Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Deadline day update: Özil, Ba, Viviano

While we bring you live updates on our Transfer Deadline Day live blog, here’s the state of play involving the deals Arsenal are trying to get done and a place to discuss them.

Mesut Özil: Apparently the clubs have agreed a fee, believed be around £42m + add-ons, and the player is undergoing a medical in Munich right now.

Demba Ba: Arsenal have, according to Sky Sports, made an inquiry about the Chelsea striker. The thought is it’s a loan move with Chelsea wanting around £12m to do a permanent deal.

Emiliano Viviano: Suggestions this deal is complete and we’re just waiting on an announcement from the club. It might well be that announcements are pending the completion of other deals.

There’s been no suggestion that Arsenal are after a defender, which is a bit surprising, but, of course, if anything breaks we’ll have it for you on the live blog.

As of yet, there’s no news on outward deals involving Bendtner and Park.

Discuss away!


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Oh Arsene….. welcome back darling.


Is that thumb down from Annie Brosterhous ?


When he said top-top quality, I didn’t know he actually meant it!


Selling Ozil for half the amount they paid for Bale? What are they smoking at the Bernabeu?

Real have always been a bit mental when it comes to signing players, but this looks whacky even for them.


the man’s a connoisseur. When he asks for top-shelf, only a bergkamp or ozil will do.


Does the oracle Stuart Pearce also believe that Ozil is a “waste of money” like he said about Dennis when he was signed?

fancy another serving of crow, guv’nor?


Can there be any player with better peripheral vision than Ozil, great signing (possibly).


He literally can see passes that other player can’t.


He should defeinitely make Giroud bring out his best!


nemo in the nepture second 11 has been famous for his no-look pass for some time now


yea… Francesc Fabregas (when he was playing for Arsenal!)


I’ve never thought of it that way…. Does that mean gervinho can only see from his eyebrows down?


@shizz; this will make you even more giddy. 35 assists and 17 goals for club and country last season! come on arsene, seal the deal please!

Petit's Handbag

Weren’t showing enough ambition eh Van Persie. Well we are the one’s laughing now you cunt, hope you enjoy the Europa League next season


If ôzil comes and Bendtner fuck off, this day will be worth the long wait. Come on, please, make it happen!


Maybe they’ll just make Bendtner the tea lady for the last year of his contract.

Tapscotts Testicles

Im so happy, I could shit.

Phil macca

Ba, really, is he any better than jerkvinho and the rest?


He’s a decent player to have in your squad I think. One year loan a good deal.
Obviously our real striker targets are unavailable so there’s no point in spending 15m on an average player.

Arsene's stylist

I thumbed you up because you’re funny.


I quite like the idea of Ba coming in on loan. He won’t displace Giroud who really should be nurtured, but if Olivier needs a rest or (god forbid) gets injured, then we have a decent backup in place, who can hardly whine about being on the bench, given that he left Newcastle to do just that at Chelsea and is only on loan anyway and so has very little power. We were never going to get Suarez or Benzema, but Ba would be a decent stop gap.


Jerkvinho? Seriously? The Forehead wasn’t too good a player but he always had a good attitude and tried his best, limited as that was. He really doesn’t deserve the moniker ‘jerkvinho.’

Anyhow, with the way Giroud is playing, we don’t really need to sign anyone major (so long as he can keep it up) we just need someone good enough to go out and play during easy games to give the HFB a rest every now and then. We need squad players, and Demba Ba is pretty much that.


If the Özil deal goes through he immediately becomes our best player. That’s how huge this transfer is.


Best player in the PL?

