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Wenger: Vermaelen up and running

Arsene Wenger has revealed positive news about club captain Thomas Vermaelen confirming the Belgian is up and running following the stress fracture to his back.

The centre-back didn’t play any part in Arsenal’s pre-season preparations and is still a month or so away from competitive action but has stepped up his rehab by moving from the gym to the playing pitch.

“He is out running,” Wenger told Arsenal Player on his return from Turkey.

“He’s on the pitches again. But there’s still a good few weeks to go for him to get his fitness. We have Nacho back and Thomas soon back so that’s all good news for us.”

In further good news it sounds as though Laurent Koscielny will be fit for the return leg of the Champions League despite the nasty kick he received to the head.

“He’s like a boxer who had a hard fight the night before; lots of blood around his eye and a deep cut.

“He is suspended for Saturday [against Fulham] anyway but let’s hope he recovers for next Tuesday [against Fenerbahce]. It will be short because the cut is very deep. Hopefully it will be alright.”

While Abou Diaby, Mikel Arteta and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain remain sidelined for the foreseeable future, Ryo Miyaichi looks as though he could start challenging for a first team place soon.

“He is back in full training now. He will be involved this season in the first-team squad. Hopefully very soon because he’s now getting fit.”

Presumably Ryo’s future at the club will depend on any transfer activity in the next couple of weeks. The youngster needs regular first team football at the highest level and aside from Capital One Cup outings its tough to see that happening at the Emirates right now.

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Wenger's Waterbottle

Nothing can stop the Verminator.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Except a 4-6 week injury that put him out for 12 months


i think people have signed off vermaelen too soon, just because he had a bad season and the mertescielny partnership seems near perfect, doesn’t mean kos-vermalen and meteseacker -vermaelen can’t be perfect too…….. there are a lot of tactics and styles involved in football, and wenger and his coaching staff anre more than capable to make all the three combinations of our three primary center-halves work good for us, even if vermalen cdoesn’t change his defnec style…….


btw, Mr. Blogs, the new addidtion of past results and upcoming fixtures is quite nice and useful……


is it just me or has that annoying bar at the bottom been given the old boot as well?


Loving the results/match bar and losing that pissy thing at the bottom.
Best blog around.

fooled you all

how easily please some Arsene supporters are – ” the mertescielny partnership seems near perfect, ”


there is a reason i said “near perfect” instead of perfect….

jack jack jack

Thank fuck for that.


Praise The Lord!! He’s “like a new signing”


Fingers crossed for no setbacks now. The positive atmosphere within the team can only help reintegrate him when he’s back

King Henry XIV

That’s a whole lotta LANS baby! Can’t wait for Arsene press conference bingo this week.


Q: Will you be signing a defender?

W: We will try, but only if it is top, top quality, and only if it is better than what we already have; but don’t forget Thomas Vermaelen will be back in a few weeks. At the moment, there is nothing. Completely nothing. So utterly and completely and essentially nothing that I’m starting to think Aristotle was wrong about voids. But I will let you know. You will be the first to know about what sandwich I had for lunch.


It’s good news week.


verminator and mertesacker is a good partnership for the meantime


Haha he is like a new signing

New Haven Gooner

Good to see the captain back on the right track. Hopefully he can have a bounce back season after struggling at points last year.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Anyone know why we can’t appeal the red card decision for Kos the boss?
The first yellow was a fair tackle and the second I can’t even tell if he actually touched Weimann.
So rubbish that the Anthony Taylor has been demoted.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Can’t challenge yellow cards, even when you get two of them to create a red

jack jack jack

You can’t appeal suspensions that come from yellows, only straight reds. One more stupid, pain in the arse rule that needs to be updated.

Toby C

I wonder if he could do a job for us as a defensive mid? And obviously cb if needed 🙂


not a bad idea, i mean he has got passing capabilities, but the problem is that arsnal use only three midfielders, and evry one of them needs to be quick and very capable in midfield play to make our style of play work……
but arsene has produced tactical masterpieces before, so cannont count it out of hand….

bryan green

what quick like arteta ramsey and wiltshire


Nope, dont think hes comfortable keeping the ball under pressure….thats more important for a DM, IMO…

Toby C

True, he would be good at breaking up play, making tackles, protecting the back four. There are a lot of times I’ll take some of that rather than someone who can keep the ball under pressure, leave that to wilshere, ramsey et al


I can imagine him doing a job alongside Arteta or Ransmey in a game we needed to close down. Wenger turned Petit from a defender to a hard tackling defensive midfield and I can’t see why he couldn’t do the same here. I think Petit may have been a better passer of the ball though but except for that they seem to have similar qualities. I can also see him becoming a utility player, switching between centreback, leftback and defensive midfield when needed.


Is it true we signed falmini???? Pleaseee let it beeeeeee trueee!!!!!!

Glen Helders soul-glo

Why, he is not the player he used to be.

