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Wenger will respect Liverpool on Suarez

Despite claiming not to have read what John W Henry said about Arsenal’s chances of signing Luis Suarez, Arsene Wenger reiterated his desire to bring the player to North London.

After a contentious week, which has seen Suarez go public with his desire to leave Anfield, sparking irate and determined response from Liverpool, the Arsenal manager was asked about the situation at a press conference before the Gunners game against Man City in Helsinki today.

“There is nothing to add to what I said already about the transfer of Suarez,” he said. “If it will be done, it will be done in a respectful and amicable way with Liverpool.

“I didn’t read [John W Henry’s] statements but we’ll be faithful to the way we want to behave. To make a transfer happen, you need the agreement of three parties – the buyer, the seller and the player.

“We know what we want to do. The player, if I look at the statements does as well. Liverpool at the moment do not agree. If they change their minds or not, I don’t know. We’ll respect that.

“We are looking at possibilities to strengthen our squad. Suarez is one of the targets. If he’s not for sale, he’s not for sale. We have to accept that.

“Every club has its own way of dealing with things, we have our way and we respect all the other clubs.”

It feels some of a fool’s pursuit at this point with John Henry stating quite categorically that he would not sell to Arsenal, and that he had told Ivan Gazidis that personally.

Arsenal, meanwhile, are backed into a corner having signed nobody of note this summer and with the season kicking off in 7 days time have to do something to make themselves competitive for the new campaign.

Meanwhile, like Suarez, Nicklas Bendtner has been made train away from the first team as his efforts to find himself a new club continue. He’s turned down moves to Frankfurt and others, and with the transfer window heading towards the final few weeks, should be desperate to find somewhere to play football next season.

We’re not holding our breath on either case.

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Mate Kiddleton

We are two or three injuries away from total disaster if we don’t bolster our squad. What is going on?!


Wenger just stated “I consider that I have 16 regular players”. I am relieved that he said 16, and didn’t count Akpom, Zelalem or the lad from the Arsenal U14s and then claim he has 30 players. Now that he has counted correctly, the next step is to recognise that the number is incredibly small. The smallness of the squad is not subjective or a Daily Mail-promoted viewpoint, but considering that the EPL limited squad sizes to 25 two seasons ago, some squads in the past have had 10 more regular players than we do at present. I hope this… Read more »


just a tad bit melodramatic, aren’t we…….


No that’s very calm by my writing standards


Melodramatic- the boos against Higuain at the Emirates Cup

Santi Claws

Remember when we were “two or three signings” away from being serious contenders? Like, at the end of May? Fuck me sideways..


Now we are 8 signings away.


We were 8 signings away before we let the dross go. It’s not as if they contributed anything but a pile of atoms filling a space on the pitch when they did play.


I think those 2-3 signings was very optimistic in the first place, when you consider the top 3 have almost 2 first teams each, I don’t think we will be contenders unless we go out of our way to buy at least 10mil+ players for every position.

I think one problem with the Prem is that because we have so many matches and no winter break the team that wins is the one with most depth and is consistent. Even in Germany, the phrase for a congested week is english week, because they think our schedule is poorly decided…

twisted cuntloks

and respect Liverpool? MEH do we offer them £40m plus £2 then? what bollocks wenger talks


We still got our “second choice” Higuain oh wait….

Master Bates

Higuain is only just a slight upgrade to Giroud , I don’t get why people wanted him

Plus he costed waay too much for his value 36 million ?!! for a fringe player who only scored around 15 goals last season in a shitty league.

All other top 4 teams have complete striker ,why should we settle for a poacher


I agree that he was way too pricey but too say that he’s just a slight upgrade to Giroud is a bit of a misunderstanding.


poacher? complete striker? This isn’t fifa14 bro….


