lol, if nothing else it would shut up anyone who starts with the old ‘ohh but there’s no winning mentality at Arsenal blah blah’ 😉


It would certainly shut up people who say Arsenal “don’t like it up them”

*Gets coat and runs really fast*

P.S. I sincerely apologize to our female audience, i know it’s inappropriate, but i trust you can take it a a joke and nothing more than that.


Dont worry ill fill in if needed. I can also play DM, RB, RW and CF which is good for the Arse as were running seriously low on players.


i can only hope this signifies a move lined up for another CB….if not we are going to be left desperately thin at the back


Sol Campbell’s currently a free agent i believe


Looking at our activities this transfer window it seems to more cash strapped than cash rich, albeit most of the outgoing is deadwood!

Enough with this clearing the deck, wish AW & team start ‘working hard’ bringing players in now!


At this rate people will long talk about the Great 2013 Arsenal Summer Clearout.


Relax, remember we’ve got so much gunpowder now and it’s all snug and dry waiting for next season…or maybe the season after


Current first team squad …

2 goalkeepers
5 fit defenders out of 7 for 4 back-four spots
5 fit mid-fielders plus Diaby, Frimpong and Miyaichi (The fit 5 include Rosicky and Wilshere both possible long-term-returnee-niggle-candidates.)
And a front line contingent of Giroud, Pod, Theo, and Ox, plus Sanogo, Park, Chamakh, and B52.

Worried? Me? Nah.


stay positive lol, barca had 18 outfielders and 2 goalies 2012/13. so its highly possible to go a season with such a ‘depleted’ rank. but then they are barca…. and the spanish league has a winter break…. 🙂


they did utilise their youth team for cups and injuries though……


Plus I’ve seen that team play, and they’re shit hot to be fair.


But we don’t even have 18 outfield players, and we don’t even have a youth team


Can’t wait for wenger to talk about how “jaded” the squad is after a couple weeks of this.


surely this would only mean one thing – we’re going to see new recruits soon.

i just hope those new recruits aren’t unknown players from the french second division. because that would only indicate that this club is happy to finish in the top 4 since it ‘cant compete with the financial fire power of the other 3 clubs’. at least no until we actually have paid off all the debt from the stadium which will take another 2 seasons.


Chamakh has gone to Palace !


Not yet he hasn’t. Though it’ll probably happen over the next 48 hours or so.


Sagna at CB is happening. Time to start getting used to it…

Redcurrant Wonder

Great if he does too. He’s lost a yard of pace with the broken legs so isn’t as adept as bombing up and down the wing time after time, game after game. Frankly I think Sagna recognises that given the positive noises he has been making about playing CB. All in all, surely a positive to have him getting game time alongside Jenkinson to coach and mentor him into the RB that will be there for years to come.


Great. So add “purchase RB” to the ever expanding shopping needs list.


Christ, when Arsene has a clear-out he REALLY has a clear-out doesn’t he o.O


It’s as if Arsenal has had a super-hot curry and several pints of Guinness. Only one tagnut in the form of Bendtner remains.

Merlin's Panini

Good for him he’s going to get some proper football under his belt. I was kind of hoping he’d make it with us. He’s always shown a lot of passion and works hard. Best of luck to him. I just hope we’re actually going to see another centreback come in now. We’re paper thin there now.


Phew Thank fuck! I was afraid he was going to be promoted as is the case with Martinez (fyi we’re not buying a keeper) I’m not so keen as to how well he fairs at leicester coz frankly his future at Arsenal “LITTLE TO NONE”


Oh lord, I get the feeling that we are going to either have 20 signings on deadline day, or none at all


I’m pretty much convinced now that we are going to do some serious business now. If the window ends without us making at least 3-4 more signings, Wenger deserves to be sacked.


I agree. If we lose 10 players we didn’t really trust that much but add 5 proven players we can be confident will deliver, then all is good. Squad will be a bit thin but so be it, pre-season has shown we have kids that are ready for Cup competitions. Can you see it happening, though? Surely we cannot be clearing the decks without backup on the way? I shudder to think…


I think I am going to take this news, as a nice hint that there’s a CB on the way in, and that it must be pretty much a done deal for Arsene to give the nod to another one going out, if only on loan, because the alternative is a bit too scary right now.

Merlin's Panini

I sure hope you’re right.


You know, I can actually think of a Wenger excuse for not replacing any of the outgoing players. Miquel: “We have a little bit the Sagna, so, no, there will be no more for this position.” Gervinho: “Everyone says ‘buy buy buy’, but we have The Ox, who will be literally killed if I replace Gervinho.” Chamakh: “We buy the strikers we need, we don’t collect them. At the moment we have blah blah blah and don’t forget we signed Sanogo.” Coquelin: “Diaby will be ready in December! But if there is top, top qualitee available, we will see what… Read more »


The adverb totally had me. heh!


I love the ruthlessness which we sell players..Now if we had the balls to back it up with .. Oh never mind.