Teri Maa Dhi

So far Cazorla is our standout player for him to play along side Ozil will only be better for them both, Jack and Ramsey will benefit greatly from Ozil signing and they will get better playing with this class of player. It will also give us more creativity going forward and more importantly extra chances on goal. Also with how unpredictable Jack’s body is at the moment it lessens the burden off of him and Ramsey and when you add Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby (*cough) and Flamini that is a fairly dynamic set of midfielders to choose from Ba coming is… Read more »


Yes exactly!! Amazing quality, good cover for each position and just about the right number of players for the team. As neither the Ozil nor the Ba deal is officially completed yet I will not say a fucking thing, but I am preparing for the possibility of apologising for all of my sarcastic jibes of frustration this summer. Please make this happen!!!!!!


all those fans calling for wenger to leave are muppets. We do have a fairly deep squad, it’s just that a lot of it is injured. All it takes is one big signing and they’re singing wengers name, acting as though they had faith all along smh


If Wenger leaves at this very moment who the hell would be our manager? Harry Redknapp? I don’t think that wenger should leave, but I do think he has to do better and start signing players in the summer next time

Gunner Life

I kind of agree, i think Ozil gives us that little bit of magic that we have missed since Cesc left. Santi has done a great job but Mesut is a more attacking midfielder, or even a false nine. I think the Flamini signing (though reactive to our situation) was a great bit of business, even though he was a bit off the pace against the spuds he was fighting for every ball and really screaming at people to take their positions ( I thought he was like a Duracell Bunny, every ball the Spuds tried to put through saw… Read more »

Good Omens

And as we all know expect the unexpected, I have a very strong feeling that there is still something that is going to come completely out of left field, maybe I’m deluding myself (chances are), but history of this day convinces me otherwise.
Basically its all eyes focused on the circus till the very last moment. I’m actually as excited as ripping the Christmas paper off my AT-AT in 1984.

jack jack jack

A Bergkamp-esque game-changer if it goes through. A signing that could really elevate us to a level with the best clubs in the world – we will, in my mind, have the best midfield in the league.


Ozil doesn’t play in midfield but your point is well taken

jack jack jack

Pray tell, where does he play then? In goal?




Do you even watch football?? He doesn’t play in midfield?? You got to be joking, right? Right??

Der Springer

I like Chelsea’s creative trio of Mata, Hazard, and Oscar with the likes of Lampard providing the experience but, if Ozil was to sign, I really think our midfield would eclipse them as the top in the PL. Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini (and I am probably missing someone obvious) would have everything going for it. Creativity, depth, flexibility, experience…
Even if we remain a little light up front (not in quality but quantity) the team could get away with a Barcelona style attack that sometimes has no conventional striker in it.


Diaby…. Just kidding. The OX!


Trio? you think mourinho can even think of having 3 creative midfielders in 11. That wouldnt be mourinho now, would it?


Would we prefer Ozil to Mata? I was hoping we’d get Mata but Ozil is a player!

Now get us a striker and and CB then spend what money we have left injecting bees into shite heart lane air conditioning system.


mata and cazorla are too similiar. given we have cazorla, ozil to my mind is a much better signing than mata

Der Springer

I don’t think we need a CB. Mert and Kos have proved to be top, top, top quality. Sagna seems to be very good there as well. Vermaelen has shown a drop in form but that may prove to be temporary. He is as good as any third or forth choice CB. He didn’t get the nickname “The Verminator” and get promoted to captain for nothing.


Cazorla and Mata are very different – Cazorla much more involved in general midfield play, Mata a final-third specialist.

Mata and Ozil are more comparable in style, but there’s no comparison in quality. Ozil’s a once-in-a-generation player.


I really see no use in buying a CB, we’ll be just wasting our $. Wenger has clearly changed his philosophy to squad numbers (thus his recent deceleration that he wants versatile players). Including Sagna we have 4 quality CB’s, I really don’t see the need for 5. And if it came down to Sagna having to fill in (as he did recently), I personally see it as a positive in that Jenkinson sees more playing time/opportunity to develop that he otherwise wouldn’t have. In addition to Ozil, I would like to see a tricky winger (who can dribble and… Read more »


Pinch me

In Arsene We Always Trusted

The majority of the ire directed towards Wenger this summer and prior stems not from any footballing incompetence, but from his apparent stubbornness. Tactically, or “footballistically”, Le Prof has few peers.

I always knew he’d boss it again someday, somehow. But Mesut Ozil? My word…


If a person thinks he is right, doesnt compromise on it and more often than not is proved right in the end, is that stubbornness, or conviction?