“Poacher” Higuain: 7 assists and 17 goals in 37 games (12 as a substitute)
“Complete striker” Suarez: 5 a and 29 g in 41 (3)
“Complete striker” Negredo: 1 a and 25 in 36 (2)
“Complete striker” Soldado: 5 a and 29 g in 44 (2)
“Complete striker” Dutch Skunk: 8 a and 29 g in 44 (2)

That poacher Higuain sure gives a lot of assists for a one sided striker


Enough with the Higuain already.
He’s gone lets get over it


Any way it goes, soon we wont have to see Brendan Rodgers and John Henry on tv every hour anymore. Thats a plus


All this is shaping up well for

“the top top topedy player I really wanted wasn’t available so here have this french division 2 prospect instead”

Cue the Koscienly bandwagon.


There is absolutely no way we will get to September 3rd with the squad as thin as it is. We will sign at least 3, up to 5 players before the window closes in my opinion. The key is that they’re better than the ones they replace and if it takes a long time to agree those transfers, so be it. With 36 league games after the window closes, taking the extra 2 weeks to make sure the deals are the right ones makes sense when these signings could be with us for 4 years. I appreciate many will find… Read more »

Brian Mendoza

This right here ^

false economy

If we lose the CL qualifier the decision not to strengthen earlier won’t look quite so wise.

Wenger's Titty Milk

Yeah mate, let’s go and get spanked 8-2 again, I mean what kind of lesson could we possibly learn from that, other than to just go and do the same shit again? Sorry for the sarcasm, I like your optimism, but I guess all the talk about seasons past was about not selling top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top quality players before the window closes, not simply going into the first few games of the season unprepared. You know how many points were between 4th and 5th Wenger? Remember? 1. 1 fucking point. If you’re… Read more »


Erm… me.

With or without the new signings, as always, I love watching my team.

If I had the opportunity to get a season ticket I would’ve cherished it.

You still (probably) have your health so chill out.

Midfield Corporal

It’s easy to say you would cherish getting a season ticket, but you do have to pay hard earned money for them, which involves sacrifices for most people. I’m taking my son and nephew to the first game as I bought the tickets when I still believed we would show a little ambition, however the club won’t get another penny of my money until they start giving me something to be excited about. Supporting Arsenal is like being married to a beautiful woman who keeps getting you to take her out to expensive restaurants and buy her nice presents, but… Read more »


Corporal that was just brilliant. You’re absolutely bang on as well.

This year has so far proved to be a repeat of last year but with better spin. Gazidis said all the right words and people spent hard earned money on season tickets, replica kits and in some cases tickets across Asia in the hope they would see this revolution that was promised.

More cash in the coffers from the above and from player sales/reduction in salaries and nothing on player investment.

I believe “laughing their way to the bank” is an appropriate term in this instance.

Midfield corporal:

“Supporting Arsenal is like being married to a beautiful woman who keeps getting you to take her out to expensive restaurants and buy her nice presents, but when you get her home she always has a bloody headache.”

Best line EVER!

White Russian

@ Wenger’s Titty Milk
Your dad’s an idiot, by the looks of things.


I just can’t even the see the fat lady right now.

santi's panties

That’s because she’s a lot thinner nowadays.

Insane Wanker

You. I like you.


“the one we should have had” – you mean, like, selling our best player cause he desperately wants out? nah, thanks, we had enough of those.


Don’t worry! I think we will sign 6 top top top quality players next week! Lalallalalalaala

Brian Mendoza

What I hope happens is that Arsenal continue the holding pattern with Liverpool but actively pursue other options (which I sincerely hope they have identified) in other areas of the team. The forward line doesn’t worry me as much as the back line, and the midfield to a lesser extent. And from all the indications coming out of the club, that seems to be the objective. Open slots for new players. At present we have 2 RBs, 1 LB and 2 CBs. No one is suicidal enough to launch into a campaign with that amount of defenders. They will happen,… Read more »


Well the 11 players who played at the Allianz will play the full 90 minutes in every single one of our 50+ games this season, including 4 games in a week in Christmastime, and because of our new medical technology none of them will be tired or injured?