Oh good he’ll be playing up the road from me. Might bump into him.


Where the hell is filbert street walkers bowl arena!!? Do you mean king power stadium? Way to do your research!

pauly bear

Can everyone chill. Clearly this means there is a cb on the way. Even wenger is not that mad


That’s right, and he’s on his way from right-back. Wenger’s master plan is to shift everyone one step to the right. Gibbs will play right-back, and Mertesacker left-back. In three seasons, it will all be back to normal, but you know, it’s difficult to trust what the club says. I bet they start going right to left in two seasons, just to piss off the fans.


You are on fire today! This comment and the one above are both totally hilarious. Way to keep a sense of humor during this shit time.


I agree 100% about the nice things you say about me.

fooled you all

of course he is!!


Right, i’m done. Not following any arsenal ‘news’ anymore, just gonna watch the games.

No more rumours, no more headlines of the club i love bneing ridiculed for this absolute cock up of a summer.


wobbly ankles

WAIT COME BACK!!…don’t you want to see another picture special of the grass growing?! They just added a new layer to the pitch! It’s basically like a new signing!!

Redcurrant Wonder

You’ll try, but the sirens on the rocky shores (Greek Mythology reference for you) of newsnow will keep calling you…! I tried it, but what do you think the second website I visited was this morning (after AB news of course!). That’s it…newsnow!


I literally have no idea how this summer is going to end. It’s like watching Sixth Sense for the first time


Word is Wenger already considers Sagna as good enough cover for CB and is now looking for a R.B Call me sentimental but the R.B might just be Aaron ramsey yeah we’re not buying anyone. thanks.



I just realized why Flamini’s been training with Arsenal.

My feeling is that Wenger is aiming to set a new world record for positive net expenditure.


We’re going to have to join a 7 a side league next season at this rate, it’s getting ridiculous. But in all seriousness I think this is a good move got Miquel, I just hope we keep him on next year, he has a lot to give.


That’s it then. We now have what? 14 squad players?!

Top Gunner

How come the only transfer rumours that turn to reality are the ones where players leave?!? 🙁


And not the one we all really want to leave? We’re looking at you TGSTE(farking)L.

that french bloke!

So many departures, i believe wenger will strengthen the squad to a certain extent over the next few days of the transfer window.

Also it makes sense to buy players over the next few seasons, i mean to buy around 8-10 players to replace the departed players (i think about 7-8 have been shown the door) will definitely destabilise the squad.

Whatever the reason, i hope wenger prepares himself and the squad for the upcoming season.

bacary's right leg

The players that have left barely played last season. So our squad isn’t any worse off then last year minus gerv

Vincent O'Carroll

If we go into the new season without serious signings to make us at least compete for the league. The only action as fans that would generate a response would be a real boycott of our home games. I cannot believe that after all that has been said we are 1 week away from starting a season and we are actually weaker in terms of players available than when we finished. We are only a couple of injuries away from a serious points costing crisis……Emirates half empty for home games would force change.


We are a basketball team… We have like 12 players. Kremlinology would lead one to think something around 4 signings are around the corner.

Quietly Blazin'

Lord have mercy on us gooners’ blood pressure

Quietly Blazin'

@thikpal, you might have a point. The Russian team is up for sale.


“There was no greater natural advantage in life than having an enemy overestimate your faults, unless it was to have a friend underestimate your virtues.” – Vito Corleone
Well Arsene Wenger seems to have that advantage right now. The fans are calling for his head, while the other clubs are sneering and thinking the old man has finally gone loopy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually does win a trophy this year (and make atleast 3 signings before we play CL qualifiers)


To be eligible for the qualifier the signings have to be done by Monday! Our dealings this summer have been shambolic to say the least. It looks like another mad dash at the end of the window again. We will sign players, but our primary targets have long disappeared over the horizon.


I can see Uncle Bouldy playing again at this rate! I think the suarez fiasco is a media diversion. All the real business is happening and no one knows about it…


Tick Tock, Arsene.

Tick. Fucking. Tock



I hope to fuck “Arsene knows” coz I sure as hell don’t understand ,what the fucks going on?
The shop’s still open, but everything worth buying we’ve already had or is out of stock..

block 9

I’m taking my boots next week at this rate I might get a game.

arsenal for life. but now loosing hope

spot on….

A N Other

I think arsenal have already lined up another centre back..

There is no way Manager would loan out his only backup player..

I’ll guess we know in few days time.


Really? He’s loaned out Sagna?

that guy

been thinking about a lot of defenders that we could buy, so my question for everyone is, name the defender you would want at arsenal?


kyriakos papadopoulos


Do you mean the lad from Shalke? Be nice but I can’t see it. Valencia are skint Adel Rami probably available at a decent price and got bags of experience.


Admit it. You just wanted to type (copy+paste, more likely) his name!

Top Gunner

I can’t wait to hear what Gazidis has to say about our transfer activity after his ‘we have money to spend’ bullshit.
Surely even he’ll know no one will take him seriously anymore.