In Arsene We Always Trusted

You make a very good point, and it’s one that I wholeheartedly agree with. His “apparent” stubbornness was a poor attempt at highlighting the media’s short-sightedness.

jack jack jack

Our Arsene does not fuck around. Loyal and competitive to the very end. Now let’s get that signature and get ourselves some nice shiny new silverware.


Don’t we have another option other than Ba?He is woefully out of form and his knee may give out any minute!And defence wise,I don’t think anyone is coming.With flamini signing,sagna can play at cb and verma is set to return after international break,Wenger thinks he has enough options.


Ba is just a back-up for Giroud, who is our main striker. Giroud can´t play every game. As a back-up Ba would be decent.


It’s all well and good Wenger signing Özil, but where were Gary Cahill and Christopher Samba when we needed them?

Ruud Van Horseface

Give me strength…


Must be fake account. Must be.

jack jack jack

Irony lads. Has to be.


I didn’t even think that was suble to be honest.

jack jack jack

Agreed, I enjoyed it anyway. I suppose it says something about the state of our online fanbase this summer that it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Quality OUT! Tallness IN!

Parisian Weetabix

Yes, I find it rather shameful that so few gooners cottoned on. But our minds are so fucked up right now with the prospect of Oezil that I can hardly blame them.


At the moment, any post without the word “Ozil” will probably be downvoted 🙂


I need to know if this is a serious comment

Arsene's Waterbottle

I like Ba at 12 mil. I don’t like him for a loan. Chelsea’s plan seems to be buy everyone then loan them out to competition who can’t use the player against them. If HFB gets injured before we play them in the league or in a cup then we are boned. Buy Cisse from Newcastle and have them take Ba on loan.

jack jack jack

No and no.


I think you’ve been shaken by all the times Arsene’s thrown you around.


For arguements sake, if we kept the same starting 11 that beat the scum and got all our injured players back, this is what we would look like:

Line up:

Subs/non starters:

Suddenly not looking so bad… Wenger knows.

Arty's Art

Replace Wilshere and Rosicky with Arteta and Ozil respectively and I do believe you have stumbled on our starting eleven


That wasn’t meant to be my prediction of our starting 11, was trying to avoid all the speculation of it and went with our first team from our previous match.

But yes, if I were to guess our starting line up, I would also go with arteta and ozil instead of Wilshire and Rosicky/Cazorla (depending on fitness)

Arty's Art

Replace Wilshere and Rosicky with Arteta and Ozil respectively and I do believe you have stumbled on our starting eleven

Wenger will never leave Wilshere on the bench for anyone, even I know that.

Starting 11 would be:


CAZ/OZIL can swap middle/wing).


Sorry, but I just had to correct you.


by leaving out Wilshere altogether?

However, I agree with the lineup, the way Wilshere has been playing he should be on the bench.

Wenger's Sleeping Coat

Ozil on the bench? Sagna as a started as well as a sub?

jack jack jack

Read the first line. I think the point was that our squad would be so strong that we could do the Spuds up and still have a bench looking like that.

And which game-changer did they have waiting in the wings? That’s right. Defoe.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

And with Wilshere:


CAZ/OZIL can swap middle/wing).


It hurts, but I think Ramsey loses out, but we have so many injuries (Arteta / Wilshere) I think everyone will get games. And this doesn’t even factor in Ox.

It’s weird, we were after a striker, then we spent that on a midfielder!


We were after a winger-striker. We got a winger-CAM. Hence, looking for a loan striker. We will again have 40mil plus to spend next year 🙂


Let’s not forget Diaby…….. Just kidding.


Why are you complaining??? Ozil is an incredible player, he is probably the 3rd or 4th best midfielder in the world

Teri Maa Dhi

Great player indeed, even better that it was at the expense of Spurs…

They spent £100m ‘strengthening’ their team, lost to us, sold their best player which in turn made us even stronger.
Thank you Spurs – I hope it hurts.

Wenger can’t have any more surprises for us surely…


This is like an early christmas!! haha, my hopes are so high. IF we sign Ozil and Viviano that would be great. I’m not so sure about Ba, he is good but meeeeeh, I want a young but exspirience striker.


