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Swansea 1-2 Arsenal: Player ratings

A tricky away trip to the Liberty Stadium resulted in three points for the Gunners today. Here’s how we rated the players …

Wojciech Szczesny: 8/10 – So solid that it turns out Ashford and Simpson are actually time travellers who came from the future years ago but went back to their present to write a song about. Dominated his area in a really encouraging way.

Bacary Sagna: 7/10 – Switched off once, and it proved costly, but other than that it was another consistent performance from the Frenchman. New deal, please?

Kieran Gibbs: 8/10 – He’s rapidly becoming an integral part of the back four. Very good again.

Per Mertesacker: 8/10 – After 120 minutes in midweek? You the man dog Per.

Laurent Koscielny: 8/10 – At his pokiest, interceptiest, nickiest best. Strong too.

Mathieu Flamini: 7/10 – Top quality yellow card today. Almost worth another point.

Aaron Ramsey: 8/10 – Fantastic again despite some dodgy first half moments. The goals just keep coming. As the Beastie Boys said, “Because you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop. When you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop.” – The name of the song? Sure Shot.

Jack Wilshere: 7/10 – That cretin Redknapp on Sky tried to make a narrative about how a wide position doesn’t suit Jack. Duh, brains. He’s a central midfielder but that didn’t mean the game passed him by. Played a crucial part in Ramsey’s goal.

Serge Gnabry: 9/10 – Man of the match. Not only did he score a fine goal, but he put in a massive shift after playing 120 minutes in midweek. The most encouraging part of his performance was how switched on he was defensively. Never shirked his duties, at one point making a fine block on the edge of our box.

Mesut Ozil: 7/10 – Will be disappointed not to have scored today after being set up by Ramsey, but the goals will come.

Olivier Giroud: 7/10 – Missed a good chance in the first half after great Gnabry work, but played a big part in the second and played his part in the team’s defensive performance.


Mikel Arteta: 6/10 – Came on, did what he had to do. Got a nice yellow card.

Nacho Monreal: n/a – Not really on long enough

Carl Jenkinson: n/a – Same, only on to waste time.

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.

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Wesley Sniper

I might get thumbed down for saying this. But it doesn’t seem right with me that BFG gets the no.4 shirt, don’t get me wrong I love the guy and to some shirt numbers don’t really matter but for me the greatest midfielders of this team wore the no.4 shirt like Fabregas and Viera. If Wilshere can get the 10 then why can’t Sergeant John Rambo get the 4 shirt. That’s my 2 cents.


Proud to all squads!

I BELIEVE that our invisible squads are BACK!

We can race a title for now!

I can smell something good will happen to us, ahhh this year is our YEAAAAAAAAAR!


Parisian Weetabix

Invisibles? We sold Nasri ages ago mate…


why cant we just be HAPPY about this?


We are happy, just nobody knows what the fuck you were talking about.

Tommy Gun

Nasri – massive lesbanim in disguise


Perhaps if you can just spell ‘invincibles’ correctly for once.

Der Springer

So the guy made what seems to be an unintentional spelling mistake. I don’t think all the thumbs down and nasty comments are warranted. Give a fellow Gooner a break.


Dude, it’s invincibles , not invisibles. That’s why you were voted down.

I miss Bergkamp

Well that and the fact that we already lost this season, hence no Invincibles this season.
The team looks good though. I can’t wait for the team to get healthy as I actually hope that Ozil can emulate Bergkamp (though he can’t shoot worth…)


Kind of difficult to be unbeaten with 1-3 against villa


I think “4” is fairly traditional for the right-side center back.


One day, when Rambo won’t be with us anymore, another player will be happy to wear shirt #16. Because Rambo made his own number by his performance.


Just like a certain fella immortalized the #14 jersey. COYG.


FUCK!!! I miss Henry!


And note that 16 is 4 times 4 or 4 squared (4 to the power of 2).

Rambo is that good at the moment.


The most goals Vieira scored in a season was 7. So AR has already beaten that this season! Similar drive around the pitch, maybe he can match (or beat) the legendary no. 4? I guess we need to win trophies for that to happen.


