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Rodgers questions Arsenal’s ‘class’

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has declared, not for the first time, that Luis Suarez is not for sale.

Speaking to the media about the bids for the Uruguayan, Rodgers said he was ‘confident’ Suarez would remain a Mugsmasher and that he was somewhat annoyed with Arsenal’s bid.

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there,” he told the Guardian. “For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position.

“Obviously they have an interest and they put that interest in with two bids which were nowhere near what the player is worth. That’s within their right. There is a market in football for players but from us the message is constant. We do not want to sell.”

Liverpool’s public position remains strong on this one. From John Henry’s ‘smoking’ Tweet and various declarations from the manager and club officials, it seems Rodgers is counting on his team’s top scorer being around for their new campaign.

“I’m extremely confident that Luis will be here. The offers have come in as you would expect for one of the world’s leading strikers but as time goes by I’m gaining more confidence because I have a chance to be with him on a day-to-day basis and he gets the chance to be around his team-mates. We’re in total control of the situation as a club and that’s how it will remain.

“The owners have been brilliant. If it was another club needing the money or desperate for the money it could have been a different story. But John Henry and Tom [Werner, the chairman] have been first class through the whole process, so there are no arguments there and it gives you the confidence they are not in any hurry to sell because they understand we are trying to build here.”

It doesn’t look as if there’ll be a speedy resolution to this one, and it’s all getting a bit fraught despite Arsene Wenger’s desire to find an amicable conclusion to the summer’s biggest transfer drama.

Still, it’s a bit much for Rodgers to questions Arsenal’s ‘class’ just because they made a bid for a Liverpool player. Especially when you’re in charge of a club who wore t-shirts to support a man guilty of making racist remarks at an opponent.

The man we’re trying to buy.



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Have to admit the +1Lb bid stinks of inside information on Arsenals part and if it were another club bidding 1Lb over the release (or not) clause in one of our players contracts there would be much hysteria.

It looks a dangerous game Arsenal are playing, they could easily get burned in so many ways

Master Bates

maybe the release clause was common knowledge like Ba’s . Anyway paying 40 MILLION for a player is not disrespectful


Exactly, if there’s anything wrong with our bid then the same could be said about Liverpool’s for Diego Costa.


Why does everyone focus on the 1 and not the 40 MILLION that went with it…


So true. The press, and the rivals fans who let the press think for them, think that the £1 extra is ‘cheeky’, so it gets all the attention. I’ve even heard it put that this represents Wenger’s characteristic stinginess, which is so incredibly bizarre I don’t even know where to begin. Actually, I do know where to begin: If the contract stipulates any bid over £40m triggers a clause (putting aside what’s in the clause), then paying any more than £1 to do so is flat out stupid, and in fact this is just what the press (and the rival… Read more »

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

They should have bid a penny over £40 million.

Manchester Gooner

That’s funny.

However, if Liverpool ignored the £1, then no fucking clause was triggered.


There’s more to this than you think, exemplified by the fact that Suarez and his reps are considering legal action or Premier League intervention or a transfer request. There is no way the clause was simply to “let Suarez know of a bid.” That’s ridiculous. It may also be that the clause we triggered is dependent on us qualifying for the Champions League, which means we’ll have to wait until August 28th to get him. The reason we can leave the bid as is, is because there is no other club after him. We just have to wait until August… Read more »


Clauses are there so agents can let interested parties know if their player wants out, maybe not officially but everyone in football knows this is the case before agreeing to one. Don’t see anyone bidding £10m more than a release clause just to show “class”.


£ not lb, thankyou


No, I think it was £40m and 4 quarter pounder with cheese meals for Jay Spearing.

Eboue's Hairbrush

I like to think if it were accepted, they would have paid the £1 in 1p pieces.


There is a £ key, you know.


Not on our keyboards. We have the good old $ 🙂


Get .new. keyboard.


mate, your ‘dot’ key seems to be a bit jumpy!


If you’re using a non-British keyboard, I believe you can still produce a pound sterling symbol with Alt+0163 (or Option+3 on Macs)…or you can copy and paste from someone else’s text…

Here: £

Go for it!


On my keyboard it shows up as a #…

…oh pound me silly, I’ve made a hash of it now.