Wot, like Sanogo?


haha funny one


There were some links with this Luis Muriel guy…looks pretty strong, good pace and powerful shot…cud be a good investment…base platform looks decent…


Özil is the eye popping signing we’ve been craving!

Do hope we can bring in a defender or two and a decent striker to back up the BHF.


Ozil is fucking fantastic! Bit meh on the others but I guess id take anyone at this stage.

Jonny F

Özil, Özil be, Özil be a GOONER!


My eyes literally nearly popped when I saw Ozil on the front page on here, followed by a huge hot flush through my body… Months of tension clearly taking it’s toll.

I think my F5 key may have rubbed off my 11pm…

Edu's fake passport

Ok, the poor fella looks like Kermit.

Enough of the eye popping gags.


Mesut Motherfucking Ozil !!!


Wenger knows.
Boats and hoes
Spurs are crap
Mind the gap

rj gooner

I think these 3 will come in (Ba, Ozil, and the keeper) and i have a sneaky suspition we will sign a defender too! One of them ones that sky sports anounces that no one knew anything about! They r my favourite kind of transfers! Its like Xmas day in my house!

Nin Mung

Thlago…… Too nervous….. Please Arsenal/Wenger, don’t do this to me…. My High BP won’t do me any good if Özil deal fall through….. I needs this! Know what am saying?

Tom Thumb

Giroud will no longer be the most handsome player on the team if ozil signs


If Ozil signing is true i am so happy for all the fans because we suffered enough with recent years departures, injuries and whole being cheap crap!! Think that this can finally be the season when top 4 teams will be beaten at the end of it


Could he be our new Bergkamp? The catalyst for something great..?


I shall hold my breath till anything is announced…please let these deals be real! As mentioned, add a quality defender, and I shall be over the moon.

Ozil does remind me of those pot bellied gold fish with bulbous eyes…probably helps him make all those assists!


Apparently, he is nicknamed “Nemo” by Madrid fans; Not the seafaring one, but the sea-swimming one


Ozil….at Arsenal. I’m so freakin’ excited if this becomes true! Ba, not a bad back up to Giroud. But I think if Giroud got injured, Poldoski is an adequate back up.

If all the rumours are true, pardon the cliche, this our season my fellow Gooners.



12m for a player that cost 7 in January and then just remained consistent wouldn’t exactly be saving face. We were crying out for a striker back then. We still are now, but a cheeky 7m would have been perfect. Doh!


Ozil to the Arsenal

poliver girolski

I am loving the Özil deal.. especially seeing all the Utd fans moaning that they have missed out on him.. but what do they expect Moyes cant even sign his own name let alone a player. Ba is ok i guess, was hoping for maybe some one a bit more less injury prone, But he will be a good impact sub. Viviano I dont know much about really, but anyone to keep Szcz on his toes is always good. Not to sound greedy but still hoping for one more big signing! All in all this is shaping up to be… Read more »


Sorry Podolski


League table makes encouraging reading already. Gunners in (Champions League) 4th already, Sp*rs in 6th after a weekend game in which we were without Arteta, Vermaelen, Podolski, Özil, Ba and fully fit Wilshere/Sagna. Last year Arsene brought in Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud; this year he seems to be bringing in Özil, Ba and Viviano. Could the summer whiners now be asked to return their season tickets so they can be redistributed to fans?


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They had a point, it was a risky strategy and we’re extremly lucky to have (as it stands) pulled it off. But you can’t get away with it forever, the odds do catch up and they did season after season when we were playing with a depleted squad because of injuries. I don’t ever want o see a summer like this happen again and if we’re really srious about our ambition we need to revise the recruitment strategy. There was never a plan behind all this madness, it’s pure opportunism.

Thin Gooner

A big thank you to mr daniel levy for making the Ozil coup a possibility


Madrid/Arsenal fan here…
Ozil has to be my favourite player from Madrid…top 5 players in the world.
Amazing to watch…makes Ronaldo look even better (Ronaldo is going to miss him)

some dumb american

It is a pony!!! *squeels*

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan



From Wikipedia

“In 2010, Ozil received the Bambi award for being a prime example of successful integration within German society”

Firstly deer oh deer.
Secondly he’s third generation German Turkish. Jesus they are tough at asking people feel at home.
Thirdly he won this award while living in Spain.
Fourthly it’s a trophy….