Valid point…but it’s not going to happen. Rambo has the ideal number for himself and for Arsenal. #16 a lovely number and Ramsey has made it his own.


Ramsey is a playing like a man possesed at the moment. He may just carve out a nice career donning the #16 shirt. then in the future…the Zelalems and crowleys’ will be itching to get his number on the back of their shirt.

Gooner of Navarone

Can you believe that the guy’s only 22? I feel honoured to have been born in the same year as Sir Ramsey.


10+6 shows his playmaking ability and his defensive midfield efforts all wrapped into one nice Aaron Ramsey package


Thats what i wanted to say!


FUCK SWANSEA!!! Arsenal are dealing out wins on Saturdays and Wednesdays like Jesus…


Why was Thierry Henry wearing the Number 14 shirt? None of our greatest players wore that to recognition did they?

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

because of his love for Johan Cruyff, French players loved the playing style of that man and few of them wore that number, the other one was Ginola.


He wanted the number 12 shirt but it was already taken. Christopher Wreh I believe so he took the number 14 shirt and never looked back.

Gunner From Another Mother

Let him make the 16 shirt his own, and years from now we can debate whether or not someone deserves to wear the 16 once graced by Aaron Ramsey


Great game. Love seeing the flair again… could the good old days be returning? Too soon to tell, but a man can hope…


yeaaaa, Gnabry’s better than Nasri. He’s blacker and sleeker


As a black person, it’s only fair that I thumb this down [and I get the joke]!


I dont think thats fair. If we can use the word white then we can use black as well, all that matters is the intention, and i didnt think the intention was malicious here..
…and i’m neither, before u start attacking me.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

The fact that you’ll rate someone higher for their skin colour doesn’t sit right with me; anyone who discerns something like that should be thumbed down, and he has been.

Arsene nose

Away Fans 10/10-


like seeing all those 100’s and 10’s dont want to like it to 101


Should vote this down because you only gave them a 10 🙂


One day, when Rambo won’t be with us anymore, another player will be happy to wear shirt #16. Because Rambo made his own number by his performance.

Aaron Ramsey

Thank you

Abhishek Seth

I got to be honest last year i really gave up on Ramsey. However, he won me back in march. Keep up the great work man.


Arsene’s log…..2015… give me twice what Bale went for and you can have him. What? He isn’t sold on your cuntuckery? Well I suggest you buy someone else wholesale like, channel your sp*urs delusional best and sign….oh I don’t know Victor Moses on a free. Either way fuck off, yes he’s a Welshman but he’s also a top, top gunner. Foshizzle.


Ramsey showing his worth which deep down we knew he had….!

It’s lucky Ramsey has more loyalty towards Arsenal Football Club than we fans do towards our own players…


I love your comment because its true. Was really hard defending Aaron,not Really, All agurements against him were childish and immature.

Jamie Payton

Must admit, I have a certain love for our number 4 shirt, partly as growing up, we had that big gap between about 93 and 96 when Paul Davis vacated it and we had no replacement, until Paddy.

But BFG is a great player, and we really don’t ‘do’ proper shirt numbers these days- Abou Diaby as number 2? Sagna as 3? Gallas as a fucking 10?

Aaron Ramsey

Who was my team mate who wore 52? I’ve forgotten his name.

Jamie Payton

Kerrea Gilbert?

Cyril Washbrook

Gilles Sunu.


I agree to an extent, but Diaby did give up the number 2 so we can give it to a defender — which started all the rumours that Per would then get the number 2 to free up the 4 and……


Serge was great to watch today, if he can keep this up he’ll be a godsend in terms of squad depth.


Gnabry, Akpom and Bellerin give us strength in our thinnest areas. 3 of the 4 best/most advanced youngsters at the club – the other being Zelalem – are in our ‘problem’ positions – wing, striker and defence. None of them has or will let us down when called upon.

Arsène knows.


Well most of them haven’t been called upon yet. I can’t say I’m itching to see Akpom in the first team, though if he’s as solid as Gnabbers…


Ramsey is our best player!

I know, i know its old news ofc he is 🙂


Um I agree with everything except that Gnabry was MOTM. Ramsey was MOTM for me today: he assisted a goal, scored another, led tackles (by far), led interceptions and had a really decent pass completion rate at 86%+.