Entre Dans La

You British “lot” sure do complain about a ton of shite. Twitter has exposed to a huge group of whiny Arsenal fans. I mean there are some real anal a-holes on twitter

£ < $


It’s Brenda in the news everyday mouthing off not Arsène. The same Brenda that talks about 40m +1 like it’s just 20 cents. Now she’s talking class? Bitch please!


brenda’s the one who’s been talking about the Suarez deal. I really wish we had more choices than Suarez though. I agree his a top player but really Arsenal????? Is he the only cookie in your cookie jar???

Bendtner+Park+Chamack = Benparch

This, to me, is wit.

Brenda Rogers

My husband’s name is Brendan, you know, with an “n”?

Manchester Gooner (RustyGun)

I think so, too.

Behind the scene, fuck Liverpool and fuck us. All cunts.

But to show it the public, adding £1 to £40m has just given them the chance to throw shit on us.

Why not £41m?

I know £1m may buy one or two Parks, but out of the total amount it doesn’t make much difference.

Andy Mack

Who made the ‘£1’ public knowledge?

Manchester Gooner (RustyGun)

It’s really a war there. Do you think they invented the £1 extra?


But it looked like we did it.

Whether it was there to say “Fuck you” to Liverpool, I don’t know.


It was there because it triggered some clause in his contract.

Tell me something: If you went to a shop to buy a new stereo and were told that ANYTHING more than £100 would get you the stereo, would you pay £100.01, or £105? You’d be pretty stupid to part with £4.99 if .01 could do the same job.

It’s not cheeky what Arsenal did. It’s smart, and by the way, it was Liverpool, not Arsenal, that made the bid public, and they have the gall to talk about class.

Manchester Gooner

why the fuck didn’t we bid 40m+1 penny? We still wasted 99pence.

If it’s true we made a bid like that, then things behind the scene are dirty to me.


…err, are you serious? £1 is about equivalent to a penny in the scale of things here, and besides, it is common in such agreements to offer 1 full dollar or pound sterling more in order to conclude the deal, not 1 penny, which is considered ungentlemanly.

I think you’re having trouble with this idea of £1 and its significance. Waste of 99p? Please don’t be silly. You know perfectly well why it was £1 and not one penny, and £1 instead of £5m.

Manchester Gooner

to conclude the deal? not even in negotiation yet.

For me, giving one penny more to buy a stereo is not gentlemanly, at all.

I have never seen or heard of any bid like that for a good footballer.

My anger about this is that, it gave Liverpool the chance to bring the media to ridicule us.

Of course, it is inappropriate to make it public. But, it’s really a bad idea to bid like that.

Manchester Gooner

No, I don;t know the significance of 1pound is.

Somebody even asked why didn;t we pay 10mln more then the initially agreed price to get Higuain. And now you told me to be smart and act like a gentleman by giving 1pound extra.

Of course I know 40m+1quid is higher than 40m only. Whatever it triggered is not the point.


You’re getting really hung up on this. It’s clear you don’t understand why we offered this extra pound, and are hung up on quibbling about a stereo analogy (okay, then £101 instead of £100.01, happy? the point is the same. Happy?). You seem to think offering this extra quid was a lack of class. It wasn’t. It was smart business. Whatever it triggered is not the point, but what IS the point is that it did, or was supposed to, trigger something.That’s the whole point of it. You can’t dismiss the trigger as besides the point while at the same… Read more »

Manchester Gooner

I am not “hellbent” on finding reasons to blame Arsenal.

You told me not to care about media. So, why do Arsenal need to have good PR?

I made my point extremly clear, that the bid gave Liverpool the opportunity to paint us in the bad light. Whether they are bad cunts, I don’t care.


Honestly, if that’s what you’re concerned about (giving Liverpool an excuse “to paint us in a bad light”), I’d let it go. It’s really, really not worth caring what Brendan Rodgers or the Daily Star say about our bid or our club. Besides, Rodgers and John Henry have made themselves look like fools in their public comments (might as well ask Henry what Liverpool were smoking when they signed Carroll for £35m), while Wenger has been very professional throughout. If there are no other bidders for Suarez, then there is no reason to offer more than what is required to… Read more »

Gareth Murray

The apparent “release clause” had been widely reported in the media. Probably put there by Suarez’s agents, I mean it’s not the first time he’s engineered a move away from a club.

If there is indeed a 40million + get on clause in his contract then why on earth would anyone offer more if they’re the only one’s bidding.