Someone sent me an attachment with some stats on, comparing Ozil and Iniesta.

I’m fucked if I can work out how to put it on here, so here it is the old fashioned way.

Made my eyes pop out just like Ozil’s when I read it.

Games (for Madrid & Barca)
Ozil 350
Iniesta 596

Ozil 59
Iniesta 52

Ozil 143
Iniesta 83

Ridiculous numbers.

Wenger's Cufflink

There’s no way Ozil has played 350 games for Real Madrid. He’s been at the Bernabeu for 3 complete seasons which would mean he’s averaging over 100 games per season? Has to be false information I’m afraid 🙁 – Although I’d love it be true!


30 goals and 72 assists in 3 seasons I believe it is… I’m happy to be shot down, but I think that’s the case.


According to ESPN (who in turn reference Bild), Ozil’s agreed to a contract worth £6 a year. That’s £115k a week. OMG, how did Arsene pull that off?


Apparently he was earning even less at Real. I guess considering the length of the contract the salary will be rising over the years. The summer was still a catastrophe and I never want this to happen again, but holy shit, this must be the transfer of the summer.


just because you cant handle it doesnt mean it was a disaster. would you rather have capoue or other rather defensive midfielders that were bought by spurs? eventually, the money is limited, it needs to be spent wisely. And wisely is better judged by people on the inside, not by people outside looking in.


It was a gamble and it paid off in some ways but it was close. I see the strategy of picking off what is left behind by Madrid, and it paid off big time with us getting Özil. But there was no guarantee for any of this happening. What if he decided to wait out till January or just fight for his place? Flamini was also pure opportunism, he was there, we didn’t get Bender, we got him instead. That’s not a carefully planned strategy. Mind you, Spurs still did well in the market, the result doesn’t change that and… Read more »


Your right on, but this mob is more fickle, than, fuck, I don’t know. Like Giroud is now the actual GSTEL, he’s had a great few games, keep your pants on until January at least then crown him. For fucks sake, you all set yourselves up for such disappointment. And I do want Giroud to succeed, I really do but I’m not ready to claim we don’t need a new striker after 5 games, nor would signing someone as good or better than Giroud be a problem, look at Chelsea, United, and City. Back to the main point, people are… Read more »


Agreed. We need someone to help Arsene out with the dealing of transfers. We were made a laughing stock the way we moved for Suarez and left Higuain behind. That’s not sound buisness in no way. The way we’re always looking promising but then we run into injury problems when it’s crunchtime. The way he gambled on Diaby’s fitness without cover after years of constant injury problems. A week ago we had Rosicky, Wilshere and Ramsey left for central midfield positions, all three have missed more than a year each due to various injuries. When did we ever have a… Read more »


We need another striker no matter what happens, and a central defender. Don’t like these loan deals. Ozil is clearly world class and is a fantastic signing but let’s not start seeing this as some great plan that has suddenly come off. Our transfer policy does still need addressing, that’s bloody obvious.
The fact that we bid for higuan and the suarez clearly shows that arsene himself believes a striker is a priority. If we don’t get either a striker or another central defender and or defensive midfielder I cannot see how you can call this transfer window a success.


Squad lacks depth? Erm, how many players do you need. Assuming we get Ozil, there is an interesting graphic from a person who puts out 2 starting 11s with the players we have (barring one defender)…and it doesnt have diaby.


Including Özil and Viviano we have 15 fit first team players. Sagna and Wilshere also included. Wilshere had to play one half with stomach cramps, Sagna also had to come on. We were relying on Giroud to stay fit with Sanogo the only replacement. Rosicky and Ramsey had their injury history, so did Gibbs and Koscielny. Our bench was consisting on teenagers. This happens every year and don’t tell me this was sort of an emergency situation. It is not. And it’s not bad luck either. To take a gamble from time to time is alright, sometimes it’s necessary. But… Read more »


Here we go, no striker. We depended on Mourinho giving the go ahead for a striker to help out a direct rival. Gamble backfired.