I mean massive shout out to Gnabry for a magnificent performance especially post midweek, and am extremely happy for him, but come on man how could you not give it to Rambo today he was so clutch. Class through and through.


Nah mate gnabry took the game by the scruff of the neck, we were doing the old trying to walk the ball intonthe net thing and he inspired the team by driving at swansea and scoring the opener, yes rambo played a stormer but young serge stood tall and lead the way to the win. Btw I, gonna use this chane to say after beimg one of rambos biggest detracters thati am so so so glad I was completely wrong the guy is an animal. Just the fact that he is getting more attention then ozil says itball really. Also… Read more »


Fair enough mate, still think Rambo’s got it by an inch, but why not just appreciate that they both played blinders tonight and celebrate that 🙂


If you make an unemotional stats-based decision then ramsey. but if you make subjective considerations that this was an 18y.o who played 120mins agnst a side that beat manu 3 days hence and still had it in the tank to add vital impetus into the game at the right time, then maybe gnabry.

Aaron Ramsey

I won’t stop.


I wonder what rvps inner kid is saying now? I can’t seem to hear him from all the way down the table there……

Jamie Payton

I recently said

Jamie Payton

Messed that up!

When asked recently to name a player I’d eradicate from football history I said RvP…

NOT out of spite or bitterness, but so we’d not have relied on him all those years and gone to pieces up front when he spent 3-5 months aa year injured.

2008 in particular.

gunner for ever

What a lovely win!!!Thank you Arsene and our squad.The only thing we can do is just keep on believing in the way how our manager is leading our team and pray for no more injuries at least up until January transfer window.May we stay injury free or face only minor ones.With our improved financial status and the new financial fair play low,the years coming are really bright to Arsenal!!!!Come on you gunners!!!!
In Arsene we trust!!!

Gunner pundit

To win the title this season personally i think players like jenkinson koscielny gibbs flamini ramsey and wilshere need to play a large chunk of games this season gnabry direct good technique and tracks back young and hungry and wilshere even though he was playin out of position he still put in a performance. Well done to wenger aswell i think hes the best manager in the league atm give credit where credits due if u can point out shortcomings maybe you should point out potential successes in progress

NY Goonie

Ramsey is grabbing the headlines, and rightly so. But Wilshere is quietly improving his game as well. Gibbs is having an extremely decent season himself, Jenkinson continues to improve, Ox is the youngest of the core and will come good I’m sure, and Theo will hit form. That’s our British Core. And a fully fit and firing duo of Jack and Aaron is our future as a club, its the core of our core if you will. Am extremely psyched for that.

Jamie Payton

You can see the difference in confidence from Rambo in his interviews too. Far less looking like a rabbit in headlights and ummminng and arrrrrhhhhing….


I’ll never understand why Gallas got the no 10 shirt! One of the biggest disgraces in our recent history in my opinion. A defender who spent his best years at the bridge. But I know I’m off topic. Great win from the boys. Ramsey is in out of this world form since pre season and even with a bunch of injuries we get win after win as if it is nothing! Big game from Serge too. Getting a bit sad knowing when Santi, Theo, Poldi and the Ox are back his game time will be extremely limited but absolutely enjoying… Read more »


He got 10 because 3 was taken, and RVP didn’t want the #10 because Bergkamp had just vacated it. As for Gnabry, absolutely storming performance, impressive for a kid who played 120 minutes just a few days before.


Toss up between Gnabry and Rambo. Felt like Gnabry provided a positive drive when the rest of the squad seemed uneasy to attack swansea’s back. Set up Giroud wonderfully, created his own shot a handful of times and the goal was clinical, especially after 120 and a missed penalty in midweek.

And Rambo will run his opposition into a heart attack. I don’t know if there is a player in the league who can match him for fitness and skill over a full 90. Certainly not United.

Jack's Right Foot

In recent years I never thought I’d read the headline in 2013: “Arsenal extend their lead at the top of the table”. What a welcome sight, great form, well done Lt. Serge!



Awesome result! Rambo you’re an absolute hero! Excellent play with a finish to match. Needless to say I’m having a few drinks on you boys! COYG!!