I think the issue is likely Gazidis was concern (rightly) at our branding and positioning since we have been extremely stagnant for many seasons. He therefore wanted a marquee signing. Wenger likely agreed although privately was uncomfortable going to high on a player. Higuain represented a very good target for both men but when Madrid shifted goalposts, Wenger pulled back not least since Napoli showed possible appetite to follow ricing into the 40m mark or beyond (something journalist tend to simplify). Thereby Suarez became a viable option @40m+1 bag of crisp. Wenger probably set this as a compromise to Gazidis… Read more »


come on people, just relax a little bit, there is no point with all the weeks of anguish and anger and self harming, we are in the dark and powerless, so just try and enjoy the last bit of summer we have left.

we are obviously clearing out all the players who will never be good enough to make way for all THE GREAT NEW PLAYERS coming in, just need to sort out the paperwork and they will be here …

… fingers crossed


Arsene Wenger: ‘Suarez is one of the targets. If he’s not for sale, he’s not for sale we have to accept that.’


We need to move on shortly. I think it’s crunch time.

We are now dependent on how nasty the break down is between Suarez and management, which does look ugly.

I think Wenger is waiting for Saurez to bare his teeth on Mr Rodger’s Neighbourhood.

frankly, he has been more than professional and patient enduring 3 seasons outside the CL (through his peak years). he single handedly helped them to a lofty 7th last season so not sure what the kop and press are going on about, head stuck up their arse as per usual with their old glories.

Thierry Stepanovs


Sagna Koscielny Mertesacker Gibbs

Arteta L. Gustavo

Walcott Podolski

J. Martinez


You’re right. Never liked that Cazorla chap. Smiles too much.


dear god thats a fourth place team


Get Benteke and Michu for combined less than Suarez. Or Michu and Konoplyanka. Fellaini if we don;t go in for Suarez (or Gustavo if we do) ; FW : Suarez, Giroud, Podolski LW : Konoplyanka, Gnabry RW : Walcott, Chamberlain AM : Santi, Jack, Rosicky CM : Ramsey, Zelalem DM : Arteta, Gustavo LB : Gibbs, Monreal RB : Sagna, Jenks CB : Per, Koscielny, TV, (Ginter or Williams) GK : Szsc, Fabianski without Suarez : FW : Benteke, Giroud, Michu LW : Podolski, Gnabry RW : Walcott, Chamberlain AM : Santi, Jack, Rosicky CM : Ramsey, Zelalem DM :… Read more »


I haven’t even factored Diaby. LANS!


jackson martinez looks good (on youtube at least). he’s big and strong, seems to have decent technique, and scored something like 30 goals last season (although he did take quite a few pens). honestly at this stage another striker really can’t be a bad thing, and we could do a lot worse than martinez (like park or bedtner, for example).


Personally prefer someone already off the ground in the PL.

Both Bentke and Michu are great options at clubs that need money.

get either one or both. Michu is able to play withdrawn and out at LW.

or if we get one of them, we should bring in a solid creative type out wide like Konoplyanka who could also cover Santi.

In terms of world quality there is also Leandro the Brasilian although he seems to ahve gone off the boil a bit and represents a risk settling in.


with the dead wood cleared we now have 70m and a very tight squad.

we could buy the swansea first team as cover –

and still have change

and room for bendtner


70m goes quickly.

Assuming 40m+1 for Suarez, 15m for say a Gustavo, another 15m for a Konoplyanka. That’s it.

The reason why we are stalled on other signings is likely because we are waiting to see if we have to expend the amount we need for Suarez. If we don’t, there may be money to say punt 24-30m for a fellaini where we would otherwise have to watch our pocket and spend less on a Gustavo if we do (get Suarez).


On that note, people are quick to chastise Wenger for trolley dash players but those players minimise our risk to losses when sold on if they do a Carroll. OTOH and unprecedented signing like Suarez for 40m represents a far larger risk if he bellies up with us. Wenger has his limits but is no mug. There was lots of teeth gnashing about needing Samba or Melo or Mvila. No one predicted Wenger would successfully transform Arteta into a world class DM or that Koscielny would step up in last season. So I would hold on with regards righteous indignation… Read more »


Do we even have a 2nd 11 for the Credit Card Cup? Unless Steve Bould is registered there must be something, anything, developing in the background!


We are very light. he will have to add.


Gustavo, omg, alot better players have been mentioned, please lets do better than gustavo. b


Gustavo isn’t a bad option.

He has a good range of passing an vision, better than Capoue.

Fellaini should be first choice but that depends if we can even go into that game @24-30m assuming we have already expended on Suarez and/or if United come in for him.

Thereby a good secondary option is Gustavo. He has the height to cover at Cback and is well versed in DM duties at bayern.

If 10-15m, good value.


Gustavo isn’t a bad option.


I am sold by your ringing endorsement.

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