Perhaps Wenger can bring some old magic out of him but there are better options


He is exactly the player we need at Arsenal can you not see that? On a free means we can spend reinforcing other areas, he left the Arsenal yes, but he is a quality player and barring his inury problems is quality! more disciplined than any CM’s we have got in the squad at the moment. If we have signed Flamini then this is good news!!

Bolarinwa Mayowa

I would love to see some rotation at the cd once TV5 is back, something like the kieranacho combo. With arteta and rambo shielding the back 4 and the rest of the guys ready to defend as a team, we’ll be ok. TV5′ s just too preciouse to lose, he’s a great profesional.


I don’t particularly like the way this article ended with the piece on Rio. Why can’t Arsenal have asolid bench players like any big team? Look at chelsea’s bench last week’s first game in comparison to Arsenals for crying out loud!


“Sometimes, the suffering in your life, if you turn it in a positive way, can be helpful.” —Wenger , 2013-08-22.

What a word there the Prof.


We’ve got a big fucking german.
Whilst I appreciate this isnt relevant I felt it was needed.

Richie Waweru

Ryo has come back into the frame due to Ox’s injury. I was hoping he’d go on loan in the Prem coz he’s a great talent.


Up and running to Napoli! Haha sorry I read an article about Napoli wants him. Any ways I hope he can play for us soon.


“Up and running.” He makes him sound like a machine or software. Maybe all he needed to return to form was an update.


Vermaelen is a machine!!!!!

It Is What It Is



Its the V100 verminator


I like Ryo as a player. Hopefully he can get a good run of games.


Club Captain not even a first pick….unheard of. Not good enough then, is he.


Have you heard of non playing captain? Verminator is one. Arsenal don’t do usual things. They do things the Arsenal way 🙂

Gunsen Gunner

Apparently we’re re-signing Flamini…the only way I’d accept that would be if he came giftwrapped with Cesc, them being best friends and all.


He’s an extremely useful (and free) back-up for Arteta. He’s versatile, adds depth in midfield and at right-back and can play the Arsenal way – the best football we’ve played since 2004 was in 2007/08 with Flamini a key player. He left in sour circumstances, but he went to a great club in a different country – I think we can forgive him now!

Tapscotts Testicles

Dont see what tbe fuss about possibly signing Flamini back is all about. Guy is quality.
Just as long as he doesnt stop Arsene getting his cheque book out because of it.


Good news wenger…. Make it better by spending some f***ing money


Vermaelen should come back faster, stronger, better. Wenger likely should bring in a CBack between 21-25yrs. koscileny, Per and Tv are all 27 and the next batch in Miquel and Hayden are under 21. Sakho is available but likely won;t want to come to us as he wants guaranteed starts. His attitude could be an issue on field. Another player who has great flexibility but has been mismanaged at the wee club in the North East is Yanga Mbiwa. He can cover across the defense but he hasn’t adapted well to the PL. Likely, Wenger will bring in someone one… Read more »


We should use Verm as a DCM – he’s got the game for that…

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I’d really like us switching to a ‘Back Three’ like the Italian national team does under Cesare Prandelli. The two Defensive Midfielders who would protect the Back Three could chosen from 1) Arteta, 2) Koscielny, 3) Ramsey, 4) Vermalen. Koscielny and Vermalen have different qualities to Arteta/Ramsey such as: – Ability/desire to provide inch-perfect 30-yard passes upfield that reach the foot of Wilshere/Cazorla’s in like 0.5 seconds. – Experience as a pure defender. – Ability to clear crosses into our box with strong headers. Alex Song was guilty at times of charging upfield irresponsibly leaving the defense vulnerable. Me thinks… Read more »


A back three doesn’t cope well in the Premier League as balls are often played in to the channels. Our midfield players are also not the best defensively. We had a back 3/5 under Rioch and it was no good.

I don’t think Arteta has the legs to play box to box anymore so sitting back and passing it about suits him better.

We bought the wrong player should have got Vertonghen … SORRY GUYS but it’s my opinion. Verm’s alright. Making him captain was a mistake. Happy he seems to be recovering but I’d rather have Mert and Kos starting. Verminator really fluffed his lines last season. Sure he deserves another chance. Let’s see what you can do. Would like to see more of his goal scoring exploits … even though that maybe is what was leaving us exposed.

[…] right back filling in and it’s really not good enough. Koscielny will be back for next week, Vermaelen is running again so that’s all right, and there’s no chance of any of them picking up a knock or a […]

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Ooh Gooner

i have not doubt verminator is a fantastic defender. He had a bad last season but honestly it was his own doing. i think if he can switch on all the 90 minutes on the pitch and doesnt run forward every time then he is definitely our best defender. kos though now has improved tremendously so those two can be world class partners in the heart of our defense. i like metersacker coz of his reading of the game and positioning which he is the best in that.

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