As to whether rambo should be wearing #4, don’t forget that the square root of 16 is 4… sneaky wenger had a plan all along

Dick Law

got to give it to arsene and his staff. Chelsea and other chav clubs would have never shown faith in Rambo, Diaby and Robin Van Who. there is a real sense of pride in watching our young guns show their mettle this season.


So skunk came back to be our best, ramsey is back to be our best, diaby next?


So excited about Gnarby. Showed a lot of potential tonight, just worry that he might not get much playing time with Theo, Cazorla, The Ox etc on the wings.

Gooner til the end

Best day possible considering other results. Being this happy after 6 games, I think I’d cry if we win the league.


Ramsey should be captain


Superb result today!! We have nailed it – all credit Arsene – massive cutting edge and end product and much stronger defensively … On top of the tiki-taka. And by no coincidence top of the table. Looking fwd to our injured players returning and to strengthening in jan :))

Giroud now is in terms of assists – sharp, quick feet, great understanding with his team mates.

Give Özil 3-4 weeks and we will really see what Arsene has paid for. COYG!!!


Not too impressed by Ozil’s defensive work rate to be honest. Especially in the first half..he could learn a thing or two from Giroud about defending I think!

Gooner of Navarone

That’s something that was highlighted when we were initially linked with both Ozil and Benzema. Both have poor defensive work rates. Hope Bould fixes it somehow.


2 things – firstly he makes an effort, just doesnt have the physical attributes to do it all through the game all the time. secondly, when giroud is back defending, ozil needs to be a bit free, floating and in space, thats his strength and thats what makes him and us dangerous on counters. if ozil is tied up deep in our half, along with giroud as well, there is no out ball and no counter esp. when walcott is not in team.

99 Problems but being a Gooner aint one

Gnabry really impressed me this game. He is very similar to wilshere in the way that despite his age he commands the ball and is confident to move from his position…It does make us struggle for width, but i like the guys fearlessness. He is also pretty strong and physical to go along with his ball skills.
Far more talented than theo but dosent possess his pace or overall effectiveness.


Special attention to Ozil from opponent make his best did not come out. But still he is special.


Ozil is still acclimatizing.

If anything the added attention affords our other players space to exploit.

And I for one will be intrigued to see how Ozil pairs with Santi or for the matter Podolski.

Plenty of better things to come for this squad I suspect and I don’t think we are anywhere as fluent as we can be yet.

All those pundits who like to think Spurs need time to gel should do well to note our best is also yet to come.

OG Mike

Ramsey and Gnabry were instrumental of course, but I think there’s something to be said for Flamini’s distribution from the back. He seems to get our attacks started from our half a little quicker than Arteta did last year. If Giroud and TGSTEL can hold us over until the winter transfer window, I have high hopes for this team. COYG!


Astute observation of our 21.2m quid signing.

Flamini does seem to want us to play the ball quicker as his gesticulations would suggest. Absolutely loving his return. Added experience and plenty of competitive edge, a slightly different tool to Arteta’s more refined approach.

Still see numpties clamouring for a DM. Whatever for? Typical.


Luxury Diaby coming back in may be an extra bonus for us.

Whilst Jack is best carrying the ball for us through the middle, Diaby is the other midfielder (when rarely fit alas) who can provide similar service cutting through the middle. He adds strength and height to the equation. Hope he can give us at least 6 -8 games this season.

I won’t hold my breath though on him alas.


I’d rather he didn’t play this season at all and we got a full one out of him next year


The test of true faith comes when the results are going against us. That’s something that this team has shown they are able to deal with, coming back from defeat one the first day to Villa and also from deafeat to spurs last season.
Next time we’re in a rough patch, please let’s keep our faith in Wenger.
He’s the best manager in the premier league and he’s competing with 2 teams that have basically infinite money and still handing their asses to them. What a don!


What a turn around.

Apparently he didn’t know what he was doing but a month ago.:D

The fickleness in some quarters. Ozil signing has had an effect but it does not explain most of the improvements or our current competitiveness. There is more design to the team’s current success than many would give Wenger due credit.

