Thursday, April 25, 2024

Wellington joins Real Murcia on loan

Brazilian forward Wellington has joined Real Murcia on loan.

We could probably flesh this story out by referencing his other loans, which really haven’t been much of a success, but we can’t be arsed.

He’ll spend the season at the Segunda División side and, frankly, his chances of making it at Arsenal are about as good as yours. Live the dream, Wellington.

Until, of course, you get the boot.

Hey, it had to be done.

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*insert Gustavo comment*

some dumb american

Am I supposed to leave a snarky comment about signings, still? Or squad size or something? Just not sure how I’m supposed to feel anymore.

White Russian

I like this comment, a lot.
It gets at exactly the problem – we’re so pessimistic, as a set of fans, that we’ll interpret any piece of news from the club as bad news, as confirmation of the fact that Wenger, Gazidis et al are merely presiding over the slow decay of our great club. It’s bollocks, really. The attitude is as if not only do we think that Arsenal should be making a number of world class signings, but all procedural and administrative news from the clubs should be suspended until we do.
In Sanogo we trust.


This is just more meh!


Forever on loan

Scott P

More and more clean outs. This is good, can’t wait until the other side of business picks up! And I do believe it is “until” and not “if” at this point.


Does this one really count as part of the clean out? Has he ever made a first team appearance? Are you aware of what position he plays? Or is it just me?


He plays on the left wing (i know this from FIFA 12 when he was an amazing Brasilver) thats as far as my knowledge to his playing ability really goes other than he has had permit trouble getting into England until this year and his loan spells have not been impressive from what i have heard about him


Arsene want to shift all the deadwoods before any new singing.


Can’t be good. TGSTEL doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


Wenger is about to send himself somewhere on loan too! Every deadwood is almost gone, either sold or loaned. Wenger has not produced for about eight years now… What goes around, comes around Wenger.


Minus that whole Champions League qualification bit.


I’m gonna pretend I atleast care, so here goes

Who is this Wellington?

Sex Fabergé

Famous military general. Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. Invented the Wellington boot. Played portside sentinel for Arsenal in the 1814-1815 season.


I guess that he finally met his Waterloo.

gooner odst

…just isn’t fitting in…


Ivan le Terrible

Well he must have been good at some time. Otherwise why the hell did we bring him over from Brazil and Zezinho, remember him? Chelsea tried the same thing and got Oscar. Cunts

fooled you all

And from Mexico we took Vela the Mancs took Hernandez
From Southampton we took Wally Walcott, Spuds took Bale

Getting the picture???


Yeah, I’m gutted we got Walcott, he’s a terrible footballer…..

Loop A Hole

I was under the impression that Chelsea paid some huge money to land Oscar.


Speaking of which, what about the Bernard rumours? As a brazilian gunner, I can confirm he’s more Oscar than Wellington. You never really know if they can make it in the Premier League, though.

HoHoHo Green Gunner

Bernard’s signed for Shaktar Donetsk about a week ago


He scored a couple goals for us the other day. I don’t see him as such a waste of space as some of the perpetual loanees. Good luck to him and he still has time to develop.


Are You Saying I’ll Never Make It?(At 45)




He doesnt look happy


Who is this bloke, more to the point, do we care? I am going to hold my opinion of aw until the end of the transfer window, you never know he may pull off some great signings! I can’t see anyone better to be arsenals manager than him.


Right now Krusty the Klown would make a better arsenal manager than AW.

Krusty’s football knowledge may be limited but he knew to clear out sideshow bob after just one season, and didn’t mess about with signing sideshow Mel to replace him either.


I literally don’t even know what Wellington looks like

Sex Fabergé

There’s a photo of him above the article.


Wellington literally doesn’t even know what you look like.

Lucas North Bank

Blogs never sleeps…

And something funny about beef

BT62 Gooner

Does anyone know what happened to Bothello? spelling may not be right, as its that long since i’ve heard his name mentioned.He was another Brasilian signed by Arsenal who disappeared.