63 games, we are gonna win all four trophies. Lol. Sorry 66 games , we will have three replays. Really am sorry forgot the 6 international games 72 games 🙂


I agree with the point that our first XI isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be, but bearing in mind the paper thin nature of the squad, we really do require at least 3 more players, one in each central position, to even think about winning anything. Otherwise we’re going to be forced to play the reserves in every cup match and at best it’ll end in 4th place and no silverware.

Brian Mendoza

Agreed. And I still strongly believe that those players will arrive. Probably not in the timeliest of fashions mind you, but they will arrive.


Let’s hope. I’ve always been a stauch Arsene (and Ivan) defender, but there are very few excuses for ballsing up this window.

Ok, granted, maybe someone like Cavani was the priority and PSG blew us away, but one would hope they have not just a plan B, but also a plan C, D, E and F.


Yeah might get one next week I reckon but the biggies will surely wait till we qualify for the ECL group stage. Need at least four more big signings.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The “Biggies” that we would have approached have been waiting all summer for our qualifier (if they didn’t all change their mind and have already commited to another team). People complain that Spurs did their business in a timely fashion, but clearly they were aiming lower than we were. They couldn’t offer the CL, so they didn’t go after CL standard players (or didn’t get them if they did). We have been targeting better quality players, but as we aren’t certain to qualify those players won’t commit yet. We probably have other players as backup options if we don’t qualify,… Read more »


erm no it’s not, 16 of them are but the rest aren’t.


Were are our fucking “owner” when we need him? Henry is fighting in Rodgers corner but the Silent Cunt is nowhere to be seen. I hope he sells to someone who actually cares about football soon.

Andy Mack

You really think Henry cares about football?
He cares about American sports and money.
If he makes enough noise he thinks he’ll get the best price for a player.

Do you think Henrys comments are helping, like they did with torres and reina?

I don’t think Stan being quiet all the time is good but it certainly wouldn’t make any positive difference in respect of this situation.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

He’s at his ranch right now, wearing a cowboy hat on his head and a red bandana around his chin..

Indonesian Gooner

Well what a disaster this summer has become…

Master Bates

If we don’t sign a player any player(We will) ,It still won’t be as crappier of a summer than the 2011-2012 , you know the season we lost fabregas and Na$ri and our marquee signing was Zhervinyo


Rumour is that a 14m bid for Luiz Gustavo has been accepted.


A rumour. Sorry but thats the problem. The rumoured clause in Suarez contract, the rumoured fee agreed fo Jovetic and Higuain. When I see a rumour about “fee agreed” with Arsenal I might as well give up on that player.


We WILL sign several players.

All of them will be on transfer deadline day.

What is going to change in the next week or two that will possibily affect the negotiaions? Nothing.

If the deals haven’t been done by now, it’s because there’s a sticking point on the valuation of the player.
Deadline day is when that stuff gets sorted.

September 3rd is going to be so crazy for Arsenal, you watch.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’ve seen what Suarez wants more than anything else…Champions League football. If we qualify we have what the top players want (just not as much of it as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich). That could be a deciding factor for some players. If we are lucky. Very, Very Lucky.

With our limited funds (in comparison to the filthy rich clubs) and our half-chance for CL football, we are not going to be the first choice of anybody but a secret Arsenal fan. We get the leftovers from the top table (as do Man United this year).

Ivan le Terrible

This is kind similar to the season that prick Vieira told the world we couldn’t compete and wanted out. We then went on to win the double….just saying

Dr Baptiste

So are you saying we should buy Jeffers again? Well, we do need a striker….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We needed a fox in the box. All we got was a squirrel.


On the plus side the weather in elounda is in the 80”s and I’m off the beach and still have santorini to come for a week on Monday.
So bollox to Ivan and arsene. Happy days.