This reformation began 2 seasons past when Wenger made the infamous trolley dash for experience in abandoning his failed youth project. But for some notable departures, he would have reaped better benefit earlier.


But the youth project didnt fail. getting a fair few players from the youth into first team is enough to keep ur heads above water and invest money more towards real quality. the idea was never to get a full team and bench from the youth or never ever buy.
funny u say youth project failed in comments to a blog which celebrated gnabry’s maiden goal.


Solid ratings blogs. Ozil had his quietest match so far but he will come good once his support cast arrives. Not complaining about Rambo and Jack but we would all be in denial if we didnt want to see Ozil and Santi grace the pitch together. Rosicky as well! Also interesting side note. I happened to catch the Real Madrid – Atletico derby and boy do Madrid suck a big one without Ozil. And from what I have seen from a certain Gareth Bale he looks about 30 million well over spent. Ronaldo got the plaudits for scoring all those… Read more »


For that matter, Ozil Podolski. Whilst many mire in their belief that Wenger is a has been, the gaffer has taken a different tack early in identifying the strength of the German and Spanish league as leaders in talent development at the moment. Those boo boys with their facile jibe at Wenger;s French team have failed to see the transformation ( some seasons past to be honest) in the team composition ina strong (YOUNG) British core (6 players), a growing German contingent ( Gnabry, Zelalem to Ozil, Per, Podolski) and Spaniards (Santi, Monreal, Arteta, Miquel, Bellerin) The French contingent by… Read more »


Also interesting to note that the bulk of the team is composed of just 4 nationalities.


if fernandinho can be sold for 35mil, then anyone can cost anything 🙂

John k

Aaron Ramsey is the world best midfied in the month of september


We surely need world class striker though…that miss from giroud could have cost us match any other day… Thats the only missing jigsaw for us in my opinion…no team ever won the league without a top class striker…thats make me feel abit short


Will be difficult to find one in January. 1) Don’t think Monaco will relinquish Falcao so soon as they will likely attempt to drag out any tax issues. 2) Don’t think Real will relinquish Benzema particularly to us as they are already suffering repercussions from fans following Ozil exit. 3) Don’t think Suarez will move to us as Liverpool hold delusions of grandeur. 4) Someone like Leandro Damiao represents a lot of risk at the moment. That realistically may mean Benteke might be our best target. He’s a very good striker but is he what we need? Much depends on… Read more »

uganda top goon

All I did was to shout arsenal arsenal arsenal in the pub n hope city Chelsea n united fans werent that stonned


EPL Manager of the Month: Definitely Wenger
EPL Player of the Month: perhaps Ramsey


perhaps ramsey? of course its ramsey he has more goals and tackles than everyone in the fucking league. oh and no to mention the man of the match awards he got in like everydays i guess.


I generally agree with the player ratings here, but 8 for Wojciech Szczesny feels quiet lenient.
I’ll say 6.. he had few moments of ‘SzczesnyFrenzy’ today too… what do u guys think ?

Also, is it just me or did the attacking front players seem to be totally out of energy today (except for Serge & Aaron and some 4-5 min. spells from others)


That was a bit of a scare and SZSC was a bit far too casual. Cos he heard the whistle.

I mentioned Gnabry would start for us despite midweek. The kid is young and robust and his recovery time will be quick.

Ramsey has become very efficient managing his energy around the field. He’s everywhere but he is also good at pacing himself now (not to mention positioning). He’s not the quickest so knowing where to be to cover the most area is key and he has learnt his lesson well from Arteta.


szcz was fine. he heard the whistle, the other moron who kicked it thereafter shudve been shown a yellow.


And we don’t have Santi, Podolski, Walcott, Chamberlain or Rosicky, Diaby back. Particularly Santi and Podolski who will be interesting to see next to Ozil. Ozil is still acclimatizing. Something tells me we will get better. Ramsey’s difference is he is playing with an added edge, something Walcott came around to about a season or two past. Where Ramsey’s strong suit has always been his passing, he was too easily robbed of the ball and had little recovery speed. This season 9and end of last) he has injected a lot more robustness to his game. he has also been more… Read more »


i think all the arsenal team has, esp in their injury/off days, worked consciously on their upper body strength. its not la liga and now we’ve taken that step. other teams right now dont know what to do as their physical, bus etc tactics are not working as well this year (except villa game where the ref did make a big difference) due to change in our approach and conditioning. in time, they will find a way, then we will need to evolve again.