Do you really think that any of the deals are a gamble, surely you must be joking. Arsene is a wily old fox and everything he does is a carefully calculated move…..he really is the Chess master but people seem to think he us some senile old man, he knows exactly what the club needs.


Sorry, I’m a big admirer of Arsené. He’s a gneius in some respects, but nothing of that was part of a carefully calculated plan. He wanted to pick up what was left after the mega-deals from Falcao, Cavani, Bale etc. were done. But it took us the last day of the tranfer window to spend money. We don’t have to be revisionist here, a week ago we were on the ropes, the squad was threadbare, 12 fit first team-players. That is no way a good way to start a season. Just imagine an injury to Cazorla or Arteta last season… Read more »


Ok, apparently including addons, Ozil’s wage at Arsenal is really going to be £200k. OMG it looks like it’s not only the transfer fee that’s gonna set records here.


Yeah, just seen that. It was probably a bit too optimistic the 115k. But whatever, he’s in his prime and I’m a lot more comfortable paying him that amount than someone like Suarez or Rooney.




Emir of Emirates

Bruno Mars can sing at his unveiling!!!…am so waiting for that


Shhhhhhhh im listening out for Wengers boo boys


They took off their shoes so you cant hear them running away.


Eh, wait until our failure to buy a quality striker and or goalkeeper and or central defender comes back to haunt us. This is not transfer genius. Ozil is a super acquisition, he’ll be our best player. However, I think the team needs a dominant defensive minded midfielder like Fellaini more than another small creative type, it needs a pacy left wing attacker, it needs a world class striker with different attributes than Giroud (dribbling, beating a man), and we could use a world class keeper which can be the difference of 10 more points a season. Most of that… Read more »


Ozil – pure class.
Ba loan signing means he’ll put faith in giroud and the way he has started this season good for him.
Wouldnt mind another in midfield tho…..


Still you know, €47m stacked in notes in front of a goal makes a compelling argument

naaah we’ll take Ozil please

carl jenkinson

Seems you all forgot about me! That’s it..I’m off on loan…


Any news on Toby alderweild?? He’d be great. Kompanys partner for Germany.


Didnt atletico already sign him


** Belgium.


If all those 3 deals materlise then it would still be quite a successful transfer window in terms of choping off the deadwood & adding some quality. Don’t have to say much Ozil. Ba will be a very useful addition to the very thin striker department. The GK addition is really as an experienced backup. Who knows maybe he will be one of Wengers finds in terms of converting him into a CB 🙂

Silent Stanley

According to FIFA13, Özil will be the best player in Arsenal with 87 stats.

And to those fans that want us to lose so Wenger can panic buy, you can just come out now and reveal your logo of a Vulture standing on a deflated bladder. Spurs in disguise.


FIFA 13 is moron anti-arsenal scripted shitefest….they always underrate arsenal players….i remember rvp cudnt hold onto a ball for 5 secs in fifa12, suddenly his pace increases and he shoots like crazy just by signing for Utd. And all the bloody petrol teams have supermen. U can never beat Sirigu, David Luiz can run faster than walcott etc etc.


eh walcott 96pace? podolski 87 pace 87 shooting? koscielny is like a brick wall u are playing pro evo mate


I also know the ratings. That doesnt mean they act like that on the field, and i always play online seasons. Thats where the most scripting occurs.


Yea seriously, I’ll admit over the summer i got a little frustrated with the way Wenger handled this window, i got on his back a bit with some criticism, but you never cheer against your club. ever.


pls can someone pinch me to know whether i’m still alive or in third heavens already. Good for business and maybe Prof might not be needing a defender after all, attack is the best form of defence they say. One bad thing about life is no matter how good you are, there will always be a room for improvement. I pray the coaching crew sees these and make us all desire to pay more ticket fee to watch the Best Team in the making. Gunner for LiFe.


Ozil is absolute quality! Personally, I don’t like players on loan at Arsenal, especially Chelsea players! One minute they’re cunts, then they’re not, then they’re cunts again. What’s that all about?

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