Yeah he really looks like he wants to stay too.. If that’s not a “Get me the fuck out of here face” I don’t know what is. But it’s understandable that a club that paid 20m for Downing and 36m for Carrol thinks Suarez is worth 80m


I was totally against the deal a couple of weeks ago but ehh the idea of Suarez joining us is becoming more and more appealing, well to me at least. Plus im sure his get me the fuck out of here face will turn into one of thirst and desire when he sees Girouds abs of steel, if we can channel that thirst into match performances…epl title come at us.


The problem here is Brenda still thinks
he’s managing a club at the top. the
man is not even fit to mention Arsene
or Arsenal. could not hold up a candle
to what Arsene has done yet he blabs
as if they’re equals. He thought he had
furthered his career by moving to
Liverpool from Swansea but he now
realises that’s not the case. he’s putting
on a “big manager”show for the press
but I bet in the confines of his home
he breaks down to the reality that he’s


We’re talking of the guy with the mean and moody portrait of himself on his wall at home, I doubt he feels average, even if the rest of the football world know he’s a plank.

Eboue's Hairbrush

+1 Fencegooner. The phrase I keep hearing is “Liverpool is just as big a club, if not bigger than Arsenal”. Funny that as we’ve been in the Champions League now how many years running? I know they’ve one it, but they’re a distinctly average top half team run by a guy who looks like he’s been run over by the ugly bus.


I agree, it does seem a little bit shady. However, Blogs makes a good point, in that Rodgers is defending a known racist/diver.

But, I think the main point here is that AW seems to have missed the train with Higuaín; if we had actually signed him when we could have, we wouldn’t have to even bear all this tug-of-war, drama and anxiety that this transfer window has devolved into.
But hey, what do I know?


Suarez would be a much better buy than Higuain, if only for the fact that he wouldn’t just be a similar (though perhaps better, time will tell) striker than Giroud. and if memory serves me well, we were also loud about how a certain skunk wants to stay with us, being happy etc.. we all know how that ended. finally, concerning him being a kukluxer, i thing this has been totally blown out of proportions. he’s probably quite stupid and very impulsive, and gave others chance to be hurt with that. in terms of race, he’s belonged to minorities ever… Read more »


the only way this is going to end is we end up buying no-one.if arsenal were to spend 50mil,they would have made the bid by now or unless suarez hands in a transfer request;if they delay this any longer RM will come and sweep Suarez off his feet.


if we bid 50 they would still whine about how insulting it was


50m will not get us Suarez. Liverpool seem to be holding firm and are very aware that selling to us will give them no chance of ever catching us, if they had a chance that is…


That’s why I said it can go bad in so many ways, If I were Liverpool I would not sell our best player to a direct rival, can understand why Wenger thinks they would, seeing as he sold United Van Persie.

Not only does Liverpool not want to sell to us but you can bet that both Saurez and Liverpool would rather he went to RM, the longer this drags on the more likely that becomes. They would probably sell to RM for 35M


RM are more intent on sweeping Gareth Bale off his feet (which shouldn’t be a problem given Bale’s feet get swept from under him by air, grass blades, and imagined feet). I highly doubt they will spend £40m+ on Suarez after £80m+ on Bale. They’ll be sorted for attackers after Bale. City are sorted for strikers, Chelsea are after Rooney, Tottenham just bought Soldado, PSG are sorted for strikers, Monaco just took Cavani, Barca just bought Neymar, and Madrid have prioritized Bale… We’re the only club in for Suarez (willing to spend what he’s roughly worth), so I’m relatively confident… Read more »


I agree – the +1£ looks to have come about because someone (Suarez’s agent?) let Arsenal believe there was a release clause so they could snaffle a world class player with little to no bargaining. It’s not the bid Rodgers is saying lacks class, it’s the curveball attempt to sneak away their best player. Turns out the someone was off the mark/using an Arsenal bid as a feeler for Madrid or the like so they can sweep in with a more appropriate bid. Arsenal are coming off as mugs either way and looking mighty naive too. Regardless of Suarez’s ability,… Read more »


how do you know it’s ironclad ? cause liverpool said so ? god I hope you don’t trust every person with a vested interest as gods-honest. or if you do, let me sell you a bridge. there is definitely a clause in his contract (confirmed by liverpool) which, irrespective of who you believe, becomes effective for any bid over 40 million. So why bid any more ? Do you pay more than the sticker price for stuff when you go to the shops ? it also appears that the clause has something to do with liverpool’s champions league qualification vs… Read more »


your point is like a strikers clinical finish:-)


i’d like to be sold a bridge. not wayne, though.