Smash and Gnab-ry

Man of the match coukd have been shared between Rambo and Gnabry, but either way I think we have quite a player in the youngster.
Lets hope he keeps his head and continues to work hard to improve.

By the way, John terry is a cunt.


Gnabry, Zelalem and Bellerin are our most exciting prospects at the moment. A notch behind them Akpom and Eisfeld need a bit of development. Ryo is hardworking but is a tad predictable in his play. Jury still out on Miquel and I should think we will assess him better in January on his loan. Hayden is a prospect but still a tad young and needing more experience in years to come. Coquelin will have a hard time fighting for a spot. Part of the reason why he was sent out on loan to freiburg is that its make or break… Read more »


Slightly off topic but did anyone see Maureen state he would be playing the chavski youth players in the COC? Hope he does as we can then play more of our youth


Hmmm… Good week for us


Wilshere should lose a point for that perfect pass to Bony inside our own penalty area, otherwise he put in a decent, but not outstanding, shift on the left out of position. We really need our injured players back, and then see what 11 we field?


Firstly he silenced his Arsenal supporting critics, then the TV pundits. In two weeks he has since silenced the Orcs from Stoke and those at Swansea (remember, he’s a Cardiff lad).

To do one of those requires remarkable maturity, strength and desire. To do all three within a month is just exceptional.

I am immensely proud to have you at our club Aaron.

Pat Jenning's Gloves

Great result, talking of time travel this feels like 2004,2002,1998. Long way to go though I guess before we get the bunting out…could check it for moth damage just in case
Interesting point on john terry and one well made by smash and gnab ry….but .how r u meant to feel about him after what he did yesterday….confusing (not really)

Gnabry is why we love arsene

Gareth Murray

Gnabry had a terrific game and to think I was worried that it might be too much for him after his midweek exertions makes his performance more impressive. He was with the pace of the game from the start and as you rightly point out his willingness to get back and not only defend but to do it well, earned him the plaudits. 8/10 Ramsey though was a class apart against Swansea, he was everywhere. His workrate from box to box, his vision, an omnipresent threat to Swansea all over the park and of course his goal and assist made… Read more »

gerard monen. (mogsie)

Towards the end of the transfer market, I posted a comment, Have a little faith, you will be pleasantly it turned out Ozil was the biggest signing, any club made.Arsen is in short Arsenal. I think you will be pleasantly surprised once again come January. Im an 80 yr old Gooner who has followed the Gunners for 70 years, The Good Times Are Here Again. Mogsie.

White Russian haiku disciple

I see Real Madrid are still trying to the monkey off their back afterthe home defeat to atheletico!


Sagna NDP


It’s amazing just how many people here are kissing Ramsey’s arse on this website. Only a few months ago he was the man you all loved to hate: a useless cunt who should never have been allowed to wear the shirt. How times have changed. I never slagged him off (go and check); I always though that he was a decent squad player. I never thought that he would develop to this extent, though. If Ramsey keeps going like this then he’ll be gone next summer on a 100 million euro transfer to Real Madrid or Barcelona. But, unlike AVB,… Read more »

Mills (the other one)

Correction, he was the man you loved to hate


It never ceases to amaze me how much of an asshole you are. Its getting overly tedious now…. Seems like even we win the league you will somehow find a way to blame Arsene for us not scoring enough goals or points or not winning by 20 or something….. go hang with the Spuds!!


Good game however wasn’t impressed with Arsenals performance first half. The second half they came on strong for 10 min hence the goals. I feel Arsenal are capable of being mich better they need to dominate mid table teams from the get go, the match was too competitive for my liking. Thumbs down to Sagna for not keeping on his man and allowing the second goal he’s a veteran player and this sort of play is unacceptable. Arsenal got lucky with the win. I would have settled with a tie.

cardinal gunners4life

In Arsene Wenger we trust. Imagine our team with all our attacking players back in the team.

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