Little Swede In The No. 14 Shirt

The problem that we (and ManUre) have with acquiring players is that a fair number of clubs can easily outspend us.

So… why would clubs sell their prize assets to us at any point barring the dying moments of the window when they know they aren’t getting an inflated bid?

We’ll buy, there’s no escaping that, but we’ll buy late.


But what if clubs decide not to sell at all, and hope for a bid from the oil sheikhs/arms traffickers in the next window? Not being doom-and-gloom, but this happens in many other economic sectors. Landlords kick out small businesses in advance, without any other rent offers, in the hope that at a later date, a multinational chain will rent the property for an inflated price. There is a limit to the tricks you can pull, the gambles you can win, and the Cazorlas you can sign. Ultimately, Wenger and the board have to spend money in order to retain… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep. Another reason why “Spend some fucking money” isn’t as easy as people would have you believe. We might get one star player if he is desperate or secretly loves Arsenal, but the likelihood is that in reality we will spend the money on a raft of (hopefully educated) gambles that may leave us better off but could turn out to be no better than the players we just got rid of. I know it could end up badly, but it might not, and if I start to panic about it now then the stress will be so bad by… Read more »

Little Swede In The No. 14 Shirt

The problem that we (and ManUre) have with acquiring players is that a fair number of clubs can easily outspend us.

So… why would clubs sell their prize assets to us at any point barring the dying moments of the window when they know they aren’t getting an inflated bid?

We’ll buy, there’s no escaping that, but we’ll buy late.


as far as I know, this window didn’t go as per our plan……..but what do we really know?
our unbeaten season, weren’t we being condemned for not having a good enough team by our own players?! eg Patrick Viagra et al?


The unbeaten season its like England winning the world cup in ’66, they both happened a long time ago.


England 1966 was five years after the last time Spurs won the league. Now THAT is a long time ago.

The unbeaten season was less than 10 years ago. Which isn’t bad for an event that has only ever happened twice. The only other time is 125 years ago; now THAT is a long time ago.

Hyperbole is fun.


I hate that bloody Picture. It’s like Wengers greedy soul is peeking out at the world, having a sniff and then returns to counting Money.


I have been extremely patient and my expectations were never very high but this is taking the piss!

I was hoping for 2 signings, one being Suarez and the other a goal keeper.

Even a striker doesnt have to be Suarez.

But we havent signed anyone atal its hard to believe.

I mean a fucking goal keeper!!!!! THEY DONT COST MUCH AND THEY CAN SAVE YOU 10 POINTS A SEASON.


they dont cost much … yeah, i’m just popping down to the shops, shall i pick you up a goalkeeper and a packet of crisps while i’m there?


I’m guessing – comparatively.

Perhaps Julio Cesar for £2.5M? Or he could be inferring the likes of Mark Schwarzer to Chelsea on a free.


omg cant believe i av to answer this.

In football terms you idiot.

In terms of a club with 70 million to spend.

No a goal keeper does not cost much.

Dr Baptiste

Would they not cost more as clubs know we have 70m?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

THEY DONT COST MUCH –> That is clearly talking in money terms. If you meant it in any other way then you didn’t make that clear to your readers. We can only go by the words you write, not by the tone you think them in as you write them. In footballing terms, goalkeepers don’t run around as much as strikers. In transfer terms, a good goalkeeper costs good money. Especially to a team who are known to have extra money to spend. Try not to be too rude when responding to posts you don’t agree with. This summer is… Read more »


Yes thanks salt and vinegar crisps and while you’re there get us a copy of the Sun newspaper, I want to see the 25 players we are signing tomorrow 🙂


Er, two signings? Your kidding right? GK and CF? Those aren’t even the positions we most need signings. It’s more important to get a CB and a DB.


DB? Isn’t he managing Ajax?

(Yes I know, but Acronyms are pointless if you get them right)

Of course Gustavo would make this irrelevant; but that would go against the narrative


*don’t get them right*

to get in before anyone else.