Hank Scorpio

This is the same guy who walked out on Swansea at his earliest convenience & went back on an agreement not to poach anyof their players, albeit he blew a load of money on Joe Allen?


yep, that’s the same hypocrite


Fuck off Brendan Rogers, so we bid £40m and that’s not showing class, would you prefer some oil sheikh or some arms trafficker to bid £100m for Suarez? Absolutely nobody from our side talked publicly about Suarez, just a couple of Daily Mail reports went along with our two bids and that’s not showing class? Fuck off back to eating rats


Used to feel a bit sorry for them the past few years, vilified by the media because of Suarez, taking eternal stick from plastic Manure fans who have finally won more titles (the vast majority of plastic fans don’t even know how many). Now you can fuck off the direction of Stoke and get 15th next season


Yeah, and taking a dig at Arsenal by stating that Liverpool (who haven’t been in the CL for years now) are a bigger club than us is very classy, you stupid fuck.

Brian Mendoza

If the ‘shopped header was supossed to be “clown”, that would be payaso. Not paiaso.


not a proffesional footballer

Arsenal made 2 bids, didn’y big a story up, players don’t talk about it (except if asked directly like wilshere did by Mcmanaman on saturday), Wenger being discreet about it, and he’s still complaining? The only news about Suarez have come from Liverpool, Gerrard, John ‘Smokin” Henry, Brendan ‘I have a potrait of myself in the study’ Rodgers. I mean, c’mon…

not a proffesional footballer

Arsenal made 2 bids, didn’t big a story up, players don’t talk about it (except if asked directly like Wilshere did by Mcmanaman on saturday), Wenger being discreet about it, and he’s still complaining? The only news about Suarez have come from Liverpool, Gerrard, John ‘Smokin” Henry, Brendan ‘I have a potrait of myself in the study’ Rodgers. I mean, c’mon…
Let’s be honest, it’s up to Suarez now.


It’s not Arsenal leaking and bleating out every detail of this saga like a 10-year-old child.


exactly !! nor was it the owner of arsenal that tweeted an insult like a bored teenager. Now that’s classy.


What is wrong with this cleft palate mong? The only people talking about the transfer are Liverpuddle, until the weekend Arsenal haven’t said shit. Just because Madrid are scandalous crooks willing to throw 100m at a monkey in white clothing doesn’t make Suarez worth a dime more than 40m (well, maybe a pound extra but no more). 40m for a habitually suspended biter and serial bannee is more of a bargain than any facially disfigured gibbering Irish mutant could possibly need. Fuck this guy and his has-been club.


sorry, but using “cleft palate” as some kind of insult it a really shitty thing to do

please educate yourself on the matter




don’t think you’re in a position to comment on how other people behave if all you can do is throw ignorant personal abuse at people

Andy Mack

I hadn’t noticed a cleft palate.
Who are you talking ablout?

Harish P

Business is business, if that +£1 released Suarez somehow a large portion of our fans would be bowled over with glee. When money is involved, all businesses will take any info to what they’re informed to be an advantage. The classless ones here are Liverpool for even trying to make us out like bad guys for wanting a player they weren’t even confident initially who would stay, and the shambolic way they speak about Arsenal and how we are being silly about a badly behaved, 6-game missing footballer, talent or not. If they were about class, they would have their… Read more »


rodgers is correct. it is classless and very un-arsenal to be doing this. how many times have we complained about other clubs doing it to us? hopefully this is the end of it now and i can stop having nightmares about seeing that odious little troll in an arsenal shirt…


He’s not correct at all. We have bid on a player, like everyone in the world does. Nobody sits there patiently waiting until the contract is expired and then calls and attempts to buy. I suspect you may be a fellow cleft palate mong, or just a troll.


enough already with this “cleft palate” insult, its a very bigoted and stupid thing to say


You made your point, I registered your complaint and now you can remain silent.

