Thursday, October 6, 2022

Palermo confirm Viviano’s Arsenal loan deal

Palermo have confirmed that goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano has joined Arsenal on a season-long loan with the Gunners retaining the right to buy the player outright next year.

The 27-year-old Italian international, who spent last year as Fiorentina’s first choice stopper, arrives in London as back-up to Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski following the departure of Vito Mannone to Sunderland.

The nature of the signing, temporary rather than permanent, certainly suggests that Arsene Wenger is more than happy with his two Polish options although Viviano’s experience could well prove useful as the season goes on.


Arsene on Viviano: “Viviano is a player that we have rated for some time and we are very pleased to have signed him on loan. He’s experienced and has proved himself at a high level, and provides us with excellent cover to our existing goalkeepers.”

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This transfer deadline day is like waiting for a bus for an hour and then realising you have enough money to buy any car you want


not highprofile (it will come later i suppose) but very sound loan. Szcz will need to play consistent if he wonna keep the number one jersey and if he gets injured (touch wood) we will have a quality gk in back up. Needed to be done, and Arsene did it. Now lets get that brilliant german on board to!


One down, two more to go. Ozil! Ozil! Ozil!!


Welcome Mesu…..oh wait. Oh Arsene you big tease.


Welcome, Vito 2.0


ok, good, now get on with the big stuff please, hope podolski’s tweet concerning ozil is more than mere repition of rumor


Welcome, Vito 2.0 !

Dr Baptiste

Welcome comment 2.0

not a proffesional footballer

Good luck for him! Hope he’s not an Almunia and can become a Diego Lopez



Cyber jesus

Calm before the storm. Good addition. Still like to see some defensive cover and striker come in. As well as Ozil of course.


i assume the thumb down means they believe we don’t need another striker or defensive cover of any sort.

Top Gun Gooner

AANS – – An Actual New Signing


oh c’mon, they must be doing it on purpose! Good transfer, but let’s confirm the main one now…


Welcome to the Arsenal 🙂

Best team in London since 1886


What are you talking about ?!? Best team in “THE WORLD” by a mile 🙂


I dont really why he would join us at this point of his career to be the 2nd or 3rd choice keeper, but I’ll take it. Good for us.

Eboue's Hairbrush

Not wanting to base my opinion on this fella just on Youtube, but it’s all I have. This video shows a man that needs coaching on how not to punch the ball back into open play at every stop:

I know he’s only ‘backup’, but does anyone have an educated opinion on the fella?


Apparently he was a prodigy the next big Buffon to come out of Italy 😉 Had a bit of an injury and struggled to find form..but obviously they have seen something in him to bring him in. Guess we’ll have to leave it too our Italian gooner cousins to tell us more.Whatever the result, I will judge him solely on what he does for us, how can we do anything else.

Eboue's Hairbrush

Good approach mate. To be honest, I couldn’t really give a flying Flamini about this chap – it’s all about the Ozil, a striker and a defender for me in reality.



My thoughts exactly.


If you think that is bad, this one will give nightmares


Anybody seen Fatgunner today?


I assume you mean me. I’m just waiting the transfer window closes before I give an opinion.

Ozil hasn’t been signed yet, by the way. Might be better to wait until everything has been confirmed.


Assume you believe that one outfield signing will make us challengers then ? The Ba deal is dead we now look like we have bentner as our back up striker and still no defensive cover.
Ozil is a brilliant signing but sorry we needed more than just him. To start saying like some on here are that Wenger is now this genious that had this planned all along May want to explain why we put in bids for Suarez and higuan if we only needed an attacking midfielder.

gooner odst

Ciao, don Viviano! welcome

rj gooner

Adds a bit of depth and keeps szcz on his toes! Ozil, Ba and one more surprise last minute signing please!

Merlin's Panini

Good signing. He’ll be a very able backup. Probably as good as Fabianski, if not slightly better. He’ll be decent competition for the Poles.


This guy has more potential for nicknames in that name than anyone I’ve seen before, ever. Welcome to the club, do yourself and us proud old son.

Rad Carrot

Welcome to Arsenal. You’re going to love it here 😀

Now sit on the bench and watch our legendary Pole smack away the balls that swing toward his chin. Or something.


Palermo? Did the Mafia make Wenger an offer he couldn’t refuse?

with the left and the right

is it me or is the Ba signing completely strange? if he comes i assume its for offensive cover because i don’t see him usurping Giroud. But even if he is for cover he’s essentially only a CF which limits him to covering only for Giroud, wouldn’t it be more logical to get someone who can play across the front three?