Look at that troll face

damien joyce

We currently have as our options

Gk- Szcz + Fabianski
RB- Sagna, Jenks, Ramsey
CB- Koscielny, Mert, Vermaelen (inj), Sagna
LB- Gibbs, Monreal, Sagna

CM- Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby (???), Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ox.
AMR – Walcott, Ox, Rosicky, Cazorla
AML- Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski, Gnabry

ST- Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, Sanogo, Akpom …..TGSTEL

I truly believe that this is how Wenger sees his options, 30 outfield players is spinning is head, expect more to leave to limit the options.

Seriously though, Wenger does think like this and it is holding us up in our pursuit of advancing.


calm down would you lol, just means we will priorities the league (and poss champs league) over all other competitions, if anyone can go a season with such depleted numbers wenger can 🙂 besides if all fails we can just substitute real people for the statues of henry and tony adams. with some paint and strategically placed lighting in the stadium we could fool the opposition in to believing the real thing come to life. imagine hart flummoxed seeing th14 bearing down on him….. i’m quaking just imagining it. we are definitely going to buy….. it would be outright foolish… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


Shit, did Blackburn Rovers just go past?


Who put the cunt in Scunthoaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!


Fuck Me. Dover Athletic are sitting on my head. How the fuck did I get down here?

Sweet! We’ve learned how to clone players! Fuck it man why not list every player in every position?


we are going to buy. just not sure it would be the ‘big star names’ like we expected at the start of the summer.

as long as they are effective and are in the mould of Edu da silva (ie unkown/ not big profile) but they turn out effective on the pitch (were it matters imho)

so will wait till sept 2/3rd….

just a side thought, , i feel Rosicky is our only ‘world class’ player left, any opinions on this


You can’t be serious here, podolski and per have together 200 senior caps for germany(!), santi is playing in spain midfield (not much though) and then there’s that koscielny guy you know. Plus you have ‘the most underrated player ever’ Arteta and youngsters theo and ramsey definitely on the way there.

twisted cuntloks

How can you call a player that has not played many games since joining us 7 years ago , world class?


Define ‘World Class’, before we can start.

Is it being bought for £40 mil plus?

Playing over 100 times for a top 5 ranked nation?

Topping the passing stats in the PL or Europe?

By the first category, we have none……(well so far; and that introduces a whole different argument)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Think about this. Chesney can kick a ball almost the length of the pitch. That means he can kick a ball really hard. Play him at Centre Forward and we’re laughing.


Bendtner Will be like a New signing!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I wish he’d just Like A New Club, but the fucker won’t do it. Every other unwanted player we had chose football over money (or football and “some” money) and joined other teams, eventually. Not our Nicky. He’s clearly had word from some team “Stay at Arsenal. Run down your contract. Then we’ll sign you on a free and pay you 52,000 and 1 pounds a week.”


For the first time in a long while i am truly terrified of the start of the season and it’s not because i think we have a weak team. In fact i think we’ve got some of the best players in the pl and some that are really going to shine this year. The problem is they do not have the support structure to succeed and the fact that we do not have cover is seriously going to jeopardise or season. At this stage I would settle for fourth as a truly remarkable achievement. As much as I respect Wenger,… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ferguson is a Director at Man United. He’s on The Board. Clearly this makes it his fault that United haven’t “Spent some Fucking Money”. Fourth place and a little more money than last year (Thanks Gazidis, you prawn) has fucked us royally. We aren’t at the top table but we feel we have to aim for players that sit at the top table. But in reality we’re neither one nor the other. Caught between the rich top 3 and the also rans below us, and because of the Qualifier we are a bit of an unknown quantity until almost September.… Read more »

Ivan le Terrible

He looks so smug. I’m hoping its because he is preparing a big announcement. Not because he has presided over another summer of treating his own fans with a level of contempt that will see him verbally slaughtered on September 2nd


the only contempt i see is the one continually coming from the fans


i digress there has been no contempt shown at all, perspective people. one thing you cant blame wenger for this window is decisiveness. i mean higuain was obviously priority but as soon as they were aware suarez might be available they switched targets. come on how decisive can you get…. might have been the wrong decision in hindsight but as things stand they weren’t contemptuous. Arsenal might be amateurs in the transfer market i for one do not see that as a reason to knock them (us). it would be like knocking fat frank for being fat, what you seem… Read more »


Higuain is just shit!