Sex Fabergé

He signed for Atlético Paranaense in 2012.


If we dont sign somone soon then I’m gonna have to admit that I’ve been wrong and Fatgooner has been right all along. Gulp.


‘Murcia – FUCK YEA

Ivan le Terrible

I agree that Wenger is smarter than the vast majority of his peers. Handing out philosophical remarks won’t cut it if we are getting our exhausted squad are getting spanked. He can’t seriously be suggesting our squad is big enough to competitively compete on 4 fronts. Not including replays etc. This just isn’t going to work out


yeah goddamnit! why on earth are we getting rid of this wellington fellow? its leaving our squad paper thin, when wellington chappy could be filling in as cover for whatever position he plays in


@Sex Fabergé
I never see the photos on the mobile site

Sex Fabergé

Okay, you are excused.


Is that his game face? Anyway, All the best to him, i wouldnt have turned arsenal down at that age. Who knows how he would have developed if he had stayed in brazil. Hope his dream of playing for us comes true. Heck, i hope any of the south americans we buy actually end up doing a job for us..


And is there no good picture of the lad. there he looks like John terry on his best day.


Wenger is going to sell the entire team and disappear into the night with a puffy coat stuffed full of Brittish pound notes.

Tapscotts testicles

This seems to be a curious trait that is spreading to alot of clubs….signing promising youngsters only to farm them out on loan to god knows where. If you dont stand a chance of getting a permit why bother signing him and drag him thousands of miles from home and dump in any old spanish team that will have him? Does that really do him any good? Surely he would be better off in his native Brazil playing with fellow Brazilians than scratching around waiting for a permit which may never come. And even if it did…great job it did… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I think the problem with Wellington is that we keep sending him off to Spain but it’s obvious he’s only effective when it’s raining.

He reigns in Spain.

He plays mainly on the plain.

Amaury Bischoff

Look like gibbs with different nose n curly hairs.


Looks like Young Obama


Looks like shit is what.



Is good this football player?


Our club is becoming a laughing stock, ffs ppl r probs laughing more now that we got rid of gervinho and chamahk. A honestly pray we have an ace up the sleeve but every day it goes on and this suarez saga goes on I really doubt it. I fear the direction our club is going, 8/9 bodiez gone 1 19 year old striker in, yet the board consrantly spout about making a profit and a £70mil warchest, heard it all before wenger.


Wenger has earned over £50m since we last won something

Wellington and campbell are two young players we’ve wasted time and money on in signing who we just endlessly farm out on loan. I just hope Wenger and his socialist wage structure weren’t involved in their wages discussion! Bendtner on 52k a week, denilson, santos, park (its endless) is a disgrace and one hes never been asked to explain by the sycophantic press

German Gunner

Come on Arsene, Ramsey must be top of one way ticket list now…..


Here’s my reaction to this.


Silent Stanley


“Wilshere is not completely fit”- Arsene

A N Other

These news posts are getting funnier and funnier..

This line is classic..

his chances of making it at Arsenal are about as good as yours..

German Gunner

If Ramsey can make it anyone can


Boobs, now all smile ffs!!


Uniarsenal looking for support, no experience required


Yeah, you only need to be ambitious and willing to train on job!

The BearMan

Maybe I am the only one to hold this view, but buying young players and carting them off to different countries on loan deals without a concrete development programme, which includes a professional support structure from the parent club is a remedy for disaster. It just would not work! Look at the Arsenal record and tell me if it working!!

Toure Motors

Another year with no Wellington Silva-ware


I cant believe this is happening why havent we signed anyone? If we strip our squad down this much and dont sign any replacements with the 70milliom we have then my faith in Wenger with be completely diminished.

e.g. goal keeper… 🙁

Im sorry we need a goal keeper and their not expensive theres just no excuses for this.

Bleed Red & White

Damn arseblog, liten up man! I wanted Higuain too. I think Arsene is a great coach and a SHIT “negotiator” too, but come out of the funk Man…..err….um….Mate. It’s not Wellington’s fault he’s rubbish.

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