Merlin's Panini

If Giroud were to get injured it would be useful to have another similar type of player to play in his place. It wouldn’t disrupt the team so much. We already have players who can play the wide positions, so for me it’s the right move in terms of depth.


Is there such a player out there? Someone who could play as a winger and as a target man would be nice, but we’ll take what we can get. Giroud can’t play every game os the season. If we nail these 3 final day signings we’ll have a team to compete, but I think we need all 3 of them. 1 down, 2 to go!

It Is What It Is


It Is What It Is

….I’m quite content with what we have though. OG, Poldi, Theo.

Tapscotts Testicles

No…Arsenal made an offer Perez couldnt refuse..!! Heh..

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I wonder if he speaks any English. Is not communication fairly important for a keeper?

Merlin's Panini

I guess he won’t be chucked straight into action and will have a bit of time to be put through English classes if he doesn’t speak any already.


Any gooners here who also follow serie A know that vivano was pretty in demand in Italy. It’s great he’s signed for us but I hope he can live up to his potential here. Personally I’d make him number 1 as he’s better than our incumbent. I’m not saying “Chesney” is bad but I reckon Vivano is better. Also it seems we missed out on fabio quagliarella a few days ago. In Italy they’re saying we agreed a fee with Juventus but thier manager Conte didn’t want to sell in the end. Would have made a decent but not glamorous… Read more »

Nicklas Bendtner

I am still here gays 😀
ps..I am sitting with Santos

Merlin's Panini

fuck off you.


Welcome back Manuel!


I’m glad we signed a back up keeper, we were all calling for it… But this wait for Özil is just agonising

top top top quality

wenger the general.
window opens, hold… hoold…. hooold,
as sp*ds waste theirs, hoooold…
paint northlondon red…hooooold….
transfer deadline…fire..
fucking bullseye


What was the tweet from Poldi about??

Richie Waweru

Let’s all just hold on for Ozil’s confirmation. We’re acting as if its a done deal.

JU-Young Park

I’m so lonely 🙁


AFC always late to announce done deals. skips the mind. I just stick to arsenal players RT’S and whom they follow, et.c like poldi earlier tweeting about Ozil. He must know something!


This not selling to a rival club rubbish is getting old. The EPL need to, so they can keep hold of the talented players. Instead of having to sell the most entertaining players to the Spanish,French,German and Italian leagues. The likes if WBA,WestHam,Fulham can’t exactly buy the players from the top clubs. So they have to sell abroad strengthen up other leagues.

Oh, and welcome Viviano. Hurry up Arsenal and Özil. I can’t contain my excitement! I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning.

Yankee Gooner

Telegraph still has us in for another midfielder (after Ozil (can’t find the umlaut right now)) and a striker. I’ll drink that Kool Aid for awhile because why not, but will be happy with just the Top Top Fucking Quality German (TTFQG).


Yankee goober. What happens . If giroud gets injured/suspended/loses form.? We need another striker for ozil to feed his world class balls into.


German outlet, “Kicker” are reporting that Zinedine #Zidane has blocked the #Özil move to #Arsenal.

— Arsene’s Son (@hughwizzy) September 2, 2013

Fuck off Zizou





I agree we need another striker. I don’t agree we need defensive cover. Nor do I agree with Fatgooners descriptions of Wenger as a ‘doddering senile old fool’ as posted by him last week.


Danger mouse fair enough mate. The name calling is down to FG. It’s his opinion but if we sign only one outfield player tonight il see this window as a failure.
If giroud gets injured we are fucked and no matter how good ozil is, the bloke needs a forward to feed his through balls into.


Fantastic stuff. We have 1 striker all season to hope he doesn’t get injured. Ozil great but still hugely disappointing today overall. It’s shocking to think that bendtner is now our back up


@ Voldemort
Completely in agreement about the striker though walcott is an obvious temporary option or Poldi when he’s back. Would have been nice to get Ba. I think this team is FAR better than the naysayers give it credit for. Could we really be so unlucky to have Giroud Walcott and Poldi all injured at the same time? I guess we’re Arsenal so it could fuckin happen. But unlikely.


Bendtner is not our back up option. Fuck sake, total nonsense. Is there not also a january transfer window?


With our injury history watch giroud get injured for France next week

January’s window? Haha dream on there’s no value


There is still January. I predict a striker in then.

[…] to bring in a striker and perhaps a defender to give the squad real depth. Özil will be joined by Italian keeper Emiliano Viviano, but efforts to sign Demba Ba from Chelsea proved fruitless. I do have to wonder if he was the best […]


I don’t think that his signing has been overshadowed at all…

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