North Bank Gooner

Better to have a cleft palate than a bigoted uneducated moronic one that talks shite. And dont bother even responding beNZed, I knew what you would say before you uttered it, registered that it was total bollox and kindly ask you to remove your tongue with a blunt rusty implement.



completely and utterly wrong. Please list in clear english how the management, board, players or pro-arsenal media (ha!) have in any way acted in a comparable manner to Barca or any of the other clubs that you’re implying we have behaved like.


Yes how dare we bid on a player… Actually now I think about it that IS rather un-Arsenal like these days.

But be clear on something: It’s Liverpool who made the bid public and turned it into a media circus, not us.

Thierry Bergkamp

I really don’t see what the fuss is about regarding meeting the release clause, doesn’t it happen all the time? Aren’t Liverpool doing it themselves with that Costa bloke? The only difference here seems to be how poorly it’s been worded, no-one knows that it means, and the bid has to greater than a certain amount rather than equal to an amount. If the contract had stipulated a bid of £40m and that’s what we had bid then no-one would’ve kicked-up a fuss.

Regardless, the clause exists so why would we bid anymore than stated? Rogers is an idiot.


amen. A (properly worded) release clause is exactly the same as putting a price sticker on something. You legally have to sell X players for Y price. Then it’s up to agreeing the personal terms with the player.

To everyone whinging about the +1 pound clause, ask yourself how many times you’ve gone into a store and handed over extra $$ beyond what the price on the shelf was. It’s madness to suggest paying more than you have to is somehow classy


Liverpool’s owners tweet that Arsene must be smoking crack.
And now Rodgers is saying we’re the classless ones?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we made 2 bids for a player.
It’s summer, the transfer window is open, that’s what clubs are meant to do.

And it was them who leaked the news to the press.

Fuck off Rodgers, you massive, massive cock.

Black Hei

Them leaking the news and talking up trash is good news. It means they are trying to create publicity for Suarez’s eventual sale.


massive massive cock…isn’t that too much praise?


I haven’t wanted this guy in an Arsenal shirt because of the baggage he brings but now after Rodgers talking from his anus I really hope we sigh him ASAP and Rodgers has to eat his words.

Dave the Minoin.

It’s £s not lbs you Muppets!

Adam, Watford

Dave, I sympathise but it’s the internet. These things will keep happening.



Black Hei

On the other hand, if we have a 40 million pounds GK, he will clearly be invincible.

Arshavin's Dietician

It’s minion, not minoin.

Who’s the Muppet?

Terrys ballz to baloteli's booth

Rogers whines ,every one knows his balls are missing, thats ‘classless’

Indonesian Gooner

Big coming from a club that treat their neighbors poorly to expand their stadium. Liverpool have this ugly sense of self entitlement..I hope they become a permanent mid table club


you mean they aren’t already ?


the classless bit is us bidding any money whatsoever for that type of person. the embarrassing bit is concentrating on him when we let Higuain get away. not classless, but hopeless!

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Arsene is waiting for the team to qualify for the CL first and then go full scale attack in the transfer market(sounds hilarious). If Arsene wants players like Fellaini, Williams, Bernard or Suarez; the top priority will be to secure the CL place and then use it as the bait to lure the CL deprived players. I am sure once the CL spot will be secured we might see influx of some quality players. I just hope these miserable twats wont screw this one up and easily win the CL spot. And if I were to suggest any signing for… Read more »


Who do you mean by “miserable twats”? If you mean the Arsenal players then fuck off – the position we’re in as a club is not in the least their fault. I’m struggling to think who else you could mean…

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!


yup…its not the fault of players. Perhaps its not even the fault of the manager and his staffs or the boards. Sure as fuck its not the fault of fans either.
Lets blame the UFOs and the aliens for the situation we’re in. Damn these lousy miserable aliens who made us lose all the Cup tournaments and the league trophies with their highly sophisticated invisible mind controlling powers. HAPPY!!!


Blame the board or the manager if you wish, but to blame and describe our players as “miserable twats” gets you (in a Morissette-ironic way) a 9/10 on Dickther scale of Miserable Twattishness.


spot on mate..once players pass that line, its up to them…unless we demand of the manager to put his boots on and play. managers coach and players win games.


4th place has made it difficult. We can’t attract the best because they want to play ECL and till we qualify they won’t come to help us qualify, if you get what I mean. We are gonna have to rely on who we have to qualify plus any one who is prepared to come earlier. But we want only those who are good enough to play ECL not those who see Arsenal as long term highly paid career choice ie Squilacci Arshavin Bendtner etc. I think a couple will come early eg Cesar because he already played for QPR. But… Read more »

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

According to Brendan Rodgers… “The [Liverpool] owners have been first class through the whole process”.