Overated and everybody thinks it except Arsenal fans.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I know the film. It’s called “Your Premise is Flawed, Based on Hearsay and Rumour, Therefore Your Conclusion is Shite.” It wasn’t much cop without Schwarzenegger. Although you claim Fat Frank is Fat, he isn’t really. It was made up by the Press. That isn’t “the” false premise though. The false premise is that we wanted Higuain but dropped our chase for him in order to go after Suarez instead. That was made up by the Press too. So much anger this summer and all of it stoked by the English Press who want you to be angry and to… Read more »


Our only hope is to get spanked 8-2 BEFORE the season starts. Then the fool Wenger might wake up and smell the coffee!


Really? Last time he bought Santos, Mertesacker and Park.

I don’t think Wenger has truly ever questioned his own judgement. The top managers are too far up their own arses to do that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nothing wrong with Mertesacker.

For all we know there’s nothing wrong with Park either.

I’ll give you Santos, but he was fun though, as long as he wasn’t playing Left Back.

Dial square

So much optimism, so much promise, when we nicked fourth place off the scum last season, everyone was on a massive high, the Ivan came out with his “we’re fucking loaded” speech. How has is come to be the fucking shambles we find ourselves in now? It’s unbelievable, if I supported any other club I would be pissing myself at the sheer lunacy of our transfers policy. I stood on the North bank for about fifteen years, I followed them home and away, I love the Arsenal and nothing will ever change that, but fuck me, it does seem as… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The Board told Gazidis to make all our players famous like Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst.

First he has to turn our club into West Ham United…


actually,with gevinho out is 80£…


imagine ending the transfer window with no signings.

War chest of 70m increased to 80m nothing spent.

And the scarey thing is i woudnt put it past him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t hold with all the doom and gloom (yet?), but, ooh, that’s a keeper. I’m putting it on my FB page now. BEFORE one of my idiot fucking Man United fan relatives sends it to me.


Moth to the light
Is the game today on tele at all.?


I`ve heard that munich accepted our bid for Gustavo,lets hope its true.


I believe we will sign some players on deadline day, but those players won’t be registered to play with us in champs league so they will be squad players.
Yep, not going to plan so far but without bottomless pits if money it was always a possibilities


I think this still might happen, they’re in danger of being taken to court by Suarez. I think we saw the clause, knew it wasn’t watertight, and bid £40m +1 to piss them off. The contract demands good faith negotiations over £40m, “WTF are they smoking” is not ‘good faith negotiations’. They’re in clear breach of the player’s contract…


Only arsenal could have made such a pigs ear of this transfer window… We really are fuckin shite at transfer dealings above 15 million…. We ain’t got a clue… And how wenger can say we can challenge for the title is beyond me… We couldn’t challenge last year, we haven’t improved the squad, so why will we challenge this year…? Still time to get players in but unless we do we ain’t got a hope of challenging…. That gazidis should spend his time sorting transfers not posing with the players on a money spinning jaunt to Vietnam… What the fuck… Read more »


It’s hilarious watching the cult of Wenger disintergrate. It’s finally beginning to dawn on his worshippers that this man has completely and utterly lost the plot. With a week to go until the start of the season we are actually a worse squad than the one which luckily scrapped fourth last term. With a no-nothing-about football South African as his ‘boss’, and a majority shareowner who just cares about money, the club is now in the hands of a senile madman who is about to take us over the edge of the precipice. This is a slow-motion car crash which… Read more »


1. It’s not worse, it’s exactly the same minus the baggage
2. We didn’t luckily get 4th, we deserved it because of form.


1. It’s worse as we now don’t have the likes of Yao Koassi to use in rotation.
2. We were lucky. Spurs doing their usual new year capitulation helped us out big time. If they hadn’t done that our end of season run would have counted for shit.


You could say they were lucky to be so far ahead because of our mid season capitulation. The whole season counts the same, you finish where you deserve to.


I don’t see how it can be done in a respectful and amicable way when we’re trying to steal their best player who is probably worth what all the rest are put together.

We are the only team who are happy to sell our best player and do it without putting up a fight.

Fair play to Liverpool for at least tolerating Suarez and not allowing him out easily (although I think it will happen).


I don’t think we had a plan for how to sign and who to sign going into this window!
(We had a plan getting rid of players – good) Three months and no signings (ok, yaya but who cares!) this is madness, bad planing and a joke!

Toure Motors

To paraphrase the great Tango & Cash this transfer window is FUBAR


Yes maybe Ivan should be helping out with transfers but maybe he is already?
Barn Door: Remember, our team last season was so very new with 3 first team players which takes time to jell, that is what we saw at the ass end of last season. It was do it die, jell or fall apart and everything with it. They passed the test big time, we shouldn’t find ourselves in this position again so our team has stated the same plus who ever we sign before end if transfer window.


Mate, know what your saying… Maybe gazidis has sorted the transfer targets… Evan if he has, wouldn’t it have been better if the new players were already in place…? Bedding in…? Meeting their new team mates, practicing together…? A week today we play villa… 7 fuckin days to get the new players up to speed… And that’s if we sign them today..,,!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The players have to agree to come to us. We can’t make them sign for us by any means except offering money and a good standard of football. As long as there is the chance they can get into a team with more money than us, and with a guarantee of Champions League football, the players we want will stall. That is the basic reason why all transfer windows are busiest on the last day. Almost everybody refuses to commit until they are SURE they have got the best offer they are going to get. Yes, a few move because… Read more »

Toure Motors

More of a quote really


Toure: bit over board don’t you think, when its not even over yet?
Cavani for £55 is ridiculous btw, psg just no idea.


Oops wasn’t thinking

Yankee Gooner

This summer has been the perfect setup for a sport-based romantic comedy–at the last moment, we’ll sign Alex Morgan and Marta, a contest-winning plumber with a limp, and an android with a heart of gold. While the team will fall just short of winning the league, all the hijinx will teach us a lot about trust and love.

some dumb american

Oh man I’d love watching Alex Morgan’s pony tail bob around the pitch playing for Arsenal.

Merlin's Panini

I hate John W Henry because a) his name is Henry and we all know there is only one Henry. b) he has W in the middle of his name and the last person I remember having that was probably the biggest cuntrag of them all. c) He’s trying to still the Arsene look but his “quips” are boring. Why did the media jump on the “What are they smoking?” line as if it was a piece of comedy gold. It’s been said thousands of times before. d) he’s a cunt. but I totally understand his stance and I wish… Read more »

What are you smoking Merlin?

Merlin's Panini

Salmon. It’s delicious.

This transfer window is an absolute clusterfuck and I’m clutching at straws now. Someone good has got to come, right? Right? RIGHT?!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wenger buys E’to. E’to turns out to be past it. Wenger is crucified by the fans when that fact becomes clear. “He should stick to buying young players”


Forget Suarez. Let Liverpool keep the bucktoothed, ungrateful scrote.

There are other strikers out there like Jackson Martinez, Benzema, Mandzukic, Samuel Eto’o, Stefan Kießling, Leandro Damiao etc. All could be got for less than £40M.