Since when is considered ‘first-class’ to make references to smoking marijuana on Twitter?


Why are Liverpool the Mugsmashers? Rodgers got cheek talking about class, he walked out on his Swansea contract.


It’s a long, complicated mugsmashing story. The year was 1953, blah blah blah. A boy, who is a liverpool fan, smashed a mug….yada yada yada……the mugsmashers are born…

I’m sure you get the general drift.


On the one hand he says “… our message is constant. We do not want to sell.” On the other … Give us the same as Real Madrid is supposedly paying for Bale and we’d be happy. Then there’s the John “what are they smoking” Henry has class and Arsene Wenger hasn’t. And he has the nerve to talk about playing games. This is just for the consumption of Liverpool supporters and no one else. Arsenal fans understand Rodgers’ position all-too-well. If he loses Suarez he’s done for. This isn’t about Suarez, it’s about Rodgers’ brief career at Anfield. Besides,… Read more »


Blogs brother is a Liverpool fan and smashed Blogs’ Arsenal mug years ago hence ….. drum roll …. Liverpool are the “Mugsmashers”. 🙂 Oh, and Brenda Rogers is a first class(less) twat for all the reasons stated in this thread and more.


Did he not smash his own Liverpool mug?

Gareth Murray

Is that what it is………..hahahaha. I’ve accidentally been calling the scousers mugwashers on another forum, Going to have to stay off these Mojitos.

Dial square

Suarez has to hand in a transfer request, simple as that. He either want’s to join us or he doesn’t, even Brenden Rodgers, being the massive twat that he is, know’s that once a player hands in a transfer request there is only ever going to be one outcome. And since when has it been about “class”? I would imagine buying a multi million player is a sneaky, dirty, underhand buisiness, with both sides trying to gain the high ground, so fuck Liverpool, we’ve suffered enough over the years with clubs tapping up our players, but I honestly believe that… Read more »

Bendtner's ego

Hand in a transfer request???

And lose any % of the sell fee that the player would have received for the deal???

You speak of lunacy, man!


If he really wants to move for football reasons then I don’t think money from a lollity bonus would stop him but I could be wrong as I often am.

Andy Mac

Why are people going on about the £1. Forty million pounds is too much money to spend on the crazy idiot anyway. Besides do we really want Suarez, can’t we get a player with a better temperament, with the same skills. I’m sure there’s a player out there.
Oh, and not to be too picky, but the bubble caption on the photo, should read ‘payaso’ not ‘paiaso’. Who is Suarez referring to, himself or Rogers?

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

‘Besides do we really want Suarez, can’t we get a player with a better temperament, with the same skills. I’m sure there’s a player out there.’

I’m sure there is but the fans wouldn’t give him a chance to succeed unless he is a big name and costs upwards of £20 million.

I got thumbed down heavily for posting something along these lines a while back but I honeslty see serious fan rage occuring if we don’t bring in a big name, ‘proven’ striker.

Harry rednapps dog

Rodgers is a puppet for the yanks and did the scouse bastards just not activate Diego costas clause. All arsenal did was put an offer in that surpassed Suarezs buy out clause by a pound. I think the cuunts should take our money and fix that shambles of a shed they call anfield. Is it me or is there a year round flood on the shed roof


beNZed, are you from New Zealand? If I called you a Kiwi mutant, would that be racist? Because, for me referring to someone’s race or colour is racist. You lack class

Bendtner's ego

FYI – for American keyboard users:

holding down the alt key + typing 0163 on the “numeric pad” will get you the £ symbol.


No need to show-off. But then, heh, you are named Bendtner’s ego, so it’s ok.


I suppose we should go through the trouble of finding the pound character so that your delicate sensibilities are not offended by the use of Lb. The horror!

coming up next, the correct way to spell color and tire.

Andy Mack

Or you could use the international code of GBP.
At least that refers to money rather than weight.


Someone please get Brendan Rodgers on twitter.. PLEASE!!!


That would involve a small degree of intelligence on his behalf so no chance then!


It is very difficult to see your beloved club lectured about class by a man who wears a tracksuit top like that…


Micko – you had me doubting myself then so I googled Mugsmasher … 🙂


Apologies my friend your knowledge on this matter is superior 🙂


suarez is coming


…round the mountain when he comes


After we qualify for the ECL

fel the gooner

Guys i dont fricking know anymore. the bid does stink hadcwe offered maybe e.g. 45/50m straight up maybe liverpool would have sold last month now that transfers are going sky-high i just cant see ut happening. yes suarez has baggage i understand that but on the pitch he is immense and players are afraid of how good he is we havent had that type of player since henry in all fairness. nit comparing or anything i guess i just want us to mean something again coz all i know is i spent £160 on tickets for this weekend plus extra… Read more »


I would never say I was ashamed of the club disappointed yes but never ashamed.


I’d really like us to go to Anfield and blast that bloated self-righteous cloud that Rodgers is resting on to pieces.


Brenda needs to shut up. Arsenal have mentioned Suarez by name only a couple of times, Wilshere was asked about him. And Arsene only recently acknowledged our interest in him and that we made a bid. Arsenal haven’t mentioned at all how the negotiatons are going or what is holding them up. It is Liverpool who mentioned £40,000,001 amount. It is Liverpool who have been coming up with almost daily statements on Suarez for the past 2-3 weeks. Rodgers is trying to stand up in front of the media and show his fans that he cares and won’t let Suarez… Read more »


How does this deal have any relation to VanPursie? If they accept, they accept. If they don’t, its their own problem to deal with a want-away player. Suarez CLEARLY wants out, same as Cesc wanted to go back home, same as VanPursie betrayed us… You do not pay over the odds for a player who will not be willing to play for the selling club


Nah why risk spending £50m on a player who wants out? the longer this plays out the longer liverpools hands will be forced and eventually we could get him for a compromise deal of around £42m.

or or Madrid will pay even lesser money and get suarez. Liverpool id assume prefer he went abroad. basically they are baiting Madrid and we could be left out in the cold with sanogo.


I haven’t see a lack of class from is not like the Park signing where we hijacked him from another deal.

But arsenal will look like clowns if they don’t manage to sign Suarez


The problem here is Brenda still thinks he’s managing a club at the top. the man is not even fit to mention Arsene or Arsenal. could not hold up a candle to what Arsene has done yet he blabs as if they’re equals. He thought he had furthered his career by moving to Liverpool from Swansea but he now realises that’s not the case. he’s putting on a “big manager”show for the press but I bet in the confines of his home he breaks down to the reality that he’s just AVERAGE!


Well, I would also question the class of any club bidding on a player like Suarez.

Signing him goes against some of the very essence of the Arsenal – or making a Robert Johnson, if you like.


Rodgers is hamming it up for the Liverpool fans. He comes across as an idiot but he’s playing for his audience. The majority lap that shit up.


We should bid more often for our rival’s players. The appeal of playing for Arsenal huge. Imagine how many top players would choose Arsenal if “financially” the terms were the same…

I think we should strategically start bidding for United, Chelski and Citeh players, and let the media circus truly begin! Suarez is about to hand in a transfer request due to our interest, so lets fuck everyone else up! 🙂

Merlin's Panini

When will Brendan Rodgers shut his deluded mouth? He’s a big time Charlie with a face like the most boring koala in the world. He’s trying to fool everyone he’s a human but I’ve got him sussed.


The lack of irony from Liverpool is astounding.


I think Brendan Rogers is really cool. And his lifesize self portrait in his living room is really classy.

Merlin's Panini

where’s that sarcasm font when you need it.


Arsenal have Class and lots of balls.. I mean – Bidding £40 mil plus one..

Liverpool : We want more..

Arsenal : More you say..

Liverpool : Yes.. Give us more..

Arsenal : Here have a £1.. Will that suffice??

Liverpool : *#@&@*#&$*#@&$*#@

Oh I love Arsenal..


This deal is never going to happen. Liverpool are adamant they do not want to sell. We do not want to bid more than we already have. John Cross at the Mirror relentlessly puts out articles about it as if the clubs are locked in negotiations. We bid like 2 weeks ago. Nothing has happened since then. Brendan is however showing his naivety and inexperience as a manager by rising to these media started rumors and chatting bullshit at the press every day. I bet they’re all sitting there sniggering at the fact he spews more shit every day giving… Read more »

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