Merlin's Panini

I’d happily take any of them, though I don’t think £40 million would be enough for Benzema, especially now Real Madrid are quite thin up top. Kießling, being the top scorer in the Bundesliga last year, would be my preference but I think it’ll be very hard to get him in.


Jackson Martinez: Plays for Porto, famous for selling expensively. Last two strikers they sold: Falcao for €50 million and Hulk for €60 Benzema: The only out and out striker Madrid has left and a marquee signing of Perez. No way they are letting him go for less than £40-50 Eto’o. Probably not demanding the highest transfer fees but he is on a huge salary. Also, he is 32 and the last two seasons scored 13 and 10 Mandzukic. Bayern sold one striker already this year. The chances of them selling one of their best players from last season for anything… Read more »


Can we put in a £1 bid for Gerrard just to really piss the Mugsmashers off?


We have 17 EPL players. Even if we add a world class striker and two top class defenders we will not win the league. In fact we will need an almost injury free season to finish 4th. Mind you if Diaby recovers and Park comes back alive from military training and TGSTEL hits form we might…. nah 4th again.

Gunsen Gunner

I agree. There are just too many holes in this squad now that you would have to be deluded to even believe we’ll challenge for the title.


Arsene goes out and buys 5-6 players which i have no hope of him doing. Another 4th place season won’t be good enough this season.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You guys seem to think 4th Place is some sort of God-given Right. If we are as terrible as you say we will be lucky to make top half.

Wenger would rather stand in the rain using a small but amazingly beautiful handkerchief as cover that he got for a bargain off eBay, or that he made himself over the years, than buy a motherfucking umbrella from the shop next to him.


Except I don’t know what is “amazingly beautiful” about the current Arsenal squad (to follow your analogy). Certainly not the way we play, which is fairly prosaic. And certainly not the play of any of our particular players, none of whom is all that outstanding. If only we were a beautiful but ineffective handkerchief! At least then we’d be something.

Double Canister

say Prosaic again – after the game against City?


This season will be even more competitive. Spurs have a better squad than last season (if they Dont sell Bale that is). After last season I said that Arsene did well, which he did,and that he must invest in the squad. I believe he will make signings but he plays it pretty close to the chest. We need a gifted striker and a DM. There are so many DMs in the market, good DMs at that. If we don’t sign Gustavo or Kondognbia (my choice) we won’t have good balance in midfield. We also need a defender.


What I find interesting is that Sp*rs brought in wassisname to support/replace Bale prior to him leaving. I doubt he’ll leave this year so they’ve got a good replacement ready for when he does go next year.

What did we do when we lost Van Persie, Fabregas and Nasri?



Andy Mack

Who’s the replacement?
I thought they’d bought a striker and a DM.


If our targets are dragging to closing day because of a disagreement over value, if anything on the day the price will increase as the seller will see or desperation and how frustrated and pissed off the fans are with aw and ig

There used to be a time when arsenal did things properly now we’re a by word for how to fuck things up

Andy Mack

Usually the selling team knows it’s the last chance to take the money (and save wages) for a player that no longer wants to play for them.
But I guess sometimes they’ll bung the price up and take the risk.


Great. 1-0 Arsenal. Permanent mediocrity here we come!

Merlin's Panini

So this trial fella Perez appears to be on the bench for the match today according to LadyArse. Could be interesting.
I also just read we’ve agreed a price with Bayern for Luiz Gustavo. If true that’ll be a decent signing but I’m not going to believe it until I see him on the website in the shirt.

Merlin's Panini

Wow! Looks like we’re tearing City a new one! It’s only a friendly but it’s nice to see.


no its not. this will re-enforce Wenger’s belief that we can challenge for the title with a squad of 16 players and we’ll finish comfortably outside the top 4 if that happens.

Andy Mack

He’s said that his squad is too thin and he’s looking to strengthen it.
The problem is that he may feel some squad players (instead of first choice) will be the answer.

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